1981 Symposium on Nuclear Power Systems

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  • 1981 Symposium onNuclear Power Systems

    General ChairmanJ. Forster

    Quadrex CorporationAssociate Chairman

    L. 0. BartholdPower Technologies, Inc.Symposium Committee

    D. L. DamonBechtel Power Corporation

    F. W. ChandlerTennessee Valley Authority

    E. A. CorteGamma-MetricsJ. M. Gallagher

    Westinghouse Electric CorporationT. Ippolito

    Nuclear Regulatory CommissionL. M. Johnson

    Combustion Engineering, Inc.J. V. Rocca

    Pacific Gas and Electric Co.R. E. Allen

    United Engineers and ConstructorsE. L. Zebroski

    Electric Power Research InstituteJohn Boettger

    Public Service Electric & Gas Co. of New JerseyC. J. Wylie

    Duke Power Co.Arrangements CommitteeJ. F. Osborn, Chairman

    RegistrationJ. K. Lambert

    Lawrence Livermore National LaboratoryExhibits

    F. A. MastersTrade Associates, Inc.

    SponsorsNuclear and Plasma Sciences Society

    R. C. Maninger, PresidentPower Engineering SocietyL. 0. Barthold, President

    Electric Power Research InstituteU.S. Department of Energy

    The Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers, Inc.R. W. Damon, President



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