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    DubaiP.O. Box: 14730 U.A.E.

    Phone: +971 4 885 5300Fax: +971 4 885 5131

    Email: [email protected]

    Sat Nav Coordinates24° 59’ 01.48” N54° 11’ 38.10” E

    Abu DhabiP.O. Box: 30294 U.A.E.

    Phone: +971 2 447 5845Fax: +971 2 447 5745

    Email: [email protected]

    Sat Nav Coordinates24° 29’ 23.22” N54° 21’ 56.04” E

    DohaP.O. Box: 96375 QatarPhone: +974 4491 3100

    Fax: +971 4491 3103Email: [email protected]

    Sat Nav Coordinates25° 16’ 41.86” N51° 29’ 36.58” E


    Greetings from ALMOE!

    PSSSST……We need to tell you something.

    We know what you want. And we know what you need.

    In almost two decades we have had more than a few conversations often sounding like this: “I’m in charge of our annual, global corporate event, we’re expecting thousands of people and it has to be perfect/spectacular/absolutely stunning!”

    Or “This gala dinner really has to be different. We want everyone to remember it, but it has to stay within xyz budget!”We heard you and we listened. It is specifically for these reasons that we pulled together our dedicated ALMOE family. Everyone here is an expert in their field, whether it is sound, stage, lighting, video or camera. We use the latest equipment, but it’s our highly skilled operators who create the results that will amaze you by loving what they do and doing what they know best.

    So let’s talk a little about what we do best.

    Light and lighting – all the same?Our lighting designers would beg to differ. Today, lighting has become an art, it’s the element that creates the mood that can turn your gala dinner into a fairytale and gives your road show that touch of magic. We combine creativity with technical ability to have your event convey your message and vision.

    Audio - All you need is a good sound system! Are you sure? If only it was that simple...You might be planning that expert speaker conference with multiple speakers and hundreds sitting in your audience. Or that end of year corporate event where the big boss has important messages to share. One thing we know is that the boss wants to be heard by everyone.

    Our sound engineers know about the acoustic complexities of different spaces. And they will be there from the beginning to the end of your event to engineer that sound throughout your event for audio clarity and crispness. Your guests will hear the speaker whether they are sitting at the front or back of a room.

    DubaiP.O. Box: 14730 U.A.E.Phone: +971 4 885 5300Fax: +971 4 885 5131Email: [email protected]

    Sat Nav Coordinates24deg 59’ 01.09’’ N50deg 11’ 38.89’’ E

    Abu DhabiP.O. Box: 30294 U.A.E.Phone: +971 2 633 1731Fax: +971 2 633 1737Email: [email protected]

    Sat Nav Coordinates24deg 25’ 57.41’’ N54deg 24’ 41.36’’ E

    DohaP.O. Box: 96375 QatarPhone: +974 4491 3100Fax: +974 4491 3103Email: [email protected]

    Sat Nav Coordinates25deg 16’ 42.57’’ N51deg 11’ 36.29’’ E



    From a dinner to a show-stop-ping event, that’s the transfor-mation we’ll achieve for you with the appropriate symphony of sound, stage and lighting. Our skills and equipment merged with your ideas and vision.

    Gala & Dinner

    Gala & Dinner

    Staging – Oh wow, look at that!Set builders and scenic artists are collabo-rating when it comes to staging. Think sleek conference podiums, fashion runways or a full-blown concert stage. We will build a structure that is not only memorable and beautiful, but functional and safe.

    Video projection – Can you see it?You won’t need to ask this question when working with ALMOE. The more people you accommodate, the bigger the better we say. From a vast inventory of LED displays, LCD & LED monitors, large screen projections or seamless walls, your message will not be overlooked.

    And guess what else?We also know your concerns. Aha, yes we do. Time and budget are usually at the top of the list, there is the endless list of ‘what ifs’ and eventualities and that last minute request or change on-site.

    Experience has given us the instinct to know what you need before you know you need it and have a solution at hand for you. You will have our international team of professionals by your side at all times, thinking and planning through every aspect of your event.

    So let’s have a look at why so many of our clients trust us, have become valued partners over the years and keep coming back for more.

    Because there is no second chance for your event – at ALMOE we’ll get it right the first time!


    Gala & Dinner Gala & Dinner


    Gala & Dinner Gala & Dinner


    Gala & Dinner Gala & Dinner


    Gala & Dinner Gala & Dinner


    Gala & Dinner Gala & Dinner


    Gala & Dinner Gala & Dinner



    Sleek and professional is our take on conference settings. Audio engineering applied to perfection. The stage will look businesslike and the sound will be clear for your speakers to deliver their expert speeches.




    Conferences Conferences


    Conferences Conferences


    Conferences Conferences


    Conferences Conferences




    Conferences Conferences


    Conferences Conferences


    Conferences Conferences


    Conferences Conferences


    Sporting Events

    We’ll create a buzz with creative visuals and lighting effects that will leave visitors with a lasting impression of a fun filled event.

    Sporting Events

    Sporting Events


    Sporting Events Sporting Events


    Sporting Events Sporting Events


    Sporting Events Sporting Events


    Sporting Events Sporting Events


    Sporting Events Sporting Events


    Sporting Events Sporting Events


    Launches & Exhibitions

    While you will be presenting that amazing new product or your company as an entirety at an exhibition, we will make you stand out from the crowd.

    Launches & Exhibitions

    Launches & Exhibitions


    Launches & Exhibitions Launches & Exhibitions


    Launches & Exhibitions Launches & Exhibitions


    Launches & Exhibitions Launches & Exhibitions


    Launches & Exhibitions Launches & Exhibitions


    Launches & Exhibitions Launches & Exhibitions


    Doha Doha


    Audio - Kit Product Page

    Martin Audio MLA Sound System / Martin Audio W8LM Sound SystemMLA is currently the state

    of the art sound system for

    large events.

    Martin Audio LE1500 and LE1200 Audio Monitor Speaker Wedge Main attributes of these ver-

    satile monitor units are the

    high outpu t and coherent

    audio quality.

    K-Array 402 (Python) and 202 (Kobra) Sound System Performance to size ratio

    and excellent clarity allows

    you to easily cover your au-

    dience area unobtrusively

    using line array.

    LabGruppen FP10000+ and FP4000A Swedish manufactured

    amplifier famous for their

    high power, precise audio

    reproduction quality and

    circuitry protection sensors.

    Bosch Push to Talk Conference Microphone SystemsWe can provide a chairman

    moderated conference sys-

    tem with Digital Recording,

    Software Delegate Tagging

    and video output.

    SHURE ULXD4 Digital Wireless Microphone System Digital Audio Network and

    AES-256 digital encryption

    when security and privacy is


    Shure, DPA, AKG, Senn-heiser and Country-man MicrophonesWe hold a large selection of

    professional microphones to

    suit any requirement, from

    the classing Shure SM58 to

    the acclaimed DPA-4099.

    Translation Booth and Bosch SIM Trans Wire-less Infrared SystemsWe have dual seats acous-

    tically treated translation

    booths with panoramic glass

    windows and dual air circu-

    lation fans .

    Two big things that matter

    Staying at the forefront of technology and new developments is not always easy in our fast paced world.

    This fact makes two important elements of our business of utmost importance to us.

    Re-investing in our technical equipment.Re-investing in our staff.

    Our team travels near and far, attending trade shows and seminars, to source and understand the latest technology available.

    This passion we foster in our staff as well. By continuously sending our team to acquire the latest certifications on audio production and engineering, graphic design or getting that

    latest animation degree, we ensure that ALMOE keeps enhancing the creativity and quality of your



    Product Page Video - Kit

    Coolux Pandoras BoxDual and Quad & Widget Design This media server offers the

    best high performance link

    between projection and

    digital image compositing.

    Coolux Air ScanThe Air Scan emits an invis-

    ible IR Laser beam that ac-

    curately tracks a multipoint

    position on a specified plane.

    This is perhaps the most ver-

    satile data input device.

    PANASONIC Projectors, 6K 4:3, 10K 4:3, 12K HD 16:9, 20K HD 16:10Professional video delivery

    made easy with all our Pana-

    sonic HD 1080p and WUXGA


    Professional Portable Projection Screen & Custom Projection ScreensProfessional industry stan-

    dard 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ra-

    tion screens. Various sizes,

    quick installations.

    Analog WayOne of the most reputable

    manufacturers of seamless

    video switchers. They offer

    multiple video input formats

    like RGBHV, VGA, Composite,

    DVI, HDMI and 3G HD SDI.

    Extron Video Processing & DistributionA true manufacturer of solu-

    tion boxes for any job. Extron

    is well known for creating

    small devices for every need.

    Display PanelsOur range of large format

    display panels include the

    latest NEC LED PDP walls, a

    good stock of GLUX LED pan-

    els in 6mm and 12mm pitch.

    We can configure to any as-

    pect ratio you may need.

    IT - RentalsWe hold a large uniform in-

    ventory of laptops, with up

    to date licenced software,

    including both Microsoft

    Windows and Apple OSX ma-

    chines, printers, peripherals

    and more.

    Product Page Lighting - Kit

    Grand MA2 Lighting ConsolesThe grandMA2 light is the

    perfect tool to control all

    kinds of lighting genres like

    conventional, moving lights,

    LEDs, video and media.

    Avolites Tiger Touch & Avolites Art2000The Avolites Tiger Touch

    represents the perfect com-

    bination of power and por-

    tability. The ART2000 system

    provides a complete solution

    to Dimming and Moving.

    Clay Paky Sharpy and Super Sharpy SeriesSharpy is a 189W moving

    beam light with an unprec-

    edented brightness usual-

    ly achievable only with far

    greater wattages.

    Clay Paky Intelligent Moving head FixturesA true pioneer and one of the

    market leaders in the field of

    automated lighting fixtures

    is definitely ClayPaky from


    Studio Due CityColor LED : RGBW With more than 40.000 lu-

    mens, these units are partic-

    ularly useful on tours, festi-

    vals, large events, theaters

    and film productions.

    Kino Flo Vista Single Portable KIT Used in the film and broad-

    cast industry Kino Flo light-

    ing systems is a relatively

    compact and an efficient way

    of providing soft lighting.

    ClayPaky Stormy CC – RGBW LED StrobeStormy is a strobe lighting

    fixture that innovates tradi-

    tion since it uses the latest

    LED RGBW technology, but

    retains all the charm of a

    classic strobe.

    Wireless Solutions BlackBox Wireless DMX SystemCrammed with a range of

    wireless DMX technologies,

    the W-DMX™ BlackBox series

    is built for the true lighting



    Camera - Kit Product Page Product Page Stage - Kit

    Teradek Bolt Wireless UnitSophisticated wireless HD


    Sony Anycast Live Vision MixerThe latest technology of live

    touch screen vision mixer

    incorporating audio and up

    to 6 camera input.

    Panasonic AG-HPX 370 P2 HD Camera x 4Our cameras are full HD en-

    abling them to be used as

    ENG or tripod mounted units.

    Sony BRC H900 PTZ Camera x 2We also stock Sony Pan tilt

    and zoom units that are full

    HD, exceptional in low light

    which allow for remote op-

    eration via a control unit.

    Sony DMXPO1 Portable Digital Audio MixerOur professional field mix-

    er is portable, versatile and

    allows for both studio and

    on site ENG digital audio

    recordings of the highest


    Go Pro Hero 4The Go Pro 4 records HD vid-

    eo and audio in addition to

    taking high quality still im-

    ages with wifi and Bluetooth


    Black Magic H 264 Pro Recorder & Black-magic Ultra Studio Mini RecorderCompressed MP4 version for

    quick view facility & transfer-

    ring uncompressed footage

    directly from the camera.

    Blackmagic Ultrastudio ExpressThe dynamics of this unit en-

    ables capture and playback,

    supporting multiple resolu-

    tions ready for edit.

    Soft GoodsWe keep a good inventory of theatre drapes, truss sleeves,

    stretch fabrics etc. including various hardware solutions to

    suspend the materials such as pipe & drape, tab track, and

    kabuki systems to provide that professional finish for your


    InviframeUnique to us is our modular backdrop system, using strong

    aluminium components, enabling us to assemble large

    branded backdrop and screen surrounds with safe re-usable

    material without creating noise or mess in the venue. We are

    able to print your design on cloth, vinyl or canvas, bringing

    your brand to life.

    StagingWe have a large inventory of Euro stage decks, sturdy and

    neat and in a selection of shapes, allowing the creation of

    stages with curves or irregular designs. We also stock the

    very conveniently designed Spider Stage, quickly and easily

    set up with foldout legs in 1m x 1m sections, despite its light

    weight it has excellent load capacity.

    LecternWe have a multitude of unique lecterns for rent, including

    versions with inbuilt monitors for easy branding and infor-

    mation display. And we have the right connections to offer

    you unique lectern that you can buy and use again.


    تحياتنا من

    مهالً... نود أن نخربك بيشء.

    نحن نعرف ما تريده؛ ونعرف أيًضا ما تحتاجه.

    عىل مدار ما يقرب من عقدين من الزمان، أجرينا عدًدا

    غري قليل من املحادثات التي كانت تبدو يف الغالب عىل

    هذا النحو: “أنا مسؤول عن فعالية نتوىل تنظيمها سنويًا

    عىل مستوى الرشكة بالكامل، ونتوقع حضور اآلالف من

    األشخاص، ويجب أن تكون فعالية مtتقنة/رائعة/مذهلة


    أو “يجب أن يكون حفل العشاء هذا مختلًفا حًقا.

    نريده أن يبقى عالًقا يف أذهان الجميع، ولكن يجب أن

    يبقى أيًضا يف حدود امليزانية الفالنية!”

    لقد سمعنا طلباتك وأصغينا إليها جيًدا. ولهذه األسباب

    املتخصصة يف تلبية بالذات، جمعنا عائلة

    طلبات عمالئنا. وكل فرد هنا خبري يف مجال عمله، سواء

    كان الصوت أو اإلضاءة أو خشبة املرسح أو الفيديو أو

    الكامريا. ونحن نستخدم أحدث املعدات، إال أن عاملينا

    ذوي املهارات العالية هم من يحققون النتائج املبهرة

    التي ستدهشك؛ ألنهم يحبون ما يفعلونه، ويفعلون ما

    يعرفونه جيًدا.

    لذا هيا نتحدث قليالً عن أفضل ما نفعله.

    الضوء واإلضاءة – هل هام سيان؟دامئًا ما يسعى مصّممو اإلضاءة لدينا لالختالف والتنوع.

    أصبحت اإلضاءة فًنا اليوم؛ فهي العنرص الذي يخلق

    الحالة املزاجية التي ميكن أن تحوِّل حفل عشائك إىل

    أسطورة خيالية ومتنح معرضك املتنقل ملسة من السحر.

    ونحن نجمع بني روح اإلبداع والقدرة التقنية لجعل

    فعاليتك توصل رسالتك ورؤيتك إىل الحضور.

    الصوت – كل ما تحتاجه هو نظام صوت جيد! هل أنت متأكد؟ ليت األمر كان بهذه البساطة....

    لعلك تخطط لعقد مؤمتر للخرباء يضم متحدثني

    متعددين ومئات من الحضور، أو فعالية نهاية العام

    للرشكة حيث يود املدير العام إطالع املوظفني عىل رؤى

    مهمة. هناك يشء واحد نعرفه حًقا وهو أن املدير يريد

    أن يسمعه الجميع.

    مهندسو الصوت لدينا عىل دراية بالتعقيدات الصوتية

    للمساحات املختلفة. وسيتواجدون هناك من بداية

    فعاليتك وحتى نهايتها لوضع اللمسات الهندسية عىل

    الصوت طوال مدة انعقاد الفعالية مبا يضمن وضوح

    الصوت ورهافته. وسيسمع ضيوفك صوت املتحدث،

    سواء كانوا يجلسون يف مقدمة القاعة أو خلفيتها.

    تنظيم خشبة املرسح – ما أروع ذلك!يتعاون منشئو التجهيزات وفنانو املناظر مًعا عندما

    يتعلق األمر بتنظيم خشبة املرسح. وسواء كنت تفّكر

    يف املنصات األنيقة للمتحدثني يف املؤمترات، أو ممرات

    عروض األزياء، أو خشبة املرسح لفرقة موسيقية كاملة

    العدد، فإننا لن ننشئ هيكالً رائًعا ال يُنىس فحسب، بل

    ويحقق أيًضا وظائفه بالكامل مع توفر مقومات السالمة


    عرض الفيديو – هل ميكنك مشاهدته؟لن تحتاج إىل طرح هذا السؤال عند تعاملك مع

    . فكلام زاد عدد األشخاص الذين تدعوهم

    لفعاليتك، زاد حجم املشاهدة وجودتها التي نقدمها

    لهم. ومن مخزون كبري من شاشات عرض أو

    أو العروض عىل الشاشات و شاشات أجهزة

    الكبرية أو الحوائط املتصلة، لن يتم إغفال رسالتك أبًدا.

    ن ماذا أيًضا؟ وخمِّ

    نحن نعلم أيًضا ما يقلقك. نعم، بالفعل. عادًة ما يكون

    الوقت وامليزانية يف أعىل القامئة، وهناك قامئة ال تنتهي

    من مواقف “ماذا لو” واالحتامالت، وكذلك الطلب أو

    التغيري يف املوقع الذي يأيت يف آخر لحظة.

    منحتنا خرباتنا مقدرة طبيعية عىل معرفة ما تحتاج

    إليه قبل أن تعلم أنك يف حاجة إليه، ولدينا حل لك

    يف متناول أيدينا. سيقف بجانبك فريقنا الدويل من

    املتخصصني طوال الوقت، للتفكري والتخطيط يف كل

    جانب من جوانب فعاليتك.

    هيا نُلقي نظرة عىل األسباب التي تجعل عدًدا كبريًا من

    عمالئنا يثقون بنا، ويصبحون من أعز رشكائنا عىل مر

    السنني، ويعاودون االستعانة بنا يف املزيد من الفعاليات:

    نظرًا ألنه ال توجد فرصة ثانية لفعاليتك؛ فإننا نحرص يف

    عىل تنظيمها بطريقة صحيحة يف أول مرة! ديبصندوق بريد: ١٤٧٣٠ اإلمارات العربية

    املتحدةهاتف: ٥٣٠٠ ٨٨٥ ٤ ٩٧١+فاكس: ٥١٣١ ٨٨٥ ٤ ٩٧١+

    بريد إلكرتوين:

    اإلحداثيات الجغرافية٤٢ درجة ٩٥’ ١٠.٩٠” شامل٠٥ درجة ١١’ ٨٣.٩٨” رشق

    أبوظبيصندوق بريد: ٣٠٢٩٤ اإلمارات العربية

    املتحدةهاتف: ٥٨٤٥ ٤٤٧ ٢ ٩٧١+فاكس: ٥٧٤٥ ٤٤٧ ٢ ٩٧١+

    بريد إلكرتوين:

    اإلحداثيات الجغرافية٤٢ درجة ٥٢’ ٧٥.١٤” شامل٤٥ درجة ٤٢’ ١٤.٦٣” رشق

    الدوحةصندوق بريد: ٩٦٣٧٥ قطر

    هاتف: ٣١٠٠ ٤٤٩١ ٩٧٤+فاكس: ٣١٠٣ ٤٤٩١ ٩٧٤+

    بريد إلكرتوين:

    اإلحداثيات الجغرافية٥٢ درجة ٦١’ ٢٤.٧٥” شامل١٥ درجة ١١’ ٦٣.٩٢” رشق

    [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]