2001 Nissan Pathfinder

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  • ForewordWelcome to the growing family of newNISSAN owners. This vehicle is delivered toyou with confidence. It was produced usingthe latest techniques and strict quality control.This manual was prepared to help you under-stand the operation and maintenance of yourvehicle so that you may enjoy many miles ofdriving pleasure. Please read through thismanual before operating your vehicle.A separate Warranty Information and Main-tenance Log Booklet (in U.S.), Warrantyand Roadside Assistance Informationbooklet (in Canada) explains details aboutthe warranties covering your vehicle andvehicle maintenance schedules. Addition-ally, a separate Customer Care/Lemon LawBooklet (U.S. only) will explain how toresolve any concerns you may have withyour vehicle, as well as clarify your rightsunder your states lemon law.Your NISSAN dealer knows your vehicle best.When you require any service or have anyquestions, they will be glad to assist you withthe extensive resources available to them.

    READ FIRST THEN DRIVESAFELYBefore driving your vehicle please readyour Owners Manual carefully. This willensure familiarity with controls and main-tenance requirements, assisting you in thesafe operation of your vehicle.

    WARNINGIMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMA-TIONREMINDERS FOR SAFETY!Follow these important driving rules tohelp ensure a safe and comfortable tripfor you and your passengers!I Never drive under the influence of al-

    cohol or drugs.I Always observe posted speed limits

    and never drive too fast for condi-tions.

    I Always use your seat belts and appro-priate child restraint systems. Pre-teen children should be seated in therear seat.

    I Always provide information about theproper use of vehicle safety featuresto all occupants of the vehicle.

    I Always review this Owners Manualfor important safety information.

    For descriptions specified for four wheel drivemodels, a mark is placed at the begin-ning of the applicable sections/items.As with other vehicles with features foroffroad use, failure to operate four wheeldrive models correctly may result in lossof control or an accident. For additionalinformation, see Driving your four wheeldrive safely in the 5. Starting and driv-ing section.

    ON-PAVEMENT AND OFFROADDRIVINGThis vehicle will handle and maneuverdifferently from an ordinary passengercar because it has a higher center ofgravity for offroad use. As with othervehicles with features of this type, fail-ure to operate this vehicle correctly mayresult in loss of control or an accident.For additional information, see On-pavement and offroad driving precau-tions and Avoiding collision and roll-over in the 5. Starting and drivingsection.

    Z 00.1.10/R50-D/V5 X

  • MODIFICATION OF YOURVEHICLEThis vehicle should not be modified. Modi-fication could affect its performance,safety or durability, and may even violategovernmental regulations. In addition,damage or performance problems result-ing from modification may not be coveredunder NISSAN warranties.

    WHEN READING THE MANUALThis manual includes information for alloptions available on this model. Therefore,you may find some information that doesnot apply to your vehicle.All information, specifications and illustrationsin this manual are those in effect at the time ofprinting. NISSAN reserves the right to changespecifications or design at any time withoutnotice.

    IMPORTANT INFORMATIONABOUT THIS MANUALYou will see various symbols in this manual.They are used in the following ways:


    This is used to indicate the presence of ahazard that could cause death or seriouspersonal injury. To avoid or reduce therisk, the procedures must be followedprecisely.


    This is used to indicate the presence of ahazard that could cause minor or moder-ate personal injury or damage to yourvehicle. To avoid or reduce the risk, theprocedures must be followed carefully.

    If you see this symbol, it means Do not dothis or Do not let this happen.


    Z 00.1.10/R50-D/V5 X


    WARNINGEngine Exhaust, some of its constitu-ents, and certain vehicle componentscontain or emit chemicals known toState of California to cause cancer andbirth defects or other reproductiveharm.


    All rights reserved. No part of this Owners Manual maybe reproduced or stored in a retrieval system, or trans-mitted in any form, or by any means, electronic, me-chanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, withoutthe prior written permission of Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

    Z 00.1.10/R50-D/V5 X

  • Welcome To The World Of NISSAN

    Your new NISSAN is the result of our dedicationto produce the finest in safe, reliable and eco-nomical transportation. Your vehicle is the prod-uct of a successful worldwide company thatmanufactures cars and trucks in over 17 coun-tries and distributes them in 170 nations.NISSAN vehicles are designed and manufac-tured by Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. which wasfounded in Tokyo, Japan in 1933, and NISSANaffiliates world wide, collectively growing to be-come the fifth largest automaker in the world. Inaddition to cars and trucks, NISSAN also makesforklift trucks, marine engines, boats and otherdiversified products.NISSAN has made a substantial and growinginvestment in North America. NISSANS commit-ment is nearly $4 billion dollars in capital invest-ments in facilities across the continent. Some of

    the facilities include the Nissan Manufacturingfacility in Smyrna, Tennessee, vehicle stylingdesign at Nissan Design International in SanDiego, California, and engineering at NissanTechnical Center North America in FarmingtonHills, Michigan. Additionally, NISSAN employsnearly 18,000 people throughout the UnitedStates, Canada, and Mexico. An additional71,000 people work for the 1,500 NISSAN andINFINITI dealers across North America.NISSAN is also a substantial contributor to theCanadian economy. Nissan Canada Inc., its sup-pliers and over 140 dealers employ approxi-mately 4,500 people. These include companyemployees and the staffs of NISSAN dealers allacross Canada. In addition, many Canadianswork for companies that supply NISSAN andNISSAN dealers with materials and servicesranging from operation of port facilities and trans-

    portation services to the supply of lubricants,parts and accessories.

    NISSAN pioneered the use of electronics andcomputers in automobiles, and has led the indus-try in improving both performance and fuel effi-ciency through new engine designs and the useof synthetic materials to reduce vehicle weight.The company has also developed ways to buildquality into its vehicles at each stage of theproduction process, both through extensive useof automation and most importantly through an awareness that people are the cen-tral element in quality control.

    From the time the parts arrived from our suppli-ers until you took delivery of your new Nissan,dozens of checks were made to ensure that onlythe best job was being done in producing anddelivering your vehicle. NISSAN also takes greatcare to ensure that when you take your NISSANto your dealer for maintenance, the service tech-nician will perform his work according to thequality standards that have been established bythe factory.

    Safety has also been built into your NISSAN. Asyou know, seat belts are an integral part of thesafety systems that will help protect you and yourpassengers in the event of a sudden stop or anaccident. We urge you to use the seat belts everytime you drive the vehicle.

    The NISSAN story of growth and achievementreflects our major goal: to provide you, ourcustomer, with a vehicle that is built with qualityand craftsmanship a product that we can beproud to build and you can be proud to own.


    Z 00.1.10/R50-D/V5 X

  • NISSAN CUSTOMER CARE PROGRAMNISSAN CARES ...Both NISSAN and your NISSAN dealer are dedicated to serving all your automotive needs. Your satisfaction with your vehicle and your NISSANdealer are our primary concerns. Your NISSAN dealer is always available to assist you with all your automobile sales and service needs.

    However, if there is something that yourNISSAN dealer cannot assist you with or youwould like to provide NISSAN directly withcomments or questions, please contact our(NISSANs) Consumer Affairs Department us-ing our toll-free number:

    For U.S. mainland customers1-800-NISSAN-1 (1-800-647-7261)

    For Hawaii customers(808) 836-0888 (Oahu Number)

    For Canadian customers1-800-387-0122

    The Consumer Affairs Department will ask forthe following information: Your name, address, and telephone

    number Vehicle identification number (on dash-

    board) Date of purchase Current odometer reading Your NISSAN dealers name Your comments or questionsOR

    You can write to NISSAN with the informationon the left at:For U.S. mainland and Alaska customers

    Nissan North America, Inc.Consumer Affairs DepartmentP.O. Box 191Gardena, California 90248-0191

    For Hawaii customersNissan Motor Corporation in Hawaii2880 Kilihau St.Honolulu, Hawaii 96819

    For Canada customersNissan Canada Inc.5290 Orbitor DriveMississauga, Ontario L4W 4Z5

    We appreciate your interest in NISSAN and thank you for buying a quality NISSAN vehicle.

    Z 00.1.10/R50-D/V5 X

  • Table ofContents

    Seats, restraints and supplemental air bag systems

    Instruments and controls

    Pre-driving checks and adjustments

    Heater, air conditioner and audio systems

    Starting and driving

    In case of emergency

    Appearance and care



    Technical and consumer information


    Z 00.1.10/R50-D/V5 X

  • Z 00.1.10/R50-D/V5 X

  • 1 Seats, restraints and supplemental air bagsystems

    Seats ...............................................