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2006 annual report - Nicollet County Historical 2006 Annual Report NICOLLET COUNTY HISTORICAL SOCIETY Photo: Nicollet County Poor Farm Thank you so much for your support in 2006. One-hundred

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Text of 2006 annual report - Nicollet County Historical 2006 Annual Report NICOLLET COUNTY HISTORICAL...

  • 2006 Annual Report


    Photo: Nicollet County Poor Farm

    Thank you so much for your support in 2006. One-hundred years from now I think 2006 will be looked at as a watershed moment in NCHS’s development. We firmly believe we can, and will, be an elite institution—and we are well on our way to getting there.

    Theodore Moline Theodore Moline, of St. Peter, a life time member of the Nicollet County Historical

    Society, was a pioneer amateur radio operator and in 1937, he reported to St. Peter as an Assistant Signal Maintainer. He retired in 1980 and never had a reportable accident in 44 plus years. In 1941, he was commissioned as a First Lieutenant in the Corps of

    Engineers and assigned to a Railway Operating Battalion. He was called to active duty in 1942 and was released after 44 months of service. In 1951 he was called back to

    active duty and was assigned to the Transportation Corps Research and Development at Fort Eustis, VA. He returned to his railroad assignment in 1953. Theodore retired from service in 1971 as Corporal. Along with his military and railroading interests, he

    was a private pilot and managed the St. Peter Airport for over 10 years.

    We will forever be indebted to Ted for his selfless generosity. His gifts to the Society and other organizations in St. Peter will continue to provide for us all in perpetuity.

    Thank you Ted.

  • Memberships cont... Dan Schultz Dorothy Schultz Karen Smithers Agnes Stensby Neil Stevermer Bernadine Thompson John Vogel Alva Wellington Gertrude Wright Life Member Carl Aanonsen Jack Ahle Ken & Janet Albrecht Mr. & Mrs. Carl Anderson Carl & Lois Annexstad Phyllis Annezstad Marshall & Janet Anthony Willis & Rachel Anthony Mrs. Marion Babcock Paul & Helen Baumgartner Gloria Benson Lavinia Bloomquist John & Rosemary Braun Math Braun

    Donald & Marilla Burch Arlyce & Dave Bussman Napoleon Chagnon Mrs. R.C. Dahleen Karen Daniels-Peterson Stanley Davis Dr. & Mrs. William Dobbs C.W. Dowling Lila Faust Mrs. T.R. Fritsche Mrs. George Gatchell Bruce & Sue Gray Fred & Judy Hanson Charles Hendrickson Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Hilding Alice Hinnenthal Janet Hoffmann Eunice Holz Mr. & Mrs. Carl Johnson Chester & Marian Johnson Mrs. Emeroy Johnson Gene Kind Merton & Elaine Kirby Karl Klein Mrs. Harry Kramer John Kvamme

    Olive Peterson Mr. & Mrs. Dean Pettis Herbert & Louise Poncin Mr. B.H. Prust Bill & Marilyn Robertz Warren & Marilyn Rodning Arlene Sandeen Wayne Schmidt Judy Scholl Peggy Schwichtenberg Cora Sjostrom Nadine Stewart Mr. & Mrs. Robert Swedberg Roger & Linda Swenson Olive Thomas Dr. Henry Thompson Mr. & Mrs. Clarence Veith Mr. & Mrs. Robert Volk Robert Webster Merton & Margaret Wenner Ed & Bev Wetherill Robert Wettergren Pearl Wilkinson Marilyn Witty Val Youngbloom

    Mrs. William Lager Carol & Arne Langyoen Eunice Larson Dr. & Mrs. Richard Larson Emilie Lokensgard Mrs. Elgene Lund Wayne Lynn Malcolm & Donna Mackenzie Eugene Majerowicz Beatrice Martinson Mr. & Mrs. Dayton Martinson Mr. & Mrs. J.L. McClellan Mr. & Mrs. C.N. McRostie Mr. & Mrs. Martin Menk A.W. Meyer Robert Moline Cliff & Theresa Mollert Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Monke Barb & Don Olmanson Dr. & Mrs. Vern Olmanson Lorraine & Harold Olson Mr. & Mrs. Donald Ostrom Dennis Paschke Albert Peichel Ellery & Carol Peterson Mrs. Leslie Peterson


    The mission of the Nicollet County Historical Society shall be the discovery, preservation and dissemination of knowledge about the history of Nicollet County and the State of



    Table of Contents 3 Message from the Director & President 4 At a Glance 6 Staff & Board of Directors 7 Committees 8 Treaty Site History Center 9 Harkin Store 10 E. St. Julien Cox House 11 Fort Ridgely 12 Committee Reports 13 Financials 15 2006 Annual Meeting Minutes 16 Support 17 Collections & Memorials 18 Memberships

    About 50,519 people have been served by the Nicollet County Historical Society in 2006. The society relies on county appropriations, memberships, grants, admissions, donations, and sales revenues to serve the residents and visitors of Nicollet County.

  • Memberships $1,000 Champion Business Gustavus Adolphus $200 Business/ Supporting BENCO Electric Culligan Meyer First National Bank Hickory Tech Kind Vet Clinic Nelson Printing Nicollet County Bank $1000 Crossings Circle Life Members Marian Anderson Steven & Becky Briggs Mr. & Mrs. Mark Davis Julie & Sam Gault Lisa Gault Delores Holteen James McPherson Violet Moline David & Linda Witte $100 Patron Red Men Club, Inc. Nicollet Chamber of Commerce Riverside Dental Care Larry & Judy Biederman Mel & LaVonne Craig Marie Dranttel Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Palmer Marlin Peterson Ranae & Robert Peterson Stephen & Barbara Wilkinson $75 Sustaining Milton & Elaine Brostrom Vic Gustafson St. Peter Chamber of Commerce/Larry Haugen Robert & Leona Isenberg

    Roland & Edi Thorstensson $45 Family Frani & Mark Anderson Eric Annexstad James & Verda Beatty Stan & Marie Benson Richard Beran Marilyn & Bill Bessler Bernard & Pam Bidelman Wayne & Theresa Bjorklund David & Bernice Breitung Gerald Brekke & Melissa Speiss Richard & Bonnie Compart Kathy Corey Roger & Lois Currier Bruce Davis Duane & Brenda DeBlieck John & Carol Dranttel Garfield & Marjorie Eckberg Paul & Connie Eckberg Charles Eggert Bernhard & Marilyn Erling Frank & Ruth Gamelin Terry & Sandy Gappa Don & Beverly Gustafson Stanley & Marjorie Halvorson Stuart & Mary Ann Hanson Elaine Hermanson Lisa & Philip Isenberg Elder & Renee Jackson Ray & Liz Jacobson Meryl & Arne Jessen Gareth Edward John & Christine Metzo Donley Johnson H. Stuart & Marlys C. Johnson Paul & Vickie Johnson Ellis & Janet Jones

    Helen Christianson JoAnne Cochran Arden DeBoer Opal Dewanz Lona Falenczykowski Jackie Feldman Emma Franz Michael Frederick Colleen Freitag Brand Frentz Bob Gasch Paula Goblirsch Susan Gravelin Edna Gustafson Mike Haeuser William Harvey Jan Holte Eileen Holz Conrad Irrgang Ruth Jackson Marjorie Johnson Katherine Kamakahi Ann Kastl Marolyn Kleinert Mary Klinger Gretchen Koehler Donna Kowal Rita Kramer Joerg Ruth Larson Stanley Lindquist Mary Long Dolores Lueck Joy Lutzi Connie L. Marz Harriet Mason Dorothy Mundt Dr. Craig Nelson Ms. Sylvia Nesheim David A. Olson Ray Olson Judith Penhiter Marshall Peterson Janet Prehn Donna & Joe Resner Sharon Robinson Gordon Rodning Bob Sandeen

    Judy & Bill Leonard Loren & Betty Lindsay Ardis & Earl Lund Phyllis & Malcolm Maxwell John & Sara McKay Janice & Robert Meyer Carl & Mary Moline Terry Morrow Dale & Kay Mowbray Earl & Evie Nelson Roger & Barb Nelson Thorild & Ardith Nelson Janet Nordstrom Douglas & ReVae Nygard Sujay Rao Marjorie & Earl Rennekee Ken & Patsy Rossow Joyce & Gerald Roust Mr. & Mrs. Gary Schmidt Sandra Schmidt Sue & Lee Schott Douglas & Judy Schultz Doug & Jean Stavenau James & Diane Stenson Marty & Carol Sterner Herman & Nel Swanson Howard & Jane Swenson Owen & Evie Swenson Bradford & Jane Thompson Mark & Carol Werhan Buster & Nina West Richard & Janet Wettergren Larry & Joan Zambino $30 Individual Genealogy Periodicals John Allerson Lisa Bachman Mary Blank Janet Boese Ruth Brandel Paul Bresnahan Carolyn Brethorst Eric Carlson

    Gil Carlson 18 3

    President’s Report by Garfield Eckberg

    2006 has been a very busy year for the Nicollet County Historical Society. A sincere thank you goes to any and all who have volunteered to help on the many activities. I would like to touch

    on three of those activities.

    A log cabin from a local farm was moved onto our grounds and has been restored to a safe condition. The committee of Herb Poncin, Ed Wetherill, Loren Lindsay, Bob Douglas, Brenda DeBlieck and I spent many hours working on it. We hired Terrisol Restoration Co. and Angela Haack along with our volunteers to replace some logs. There has been a lot of interest from individuals who stopped by while

    we were working. This building represents the history of the form of early housing by settlers and also shows the craftsmanship done with very minimum equipment. We received monetary and material donations that have covered the

    expenses and will continue to welcome donations for more work to be done.

    A year ago while researching the Fort Road from Henderson to Fort Ridgely, one of our members brought to our attention that we should mark the location of the Little Rock Trading Post at the west end of Nicollet County. Several of our members went to the site and were amazed at the history there that few people are aware of. The trading post and Indian village have a history similar to that of Traverse De Sioux. There is also an outcrop of rock (Morton gneiss) at the trading post site which

    geologists say is among the oldest in the world.

    Several weeks ago, a map of the Treaty Site from the 1850’s was located. This indicated the river crossing, the Red River Oxcart Trail,

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