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  • 8/9/2019 2008 Reaper - Winter


  • 8/9/2019 2008 Reaper - Winter


    Source o Light is engaged in aworldwide literature ministry. Formany years it has been meetingthe spiritual needs o multiplied

    thousands through Bible studylessons and other literature. Les-sons are distributed by the Inter-national Headquarters in Madi-son, Georgia, and its DiscipleshipTraining Branches and AssociateDiscipleship Schools throughoutthe world.

    A brochure, Discipleship Train-ing Using SLM International BibleLessons, is available that explainsthe various plans through whichthe courses may be used by oth-er qualifed ministries.

    Representatives, Missionaries,and Appointees o Source oLight are available to present theministry and its needs to church-es, missionary conerences, andother groups. Contact the SLMPublic Relations ofce or sched-uling.

    For inormation on any o theministries o SLM, please contactus.

    The Reaper

    Winter 2008

    The Reaperis published by Source of Light

    Ministries International, Inc. and is sent free of

    charge to anyone requesting it. Write or call to

    be placed on the mailing list.

    SLM International

    1011 Mission Road

    Madison, Georgia 30650

    Phone: 706.342.0397

    Fax: 706.342.9072

    E-mail: [email protected] Web Site: w ww.sourcelight.org

    The Reaper

    Editor: Billie Will

    Graphic Design: Marianne Rosenberger

    Prepress: SLM Publications

    Production: SLM Printing

    Board of Directors

    D. Lowry, Chairman

    L. Valentine, Vice Chairman

    Daniel De Jong, Secretary

    E.B. Sho, Treasurer

    J.C. Carter C. Mayeld

    Dr. G.S. Palmer Dr. R.J. Sans

    Dr. B.H. Struthers

    Administrative Council

    Dr. B. Shade, General DirectorR.R. Walker, Chief Financial Ocer

    J. Strausbaugh, Director of Human Resources

    G.P. Busenitz, Director of Operations

    E. Brandon, Director of Public Relations

    B. Watson, Director of Field Ministries

    R.R. Walker, Director of Printing Operations

    About the Front Cover Photo:

    Space Wars suggests visionsof inner-galactic conict betweenextra-terrestrial beings in futuristicspace ships. . . . See pages 8-10 tolearn about SLM Space Wars.


    Source of Light


    InternationalSource of Light Ministries International

    Winter 2008

    Table of Contents

    4 News & Views rom the General Director

    by Bill Shade

    5 Observations rom the Director Emeritus

    by Glenn Dix

    6 SLM Ethiopia by Jack Stiles

    8 Space Wars by Bill Shade

    11 SLM Materials

    14 Nationals that Make a Dierence by Ben Watson

    15 His Timing Is Perect by Elaine Schier

    16 They Came They Saw God Conquered by Pat Dye

    17 Exciting News! by Philip Fraiser

    20 Prayer & Praise

    21 Overseas Projects by Bill Shade

    22 In Loving Memory / Honor

    22 Destinations

    23 The Joy o Giving


  • 8/9/2019 2008 Reaper - Winter



    Finishing is an important aspectof the Chr istian life. Pauls testimonywas . . . I have finished my course

    (2 Timothy 4:7).Our daughter, Jeanne, sent a

    picture that I had not seen for manyyears. It was taken at ArrowheadBible Conference in 1948, when GilDodds was speaker. At the time, hewas holder of the world record for theindoor mile. He challenged our staffquartet to race him, with us runninga relay against him. One memberhad won the area high school trackmeet 220 the year before.

    I was given the baton manyyards ahead of Gil as I began the lastquarter mile. I took off, but Gil had afabulous kick at the end and passedme. I staggered at the finish line, soGil put his hand on my shoulder ashe commented, Glenn, you outranyour oxygen.

    As I have gotten older, I havebeen impressed with the need formaintaining spiritual oxygen in orderto finish our course well, as Paul said.We need to maintain our spiritualoxygen daily with good portions ofGods Word and time in prayer.

    One time when I served as

    Chairman of ANAM, Associationof North American Missions, anunfavorable report came to the

    board about a western membermission. I was responsible to fly outto investigate, and to return with areport. After two days, I knew whatthe report had to be, so I said to thedirector, Tell me about your personaltime in the Word and in prayer.His head dropped as he confessedthat for two years, the only timethat he was in the Word was whenhe prepared a message or wrote anarticle. So I know that he had outrunhis spiritual oxygen. Just two monthsearlier, I was in the lobby of a largeChristian college where I observed afull wall picture of this man, with the

    caption, Alumnus of the Year. Sono matter what others think of us, orhow long we have known God, weneed to read and heed the Word ofGod. Hebrews 12:1 says, . . . let uslay aside every weight, and the sinwhich doth so easily beset us, andlet us run with patience the race thatis set before us.

    Ye did run well; who did hinderyou that ye should not obey thetruth? (Galatians 5:7). So, Christian,lets maintain our spiritual oxygen.

    For the invisible things of

    him . . . are clearly seen, being

    understood by the things that aremade, even his eternal power and

    Godhead (Romans 1:20). Who

    can look up into the heavens and

    fail to be in awe? The heavens

    declare the glory of God; and the

    rmament(expanse of heaven),

    showeth his handiwork (Psalm


    For those of us who have a

    difcult time building even a

    model of the solar system, to

    conceive of an innite universe

    with trillions of stars, many times

    larger than our sun, stretchingendlessly into space, is simply

    mind boggling. Isaiah tells us,

    He calleth them all by names.

    . . . So we see, as the text says,

    His eternal power and Godhead

    not simply raw power, mind

    you but intelligent design and

    purpose. Even atheistic scientists

    are beginning to admit that much.

    But such innite power and

    intelligence must have created

    all things for a purpose, and that

    would include us, and that impliesHe may hold us accountable to

    accomplish what He created us

    for. Now thats heavy! and we

    do not like the thought of such

    accountability, so we attempt to

    eliminate it in one fell swoop

    the fool hath said in his heart,

    There is no God. Notice please,

    not in his head, but in his heart

    it is not an intellectual problem,

    but an emotional one.

    But for us who believe, the

    heavens hold a different message.

    A God who has the power andwisdom to create and control a

    universe can certainly give me

    the wisdom and strength I need

    to accomplish the task He has set

    before me. The heavens tell me

    that, and they give me comfort

    and assurance that, as Job said

    long ago, He performeth the

    thing that is appointed for me:

    and many such things are with



  • 8/9/2019 2008 Reaper - Winter



    Lord said among the people, the Lord has done great things for them.

    With the land issue resolved and some of the expensive preliminaries paid,

    the start of construction is planned for December of 2008. Conrmations of

    the Lords leading have been in abundant supply, including a dump truck

    and backhoe, shipped by container to Dukem. They will signicantly reduce

    the cost of construction.

    Money for the printing equipment has also been provided. Operating at

    two-thirds capacity, the machines can turn out a million and a half Bible

    studies a year.

    Dukem is one of the fastest growing industrial areas in Ethiopia. A pop-

    ulation growth is anticipated that will swell the present population of 60,000.

    The mayor of Dukem, and others, have strongly urged the building of a

    school and medical clinic in their city to care for the poor. Ninety-ve percent of

    the people live in poverty, according to city ofcials. All equipment needed for

    construction and furnishing will be allowed into the country duty free.

    There remains two mountain-size faith challenges that, when met, will

    provide a base for SLM Ethiopia to proclaim to the people in this country

    the wonderful Good News that Jesus Christ did not come to condemn the

    world; but that the world through Him might be saved.

    Gifts are needed to complete the 7,500 square feet multi-purpose1.

    building, housing an ofce/printing facility, guesthouse, and

    medical clinic.

    Haile and family are in need of additional monthly support for2.

    their move. God is working and we pray that soon we will see the

    reality of SLM Ethiopia.

    Please remember Haile and Tsedale and the three girls as they go to


    by Jack Stiles


    Haile and Tsedales faith is their strong desire to share the Good

    News of Jesus Christ with the people of their country of origin,

    Ethiopia. This seemed to have reached a climax of reward when

    Source of Light Ethiopia was given a certicate by the government

    to operate in the country. Little did they realize how their faith would

    be tested in the following months.

    Faith was again rewarded when the government issued a titledeed to SLM Ethiopia for 9.8 acres in Dukem for building a primary

    school and multi-purpose building.

    Faith was sorely tested a short time later when another party

    claimed title to the land and backed the claim with a lot of money anda top lawyer to represent their case.

    In June, the land dispute over the 9.8 acres purchased in the city

    of Dukem was settled by the government in favor of SLM Ethiopia.

    This was a miracle in itself. It was necessary for Haileselassie, the

    appointed director of this new work, to remain in Ethiopia for three

    months until the nal decision was rendered, a stay that placed most

    everything on hold here in the United States.

    When hearing of the decision, Hailes emotions could have been

    expressed by a paraphrase of Psalm 126:1-2. When the Lord brought

    back the land in Dukem to us, we were like those who dream. Then our

    mouth was flled with laughter, and our tongues with singing. Then the

    Haile (in the red shirt) supervising the building of a road from theDukem project to the main road

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    Space Wars suggestsvisions of inner-galactic conictbetweenextra-terrestrial beingsin futuristic space ships battlingover planetary property with exoticweapons. Actually, however, Ihave something a bit less stellarin mind but very real, and veryimmediate!

    Here at Headquarters, weare in a battle with space ormore correctly, the lack of space.Take for instance the OrderDepartment. They have three

    computers with four desks, eight

    le cabinets, and two bookcasesin a room 12 x 18 feet. Is thateven possible?

    Or go to the Alternative MediaDepartment. They occupy 180square feet (deduct the space

    for one Brailler, one ThermalBraille Copy Machine, oneGestetner Printer, and one tableto lay things on oh, yes, there

    are the oversized bookcasesthat store the Braille books, eachbook measuring one squarefoot). Three to four people nowoccupy this area.

    And then there is the MadisonDiscipleship School, which is outof space, and student enrollmentis increasing by 800 studentsper month. To put it simply, weare in a Space War and, asOrder Department

    Alternative Media Department

    by Bill Shade


    we grow in numbers, one cansometimes feel like we are living

    on an imploding planet. But weare about to launch out of thisshrinking space.

    After SLM completed itslast expansion project in 2002,we were left with a wonderfuland much-needed all-purpose

    auditorium and some modern

    restrooms. We were also leftwith a giant steel building, highenough to accommodate a full

    second oor, but without the inner

    structure to sustain one. The

    cavernous space where a secondoor could be was simply a blackhole in the universe of SLM.

    To add a second oor, we wouldhave to nd a way to removeeverything in a central 80 x 80

    area and erect structural steel

    that could support a full second

    oor area. It was an engineersnightmare, but after two years ofintense planning, we were nally

    given an economical and feasibleplan for accomplishing the goal.

    When we are nished, we willhave over 17,000 square feet ofadditional space. The Space War

    will be over, at least in our time.And what are we planning to

    do with that captured space?For starters, all administrativeofces will move upstairs, leavingenough necessary ofces fora complete Field Department,consisting of a Field Director and

    up to ve Regional Directors, plussecretaries, and a conferenceroom. Just beside them, the OrderDepartment will be enlarged totwice its present size.

    Madison Discipleship School

    Empty upstairs space

  • 8/9/2019 2008 Reaper - Winter



    The Alternative Media

    Department, that has theresponsibility of converting all ofour written materials into variousmedia, such as audio, visual, on-line, Braille, etc., etc., will havea whopping 3,000 square feet ofspace enough for a full video

    studio, three audio studios, anAV recording and copy room, acomputer instructional laboratory,and work space to assemble thenumberless CDs, albums, Mega-voice audio machines, largeprint, and Braille materials.

    Madison Discipleship School

    will add 800 square feet to itspresent operation, thus allowingit to handle the rapid growth thatit is experiencing. AdvancedStudies Department will movefrom its present ofce (aboutthe size of a large closet), to anofce complex of 1,260 squarefeet, where it can adequatelyservice its growing student bodyin the college level WWBI, WW-

    LIT, and CrossWalk courses. Ithink you get the picture.

    Now what is all this going tocost? Well, the Lord has alreadyprovided the funds for all of the

    structural steel. A professionalconstruction company will erectthat and pour the concrete

    oors. Other professional peoplewill install the State mandatedelevator and sprinkling system.After that, much of the work canand will be done by volunteers.All added together our best

    estimate is about $574,000.What do we need right now?

    We need $80,000 to pay theconstruction people to erect the

    steel and pour the concrete.

    Next will be about $75,000 forthe sprinkling system, and about$69,000 for the elevator. Afterthat, we hope to nish, withas much volunteer labor anddonated material as possible, ona budget of $350,000.

    SLM has responded for over55 years to a biblical mandate toget the Gospel, in every possible

    format, to as many people aspossible, in as many nations aspossible. We have only beenable to do that because of helpfrom people like you who believethat getting out the Gospel is the

    most important thing we can doas we come toward the closeof this age. I believe that youwill stand with us once againand give us the victory over our

    Space Wars.

    Second-foor building plans

    An entire audio course on biblical proph-

    ecy, covering the oundations o prophetic

    interpretation, and moving on through

    ulflled prophecy to uture prophecy

    rom now till eternity. Each lecture (with

    questions to stimulate learning) lasts approximately thirty

    minutes. Your aith will grow and your heart will burn as you listen tothis set o twenty lectures by the Director o SLM International, Dr. Bill

    Shade. A set includes 10 CDs, each containing two ull lectures.

    Price: $49.00

    Nothing reveals who God is and His careor us more than a study o His names

    as recorded in Scripture and no oneis more qualifed to teach this subjectthan Dr. Hap Struthers. Dr. Struthers

    has been presenting The Names oGod series, now called Intimacy With

    God, or over 20 years to audiencesall over the world, and the eect has

    been truly lie-changing.

    Now SLM is making this tremendous series, flmed beore a

    live audience, available on DVD. Over eight hours o thrillingexposition. You can own the entire set or just $49.00. Order

    your set on the order orm on page 13.


  • 8/9/2019 2008 Reaper - Winter



    CrossWalk 220 (CW-220) is a discipleship course of 13 lessons, toground the believer in the Christian life.

    CrossWalk Christian Marriage & Family(CW-CMF) has 14 lessonsand is designed to teach Biblical values for the family.

    CrossWalk Interpersonal Relationships (CW-IPR), a 15-lessoncourse, shows Biblical principles for handling everyday problems as werelate to others.

    The CrossWalk courses are

    spiral-bound (8 1/2 x 11) and

    each book is 100-123 pages in

    length. These courses, costing

    $10 each, are fantastic for inter-active small-group study.

    Born in the Mudis the most dramatic and compelling storyto come out o India in this generation. Each episode o thisfve-chapter story will leave you and the children you teach

    in suspense and sometimes in tears. Here is a story thatmakes the way o salvation crystal clear; the call tocommitment compellingly strong; and the cause omissions compassionately personal. This is a storythat no one can orget. Its power will last a lietime.

    5 days o cli-hanging episodes 20 ull-color visuals

    Evangelistically potent Spiritually challenging


    Companion coloring book


    Order/Information Request Form

    o Please send Biblical Prophecy $49.00 for 10 CDs

    o Please send Born in the Mud $15.00 for story/coloring book

    o Please send CrossWalk 220 $10.00 per course

    o Please send CrossWalk CMF $10.00 per course

    o Please send CrossWalk IPR $10.00 per courseo Please send Intimacy with God $49.00 for 4 DVDs

    o Please send Tracts _________________ $ _____________

    o Please send the Literature Information Packet o Tract Samples - $3.00

    o Please send information about WWBI o WW LIT and The Ezra Institute

    Preferred minimum order is $10. Please add 30% for Shipping & Handling.

    Name _____________________________________ Phone _____________

    Address ______________________________________________________

    City _______________________________ State ______ Zip ____________

    T-22 Complete Confdence($4.80 per package o 50 tracts)

    T-12 The Awul Reality o Hell($4.80 per package o 50 tracts)

    T-27 One Foot in Heaven($3.50 per package o 50 tracts)

    For inormation on other tracts,request the Tract Samples onthe orm below.

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    Iam writing this as I look out at thebeautiful night sky in Jamaica,dreaming about the opportunities

    that are before us. As we embark on

    this new journey, we see the traces

    of Gods handiwork. Throughout

    each step we have taken, the Lord

    has opened doors and provided.

    Because of this, we are praisingGod as we watch Him work. We

    have seen so many mission teams

    come through our program and

    while that has been rewarding,

    God has opened new doors and

    taken us down new paths. We will

    be opening a Discipleship Training

    Branch of SLM International on

    the south coast of Jamaica in Saint

    Elizabeths parish. Although we

    will continue to work with short-

    term teams, it will be from a new


    Over the last two years, God hasshown us the need. ThroughHis leading, Don and I made the

    decision to sell our home and

    come here, using those nances

    to build the Follow the Source

    Discipleship Training Center.

    Amazingly, God is providing us

    with a donation of over four acres

    of land right in the neighborhood

    where we want to be. It could not

    be more perfect.

    The task before us is a big one.We will need more nancingand many workers to join us in

    prayer and in work teams. Our

    goal is to use building teams

    from the United States to work

    alongside Jamaican builders to

    enable us to stretch our nances

    as far as possible. We also have

    an anonymous donor willing tomatch any donations given to this

    project, up to $25,000.

    It has been a year of transitionwithin the Jamaican government.The process for obtaining necessary

    documents has been long. However,

    we choose to be thankful, knowing

    that Gods plan is at work. We have

    been in touch with the lawyers and

    it seems that the documents should

    be ready soon, and we will be able

    to begin building.

    We appreciate your prayers

    and support for this ministryas it continues to go forward. The

    needs are many. We are praying

    the Lord will provide the entire

    amount of matching funds. There

    are so many other needs as weprepare to build. Pray for the rapid

    sale of our home so we can move

    to Jamaica to serve our Savior full

    time, using the SLM Bible lessons

    to lead people to Christ and train

    them to serve Him.

    by Elaine Schiffer


    Once his platform was the television

    screen. Now its a throne.

    I used to see every home as a po-tential cinema. Now I see every homeas a potential church. These wordswere spoken by Sanya Dosunmu in a devo-

    tional to a group of ten Associate Disciple-

    ship School leaders in Nigeria at a seminar

    in March, 2005. At that time, none of uslistening to him speak could have known

    that this former television producer, and

    now director of Source of Light Ministries

    Nigeria, would become a king.

    His great grandfather and most recently a cousin were both kings, so

    being king of his home village of Abequetta runs in the family.

    Sanya had no desire to be king, even though he could run for the

    position after the death of his cousin. But as he read the books of Kings

    and Chronicles and saw the inuence that kings can have, he became

    convinced that God wanted him to run for the position of king of his vil -

    lage. He did and, after a hard fought campaign against men who didnt

    want another Christian king, he won the election and will serve as king

    until he dies.

    And what does his being king have to do with distributing Source of

    Light Bible courses? Sanya, and his wife, Bosun, continue to direct the

    Source of Light ministry in Nigeria, but with a higher platform from

    which they can inuence the people of their village and surrounding

    villages, too. Twice a week, Sanya conducts a Bible study and each Sun-

    day, a church meets in the palace.

    As you think of this couple, please pray that God will make him a

    wise and just ruler and a faithful proclaimer of Gods truth. For pro-

    motion [cometh] neither from the east, nor from the west, nor from the

    south. But God[is] the judge: he putteth down one, and setteth up an-


    by Ben Watson

    Sanya and Bosun Dosunmu

  • 8/9/2019 2008 Reaper - Winter



    by Philip Fraiser

    Mike Ventrello explaining the Epsonproof-printer

    Streamline (stremlin),

    n.4. to alter in order to

    make more ecient or


    In the Print Shop, we continuallyask ourselves i our production is

    ecient and simple. For years, we

    have perceived the need to revamp

    our Prepress Department so that

    plates or the printing presses

    could be made more easily and

    economically. Currently, there

    are up to ve steps taken to make

    plates or new jobs. Repeat jobs

    are easier, but the lm fats oten

    have to be corrected because o

    text changes, or repaired because

    o old or damaged lm. This

    approach to platemaking adds upin time, tediousness, and storage


    The computer-to-plate (CTP)

    process will eventually revo-

    lutionize prepress. Film imaging,

    developing, and masking will be

    eliminated and computer les

    will contain all data needed to

    make plates on demand.

    Exciting news! The CTPequipment has been ordered

    because o a matching-unds

    grant made available by riends o

    Source o Light. This machinery

    is expensive and we are amazed

    at how quickly money came into match the grant so we could

    purchase a Screen PT-R8000

    thermal laser plate processor

    and an Epson Stylus Pro 7800

    proo-printer. Praise the Lord!

    Obviously, this is Gods direction

    or us. Actually, the proo-printer

    has already arrived and is set up


    I have planted, Apollos watered;

    but God gave the increase (1

    Corinthians 3:6). On a stage in Beijing,

    viewed by millions around the

    world through satellite TV, Olympic

    athletes competed for the gold.

    On a stage in Heaven, viewed

    by an innumerable company of the

    redeemed, another contest raged

    during those two weeks for the

    souls of men. Those on earth could

    not see the nal tally, but a heavenly

    panel of one Judge awarded the gold

    medals. Here are the results:

    Gold medal for Courage to

    all the brothers and sisters who

    distributed the 100,000 SLM

    Olympic booklets at certain risk to

    themselves and their families.

    Gold medal for Perseverance

    to all who labored for months to

    publish the Olympic booklets right

    up to the time of the Games.

    Gold medal for Sacricial

    Giving to all the saints who

    cheerfully contributed of their

    resources so the booklets could be

    published, and faithfully prayed for

    the outreach.

    We have received reports of the

    impact of the evangelistic booklet,

    Who is Jesus Christ? that SLM

    distributed in Beijing.

    Thank you so much for providing

    the beautiful Olympic booklet for

    us to distribute during the Games.

    We have already led 19 of our

    neighbors to the Lord through

    this book!

    This is the best evangelism tool we

    have ever been given. People are

    so happy to get such a beautiful

    souvenir. Only the most paranoid

    will not accept it. But the vast

    majority are overwhelmingly

    pleased to receive the gift. For

    many of these people, we maynot know the impact for many

    years because we are not trying to

    force people to make a decision,

    but a well-thought out serious

    commitment to Jesus Christ. Thank

    you, American brothers and sisters,

    for providing this wonderful gift to

    introduce hopeless people to the

    Light of Jesus Christ!

    Because you gave, thousands of

    Chinese people heard the Gospel,

    and thousands received the Gospelmessage as the Olympic booklets

    were carried back home to be read

    by family and friends. Thank you formaking this possible. We will need

    a continual supply of funds to ourChina Printing Project (CPP) in

    order to provide these churches with

    Biblically-sound, Christ-exalting

    literature. If you would like to make

    a contribution toward supplying

    Chinese house churches with our

    SLM Bible courses, please earmarkyour check CPP, and send it to:

    SLM International, 1011 Mission

    Road, Madison, Georgia 30650.

    by Pat Dye

  • 8/9/2019 2008 Reaper - Winter



    in preparation or the day the

    plate processor is here and ready

    or use.

    As we met around the conerence

    table, several months ago,

    to discuss CTP equipment,

    another diculty arose. What

    person here in the mission could

    possibly oversee the conversion

    o our current operation over

    to CTP? Answer: no one! Onto

    the scene entered Michael and

    Ruth Ann Ventrello, and their

    children, Scott and Julianna. The

    Ventrellos served as missionaries

    in Scotland and in South Korea.

    Recently, they returned to

    the United States because o

    health problems, but Gods

    hand is on them nevertheless.

    Michael has the computer

    expertise Source o Light needs

    to manage the transition rom

    lm and subtractive plates to

    CTP production. Please

    pray or the Ventrellos

    as they settle here in

    Madison and or Mike

    as he tackles the work

    beore him. Also, please

    invite the Ventrellos to

    your local ellowship

    so they may share their

    vision or the work and

    raise their support.

    We know Gods people are

    praying or SLM and the printing

    ministry. We havent made it this

    ar without intercession on our

    behal. We have another request

    or your prayer list. As we have

    studied prepress, the ole tape

    measure has been thoroughly

    exercised and . . . we need more

    room! For a while, we will have

    to generate plates using both the

    old and the new processes until

    changeover is complete. We

    determined a sixteen by twenty-our-oot addition to the Print

    Shop was necessary to hold all

    the apparatus needed to make

    plates. This was especially vital

    as demolition or renovation

    in the main building (where

    platemaking is now located)

    began in October. It was necessary

    to construct the addition beore

    remodeling the main building,

    Scott, Ruth Ann, Julianna, and Mike Ventrello


    so we can continue to print

    uninterrupted. Thank you or

    your prayerul concern.

    Perection is impossible this side

    o Heaven, but excellence is an

    achievable goal. We work hard at

    constantly upgrading our material

    because we are ambassadors or

    Christ and we proclaim His truth

    via the printed page. CTP will

    enable us to produce work moreeciently and simply, and thus

    expedite our mission to know and

    make Him known throughout the




    Transition (tran

    zishen), n.1. Movement,

    passage, or change rom

    one position, state, stage,

    subject, concept, etc., to


    Transition to computer-to-plate

    is great, but not as easy as it

    sounds just purchase some

    new equipment?

    The majority o our Bible

    lessons (in many dierent

    languages), tracts, certicates,

    and miscellaneous materials,

    are in analog ormat and must

    be prepared or digital ormat.

    (In other words, ormatted and

    updated or the computer.) Many

    o the lessons were put on lm

    in the 1970s so there is much

    updating to be done. Again, God

    provided, at just the right time, and

    brought Heather Hoh to us to help

    with the conversion o lessons to

    digital ormat updating or the

    computer. Heather has a degree

    in Illustration, so her expertise isperect or this huge project.

    The transition to CTP in some

    way aects all workers in

    Prepress and the Print Shop. Pray

    or our movement, passage, or

    change rom one position, state,

    stage, subject, concept, etc., to


    Heather Hoh

  • 8/9/2019 2008 Reaper - Winter


    Phil and Vera Winder

    arrived in August to serve at the

    Headquarters. Phil is working in

    the Department o Operations.

    Stewart Overbey also came the

    end o August to work in the

    Alternative Media Department.

    Volunteer work teams have

    been a great help in preparation

    or the construction workers to

    erect the steel and pour concrete

    necessary or construction o

    the oces upstairs.

    The Madison Discipleship

    School steadily has an increase

    in enrollment and is grateul

    that the new computer sotware

    is working very well.

    God has protected our

    missionaries, both in the United

    States and overseas, in their

    thousands o miles o travels

    to serve the Lord and represent

    Source o Light Ministries

    International. We also praise theLord or the health and strength

    He gives our workers, to keep

    up with the heavy workload

    here at the Headquarters.

    Good progress continues in

    the editing and ormatting o

    the WWBI curriculum through

    volunteers and sta at the

    Headquarters. There is a goal o

    completion by the end o 2009.


    Funds and workers are

    needed to continue the

    renovation and construction

    o second foor oces. Pray

    or saety and eciency both

    in the new construction and in

    the relocated oces during this


    Brian and Gwenda Trapp,

    and their two daughters, have

    returned to the Congo. Beore

    going back, Gwenda had to

    have thyroid surgery. Pray that

    they are rereshed and ready to

    continue to serve the Lord.

    Daniel Sappor saw the Lord

    meet many needs while on

    deputation in the United States.

    He returned to Ghana in October.

    Pray that the new equipment

    and unds will enable the

    Discipleship Training Branch

    there to accomplish more.

    Many areas o India continueto experience severe persecution

    rom the Muslims and Hindus.

    Pray that the believers will

    remain strong in their aith in

    Jesus Christ. More unds are

    needed or the support o the

    Zonal leaders o Source o

    Light India, and to complete

    the translation and printing o

    our o the Bible courses in nine

    dierent languages.



    HAITI Vehicle urgently needed or literaturedistribution $5,000


    ROMANIA Urgently needed to fnish construction oDiscipleship Training Center (DTC) $17,500


    LIBERIA FinishDiscipleshipTrainingCenter $4,000

    ChristmasProgramforstreetpeople $1,475

    GHANA OceBuildinginMuslimarea $20,000

    ReadingRoom/InternetCaf $10,000


    MinistryMotorcycle $1,635

    Generatorforoutdoormeetings $725

    Please send a separate note with your gift indicating how you want

    your gift to be used. Tank you for your prayers and participation.

  • 8/9/2019 2008 Reaper - Winter


    Welcometo ourNew Feature

    Please Read! Here, are some items needed in our

    various departments that you can supply through

    your giving.

    Please indicate the item you wish to help with and enclose this pagewith your git in the envelope in the center o The Reaper.

    Item(s) I want to help provide ______________________________ $ _____________

    Name _______________________________________________________________

    Address _____________________________________________________________

    City _________________________________ State ________ Zip ______________

    Maintenance: 1 Dewalt #051844 Framing Nailer $ 250.00Print Shop: 2 Air King #9020 Oscillating Fans $ 150.00 eaDiscipleship School: 13 CCD Hand Scanners #WCS3905 $ 175.00 ea

    Postage for mailing lessons $ 3,000.00/moPublic Relations: 1 Cannon video camera $ 589.00

    Prepress: Polyester Smart Plates $ 125.00/boxGeneral: Medallion Reinforced Tape $ 51.25/case

    Gloves $ 20.00/dozPaper products $ 45.00/case4 Heavy duty shop scoops $ 17.00 ea

    Amount enclosed

    ** You can make a gift in honor or in memory of a loved one bysimply attaching a note with your gift indicating your desire,and the name and address of the person for whom the gift is


    Gifts received in memory of:

    Stewart Andersonby Mrs. Dorothy M. Anderson

    Rev. Norman Hirschyby Mrs. Berdine B. Hirschy

    Scott McCandlessby Mr. & Mrs. Helmut Kienitz

    Mr. & Mrs. Dan McCandless

    Mrs. Alice ShaffstallMel Murawskiby Mrs. Marion Neugebauer

    Bill & Julia Scifresby Mrs. Carole Schwab

    Charles Taylorby Mrs. Mary Esther Messmore

    Frank Whiteby Mr. & Mrs. Charles J. Levis, Jr.

    Gifts received in honor of:

    Lillian Taylorby Mr. & Mrs. Edward W. Sansom


    Bill Shade

    November 2 First Baptist Church, Eatonton,


    December 5-18 ETHIOPIA


  • 8/9/2019 2008 Reaper - Winter












    Winter 2008

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    Source of Light Ministries International

    reaches the people of the world

    through Christ-centered and time-tested materials

    which result in evangelism, discipleship,

    and church planting.

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