2010 IEEE 26-th Convention of Electrical and Electronics Engineers in Israel November 17-20, 2010, Eilat

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2010 IEEE 26-th Convention ofElectrical and Electronics Engineers in IsraelNovember 17-20, 2010, Eilat

Text of 2010 IEEE 26-th Convention of Electrical and Electronics Engineers in Israel November 17-20, 2010,...

  • 2010 IEEE 26-th Convention of Electrical and Electronics Engineers in

    Israel November 17-20, 2010, Eilat

    Key Speakers

    Thursday, 08:30 to 09:10, Ophir Hall

    Shlomo Shamai. Technion. Information Theoretic Aspects of Constrained Cell-Sites Cooperation

    Thursday, 12:00 to 13:00, Topaz Hall

    El Hang Lee. INHA University. VLSI Photonics: Science and Engineering of Micro/Nano-Photonic Integration

    Thursday, 17:30, Canaan Hall

    Eilam Gross. Weizmann Institute. The LHC Collider and the Search for the God Particle

    Friday, 11:00 to 12:00, Canaan Hall

    Alon Orlitsky. University of California San Diego. Foreseeing the Unseen: Probability Estimation over Large Alphabets

  • List of Sessions/Lectures

    Thursday, 08:30 to 10:30, Sapphire Hall

    Special Session: Cellular Bioengineering, organized by Amit Gefen, Daphne Weihs

    1. Assaf Zemel, Florian Rehfeldt, Andre Brown, Amnon Buxboim, Dennis Discher, Benjamin Friedrich and Sam Safran. Theory of Rigidity Sensing of Biological Cells

    2. Lital Alfonta. Genetically Modified Bio-Fuel Cells 3. Mark Shein Idelson, Eshel Ben-Jacob and Yael Hanein. Collective Activation and

    Activity Propagation in Engineered Networks of Neuronal Clusters 4. Naama Shimon and Amit Gefen. Stochastic Modeling of Proliferation and

    Differentiation of 3T3-L1 Pre-Adipocyte Cells 5. Diana Goldstein and Daphne Weihs. Effects of Cancer Cell Metastatic Potential

    on Intracellular Mechanics 6. Yonatan Shachaf and Dror Seliktar. Engineering the Cell/Tissue Interface

    Towards Regulated Cell Migration and Tissue Remodeling 7. Oded Farago and Anne Bernheim-Groswasser. Entropy-Driven Aggregation of

    Adhesion Sites in Supported Membranes 8. Inna Reutsky and Shy Shoham. Holographic Optical Control of Neural Activity in

    a Blind Retina

    Thursday, 08:30 to 10:30, Topaz Hall

    Special Session: Switched and Hybrid Systems, organized by Michael Margaliot

    1. Lev Rapoport. Periodic Solution of the Selector-Linear Differential Inclusion and Estimation of Invariant Regions in the Wheeled Robot Control Problem

    2. Ron Teichner and Michael Margaliot. Explicit Construction of the Barabanov Norm for the Discrete-Time Planar Positive Absolute Stability Problem

    3. Christos Cassandras and Chen Yao. A Stochastic Hybrid System View at a Class of Non-Cooperative Games

    4. Tal Monovich and Michael Margaliot. Analysis of Discrete-Time Linear Switched Systems: A Variational Approach

    5. Liron Its'haki Allerhand and Uri Shaked. Robust Control of Switched Linear Systems with Dwell Time

    6. Jos C. Geromel, Patrizio Colaneri and Paolo Bolzern. Analysis and Control Synthesis of Continuous-Time Passive Switched Linear Systems

    7. Yorai Wardi and Magnus Egerstedt. Algorithm for Optimal Mode-Scheduling in Switched-Mode Hybrid Dynamical Systems

    8. Jiandong Xiong and Zhendong Sun. An Improved Combined Switching Strategy for Switched Linear Systems

  • Thursday, 08:30 to 10:30, Opal Hall

    Special Session: Coding for Memories, organized by Simon Litsyn

    1. Christoph Bunte and Amos Lapidoth. On the Storage Capacity of Rewritable Memories

    2. Noam Presman and Simon Litsyn. On Upper Bounds for the Achievable Rates of LDPC Codes

    3. Dina Goldin and David Burshtein. Approximate Iterative LP Decoding of LDPC Codes over GF(q) in Linear Complexity

    4. Artyom Sharov and Ronny Roth. Fixed-Rate Tiling Encoders for 2-D Constraints 5. Tuvi Ezion. How to Correct a Multidimensional Burst? 6. Eyal En Gad, Michael Langberg, Moshe Schwartz, Jehoshua Bruck, On a

    Construction for Constant-Weight Gray Codes for Local Rank Modulation 7. Beniamin Mounits, New Upper Bounds for Nonbinary Codes 8. Gerard Cohen and Sihem Mesnager. On Constrained Memories

    Thursday, 08:30 to 10:30, Edom Hall

    Circuits and Systems (1,2)

    Chair: Eli Gershon

    1. Salomon Beer, Ran Ginosar, Michael Priel, Rostislav (Reuven) Dobkin and Avinoam Kolodny. The Devolution of Synchronizers

    2. Arthur Shoihet and Michael Slonim. Analysis of Buck Converter Processes Using Difference Equations Method

    3. Eli Gershon, Uri Shaked and Nadav Berman. Retarded Linear Systems with Stochastic Uncertainties - Robust Polytopic H-Infinity Static Output-Feedback Control

    4. Shmuel Wimer, Israel Koren and Itamar Cohen. Adaptive Clock Gating for Shift Register Based Circuits

    5. Eli Shteimberg, Micha Kravits, Meir Arad, Amir Ellenbogen and Yosef Cohen. Internal Model Control Approach for Electrical Furnaces Based on Nonlinear Process Modeling

    6. Sammy Korotkin, Guy Zaidner, Benny Cohen, Amir Ellenbogen, Meir Arad and Yosef Cohen. A Petri Net Formal Design Methodology for Discrete-Event Control Of Industrial Automated Systems

    7. Calin Ciufudean and Constantin Filote. Advanced Discrete Event Systems Algorithms for Control Systems Diagnose

    8. Jerzy Garus. Using of Soft Computing Techniques for Control of Self-propelled Mine Counter Charge

  • Thursday, 08:30 to 09:10 Ophir Hall

    Chair: Arie Reichman

    1. Shlomo Shamai. Technion. Information Theoretic Aspects of Constrained Cell-Sites Cooperation

    Thursday, 09:10 to 10:30 Ophir Hall

    Chair: Arie Reichman

    1. Evgeniy Braginskiy, Avi Steiner and Shlomo Shamai (Shitz). Oblivious Cooperative Transmission with Multi-Layer Codes

    2. Haim Permuter, Shlomo (Shitz) Shamai and Anelia Somekh-Baruch. Cooperation in Multiple Access Channels with States

    3. Shraga Bross, Yossef Steinberg and Stephan Tinguely. The Noisy Feedback Interference Channel with Secrecy

    4. Doron Ezri and Shimi Shilo. Green Handover a New Handover Mechanism that Minimizes Radiation from Mobile Devices

    Thursday, 08:30 to 10:30, Eden Hall

    Special Session: Power Supply and Delivery in VLSI Systems, organized by Levy Schachter and Avinoam Kolodny

    1. Gregory Sizikov, Avinoam Kolodny, Eby G. Friedman, and Michael Zelikson. Frequency Dependent Efficiency Model of On-Chip DC-DC Buck Converters

    2. Shahar Kvatinsky, Eby G. Friedman, Avinoam Kolodny and Levi Schchter. Power Grid Analysis Based on a Macro Circuit Model

    3. Noel Berkovitch, Sharon Levin, Alfred Yankelevich, Alon Eyal and Shye Shapira. Integrated Zener Diode for Gate Protection and Voltage Sourcing in Integrated Power Management Platforms

    4. Michael Evzelman and Sam Ben-Yaakov. Optimal Switch Resistances in Switched Capacitor Converters

  • Thursday, 08:30 to 10:30, Canaan Hall

    Power Engineering (1) (2)

    Chair: Alon Kuperman

    1. Boris Kapilevich, Anatoly Lipsky and Boris Litvak. On-Line Testing Transformer Oil Using Microwaves

    2. Raul Rabinovici and Yotam Frechter. Solar Cell Single Measurement Maximum Power Point Tracking

    3. Raul Rabinovici and Yotam Frechter. Improving the Efficiency of Large Solar Fields

    4. Raul Rabinovici, Amir Havili, Omer Cohen and Yotam Frechter. Predicting a Solar Fields Power Output While Considering Environmental Conditions.

    5. Yuval Beck, Linor Nehab and Sigmond Singer. On Compatibility of Capacitive Based Converters to Soft Sources

    6. Leonid Shpanin, Gordon Jones, Joseph Spencer and Anthony Deakin. Further Study of Electromagnetically Convoluted Arc Plasmas in Atmospheric Pressure Air

    7. Raul Rabinovici and Rony Levin. Space Vector Modulation Algorithms with Multilevel Medium Voltage Inverters

    8. Alon Kuperman, Ilan Peled, Udi Levy, Joseph Goren, Aryeh Zafranski and Alex Savernin. Modeling and Control of a 50KW Electric Vehicle Fast Charger

    Thursday, 11:00 to 13:00, Sapphire Hall

    Special Session: Bio-Inspired Electrical Engineering, organized by Orit Shefi

    1. Adi Sheinfeld, Sharon Gilead and Avishay Eyal. Simultaneous Spatial and Spectral Characterization of Flow using Photoacoustic Doppler in a Turbid Media

    2. Nurit Ashkenasy. Peptide Building Blocks for Electronic Devices 3. Yossi Yovel. What Can we Learn from Bats Biosonar 4. Ronen Segev. Coding of Information in the Archer Fish Retina 5. Uri Nevo, Nitzan Tirosh and Dan Benjamini. Brain Imaging Over Troubled Water 6. Rachela Popovtzer. Targeted Gold Nanoparticles for Multimodal Molecular

    Imaging of Cancer

  • Thursday, 11:00 to 12:00, Topaz Hall

    Special Session: Switched and Hybrid Systems, organized by Michael Margaliot

    9. Dmitriy Laschov and Michael Margaliot. On the Optimal Control of Boolean Control Networks with a Single Input

    10. Amir Ali Ahmadi, Raphal Jungers, Pablo Parrilo and Mardavij Roozbehani. Piecewise Polynomial Lyapunov Functions With Guaranteed Accuracy

    11. Yizhar Or and Andrew Teel. The Set-Valued Bouncing Ball and its Application to Lagrangian Hybrid Systems

    12. Josef Shinar, Valery Glizer and Vladimir Turetsky. Robust Pursuit of a Hybrid Evader - The Generalized Solution

    Thursday, 12:00 to 13:00, Topaz Hall

    Special Session: Network Processors and Networks on Chip, organized by Shlomo Weiss

    1. El Hang Lee. VLSI Photonics: Science and Engineering of Micro/Nano-Photonic Integration

    Thursday, 11:00 to 13:00, Opal Hall

    Information Theory (1) (2)

    Chair: Ram Zamir

    1. Eran Hof and Shlomo Shamai. Secret and Private Rates on Degraded Wire-Tap Channels via Polar Coding

    2. Amir Salomon and Ofer Amrani. Space Time Diagonal Codes Using Lattices 3. Amir Salomon and Ofer Amrani. Improved Signal Superposition Coding for

    Cooperative Diversity 4. Joao Carlos Leandro Da Silva. Factoring Semiprimes and Possible Implications

    for RSA 5. Ronit Bustin and Shlomo Shamai (Shitz). The I-MMSE Approach on the Weak

    Gaussian Z-Interference Channel and the Type I Gaussian Bro