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May - Northern Colorado Medical & Wellness Pediatrics & Family A popular regionally focused issue featuring topics of health, prevention, and medical treatment focused on the family. Recent advancements in protocols, research, and treatment are presented in a clear, and interesting format. Articles of interest to pet owners are included. Medical specialists and healthcare providers are featured as well as new state-of-the-art procedures and equipment.

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  • MAY 2011

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    FRONT RANGE CENTER for BRAIN & SPINE SURGERY, P.C. Specialists in Neurological Surgery Since 1978



    LIVE Ll FE to the FULLEST

    We Bring Together The Best Comprehensive Care From Both Disciplines

    Same precision and respect for nervous tissue required for brain surgery in your spine surgery.

    Latest technological advances in spine care, cervical, lumbar disc replacement, and minimally invasive surgery. Often we review each other's surgical recommendations providing a second opinion for free.

    We routinely work together assisting each other in surgery.

    Together we have over 80 years of neurosurgical and orthopaedic spine experience.

    We work in all of the hospitals and surgery centers in the tri-city region.

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    Comprehensive Care for Your Child a Poudre Valley Health System offers many services for children in northern Colorado. When you need infant and pediatric care, our

    expert team is here for you. Some of our services include:

    Birthing Services You may choose to have your baby at Medical Center of the Rockies (MCR) in Loveland or Poudre Valley Hospital (PVH) in Fort Collins . Both hospitals have compassionate staff to care for you and your baby throughout your labor, delivery and postpartum time.

    Pediatric Surgery Pediatric Surgeon, Dr. Edward Gregg Ford, has more than 20 years of professional experience specializing in complex surgical care for children ages 0 to 18. Dr. Ford works closely with our team of pediatric anesthesiologists and hospitalists to ensure your child receives expert, compassionate care.

    Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) PVH has a state-of-the-art Level lllb NICU for babies with special care needs and is the only NICU of its kind between Denver and Billings, Montana. The NICU team understands the stresses that come when a baby is in the NICU and is here to care for your baby and support your family.

    Cleft lip/Palate Clinic At PVH, we understand that learning your baby has cleft lip or palate can be very difficult. Our team of experienced cleft specialists includes surgeons, pediatric orthodontists and dentists, physician specialists and therapists . For more information, call our team coordinator at 970.495 .8421 or go to pvhs.org/cleftclinic.

    All of these services mean one very important thing for you and your family: you can keep your child close to home and receive world-class care in your own community.

    Were here for you.

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    The articles in this issue of Northern Colorado Medical & Wellness are presented for your general knowledge and are not a substitute for medical advice or treatment. If you have any questions or concerns about your health, please contact your doctor or healthcare provider.

    Teach children how to make healthy choices now and circumvent the rising number of obese children. Learn more in Fighting Childhood Obesity on page 14.

    on the cover:

    10 Publishers Letter

    12 Health News

    14 Fighting Childhood Obesity

    20 Wellness for the Entire Family

    24 Early Puberty - Should We Be Concerned?28 Autism: Battling a Mystery

    30 For Rusty: One Familys Struggle with Profound Autism34 Drug Interactions in Children

    40 Healthcare Reforms Impact on Private Practices44 Medical Expansion in Northern Colorado50 Smile with Confidence

    38 In Search of Baby

    56 Massage for Pregnant Women

    58 Sleep For Your Best Performance

    60 Bringing Home Baby

    64 Homes with a Heart: Foster Carefor Animals

    MAY 2011

    Northern Colorado Medical & Wellness













    59 get Fit/give Back Calendar

    54 Are Your Toes Ready for Summer?

    66 Physician Spotlight: John guenther, M.D.Looking Forward to Every Day

    39 Preserving Fertility

  • With digital mammography, you can benefit from less radiation exposure, shorter exam times and enhanced image clarity resulting in up to 28% better breast cancer detection. Early detection, especially if you're 40 and over, is the best way to protect yourself from breast cancer. And we make your mammogram as pleasant as possible with easy check-in and a caring atmosphere. So be extra sure, and go to the place where experts work best.

    Call and schedule your mammogram today. Loveland: 970-593-6191 Greeley: 970-395-2500

    ~ ~ Banner Health

    McKee Medical Center North Colorado Medical

    I '

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    Publishers letter

    Family Wellness

    As the days become warmer most of us yearn to be outdoors enjoying our beautiful spring sunshine. Some of us choose to run, and by the looks of this issues Get Fit, Give Back Calendar, the running opportunities are numerous from May through July. Many of the listed run/walk events raise money for area non-profit organizations and I invite you to join me in walking to support one of my favorite causes at the Pink Boa 5K Run/Walk and increase awareness, celebrate life and raise funds for Hope Lives! The Lydia Dody Breast Cancer Support Center. The event is May 21st,

    8:30am, at the Front Range Village on Harmony. Register for this inspiring, fun annual event at www.blacktie-colorado.com/rsvp and then enter event code:PinkBoa11. This non-profit provides many free services for women right here in Larimer County who are diagnosed with breast cancer. Over 12,000 free services have been provided to these women since the organization began in 2001.

    For many years running was my daily discipline but now I only do occasional sprints on the tread-mill unlike our Style Editor, Angie Grenz, who is planning on training for a marathon this summer. Her discipline and commitment is commendable and I admire and support her challenging goal!

    Being active is important at all ages, and encour-aging our children to have an active, healthy life-style will result in them growing up to be healthy adults. Getting off the couch and becoming active needs to be modeled by parents and the choices are endless. Read Wellness For the Entire Family for some ideas on how kids can be engaged in activities starting at an early age. I remember how important it was to me to involve my two girls in various activities. As toddlers both Meredith and Ali went to Mountain Kids for basic movement skills. Ali attended Skate and Create at EPIC and started group ice skating lessons