2011 Home & Garden Show

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Greeley Tribune's 2011 Home & Garden Show


<ul><li><p>28th Annual</p><p>show 2011</p><p>Island Grove Region Park Greeley, CO</p><p>f e b r u a r y 2 0 1 1</p><p>2511am-6pm</p><p>friday</p><p>2610am-5pm</p><p>saturday</p><p>2710am-5pm</p><p>sunday</p><p>Brought to you by:</p><p>www.greeleytribune.com</p><p>Sponsored by:</p></li><li><p> Home &amp; Garden Show 2011</p><p>KfpfkX:Xi\#efnjkXe[Xi[n`k_XccE\nKfpfkXj%@eZcl[\j:fdgc`d\ekXipDX`ek\eXeZ\]fi)P\Xijfi),#'''D`c\j`eZcl[`e^f`cZ_Xe^\j#k`i\ifkXk`fej#ck\iZ_Xe^\j#\kZ%IfX[j`[\8jj`jkXeZ\`jXcjf`eZcl[\[</p><p>Covers normal factory scheduled service. Plan is 2 years or 25k miles, whichever comes rst. The new Toyota vehicle cannot be part of a rental or commercial eet or a livery or taxi vehicle. See dealer for details.</p><p>Save Your Maintenance Money for Your Home and Garden</p><p>970-339-3900 47TH AVE &amp; HWY 34EHRLICHTOYOTA.COM</p><p>SE HABLA ESPANOL</p><p>Come Visit Our Display in the Event Center #1043-1055</p></li><li><p>Home &amp; Garden Show 2011 </p><p>'3&amp;&amp;&amp;45*."5&amp;4t</p><p>"WFt(SFFMFZXXXTUFBNXBZnPPSUPDFJMJOHDPN</p><p>t4FF4UPSFGPS%FUBJMT</p><p>;;</p><p>;;</p><p>&amp;%)+$("#%*(),+'*&amp;&amp;%+%*(&amp;+ #)"%&amp;-)!"&amp;%)</p><p>"*")&amp;%+**(!"*##)!)</p><p>('*'!)*(.%#"%!#%"% </p><p>'&amp;+%*(&amp;+ #)"%&amp;-)!"&amp;%)</p><p>)PNF4IPX4QFDJBMT-JNJUFE5JNF0GGFST</p><p> Scott Adolf &amp; Lee DeShaiesVisit our site at</p><p> www.ScottsPillowPets.com</p><p>Phone: 303-916-8510Phone: 303-601-0797</p><p>Email: scottspillowpets@yahoo.com A GREELEY COMPANYFree Roof Inspectionswith written estimate.</p><p>Senior Discounts970-381-2058</p><p>970-381-2058HOMETOWNEROOFING.com</p><p>HOMETOWNEROOFINGFREE ESTIMATES</p><p>LICENSED BONDED INSURED</p><p>Show Special$500.00 off TotalRe-roof with this ad</p><p>Since1989</p><p>1. KEEP WHAT HE OR SHE LOVESGo through the items your child needs and wants to keep. </p><p>This includes everything from their favorite clothing to books and toys. If he or she wants to keep clothing that is not in </p><p>season, store it in the back of their closet. For books and toys, use a fun trunk for items being kept as memorabilia. </p><p>2. TEACH YOUR CHILD ABOUT LOCAL CHARITIES</p><p>Use a box for items your child wants to give away. Introduce the idea of donating to local charities or schools </p><p>in your area. There could be a charity that your child might be interested in donating to on a regular basis. </p><p>3. RECYCLE ITEMS YOURCHILD DOESNT WANT</p><p>Introduce fun ways to teach your child about recycling and repurposing. Organize boxes that your child can label to collect paper items, plastic and miscellaneous items found in their room. At the end of the week, you and your child can </p><p>see how much was collected. De-cluttering your childs room can be stressful, but if you both take on certain parts of the room, it will cut the time in half. Plan a day each month to </p><p>ensure your childs room stays in tiptop shape.</p><p>De-Clutter Your Childs Room in Three StepsDe-cluttering any room is challenging if you dont know where to start. Sorting your childs </p><p>items into the three categories below can help de-clutter a mess easily. </p><p>Courtesy: greenshootmedia.com</p></li><li><p> Home &amp; Garden Show 2011</p><p>Creating an environment wherepeople are loved, valued and at peace.</p><p>Good Samaritan Society</p><p>ur MissionO</p><p>Bonell Community708 22nd Street Greeley, CO</p><p>970-352-6082</p><p>Fox Run1720 60th Avenue Greeley, CO</p><p>970-353-7773</p><p>Water Valley Resort805 Compassion Dr. Windsor, CO</p><p>970-686-2743</p><p>TIPS:FIX-IT Fix squeaky wood or tile floors by sprinkling baby powder on the surface of the floor thats squeaking. Then place a chisel between the boards and gently hammer the top to pry up the tile or floorboard. Sprinkle more baby powder underneath the board to seal the excess space causing the squeaking.Courtesy: www.familyfeatures.com</p></li><li><p>Home &amp; Garden Show 2011 </p><p>JOHN ELWAY</p><p> UP TO $9,500 OFF MSRP! 0% FOR 72 MONTHS!</p><p>2501 35TH AVE. GREELEY, CO 80634</p><p>970-506-9777WWW.ELWAYDEALERS.COMAll prices include rebates, 0% fi nancing is in leiu of rebate monies, WAC. Payments are 10% down, 72 mo, 5.99%, WAC. Price and payments exclude tax, title and fees, D&amp;H $399.50, and any fi nance charges. Vehicle pictures are for illustration purposes only. All vehicles are subject to prior sale. Not responsible for typographical errors.</p><p>Sales Hours:Mon-Sat 8:30 am - 8:00 pmClosed SundayParts &amp; Service Department Hours:Mon-Fri 7:00 am - 6:00 pmSat 8:00 am - 4:00 pmSe Habla Espanol</p><p>JOHN ELWAYJOHN ELWAYA HANDSHAKE </p><p>STILL MEANS SOMETHING!</p><p>JOHN ELWAYAT</p><p>2011 DODGE CALIBER</p><p>2011 JEEP WRANGLER</p><p>2010 CHRYSLER 300</p><p>2011 DODGE RAM 1500</p><p>ON SELECTMODELS</p><p> SXT POWER LOCKS AUTOMATIC GREAT CAR</p><p>HUGE GASSAVINGS!</p><p>22 TO CHOOSE!</p><p>BLOW OUTSPECIAL!</p><p>$299 LEASESPECIAL!</p><p> 2 DOOR &amp; 4 DOOR WRANGLER SPORT SAHARA &amp; RUBICON</p><p> TOURING 300 ALLOYS CHROME FULLY LOADED</p><p> HEMI SLT BIGHORN 4X4 LOADED</p></li><li><p> Home &amp; Garden Show 2011</p><p>www.pioneersand.com</p><p>LandscapingMaterials</p><p>4 NORTHERN COLORADO LOCATIONSgReeLeY</p><p>130 22ND STREET353-7907</p><p>winDsoR9509 HWY 392</p><p>674-9994</p><p>BeRtHoUD2123 N. HWY 287</p><p>532-4126</p><p>Ft. CoLLins6705 S. COLLEGE</p><p>223-4505</p><p>Decorative RockBouldersFlagstoneMulchSoil MixesCompostTimbers &amp; TiesRetaining WallsPavers</p><p>NEWLOCATION!</p><p>www.pioneersand.com</p><p>RegisteRto win</p><p>$100.00gift card</p><p>AMERICANSATELLITE</p><p>800-845-0540Your Local Authorized</p><p>DIRECTV Dealer</p><p>The dog days of sum-mer can really put the heat on electricity bills and put even the best air conditioning systems to the test. The De-partment of Energy says </p><p>that almost 45 percent of a homeowners util-ity costs come from heating and cooling the house. Fortunately, there are some simple things you can do to </p><p>help lower those costs, keep your system work-ing as it should, and beat the summer heat, says Dave Quandt, Senior VP of Field Services for American </p><p>Home Shield, one of the nations leading provid-ers of home warranty services. </p><p>Here are a few tips to keep in mind when sum-mer temperatures start to sizzle:</p><p> An air conditioner set at 70F can cost twice as much to oper-ate as one set at 78F. Raise the thermostat by 2 degrees above its normal setting. Youll still be comfortable, and your pocketbook will thank you. </p><p> Set the thermostat to 80F when youll be out of the house for several hours and lower it when you return. But dont shut the air con-ditioner off; its less ef-ficient to cool the house back down than to leave it set at a higher tem-</p><p>perature. A ceiling fan uses </p><p>about as much en-ergy as a 100-watt bulb, but it can make a room feel up to eight degrees cooler. In summer, blades should turn counter-clockwise, pushing air downward to create a cool breeze. </p><p> Keeping windows closed and curtains drawn during the day can reduce cooling costs by 30 percent. </p><p> Lights, comput-ers and televisions all generate heat. Turn them off when theyre not in use.</p><p> Create shade for the unit, but keep the area around the exterior condensing unit clear of leaves, bushes and other obstructions to ensure adequate airflow.</p><p> Clean or replace the air conditioner filter monthly. Clogged, dirty filters block air flow and make a unit work much harder. A clean filter can save up to 10 percent on your bill.</p><p>Get Your House Ready for Summer</p><p>Courtesy: www.familyfeatures.com</p></li><li><p>Home &amp; Garden Show 2011 </p><p>FREE COMPLETEHEARING TEST class performance.</p><p>Custom StylesThese devices are custom molded and programmed to t your needs. Works on all levels of hearing loss. All aids are tested in the quality control lab and can be adjusted by your Miracle-Ear consultant.</p><p>Nearly InvisibleHearing AidsThese advanced open-technologyhearing aids are customized to fityour hearing needs. The sound is morenatural, and the look is nearly invisible all in a hearing aid that gives you first-class performance.</p><p>Ear offers you a variety of solutionsAre you missing the whispered, tender sounds of love?</p><p>Miracle-Ear offers you a variety of solutions</p><p>Nearly Invisible Hearing AidsThese advanced open-technology hearing aids are customized to t your hearing needs. The sound is more natural, and the look is nearly invisible - all in a hearing aid that gives you rst-class performance.</p><p>Miracle-Ear is the #1 choice and a household name for better hearingMiracle-Ear is your trusted resource for the hearing solutions, outstanding service and convenient locations youexpect from a leader. No wonder so many people look to Miracle-Ear for the hearing solutions they need.</p><p>*Hearing tests are always free. Not a medical exam. Audiometric test to determine proper amplification needs only. ** Hearing aids do not restore natural hearing. Individual experiences vary depending upon severity of hearing loss, accuracy of evaluation, proper fit and ability to adapt to amplification. A Miracle-Ear representative can determine which models and options may be right for you.</p><p>2404 W. 17th St.Greeley</p><p>970-351-6620</p><p>749 S. Lemay Ave.,Fort Collins</p><p>970-221-5225</p><p>IS NOW BROUGHT TO YOU LIVE AT THE GREELEY HOME SHOW. IF YOURE ON THE MARKET FOR A NEW KITCHEN GRATER, THIS IS YOUR CHANCE TO GET </p><p>THEM FOR HALF PRICE.</p><p>AND FOR THE CHILD IN ALL OF US, COME CHECK OUT LIVE FLIGHTS</p><p>OF 5 NEW MODELS OF OUR</p><p>RADIO CONTROLLEDHELICOPTERS!NEW</p><p>TRE</p><p>E TIPS: Late winter is the perfect time to prune fruit trees for maximum growth in the spring.Courtesy: www.familyfeatures.com</p></li><li><p> Home &amp; Garden Show 2011</p><p>The Worlds LargestSeamless Siding Company!</p><p> Steel Siding Log Siding Windows Steel Gutters Sunrooms Roofing Soffit &amp; Fascia</p><p>Better ProductsBetter InstallationBetter Warranty</p><p>(970) 346-1800abcseamless.com</p><p>Come see us at Booth # 1068/1084</p><p>SHOW SPECIAL</p><p>970-663-7433www.windowsnsiding.com</p><p>10 Windows $3,948up to 1,000 UI</p><p>10 Squares of Siding $3,948Ask for details</p><p>donate</p><p>We o er free pickup of gently used furniture or appliances from your home or o ce. Your donations are building homes and building hope.</p><p>You dont need a hammer to help build a home.</p><p>2400 29th Street, Greeley 970.352.1404www.greeleyrestore.org</p><p>Store Hours: MonSat 9AM6PM Donations Accepted: MonSat 10AM5PM</p><p>For more inFormATion Go onLine:www.facebook.com/tribunehomeandgarden </p></li><li><p>Home &amp; Garden Show 2011 9</p><p>TREE CARE UNLIMITEDONLY LOCALLY OWNED </p><p>PLANT HEALTH CARE BUSINESS</p><p>970.330.5300PLANT HEALTH CARE:</p><p> Foliar Spraying Micro-Injection Root Feeding</p><p>ORNAMENTAL TREE &amp; SHRUB PRUNING</p><p> Trees 20 and lower Shrubs</p><p> Shrubs &amp; Small Tree Removal</p><p>LA SALLE, COLORADO</p><p>Delicious Chips, Dips, &amp; Frappe Vino!</p><p>IndulgeIndulgeIndulgeIndulgeIndulgeIndulgeIndulgeYourself</p><p>with delicious food!</p><p>IndulgeYourselfFree Samples During Show </p><p>Come find us at theHome &amp; Garden Show Booth #2061.</p><p>Robert RandolphNorth Mississippi AllstarsCoco MontoyaTrampled Under FootThe NighthawksDwayne Dopsie and The Zydeco Hellraisers plus many of Colorados best blues artists!</p><p>Friday 6/10Downtown Greeley Saturday 6/11Island Grove Park</p><p>Greeley</p><p>BluesJam2011</p><p>greeleybluesjam.com facebook.com/greeleybluesjam twitter.com/greeleybluesjamtwitter.com/greeleybluesjam</p><p>"It ain't nothin' but a party"</p><p>Buy your tickets at the Home &amp; Garden Show</p><p>SIGN UP TODAY AT: </p><p>www.greeleytribune.com/dealsYOUR MISSION: GET GREAT LOCAL DEALSSENT TO YOUR INBOX!</p></li><li><p>10 Home &amp; Garden Show 2011</p><p> !"#$"%%" %'()*+,,",('()*(-./00,.,(%%"12,",('()*(-..00-34005($#%6,6!" ,,7 %#,' 8,(%,%(( 4'"!"79:%%,2(,(%-;441%1</p></li><li><p>Home &amp; Garden Show 2011 11</p><p>EnErgy* SmartrEplacEmEnt WindoWS</p><p>and</p><p>inSulatEd Siding(tax credit available)</p><p>ExcellentRating</p><p>35+ years in Business </p><p>352-7433Tom </p><p>MartinoPreferredContractor</p><p>oldest &amp; most respected in northern, colorado</p><p>970.330.5000www.HUDhomestore.com</p><p>Please visit our booth and learn aboutpurchasing a </p><p>HUD Home! Information also available on FHA, Conventional and </p><p>Fix-up loans from Colorado Mortgage Alliance.</p><p>TIPS:LAWN Letting grass grow tall &amp; then removing more then 1/3 of the leaf blade is called scalping &amp; can damage the lawn.Courtesy: www.familyfeatures.com</p></li><li><p>1 Home &amp; Garden Show 2011</p><p>Make your rst home your dream home </p><p>with natural gas </p><p>New homebuyers fall in love with natural gas because of lower energy bills and amenities like gas cooking and a gas replace. When you choose a home with natural gas, youve made the smart energy choice, because its ef cient, comfortable and clean. To learn about all the </p><p>great ways natural gas adds value to a new home visit www.atmosenergy.com/whychoosegas.</p><p>Atmos Energy, your natural gas company.</p><p>Customer Service 1-888-286-6700</p><p>www.atmosenergy.com</p><p>Regular lawn mower maintenance is vital to keeping this tool run-ning well. These tips from the experts at Tru-Green will help you take care of the workhorse of lawn care. </p><p>Sharpen the blade The sharper the </p><p>blade, the cleaner your mower will cut the grass, and the better your lawn will look. Dull blades can shred grass and cause discoloration </p><p>at the tips. If you dont have the </p><p>time or the inclination to sharpen the blade yourself, pack up your mower (or carefully re-move the mower blade) and take it to a repair </p><p>shop or home improve-ment store. For the do-it yourselfer, take a look at these general tips for safety, always con-sult the owners manual for instructions specific to your machine.</p><p>To sharpen a blade: Drain the gas and </p><p>disconnect the spark plug. </p><p> Clamp a piece of wood to the deck to keep the blade from turning.</p><p> Turn the blade bolt counter clockwise to remove it. If there is resistance, apply some penetrating oil, wait 15 minutes and try again.</p><p> Remove the blade and mark the bottom side so you can put it </p><p>back on correctly. Clamp the blade in </p><p>a bench vise and sharp-en with a 10-inch mill file. Use long strokes and work from the center outward. Use the same number of strokes on each side and keep the same angle. </p><p> Balance the blade on a balance tool its an inexpensive pyramid-</p><p>shaped tool that can be found in most hardware stores. If one side of the blade hangs lower than the other, grind off ex-cess metal from the end of the blade not from the part just sharpened.</p><p> Reinstall blade.When you reinstall </p><p>the mower blade, make sure you place it at the proper mowing height. </p><p>Lawn Mower Care</p><p>Courtesy: www.familyfeatures.com</p></li><li><p>Home &amp; Garden Show 2011 1</p><p>#:5)&amp;&amp;/%0'130.05*0/"-13*$&amp;1&amp;3*0%4$6450.&amp;3%0&amp;4/05$0/5"$5%*3&amp;$5750$)"/(&amp;4&amp;37*$&amp;5)&amp;/"--4&amp;37*$&amp;48*--"650."5*$"--:$0/5*/6&amp;"55)&amp;5)&amp;/13&amp;7"*-*/(3"5&amp;4=00*'!1:=8:9?3&gt;,A,7@0:1=00#&amp;?,=E*'!,9/4908,C1:=8:9?3&gt;,A,7@0:1 !'#"$%#%!!"#%$%#("'0,?@=0/;,.6,209,80&gt;,9/;=4.0&gt;#8:#+'%8:#( '!'8:1SJDFTJODMVEFBCJMMDSFEJUGPSNPOUITBGUFSSFCBUFQMVTBOBEEJUJPOBMXJUIPOMJOFSFCBUFBOEDPOTFOUUPFNBJMBMFSUT#JMMDSFEJUBNPVOUXJMMDIBOHFUPNPJONPOUIT&amp;MJHJCJMJUZCBTFEPO;*1DPEF6QPO%*3&amp;$574ZTUFNBDUJWBUJPODVTUPNFSXJMMSFDFJWFSFCBUFSFEFNQUJPOJOTUSVDUJPOTJODMVEFEJODVTUPNFSTmSTU%*3&amp;$57CJMMBTFQBSBUFNBJMJOHPSJOUIFTUBUFPG/FX:PSLGSPNSFUBJMFSBOENVTUDPNQMZXJUIUIFUFSNTPGUIFJOTUSVDUJPOT*OPSEFSUPSFDFJWFNPOUIMZDSFEJUTDVTUPNFSNVTUTVCNJUSFCBUFPOMJOFWBMJEFNBJMBEESFTTSFRVJSFEBOEDPOTFOUUPFNBJMBMFSUTQSJPSUPSFCBUFSFEFNQUJPO%0-,?0-0249&gt;@;?:B006&gt;,1?0==0.04;?:1=0-,?0&gt;@-84&gt;&gt;4:9:97490:=-D;3:90@=,?4:9:1;=:8:?4:9,7;=4.0A,=40&gt;-,&gt;0/:9=0/08;?4:9/,?0p'3&amp;&amp;)% 9.7@/0&gt;,..0&gt;&gt;?:.3,9907&gt;,&gt;&gt;:.4,?0/B4?3D:@=;=:2=,88492;,.6,20':-007424-701:==00D:@8@&gt;?,.?4A,?0,9/8,49?,49?30#+'%$,.6,20:=34230=,9/09=:7749@?:477$,D7&gt;:=0,?70,&gt;?:90%0.04A0=,9/,.?4A,?4:9:1..0&gt;&gt;..:@9?8@&gt;?-049F2::/&gt;?,9/492H,&gt;/0?0=8490/-D%')494?&gt;&gt;:70/4&gt;.=0?4:9?:=08,4907424-701:=,77:110=&gt;9.0=?,498,=60?&gt;;=:2=,88492;=4.4928,DA,=D</p><p>&amp;"3-:$"/$&amp;--"5*0/8*--3&amp;46-5*/"'&amp;&amp;0'.0/5)'03&amp;"$)3&amp;."*/*/(.0/5)!@&gt;?8,49?,49.:9&gt;0.@?4A08:9?3&gt;:1D:@=%');=:2=,88492;,.6,20)%&amp;0=A4.08:=00..0&gt;&gt;1008:=03,7749.7@/0?30$%%%#;=:2=,88492;,.6,20A,7@0/,?8:&amp;0.:9/,/A,9.0/=0.04A0=:110==0,.?4A,?4:9:1,9...</p></li></ul>