2012-2013 Discover the many states of .?Discover the many states of California.™ 2012-2013 Park HigHligHts

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  • Discover the many states of California. 2012-2013

    www.parks.ca.govPark HigHligHts


  • try the New CalParks appDownload the new CalParks App and get tons of California State Parks information at your fingertips.

    Our FREE App allows you to take trail guide information with

    you while you explore our parks and beaches across California. Over 200 State Park descriptions are included and there are over 100 surveyed trails. You also get the ability to search your trip by recreation activity such as beaches, boating and bird

    watching. Users can upload information on their own trips, discuss favorite park adventures and see lots of great photos. Go to the App Store, iTunes or the Android Market to download the CalParks App and start exploring.

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    Californias State Park system is the largest in the country, offering some of the worlds most varied natural wonders.

    Our free map is your tour guide to our terrific recreation areas. Enjoy the great outdoors while sleeping under the stars, hiking among ancient redwoods, biking on exhilarating trails, or learning about our shared cultural heritage at a historic site. This map was created thanks to generous partners and a portion

    of the proceeds are given directly back to our state parks.

    No matter where you are headed, there are exciting activities to choose from at each of our California State Parks. Welcome to all who have come to share the timeless splendor of our majestic outdoors.

    w e l C o m e

    Use this QR Code to find a state park

  • w H a t t o d oHikiNg California State Parks offer literally thousands of miles of hiking trails, whether you want to go for an easy stroll on a boardwalk, embark on a daylong hike or even camp overnight in the wilderness. Guided hikes are available at many parks too.

    Bird watCHiNgBring your binoculars, field guide and your wildlife list and check off dozens of bird species during your state park adventure. Some birds are permanent residents while others migrate through during certain seasons. Shorebirds are ever-present on the beach.

    BaCkPaCkiNg Some parks offer the opportunity to backpack overnight. Carry all your essentials on your back and camp at a primitive campsite along your route. Ask park staff about any necessary reservations or permits before you go.

    moUNtaiN BikiNgNo matter your experience or skill level, we have mountain bike trails that promise fun and adventure. Some are winding single-track through the mountains while others are gentle double-track trails more suitable for families.

    oHVOur State Vehicular Recreation Areas are ideal for riding your motorbike or all-terrain vehicle. Some have obstacle trial areas and professionally designed motocross tracks available. Always follow safety laws and regulations.

    geoCaCHiNgMany of Californias state parks offer this fun activity in which hidden containers, know as geocaches, are found in the park by an individual or group using a hand-held GPS for navigation.

    FisHiNg Whether you prefer fly fishing on a mountain river or stream, fishing from a boat in a lake, ocean fishing or casting from the shore, Californias state parks have something to offer. Ask about fishing licenses and other regulations at the park.

    BoatiNgMany parks offer access and amenities for boating, sailing and paddling. Check online to see which parks offer ramps, boat campsites, mooring and other facilities. Always remember to wear lifejackets.


  • i N s i d e r t i P sPets iN Parks Make sure you always clean up after your dog and keep it on a six-foot leash. Its always good to call ahead to see whether pets are allowed and if restrictions apply. All vaccinations must be current.

    HelP PreserVe oUr ParksFollow the seven Leave No Trace principles: plan ahead and prepare; travel and camp on durable surfaces; dispose of waste properly; leave what you find; minimize campfire impacts; respect wildlife; and Be Considerate of Other Visitors.

    VolUNteer ProgramsVolunteer Programs are available to benefit the state park visiting experience. Volunteers help preserve the parks by helping clean up shorelines and campsites, help maintaining trails and more. Call a park for more information.

    waterFallsThere are 24 waterfalls in 16 of Californias state parks, and they range from 10 feet to 600 feet in size. Call ahead or browse through www.parks.ca.gov to find out which parks have these sight-seeing jewels.

    get HitCHed Looking to have your dream wedding in a beautiful outdoor setting? Consider a state park! For listings of wedding locations, visit the California State Parks website and look under events/meetings.

    edUCatioNal ProgramsA variety of programs are offered year round at Californias state parks. The programs include Junior Rangers, Campfire Programs, Guided Hikes, Nature Walks, Ranger Buddies, etc. Note that different parks provide different types of programs.

    History seekersOrigins of a parks location, the people who first settled, lived, and cultivated the park are found in several state parks. Old military forts, native fishing villages and community halls are a few of the many historic elements highlighted.

    wHale watCHersStarting in December to March, visitors get the chance to see the gray whale. Gray whales are Californias official marine animals; they are incredible to view live as they migrate past coastal parks.

    Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park

    C E N T E R F O R O U T D O O R E T H I C S

    Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park


  • RecreationFind


    ParkVisitor.com is a new, comprehensive, community-based online resource that provides outdoor enthusiasts with information about parks nationwide.

    Share your love of parks with others by rating parks, adding reviews and photos. Find out what experts and fellow visitors have to say.

    California State Parks FindRecreation is a map powered by Google that lets you search for parks, recreation lands and campgrounds by address, city or zip code. Find parks near you and get maps, driving instructions and web links at

    www.Findrecreation.parks.ca.govFind a Park Near you

    For every park you rate, $1 will be donated to your state parks.*

    scan to visit ParkVisitor.com.*Up to $500 per state.

    Not all beaches are recommended for swimming or wading. Large surf, cold water, backwash, sudden drop-offs, pounding shorebreak and dangerous rip currents can turn fun activities into hazardous ones.

    Lifeguard service is limited along some portions of the coast. Check with park staff about the ocean conditions. Be aware that conditions may change quickly. When in doubtdont go out!

    rip CurrentsThese are powerful, channeled currents of water flowing away from shore. Rip currents can occur at any beach with breaking waves or where there is a stream or outflow into the surfline.

    steep BeachesBeaches with a steep face can be dangerous to those who venture too close. Stay back on the dry sand, and do not play tag with the waves. Never turn your back to the waves, and supervise children.

    in an emergency, Call 9-1-1: Try to remain calm. Keep your eyes on the person in trouble. Give a clear explanation of your location and stay on the line until you are told otherwise. Throw the victim something that floats, and yell instructions on how to escape rip currents by having the victim swim in a direction following the shoreline.

    California state Parks lifeguards perform approximately 10,000 water rescues each year.

    a q U a t i C s a F e t y w H e r e t o g o


  • Diablo. More than 50 miles of trails are within the park and connect to a larger, 200 mile-long trail system. Mount Diablo State Park L4While hiking to the mountains 3,849-foot summit, discover beautiful wildflowers, fascinating wildlife and distinctive rock formations. HistoriC ParksFort Ross State Historic Park I1This park preserves the Fort Ross Settlement, a Russian colony founded in 1812 by members of the Russian-American Company. The Rotchev House is a National Historic Landmark. 2012 is the Fort Ross Bicentennial. For event information go to www.fortross2012.org

    Indian Grinding Rock State Historic Park K7Located in the Sierra Nevada foothills, the trees of this park once provided the Native Americans of this area with an ample supply of acorns.

    California State Capitol Museum J5 This unique museum is located inside the Capitol building in Sacramento. It contains a number of pieces of fine art, including historic and modern paintings and sculptures from the mid-1850s.

    HikiNgAngel Island State Park K2Easily accessible by boat or ferry from San Francisco and Tiburon, Angel Island has the National Historic Landmark US Immigration Station. The island offers trails with spectacular views of the city skyline, Marin and Mount Tamalpai