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2012.v2 Automotive Lubricants and Fluids Guide

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Text of 2012.v2 Automotive Lubricants and Fluids Guideblusynthetic.com/sites/default/files/2012.V2...

  • 2012.v2 Automotive Lubricants and Fluids Guide

  • Engine Lubricants

    Automatic Transmission Fluids ATF

    Continuous Variable Transmission Fluids CVTF

    Manual Transmission Fluids MTF

    Gear Lubricants

    Gear Lubricants with LSD additive

    Power Steering Fluid PSF

    Lubricant & Fluid Dispensers

    BLU Bottle

    BLU-Ester technology

    BLU Website

    BLU Technical Videos











  • Engine Lubricants

    ATF Automatic Transmission FluidCC Cold ClimateCVTF Continuous Variable Transmission FluidFS Full SyntheticHD Heavy DutyLS Low SAPS

    LSD Limited Slip DifferentialMTF Manual Transmission FluidMV Multi-VehiclePSF Power Steering FluidTDL Total Driveline LubricantXL X-tended DrainXLS X-tended Drain, Low SAPS

    BLU Acronyms


    Notes: Engine Lubricants

    (1) Only use where viscosity is recommended by an automaker

    (2) Supports extended drain intervals when defined by automakers listed, consult owners manual

    (3) Excluding BMW M-Series Engines

    (4) Excluding Mercedes Benz AMG and SLR Engines

    (5) Excluding Acura/Honda HTO-06

    (6) Excluding R5 and V10 Diesel Engines

    (7) Excluding high mileage engines, use 5W-40 instead

    Consult vehicle owners manual for the correct engine lubricant specification and drain interval period.

    5W-50 BLU solution

    5W-50 is an excellent replace-ment for high mileage (outside of warranty) European engines originally requiring 5W-40. This 5W-50 delivers the same cold crank efficiency, but increased high temperature durability in older and high mileage engines.

    Recommended Usage:

    High mileage engines Reducing oil consumption Severe driving conditions:

    Heavy loads High temperatures Modified engines Towing vehicles

    5W-30 Technician Series XLS-FS (2)

    Performance Levels:

    ACEA C3-10Audi (Gas) (7) 502 00Audi (Diesel) (7) 505 01Audi (Gas) 504 00Audi (Diesel) (6) 507 00BMW (3) LL-04 (Longlife 2004)Chrysler / Dodge 229.31 / 229.51Chrysler / Dodge (Diesel) MS-11106Fiat 9.55535-S2Jeep 229.31 / 229.51Jeep (Diesel) MS-11106Mercedes (4) 229.31 / 229.51MINI LL-04 (Longlife 2004)Mitsubishi (BWC engine) 507 00Porsche (Cayenne V6 engine) C30Smart 229.31 / 229.51Volkswagen (Gas) (7) 502 00Volkswagen (Diesel) (7) 505 01Volkswagen (Gas) 504 00Volkswagen (Diesel) (6) 507 00

    5W-30 Technician Series LS-FS (NF)

    Performance Levels:

    API SM / CFACEA C3-08Audi (Gas) (7) 502 00Audi (Diesel) (7) 505 01BMW (3) LL-04 (Longlife 2004)Chrysler 229.31 / 229.51Chrysler (Diesel) MS-11106Dodge 229.31 / 229.51Dodge (Diesel) MS-11106Jeep 229.31 / 229.51Jeep (Diesel) MS-11106Mercedes (4) 229.31 / 229.51MINI LL-04 (Longlife 2004)Mitsubishi (BWC engine) 505 01Smart 229.31 / 229.51Volkswagen (Gas) (7) 502 00Volkswagen (Diesel) (7) 505 01

    5W-30 Technician Series LS-FS

    Performance Levels:

    API SL / CFACEA A3 / B4-04 / C3-04Audi (Gas) (7) 502 00Audi (Diesel) (7) 505 01BMW (3) LL-04 (Longlife 2004)Chrysler 229.31 / 229.51Dodge 229.31 / 229.51Jeep 229.31 / 229.51Mercedes (4) 229.31 / 229.51MINI LL-04 (Longlife 2004)Mitsubishi (BWC engine) 505 01Smart 229.31 / 229.51Volkswagen (Gas) (7) 502 00Volkswagen (Diesel) (7) 505 01

    5W-30 Technician Series D1-FS

    Performance Levels:

    API SNILSAC GF-5Acura (Turbo engine) HTO-06Buick Cadillac Chevrolet Chrysler MS-6395Daewoo Dodge MS-6395Ford WSS-M2C929-AFord WSS-M2C946-AGeneral Motors GMC Honda (Turbo engine) HTO-06Jeep MS-6395Lincoln See: FordMercury See: FordPontiac

    5W-20 Technician Series FS (1)

    Performance Levels:

    API SNILSAC GF-5Acura (5)

    Chevrolet GM6094AChrysler MS-6395Dodge MS-6395Ford WSS-M2C153-HFord WSS-M2C925-AFord WSS-M2C930-AFord WSS-M2C945-AGeneral Motors GM6094AHonda (5) Jaguar WSS-M2C925-AJeep MS-6395Land Rover WSS-M2C925-ALexus Lincoln See: FordMazda Mercury See: FordMitsubishi Toyota / Scion

    0W-20 Technician Series FS (1)

    Performance Levels:

    API SNILSAC GF-5Acura (5)

    Chrysler MS-6395Dodge MS-6395FordHonda (5)

    InfinitiJeep MS-6395LexusLincoln MazdaMercury Mitsubishi (MIVEC engine)NissanScionSubaruSuzukiToyota


    0W-40 Technician Series CC-FS (1)

    Pour Point: -46C / -50F

    Performance Levels:

    API SM / CFACEA A3 / B4-04Audi (Gas) 502 00Audi (Diesel) 505 00BMW (3) LL-98 (Longlife 1998)Chrysler 229.3Dodge 229.3Jeep 229.3Mercedes (4) 229.3MINI LL-98 (Longlife 1998)Porsche A40Renault RN 710Volkswagen (Gas) 502 00Volkswagen (Diesel) 505 00

    0W-30 Technician Series CC-FS (1)

    Pour Point: -51C / -59F

    Performance Levels:

    API SM / CFACEA A3 / B4Audi (Gas) 502 00Audi (Diesel) 505 00BMW (3) LL-98 (Longlife 1998)Chrysler 229.3 Dodge 229.3Jeep 229.3Mercedes (4) 229.3Renault RN 710Smart 229.3Volkswagen (Gas) 502 00Volkswagen (Diesel) 505 00Volkswagen (Gas) 502 00Volkswagen (Diesel) 505 00

    5W-40 Technician Series LS-FS

    Performance Levels:

    API SM / CFACEA A3, B4-07 / C3-10Audi (Gas) 502 00Audi (Diesel) 505 00Audi (Diesel) 505 01BMW (3) LL-04 (Longlife 2004)Chrysler / Dodge 229.31 / 229.51Chrysler / Dodge (Diesel) MS-11106Fiat 9.55535-H2Ford WSS-M2C917-AJeep 229.31 / 229.51Jeep (Diesel) MS-11106Land Rover API: SH & SJMercedes (4) 229.31 / 229.51MINI LL-04 (Longlife 2004)Mitsubishi (BWC engine) 505 01Porsche A40Smart 229.31 / 229.51Volkswagen (Gas) 502 00Volkswagen (Diesel) 505 00Volkswagen (Diesel) 505 01

    5W-50 Technician Series FS

    Performance Levels:

    API SM / CFAudi (Gas & Diesel) 500 00Audi (Gas & Diesel) 501 01Audi (Gas up to 2005) 502 00Audi (Diesel up to 2003) 505 00BMW (3) LL-98 (Longlife 1998)Chrysler 229.1Dodge 229.1Fiat 9.55535-H2Jeep 229.1Land Rover API: SJ & SHLand Rover STC 50527Mercedes (4) 229.1MINI LL-98 (Longlife 1998)Smart 229.1Volkswagen (Gas & Diesel) 500 00Volkswagen (Gas & Diesel) 501 01Volkswagen (Gas up to 2005) 502 00Volkswagen (Diesel up to 2003) 505 00

  • Automatic Transmission Fluids ATF

    Chrysler ATF +2 Chrysler ATF +3 05010124AAChrysler ATF +3 05010125AAChrysler ATF +3 05010125ACChrysler ATF +4 0VU02152Chrysler ATF +4 0VU02153ACChrysler ATF +4 05013457AAChrysler ATF +4 05013458AAChrysler ATF +4 05013527EAChrysler ATF +4 05013531EAChrysler ATF SP III ACH1ZC1X05Chrysler ATF 3403-M115 05127382AAChrysler DEXRON IIIH 04773590Chrysler DEXRON IIIH 04773591ACChrysler* DEXRON VI 68043742AAChrysler JWS-3309 AS68RC ATFChrysler* L12108 ZF 8-SpeedChrysler MB236.10 05127382AAChrysler MS-7176 ATF +

    Chrysler MS-7176D ATF +2

    Chrysler MS-7176E ATF +3

    Chrysler MS-9602 ATF +4

    Chrysler NAG1 05013457AAChrysler NAG1 05013458AAChrysler NAG1 05127382AAChrysler 45X2 05189966AAChrysler 45X2 05189977AACitreon Z 000169756Daewoo ATF-3309 93160393Daewoo* AW-1 93165147Daewoo DEXRON II 90350342Daewoo DEXRON II 90350343Daewoo DEXRON II 93740316Daewoo DEXRON II 96117269Daewoo DEXRON III 90160372Daewoo DEXRON III 90510269Daewoo DEXRON III 93740313Daewoo DEXRON III 93740314Daewoo DEXRON III 93743381Daewoo* DEXRON VI 93165414Daewoo* DEXRON VI 93744589Daewoo* DEXRON VI 93744590Daewoo JWS-3314 93742563Daewoo ZF 4HP14 93740403Daewoo ZF 4HP16 93740132Daewoo LT 71141 Daewoo JWS-3309 (T-IV) Dodge AS68RC ATF 05189966AADodge AS68RC ATF 05189966ABDodge AS68RC ATF 05189977AADodge AS68RC ATF 05189977ABDodge ATF + 4467721Dodge ATF +2 Dodge ATF +3 05010124AADodge ATF +3 05010125AADodge ATF +3 05010125ACDodge ATF +4 0VU02152Dodge ATF +4 0VU02153ACDodge ATF +4 05013457AADodge ATF +4 05013458AADodge ATF +4 05013527EADodge ATF +4 05013531EADodge ATF SP III ACH1ZC1X05Dodge ATF 3403-M115 05127382AADodge DEXRON IIIH 04773590Dodge DEXRON IIIH 04773591ACDodge* DEXRON VI 68043742AADodge JWS-3309 AS68RC ATFDodge* L12108 ZF 8-SpeedDodge MB236.10 05127382AADodge MS-7176 ATF +

    Dodge MS-7176D ATF +2

    Dodge MS-7176E ATF +3

    Dodge MS-9602 ATF +4

    Dodge NAG1 05013457AADodge NAG1 05013458AADodge NAG1 05127382AADodge 45X2 05189966AADodge 45X2 05189977AAEsso ATF D 21065

    ATF Technician Series MV-FS

    Pour Point: -51C / -59F

    Recommended Applications:

    JASO 1AAcura ATF-IIAcura* ATF DW-1 CA66844Acura* ATF DW-1 08200-9008AAcura* ATF DW-1 08200-9009AAcura* ATF DW-1 08266-99964Acura ATF-Z1 CA66689Acura ATF-Z1 08200-9001AAcura ATF-Z1 08200-9005AAcura ATF-Z1 08206-9001Acura ATFZ1 Ultra 08266-99901Acura ATFZ1 Ultra 08266-99904Acura ATFZ1 Ultra 08266-99907AC Delco ATF-Z1 22717466AC Delco* AW-1 19256040AC Delco DEXRON III 10-118AC Delco DEXRON III 10-119AC Delco DEXRON III 12378328AC Delco DEXRON III 12378329AC Delco DEXRON III 12378330AC Delco DEXRON III 12378473AC Delco DEXRON III 12378474AC Delco* DEXRON VI 10-9029AC Delco* DEXRON VI 10-9030AC Delco* DEXRON VI 10-9039AC Delco* DEXRON VI 19264717AC Delco* DEXRON VI 19264718AC Delco* DEXRON VI 19264719AC Delco* DEXRON VI 88861004AC Delco* DEXRON VI 88861037AC Delco* DEXRON VI 88861043AC Delco* DEXRON VI 88861954AC Delco LT 71141 89021903AC Delco TES-295 88900701AC Delco Type T-IV 22689186AC Delco Type T-IV 22697447AC Delco Type T-IV 88900925AC Delco* WS ATF 88863401Aisin Warner AF33Aisin Warner* AW-1 (AF40-6)Aisin Warner JWS-3309Aisin Warner JWS-3314Aisin Warner JWS-3317Aisin Warner* JWS-3324Aisin Warner NWS-6500Aisin Warner* NWS-9638Allison C-3Allison C-4Allison* DEXRON VI

    Allison TES-295AM General See: General MotorsAudi JWS-3309 G-052-025-A1Audi JWS-3309 G-052-025-A2Audi JWS-3309 G-052-025-A6Audi JWS-3309 G-055-025-A1Audi JWS-3309 G-055-025-A2Audi JWS-3309 G-055-025-A6Audi LT 71141 G-052-162-A1Audi LT 71141 G-052-162-A2Audi LT 71141 G-052-162-A6Audi* M-1375.4 G-055-005-A1Audi* M-1375.4 G-055-005-A2Audi* M-1375.4 G-055-005-A6Audi* M-1375.5 G-055-162-A1Audi* M-1375.5 G-055-162-A2Audi* M-1375.5 G-055-162-A6Audi* M-1375.6 G-060-162-A1Audi* M-1375.6 G-060-162-A2Audi* M-1375.6 G-060-162-A6Audi* M-L12108 ZF 8-SpeedAudi N402 G-052-990-A1Audi N402 G-052-990-A2Audi N402 G-052-990-A6BMW ATF 33 83 22 0 403 580BMW ATF 33 83 22 0 406 574

    BMW DEXRON II 81 22 9 400 272BMW DEXRON II 81 22 9 400 275BMW DEXRON III 83 22 9 407 858BMW DEXRON III 83 22 9 407 859BMW DEXRON III 83 22 9 407 860BMW* DEXRON VI 83 22 0 432 807BMW* DEXRON VI 83 22 0 397 114BMW ETL-8072B 83 22 0 024 359BMW ETL-8072B 83 22 0 403 249BMW ETL-8072B 83 22 0 403 675BMW ETL-7045E 83 22 0 026 922BMW ETL-7045E 83 22 0 403 248BMW ETL-7045E 83 22 0 403 674BMW JWS-3309 83 22 0 402 413BMW JWS-3309 83 22 7 542 290BMW LA 2634 83 22 9 401 719BMW LA 2634 83 22 9 407 765BMW LT 71141 83 22 9 404 328BMW LT 71141 83 22 9 407 807BMW* M-1375.4 83 22 0 142 516BMW* M-1375.4 83 22 0 144 137BMW* M-L12108 83 22 2 152 426Buick See: General MotorsCadillac See: General MotorsChevrolet* ATF AW-1 19256039Chevrolet* ATF AW-1 19256040Chevrolet ATF-Z1 22717466Chevrolet ATF-3309 93160393Chevrolet* AW-1 93165147Chevrolet DEXRON II 90350342Chevrolet DEXRON II 90350343Chevrolet DEXRON II 96117269Chevrolet DEXRON IIB Chevrolet DEXRON IIC Chevrolet DEXRON IID 1051855Chevrolet DEXRON IID 1051856Chevrolet DEXRON IID 1051857Chevrolet DEXRON IID 12345006Chevrolet DEXRON IID 93740316Chevrolet DEXRON IIE 12345881Chevrolet DEXRON III 90160372Chevrolet DEXRON III 90510269Chevrolet DEXRON III 93743381Chevrolet DEXRON IIIF

    Chevrolet DEXRON IIIG

    Chevrolet DEXRON IIIG 93740313Chevrolet DEXRON IIIG 93740314Chevrolet DEXRON IIIH 10952622Chevrolet DEXRON IIIH 10952623Chevrolet DEXRON IIIH 10952624Chevrolet DEXRON IIIH 12346143Chevrolet DEXRON IIIH 12346144Chevrolet DEXRON IIIH 12346145Chevrolet DEXRON IIIH 12378470Chevrolet* DEXRON VI 88861003Chevrolet* DEXRON VI 88861004Chevrolet* DEXRON VI 88861043Chevrolet* DEXRON VI 88861044Chevrolet* DEXRON VI 88861045Chevrolet* DEXRON VI 88861046Chevrolet* DEXRON VI 93165414Chevrolet* DEXRON VI 93744589Chevrolet* DEXRON VI 93744590Chevrolet JWS-3309 (GM 9986195)Chevrolet JWS-3314 93742563Chevrolet LT 71141 89021903Chevrolet T-IV 22689186Chevrolet T-IV 22717466Chevrolet T-IV 88900925Chevrolet TES-295 ATF 12378515Chevrolet TES-295 ATF 88900701Chevrolet* WS ATF 88863400Chevrolet* WS ATF 88863401Chevrolet ZF 4HP14 93740403Chevrolet ZF 4HP16 93740132Chrysler AS68RC ATF 05189966AAChrysler AS68RC ATF 05189966ABChrysler AS68RC ATF 05189977AAChrysler AS68RC ATF 05189977ABChrysler ATF + 4467721


  • BLUsynthetic.com

    Esso JWS-2326Esso JWS-3309Esso JWS-3314Esso JWS-3317Esso LT 71141Fiat ATF +4 0VU02152Fiat ATF +4 0VU02153ACFiat ATF +4 05013457AAFiat ATF +4 05013458AAFiat ATF +4 05013527EAFiat ATF +4 05013531EAFiat JWS-3309 (T-IV)Fiat NWS-6500 (T-IV)Ford ESP-M2C138-CJFord ESP-M2C166-HFord FNR5 / ATF M5 XT-9-QMM5Ford MERCON XT-2-DDXFord MERCON XT-2-QDXFord MERCON XT-2-QSMFord MERCON V CXT-5-DBMFord MERCON V CXT-5-DMFord MERCON V CXT-5-LM12Ford MERCON V XT-5-DMFord MERCON V XT-5-DMCFord MERCON V XT-5-QMFord MERCON V XT-5-QMCFord MERCON V XT-5-QSMFord* MERCON LV CXT-10-LV12Ford* MERCON LV CXT-11-DLVFord* MERCON LV XT-10-QLVFord* MERCON LV XT-10-QLVCFord* MERCON LV XT-11-DLVFord* MERCON SP CXT-6-DSPFord* MERCON SP CXT-6-LSP12Ford* MERCON SP XT-6-DSPFord* MERCON SP XT-6-QSPFord WSS-M2C924-A CXT-8-LAW12Ford WSS-M2C924-A JWS-3309Ford WSS-M2C924-A XT-8-QAWGeneral Motors* ATF AW-1 19256039General Motors* ATF AW-1 19256040General Motors ATF-Z1 22717466General Motors ATF-3309 93160393General Motors* AW-1 93165147General Motors DEXRON II 90350342General Motors DEXRON II 90350343General Motors DEXRON II 96117269General Motors DEXRON IIB General Motors DEXRON IIC General Motors DEXRON IID 1051855General Motors DEXRON IID 1051856General Motors DEXRON IID 1051857General Motors DEXRON IID 12345006General Motors DEXRON IID 93740316General Motors DEXRON IIE 12345881General Motors DEXRON III 90160372General Motors DEXRON III 90510269General Motors DEXRON III 93743381General Motors DEXRON IIIF

    General Motors DEXRON IIIG

    General Motors DEXRON IIIG 93740313General Motors DEXRON IIIG 93740314General Motors DEXRON IIIH 10952622General Motors DEXRON IIIH 10952623General Motors DEXRON IIIH 10952624General Motors DEXRON IIIH 12346143General Motors DEXRON IIIH 12346144General Motors DEXRON IIIH 12346145General Motors DEXRON IIIH 12378470General Motors* DEXRON VI 88861003General Motors* DEXRON VI 88861004General Motors* DEXRON VI 88861043General Motors* DEXRON VI 88861044General Motors* DEXRON VI 88861045General Motors* DEXRON VI 88861046General Motors* DEXRON VI 93165414General Motors* DEXRON VI 93744589General Motors* DEXRON VI 93744590General Motors JWS-3309 (GM 9986195)General Motors JWS-3314 93742563

    General Motors LT 71141 89021903General Motors T-IV 22689186General Motors T-IV 22717466General Motors T-IV 88900925General Motors TES-295 ATF 12378515General Motors TES-295 ATF 88900701General Motors* WS ATF 88863400General Motors* WS ATF 88863401General Motors ZF 4HP14 93740403General Motors ZF 4HP16 93740132GEO See: General MotorsGMC See: General MotorsHonda ATF-IIHonda* ATF DW-1 CA66844Honda* ATF DW-1 08200-9008Honda* ATF DW-1 08200-9009Honda* ATF DW-1 08266-99964Honda ATFZ1 CA66689Honda ATFZ1 08200-9001Honda ATFZ1 08200-9005Honda ATFZ1 08206-9001Honda ATFZ1 Ultra 08266-99901Honda ATFZ1 Ultra 08266-99904Honda ATFZ1 Ultra 08266-99907Hyundai ATF + 00212-11100 Hyundai ATF +

    Hyundai ATF +3

    Hyundai ATF +4

    Hyundai ATF D-3 04500-00150Hyundai ATF MX4 04500-00130Hyundai ATF Matic J 04500-00140Hyundai ATF RED-1K 00232-19024Hyundai ATF SP 45000-34A10Hyundai ATF SP-II 00230-18000Hyundai ATF SP-II 45000-34A20Hyundai ATF SP-II 45000-34A21Hyundai ATF SP-II 45000-34B00Hyundai ATF SP-II 45000-34B01Hyundai ATF SP-III 00230-11000Hyundai ATF SP-III 00230-11500Hyundai ATF SP-III 00232-19011Hyundai ATF SP-III 00232-19012Hyundai ATF SP-III 04500-00100Hyundai ATF SP-III 04500-00400Hyundai ATF SP-III 04500-00A00Hyundai ATF SP-III 45000-34A22Hyundai ATF SP-III 45000-34B02Hyundai* ATF SP-IV 00232-19045Hyundai* ATF SP-IV 04500-00115Hyundai* ATF SPH-IV 00232-19045Hyundai ATF T4 04500-00170Hyundai* ATF 1375.4 04500-00190Hyundai ATF 3 04500-00121Hyundai* ATF 9638 04500-00180Hyundai JWS-3309 T4 00230-12000Hyundai JWS-3309 T4 00232-19023Hyundai* L12108 ZF 8-SpeedHyundai* M-1375.4 00232-19001Hyundai* M-1375.4 00232-19015Hyundai* M-1375.4 040000C90SGHyundai* NWS-9638 T5 00232-19000Hyundai* NWS-9638 T5 00232-19016Idemitsu K17Idemitsu ATF HPInfiniti ATF N402Infiniti ATF 3309 GSP KE908-99232Infiniti Matic-D KE908-99931RInfiniti Matic-D KLE22-00002Infiniti Matic-D KLE22-00004Infiniti Matic-D 999MP-AA100PInfiniti Matic-J KE908-99932RInfiniti Matic-J KLE23-00002Infiniti Matic-J 999MP-MTJ00PInfiniti Matic-K 999MP-MTK00PInfiniti* Matic-S KLE24-00002Infiniti* Matic-S 999MP-MTS00PIsuzu Genuine ATFIsuzu See: General MotorsJaguar DEXRON III JLM 21703Jaguar D21065 JLM 20937

    Jaguar Idemitsu K17 C2S 12120Jaguar JWS-3309 C2S 51628Jaguar LA 3403-M115 JLM 20292Jaguar LT 71141 JLM 20237Jaguar LT 71141 JLM 20238Jaguar MERCON V JLM 21044Jaguar* M-1375.4 C2C 8432Jaguar* M-1375.4 Fluid 8342Jaguar* L12108 ZF 8-SpeedJeep AS68RC ATF 05189966AAJeep AS68RC ATF 05189966ABJeep AS68RC ATF 05189977AAJeep AS68RC ATF 05189977ABJeep ATF + 4467721Jeep ATF +2 Jeep ATF +3 05010124AAJeep ATF +3 05010125AAJeep ATF +3 05010125ACJeep ATF +4 0VU02152Jeep ATF +4 0VU02153ACJeep ATF +4 05013457AAJeep ATF +4 05013458AAJeep ATF +4 05013527EAJeep ATF +4 05013531EAJeep ATF SP III ACH1ZC1X05Jeep ATF 3403-M115 05127382AAJeep DEXRON IIIH 04773590Jeep DEXRON IIIH 04773591ACJeep* DEXRON VI 68043742AAJeep JWS-3309 AS68RC ATFJeep* L12108 ZF 8-SpeedJeep MB236.10 05127382AAJeep MS-7176 ATF +

    Jeep MS-7176D ATF +2

    Jeep MS-7176E ATF +3

    Jeep MS-9602 ATF +4

    Jeep NAG1 05013457AAJeep NAG1 05013458AAJeep NAG1 05127382AAJeep 45X2 05189966AAJeep 45X2 05189977AAKia ATF 3 04500-00121Kia ATF +

    Kia ATF +3

    Kia ATF +4

    Kia ATF D-3 04500-00150Kia ATF MX4 04500-00130Kia ATF Matic J 04500-00140Kia ATF RED-1 UM040-CH020Kia ATF RED-1K 00232-19024Kia ATF SP 45000-34A10Kia ATF SP-II 00230-18000Kia ATF SP-II 45000-34A20Kia ATF SP-II 45000-34A21Kia ATF SP-II 45000-34B00Kia ATF SP-II 45000-34B01Kia ATF SP III UM010-CH002Kia ATF SP-III 00230-11000Kia ATF SP-III 00230-11500Kia ATF SP-III 00232-19011Kia ATF SP-III 00232-19012Kia ATF SP-III 04500-00A00Kia ATF SP-III 04500-00100Kia ATF SP-III 04500-00400Kia ATF SP-III 45000-34A22Kia ATF SP-III 45000-34B02Kia* ATF SP IV UM090-CH042Kia* ATF SP-IV 00232-19045Kia* ATF SP-IV 04500-00115Kia* ATF SPH-IV 00232-19045Kia ATF T4 04500-00170Kia* ATF 1375.4 04500-00190Kia* ATF 9638 04500-00180Kia JWS-3309 T4 00230-12000Kia JWS-3309 T4 00232-19023Kia JWS-3314 04500-00130Kia* M-1375.4 UM080-CH032Kia* M-1375.4 00232-19001Kia* M-1375.4 00232-19015Kia* M-1375.4 040000C90SG


  • Kia* NWS-9638 T5 00232-19000Kia* NWS-9638 T5 00232-19016Land Rover ATF 402 STC 50531Land Rover* AW-1 ATFLand Rover DEXRON II STC 8261Land Rover ETL-7045E STC 4862Land Rover JWS-3309 LR002748Land Rover LT 71141 STC 4863Land Rover* L12108 ZF 8-SpeedLand Rover* M-1375.4 LRN1375Land Rover* M-1375.4 TYK500050Land Rover N402 LRN402Land Rover N402 STC 53015Land Rover N402 STC 53016Land Rover N402 STC 53046Lexus Auto Fluid D-II 08886-00305Lexus Auto Fluid D-II 08886-00306Lexus Auto Fluid D-II 08886-81003Lexus Auto Fluid D-II 08886-81005Lexus Auto Fluid D-II 08886-81006Lexus Auto Fluid D-III 08886-01605Lexus Auto Fluid D-III 08886-80506Lexus Auto Fluid D-III 08886-81111Lexus* Auto Fluid WS 00289-ATFWSLexus* Auto Fluid WS 08886-02303Lexus* Auto Fluid WS 08886-02305Lexus* Auto Fluid WS 08886-80803Lexus* Auto Fluid WS 08886-80807Lexus* Auto Fluid WS 08886-81210Lexus ATF Type T-4 08886-01703Lexus ATF Type T-4 08886-01705Lexus ATF Type T-IV 00279-000T4Lexus ATF Type T-IV 00279-DRMT4Lexus ATF Type T-IV 08886-81013Lexus ATF Type T-IV 08886-81015Lexus ATF Type T-IV 08886-81016Lexus ATF Type T-IV 08886-82025Lexus DEXRON III 00718-ATF00Lexus T-IV (JWS-3309)Lexus T-IV (NWS-6500)Lexus* WS (JWS-3324)Lexus* WS (NWS-9638)Lincoln ESP-M2C138-CJLincoln ESP-M2C166-HLincoln FNR5 / ATF M5 XT-9-QMM5Lincoln MERCON XT-2-DDXLincoln MERCON XT-2-QDXLincoln MERCON XT-2-QSMLincoln MERCON V CXT-5-DBMLincoln MERCON V CXT-5-DMLincoln MERCON V CXT-5-LM12Lincoln MERCON V XT-5-DMLincoln MERCON V XT-5-DMCLincoln MERCON V XT-5-QMLincoln MERCON V XT-5-QMCLincoln MERCON V XT-5-QSMLincoln* MERCON LV CXT-10-LV12Lincoln* MERCON LV CXT-11-DLVLincoln* MERCON LV XT-10-QLVLincoln* MERCON LV XT-10-QLVCLincoln* MERCON LV XT-11-DLVLincoln* MERCON SP CXT-6-DSPLincoln* MERCON SP CXT-6-LSP12Lincoln* MERCON SP XT-6-DSPLincoln* MERCON SP XT-6-QSPLincoln WSS-M2C924-A CXT-8-LAW12Lincoln WSS-M2C924-A JWS-3309Lincoln WSS-M2C924-A XT-8-QAWMAN 339FMAN 339 Type V-1MAN 339 Type V-2MAN 339 Type Z-1MAN 339 Type Z-2Maserati* M-1375.4 231603Mazda ATF D-II DEXRON II Mazda ATF D-III DEXRON III

    Mazda ATF F-1 K020-W0-046MMazda ATF JWS-3309Mazda ATF JWS-3317 K020-W0-049EMazda ATF MIII Type M3 K004-W0-046E

    Mazda ATF MIII Type M3 K020-W0-046SMazda ATF MIII Type M3 0000-77-110E-01Mazda ATF MV Type M5 K020-W0-047EMazda ATF MV Type M5 MES MN 117CMazda ATF MV Type M5 0000-77-112E-01Mazda ATF T-IV 0000-77-114E-01Mazda* MERCON LV 0000-77-122E-01Mazda MERCON V 0000-77-120E-05Mazda MERCON V ATF Mercedes LA 3403-M115 001 989 21 03 10Mercedes LT 71141 001 989 22 03 10Mercedes NAG1 (722.6) 001 989 21 03 10Mercedes 236.1Mercedes 236.2 001 989 26 03 10Mercedes 236.3Mercedes 236.5Mercedes 236.6 001 989 92 03 10Mercedes 236.7Mercedes 236.9Mercedes 236.10 (722.7) 001 989 21 03 10Mercedes 236.11 001 989 22 03 10Mercedes 236.81 (722.3/4/5)Mercedes 236.91 (TES-295)Mercury ESP-M2C138-CJMercury ESP-M2C166-HMercury FNR5 / ATF M5 XT-9-QMM5Mercury MERCON XT-2-DDXMercury MERCON XT-2-QDXMercury MERCON XT-2-QSMMercury MERCON V CXT-5-DBMMercury MERCON V CXT-5-DMMercury MERCON V CXT-5-LM12Mercury MERCON V XT-5-DMMercury MERCON V XT-5-DMCMercury MERCON V XT-5-QMMercury MERCON V XT-5-QMCMercury MERCON V XT-5-QSMMercury* MERCON LV CXT-10-LV12Mercury* MERCON LV CXT-11-DLVMercury* MERCON LV XT-10-QLVMercury* MERCON LV XT-10-QLVCMercury* MERCON LV XT-11-DLVMercury* MERCON SP CXT-6-DSPMercury* MERCON SP CXT-6-LSP12Mercury* MERCON SP XT-6-DSPMercury* MERCON SP XT-6-QSPMercury WSS-M2C924-A CXT-8-LAW12Mercury WSS-M2C924-A JWS-3309Mercury WSS-M2C924-A XT-8-QAWMINI JWS-3309 83 22 0 402 413MINI JWS-3309 83 22 7 542 290Mitsubishi* ATF SP-IVMitsubishi* ATF SPH-IVMitsubishi ATF +4 05013457AAMitsubishi Dia ATF SP-II Mitsubishi Dia ATF SP-II M Mitsubishi Dia ATF SP-III ACH1ZC1X05Mitsubishi* DQ ATF AW 4029401Mitsubishi DQ ATF-II 4021401Mitsubishi DQ ATF-II 4021610Mitsubishi* DQ ATF J2 MZ320030Mitsubishi DQ ATF J2 MZ313771Mitsubishi DQ ATF J2 4040610Mitsubishi DQ ATF SK 4028401Mitsubishi DQ ATF SP-II MZ320035Mitsubishi DQ ATF SP-III 4024227Mitsubishi DQ ATF SP-III 4024401Mitsubishi DQ ATF SP-III 4024610Mitsubishi JWS-3309 M2312096S1Mitsubishi MS-9602 05013457AAMobil ATF D 21065Mobil LT 71141Mobil JWS-3309Nissan ATF N402Nissan ATF 3309 GSP KE908-99232Nissan Matic-D KE908-99931Nissan Matic-D KLE22-00002Nissan Matic-D KLE22-00004Nissan Matic-D 999MP-AA100PNissan Matic-J KE908-99932

    Nissan Matic-J KLE23-00002Nissan Matic-J 999MP-MTJ00PNissan Matic-K 999MP-MTK00PNissan* Matic-S KLE24-00002Nissan* Matic-S 999MP-MTS00PPeugeot Z 000169756Pontiac See: General MotorsPorsche JWS-3309 000 043 205 28Porsche LA 3403-M115 000 043 204 41Porsche LA 3403-M115 000 043 304 00Porsche LT 71141 000 043 205 09Porsche LT 71141 999 917 547 00Renault DEXRON IID 77 01 402 037Renault DEXRON III Renault LT 71141 77 11 172 226SAAB ATF 3309 (JWS-3309)SAAB Saab 3309 (JWS-3309)SAAB See: General MotorsSaturn See: General MotorsScion* Auto Fluid WS 00289-ATFWSScion* Auto Fluid WS 08886-02303Scion* Auto Fluid WS 08886-02305Scion* Auto Fluid WS 08886-80803Scion* Auto Fluid WS 08886-80807Scion* Auto Fluid WS 08886-81210Scion ATF Type T-4 08886-01703Scion ATF Type T-4 08886-01705Scion ATF Type T-IV 00279-000T4Scion ATF Type T-IV 00279-DRMT4Scion ATF Type T-IV 08886-81013Scion ATF Type T-IV 08886-81015Scion ATF Type T-IV 08886-81016Scion ATF Type T-IV 08886-82025Scion T-IV (JWS-3309)Scion T-IV (NWS-6500)Scion* WS (JWS-3324)Scion* WS (NWS-9638)Shell LA 2634Shell LA 3403-M115Shell* L12108Shell* M-1375.4Shell* M-1375.5Shell* M-1375.6Shell* M-L12108Smart 235.71 (D21065)Subaru ATF SOA868V9240Subaru ATF-HP SOA868V9241Subaru ATF-3309 (JWS-3309)Subaru ATF-3317 (JWS-3317)Subaru Idemitsu ATF HP Subaru Idemitsu ATF K17 Subaru T-IV (JWS-3309) Subaru T-IV (NWS-6500) Subaru 4AT K0415-YA100Subaru 4AT K0425-YA100Subaru 5AT K0415-Y0700Subaru 5AT K0425-YA700Suzuki ATF-3309Suzuki ATF-3314Suzuki ATF-3317Suzuki AT-OilSuzuki AT-Oil 2326Suzuki AT-Oil 2384KSuzuki AT-Oil 3317Suzuki AT Oil Special (5D06)Suzuki* Matic-SSuzuki LT 71141Suzuki T-IV (JWS-3309)Suzuki T-IV (NWS-6500)Texaco ETL-7045ETexaco ETL-8072BTexaco N402Toyota Auto Fluid D-II 08886-00305Toyota Auto Fluid D-II 08886-00306Toyota Auto Fluid D-II 08886-81003Toyota Auto Fluid D-II 08886-81005Toyota Auto Fluid D-II 08886-81006Toyota Auto Fluid D-III 08886-01605Toyota Auto Fluid D-III 08886-80506Toyota Auto Fluid D-III 08886-81111

    Automatic Transmission Fluids ATF (Continued)


  • Notes: Automatic Transmission Fluids ATF

    * Suitable for use but viscosity requirement not met

    Excluding Dual Clutch Transmissions (DCT) and Continuous Variable Transmissions (CVT)

    Notes: Continuous Variable Transmission Fluids CVTF

    Excluding Automatic, Manual, and Dual Clutch Transmissions

    Excluding Hybrid CVT Applications

    BLUsynthetic.com Continuous Variable Transmission Fluids CVTF


    Toyota ATF Type T 08886-00405Toyota ATF Type T-4 08886-01703Toyota ATF Type T-4 08886-01705Toyota ATF Type T-IV 00279-000T4Toyota ATF Type T-IV 00279-DRMT4Toyota ATF Type T-IV 08886-81013Toyota ATF Type T-IV 08886-81015Toyota ATF Type T-IV 08886-81016Toyota ATF Type T-IV 08886-82025Toyota* Auto Fluid WS 00289-ATFWSToyota* Auto Fluid WS 08886-02303Toyota* Auto Fluid WS 08886-02305Toyota* Auto Fluid WS 08886-80803Toyota* Auto Fluid WS 08886-80807Toyota* Auto Fluid WS 08886-81210Toyota DEXRON III 00718-ATF00Toyota T-IV (JWS-3309)Toyota T-IV (NWS-6500)Toyota* WS (JWS-3324)Toyota* WS (NWS-9638)Voith H55.6335.32 (G607)Voith H55.6336.33 (G1363)Volkswagen ATF +4 (MS-9602)Volkswagen ATF +4 GUS-000-162Volkswagen JWS-3309 G-052-025-A1Volkswagen JWS-3309 G-052-025-A2Volkswagen JWS-3309 G-052-025-A6Volkswagen JWS-3309 G-055-025-A1Volkswagen JWS-3309 G-055-025-A2Volkswagen JWS-3309 G-055-025-A6Volkswagen LT 71141 G-052-162-A1Volkswagen LT 71141 G-052-162-A2Volkswagen LT 71141 G-052-162-A6Volkswagen* M-1375.4 G-055-005-A1Volkswagen* M-1375.4 G-055-005-A2Volkswagen* M-1375.4 G-055-005-A6Volkswagen* M-1375.5 G-055-162-A1Volkswagen* M-1375.5 G-055-162-A2Volkswagen* M-1375.5 G-055-162-A6Volkswagen* M-1375.6 G-060-162-A1Volkswagen* M-1375.6 G-060-162-A2Volkswagen* M-1375.6 G-060-162-A6Volkswagen* M-L12108 ZF 8-SpeedVolkswagen N402 G-052-990-A1Volkswagen N402 G-052-990-A2Volkswagen N402 G-052-990-A6Volvo 97340Volvo Allison C4 97341Volvo Dexron III 1161521Volvo Dexron III 1161621Volvo JWS-3309 1161540Volvo JWS-3309 1161640ZF LA 2634 S671 090 148ZF LA 2634 S671 090 149ZF Lifeguardfluid 5 S671 090 170ZF Lifeguardfluid 5 S671 090 171ZF Lifeguardfluid 5 S671 090 172ZF* Lifeguardfluid 6 S671 090 252ZF* Lifeguardfluid 6 S671 090 253ZF* Lifeguardfluid 6 S671 090 255ZF* Lifeguardfluid 6P S671 090 280ZF* Lifeguardfluid 6P S671 090 281ZF* Lifeguardfluid 8 AA00 601 304ZF* Lifeguardfluid 8 S671 090 310ZF* Lifeguardfluid 8 S671 090 311ZF* Lifeguardfluid 8 S671 090 312ZF TE-ML 03DZF TE-ML 04DZF TE-ML 05LZF TE-ML 09ZF TE-ML 11BZF TE-ML 14AZF TE-ML 14BZF TE-ML 16LZF TE-ML 17C

    Mitsubishi NS-2 Mitsubishi SP-III Nissan NS-1 KE909-99942Nissan NS-1 KLE50-00002Nissan NS-1 KLE50-00004Nissan NS-2 KLE52-00002Nissan NS-2 KLE52-00004Nissan NS-2 KLE52-0000403Nissan NS-2 999MP-NS00PSaturn DEX-CVT 22688912Subaru Lineartronic CVTF Subaru NS-2 Suzuki CVT Green 1 99000-22B15-046Suzuki JWS 3320 Suzuki NS-2 Suzuki TC Toyota TC 08886-02105Toyota TC 08886-81150Volkswagen TL52180 G-052-180-A1Volkswagen TL52180 G-052-180-A2Volkswagen TL52180 G-052-180-A6ZF EZL 799 S671 090 270ZF EZL 799 S671 090 271

    CVT Technician Series MV-FS

    (Available Q1, 2013)

    Pour Point: -45C / -49F

    Recommended Applications:

    AC Delco DEX-CVT 15234609AC Delco DEX-CVT 15250985Aisin JWS 3320 Audi TL51180 G-052-180-A1Audi TL52180 G-052-180-A2Audi TL52180 G-052-180-A6BMW EZL 799 83 22 0 136 376BMW EZL 799 A 83 22 0 429 154Chevrolet DEX-CVT Chevrolet GM 9986229 Chrysler CVTF +4 05191184AAChrysler CVTF +4 05191185AAChrysler CVTF +4 68004937EAChrysler CVTF +4 68004942EAChrysler NS-2 Dodge CVTF +4 05191184AADodge CVTF +4 05191185AADodge CVTF +4 68004937EADodge CVTF +4 68004942EADodge NS-2 Esso EZL 799 Esso EZL 799 A Esso FN 1975 Esso JWS 3320 Ford CVT-23 Ford CVT-30 Ford MERCON C Ford WSS-M2C933-A XT-7-QCFTFord WSS-M2C933-A CXT-7-LCF12Ford WSS-M2C928-A 1256871Ford WSS-M2C928-A 1699670General Motors DEX-CVT General Motors GM 9986229 Honda 08200-9006Honda 08798-9018Honda CVTF 08260-99901Honda CVTF 08260-99905Honda CVTF 08269-P9901ZT3Honda CVTF 08269-P9908ZT3Honda CVTF 08269-P9908ZB3Honda HMMF 08260-99904Honda HMMF 08260-99907Honda HMMF 08269-99904Honda HMMF 08269-99907Hyundai CVTF Hyundai EZL 799 04500-00160Hyundai SP-III Infiniti NS-1 KE909-99942Infiniti NS-1 KLE50-00002Infiniti NS-1 KLE50-00004Infiniti NS-2 KLE52-00002Infiniti NS-2 KLE52-00004Infiniti NS-2 KLE52-0000403Infiniti NS-2 999MP-NS00PJeep CVTF +4 05191184AAJeep CVTF +4 05191185AAJeep CVTF +4 68004937EAJeep CVTF +4 68004942EAJeep NS-2 Kia Genuine CVTF Kia EZL 799 04500-00160Kia SP-III Lexus TC 08886-02105Lexus TC 08886-81150Mazda JWS 3320 Mazda JWS 3320 K020-W0-051WMercedes Benz 236.20 001 989 46 03Mercedes Benz 722.8 001 989 46 03Mercury See: FordMINI EZL 799 A 83 22 0 429 154Mitsubishi CVTF-J1 MZ313973Mitsubishi CVTF-J1 S0001401Mitsubishi CVTF-J1 S0001610

  • Manual Transmission Fluids MTF

    One of the key requirements of a manual transmission

    fluid (MTF) is to maintain proper synchronizer com-

    patibility and shift quality for the life of the fluid. BLU

    Synthetic 75W-80 & 75W-90 Technician Series MTF-FS

    has proven to perform exceptionally well within a variety

    of synchronizer systems, including brass synchronizers,

    when compared with engine oils or API GL-4 fluids. Here

    MTF Synchronizer Performance

    BLU Synthetic 75W-80 & 75W-90 Technician Series MTF-

    FS passes synchronizer testing with excellent friction

    and low wear rates on synchronizer parts, where some

    engine oils and API GL-4 fluids caused significant wear

    of synchronizer parts. This wear causes poor shift quality,

    which can ultimately result in transmission failure.

    BLU Synthetic 75W-80 & 75W-90 Technician Series

    MTF-FS is formulated using synthetic base stocks that

    provide consistent viscosity in both hot and cold

    temperatures as well as the correct coefficient of

    friction necessary for smooth synchronizer engagement,

    helping eliminate harsh shifts.


    75W-80 Technician Series MTF-FS

    Application: Manual Transmissions Transaxles

    Pour Point: -45C / -49F

    Recommended Applications:

    API GL-4Acura MTF 4928271Acura MTF 8429094Acura MTF 08798-9016Acura MTF II 08260-99957Acura MTF II Ultra 08460-99954Acura MTF II Ultra 08460-99957Acura MTF III 08798-9031Acura MTF III 08798-9031AAcura MTF III 08798-9031CAcura MTF III Ultra 08261-99964Acura MTF III Ultra 08261-99967Acura MTF III 08267-99908-HEAcura MTF 06 08261-MTF-L00Acura MTF 7289 Acura MTF 94 AC Delco 88861800AC Delco 88861801AM General See: General MotorsBMW MTF-LT-1 2300 1434 404BMW MTF-LT-1 83 22 9 408 942BMW MTF-LT-2 2300 7533 513BMW MTF-LT-2 83 22 0 309 031BMW MTF-LT-2 83 22 0 396 705BMW MTF-LT-3 2300 7533 818BMW MTF-LT-3 83 22 0 396 706BMW MTF-LT-3 83 22 0 409 878BMW MTF-LT-3 83 22 7 533 818BMW MTF-94 83 22 0 140 516BMW MTF-94 83 22 0 403 247BMW MTF-94 83 22 0 403 673Castrol BOT 207Castrol BOT 338Castrol MTF 97309Chevrolet 1052931Chevrolet GM 9986201 Chevrolet GM 9986252 88861800Chevrolet GM 9986252 88861801Chrysler MS-9224 04549636Chrysler MS-9224 04761526Chrysler MS-9224 04874464Chrysler MS-9224 04874464ASCitroen API: GL-4Daewoo API: GL-4Dodge MS-9224 04549636Dodge MS-9224 04761526Dodge MS-9224 04874464Dodge MS-9224 04874464ASEsso Gear Oil 304Fiat API: GL-4Ford WSD-M2C200-C2Ford WSS-M2C200-C2Ford WSD-M2C200-C3Ford WSS-M2C200-C3General Motors 1052931General Motors GM 9986201 General Motors GM 9986252 88861800General Motors GM 9986252 88861801

    Geo See: General MotorsHonda MTF 4928271Honda MTF 8429094Honda MTF 08798-9016Honda MTF II 08260-99957Honda MTF II Ultra 08460-99954Honda MTF II Ultra 08460-99957Honda MTF III 08798-9031Honda MTF III 08798-9031AHonda MTF III 08798-9031CHonda MTF III Ultra 08261-99964Honda MTF III Ultra 08261-99967Honda MTF III 08267-99908-HEHonda MTF 06 08261-MTF-L00Honda MTF 7289 Honda MTF 94 Hyundai MTF2 00232-19041Hyundai MTF2 00232-19042Hyundai MTF2 00232-19043Hyundai MTF2 00232-19044Infiniti BOT 338 32001 1BY0AInfiniti ETL 8997BInfiniti MT-XZ (Pass) KE916-99932RInfiniti MT-XZ (Pass) KE916-99942RInfiniti MT-XZ (Pass) KE916-99962RInfiniti XT4447 M+Jaguar BOT 338 XR8 50056Jaguar BOT 338 XR8 50057Jeep MS-9224 04549636Jeep MS-9224 04761526Jeep MS-9224 04874464Jeep MS-9224 04874464ASKia MTF2 00232-19041Kia MTF2 00232-19042Kia MTF2 00232-19043Kia MTF2 00232-19044Land Rover MTF BOT 338 TYK500030Land Rover MTF-94 STC 9157Land Rover MTF-94 STC 9158Land Rover MTF-94 VYK000020Land Rover MTF-97309 LR006247Land Rover WSS-M2C200-C3 LR006247Lexus LV 75W MT 08885-81001Lexus LV 75W MT 08885-81040Lincoln WSD-M2C200-C2Lincoln WSS-M2C200-C2Lincoln WSD-M2C200-C3Lincoln WSS-M2C200-C3Mazda WSD-M2C200-C2Mazda WSS-M2C200-C2Mazda WSD-M2C200-C3Mazda WSS-M2C200-C3Mercedes 235.10 001 989 26 03 10Mercury WSD-M2C200-C2Mercury WSS-M2C200-C2Mercury WSD-M2C200-C3Mercury WSS-M2C200-C3MINI MTF-LT-2 2300 7533 513MINI MTF-LT-2 83 22 0 309 031MINI MTF-LT-2 83 22 0 396 705MINI MTF-LT-3 2300 7533 818MINI MTF-LT-3 83 22 0 396 706MINI MTF-LT-3 83 22 0 409 878MINI MTF-LT-3 83 22 7 533 818MINI MTF-94 83 22 0 140 516MINI MTF-94 83 22 0 403 247MINI MTF-94 83 22 0 403 673

    Mitsubishi New Multi Gear 3005401Mitsubishi New Multi Gear MZ313501Mitsubishi MZ311127Mitsubishi MX312644Nissan BOT 338 32001 1BY0ANissan ETL 8997BNissan MT-XZ (Pass) KE916-99932RNissan MT-XZ (Pass) KE916-99942RNissan MT-XZ (Pass) KE916-99962RNissan XT4447 M+ Peugeot API: GL-4Pontiac See: General MotorsPorsche BOT 338 000 043 300 38Renault API: GL-4Saturn See: General MotorsScion LV 75W MT 08885-81001Scion LV 75W MT 08885-81040Smart 235.10 001 989 26 03 10Subaru Extra K0321-F0090Suzuki API: GL-4Texaco ETL 8997BTexaco MTF-94Toyota LV 75W MT 08885-81001Toyota LV 75W MT 08885-81040Volkswagen TL52171 G-052-171-A2Volkswagen TL52178 G-052-178-A2Volkswagen TL52512 G-052-512-A2Volkswagen TL52726 G-052-726-A2Volkswagen TL52798 G-052-798-A2Volkswagen TL52911 G-052-911-A2Volkswagen TL55726 G-055-726-A2Volkswagen TL60726 G-060-726-A2Volkswagen TL70726 G-070-726-A2Volvo MTF 97309 1161 745Volvo MTF 97309-10 1161 745Volvo Volvo 97309 1161 745Volvo WSD-M2C200-C2 Volvo WSS-M2C200-C2 Volvo WSD-M2C200-C3 1161 745Volvo WSS-M2C200-C3 1161 745Volvo 97308 1161 645Volvo 97309 1161 745ZF TE-ML-11

  • BLUsynthetic.com

    Notes: Manual Transmission Fluids MTF

    Excluding manual transmissions and transaxles requiring an API: GL-5 fluid

    Excluding heavy-duty or commercial applications

    BLU Technical Videos

    For more information please see our technical video at www.BLUsynthetic.com


    75W-90 Technician Series MTF-FS

    Application: Manual Transmissions Transaxles

    Pour Point: -42C / -44F

    Recommended Applications:

    API GL-4AC Delco 10-4005AC Delco 10-4006AC Delco 10953477AC Delco 21018899AC Delco 30567840AC Delco BOT 0063 88862472AC Delco BOT 0063 88862473AC Delco BOT 0402 88862472AC Delco BOT 0402 88862473AC Delco 89021806AC Delco 89021807AC Delco 89021808AM General See: General MotorsAudi TL50150 (G50) G-050-000-05Audi TL50150 (G50) G-050-000-10Audi TL50150 (G50) G-050-000-20Audi TL05100 (G51) G-051-100-A1Audi TL52171 G-052-171-A2Audi TL52911 G-052-911-A2BMW 81 22 9 407 052BMW 81 22 9 407 053BMW 81 22 9 407 178Buick See: General MotorsCadillac See: General MotorsCastrol BOT 0063 Castrol BOT 0402 Castrol BOT 130 M Castrol BOT 328 Castrol BOT 402 Castrol MTF 0063 Castrol MTF 1067 PlusChevrolet BOT 0063 88862472Chevrolet BOT 0063 88862473Chevrolet BOT 0402 88862472Chevrolet BOT 0402 88862473Chevrolet GM 9985648 10953465Chevrolet GM 9985648 12345349Chevrolet GM 9985648 12345577Chevrolet GM 9986105 21018899Chevrolet GM 9986105 12799117Chevrolet 89021806Chevrolet 89021807Chevrolet 12346190Chevrolet 12346191Chevrolet 10953477Chrysler 04637579Chrysler MS-9070 04874459Chrysler MS-9070 04874459EAChrysler MS-9224 04549636Chrysler MS-9224 04761526Chrysler MS-9224 04874464Chrysler MS-9224 04874464ASChrysler MS-9684 04897622AADaewoo API: GL-4Dodge 04637579Dodge MS-9070 04874459Dodge MS-9070 04874459EADodge MS-9224 04549636Dodge MS-9224 04761526Dodge MS-9224 04874464Dodge MS-9224 04874464ASDodge MS-9684 04897622AAFord ESD-M2C175-A Ford ESD-M2C186-A Ford SQM-2C9008-A Ford WSD-M2C200-B Ford WSD-M2C200-C XT-M5-QSFord WSS-M2C203-A1 MES 115-AFord WSS-M2C203-A1 XT-4-QGLFord WSS-M2C203-A1 XT-75W90-QGLGeneral Motors BOT 0063 88862472

    General Motors BOT 0063 88862473General Motors BOT 0402 88862472General Motors BOT 0402 88862473General Motors GM 9985648 10953465General Motors GM 9985648 12345349General Motors GM 9985648 12345577General Motors GM 9986105 21018899General Motors GM 9986105 12799117General Motors 89021806General Motors 89021807General Motors 12346190General Motors 12346191General Motors 10953477Geo See: General MotorsHyundai 08950-00010Hyundai 08950-00010-AHyundai 08950-00020Hyundai 08950-00020-AHyundai 08950-00020-BHyundai HD Gear Oil XLS 08950-00029-AHyundai HD Gear Oil XLS 08950-00029-BHyundai MTF 04300-00110Hyundai MTF 04300-00140Hyundai MTF 04300-00440Hyundai MTF 04300-00460Hyundai MTF 04300-5L1A0Hyundai MTF 04300-5L6A0Infiniti MT-XZ (Pass) KE916-99932RInfiniti MT-XZ (Pass) KE916-99942RInfiniti MT-XZ (Pass) KE916-99962RInfiniti MT-XZ (TL/JR) KE916-99935RInfiniti MT-XZ (Sport) KE916-99931RInfiniti MT-XZ (Sport) KE916-99951RInfiniti MTF HQ Multi 999MP-MTF00PIsuzu See: General MotorsJaguar BOT 130 M C2S 19889Jaguar WSD-M2C200-C C2S 19889Jeep 04637579Jeep MS-9070 04874459Jeep MS-9070 04874459EAJeep MS-9224 04549636Jeep MS-9224 04761526Jeep MS-9224 04874464Jeep MS-9224 04874464ASJeep MS-9684 04897622AAKia 08950-00010Kia 08950-00010-AKia 08950-00020Kia 08950-00020-AKia 08950-00020-BKia HD Gear Oil XLS 08950-00029-AKia HD Gear Oil XLS 08950-00029-BKia MTF 04300-00110Kia MTF 04300-00140Kia MTF 04300-00440Kia MTF 04300-00460Kia MTF 04300-5L1A0Kia MTF 04300-5L6A0Land Rover MTF BOT 130 M LR006519Land Rover WSD-M2C200-C LR006519Lexus LV 75W MT 08885-81001Lexus LV 75W MT 08885-81040Lexus MT Gear Oil 08885-81023Lexus MT Gear Oil 08885-81026Lincoln ESD-M2C175-A Lincoln ESD-M2C186-A Lincoln SQM-2C9008-A Lincoln WSD-M2C200-B Lincoln WSD-M2C200-C XT-M5-QSLincoln WSS-M2C203-A1 MES 115-ALincoln WSS-M2C203-A1 XT-4-QGLLincoln WSS-M2C203-A1 XT-75W90-QGLMazda WSD-M2C200-BMazda WSD-M2C200-C XT-M5-QSMazda WSS-M2C203-A1 MES 115-AMazda WSS-M2C203-A1 XT-4-QGLMazda WSS-M2C203-A1 XT-75W90-QGLMazda K020-W0-041RMercedes 235.10 001 989 26 03 10Mercury ESD-M2C175-A

    Mercury ESD-M2C186-A Mercury SQM-2C9008-A Mercury WSD-M2C200-B Mercury WSD-M2C200-C XT-M5-QSMercury WSS-M2C203-A1 MES 115-AMercury WSS-M2C203-A1 XT-4-QGLMercury WSS-M2C203-A1 XT-75W90-QGLMitsubishi BOT 328 Mitsubishi Multi Gear 3790401Mitsubishi Super Multi Gear 3717610Mitsubishi Super Multi Gear 3717401Mitsubishi Super Multi Gear MZ313376Mitsubishi MS-9224 04874464Mitsubishi MZ320010Nissan MT-XZ (Pass) KE916-99932RNissan MT-XZ (Pass) KE916-99942RNissan MT-XZ (Pass) KE916-99962RNissan MT-XZ (TL/JR) KE916-99935RNissan MT-XZ (Sport) KE916-99931RNissan MT-XZ (Sport) KE916-99951RNissan MTF HQ Multi 999MP-MTF00PPontiac See: General MotorsSAAB BOT 0063 12799117SAAB BOT 0063 21018899SAAB GM 9986177 12799117SAAB GM 9986177 21018899SAAB MTF 0063 30567840SAAB MTF 0063 400108247SAAB MTF 0063 400132213SAAB MTF 0063 8748733SAAB MTF 0063 9120541SAAB MTF 0063 93 165 290SAAB MTF 0063 93 165 291SAAB 19 40 768 9120541SAAB 19 40 182 93 165 290SAAB 19 40 183 93 165 291Saturn See: General MotorsScion LV 75W MT 08885-81001Scion LV 75W MT 08885-81040Smart 235.72 (451 & 454)Suzuki See: General MotorsToyota LV 75W MT 08885-81001Toyota LV 75W MT 08885-81040Toyota MT Gear Oil 08885-81023Toyota MT Gear Oil 08885-81026Volkswagen TL50150 (G50) G-050-000-05Volkswagen TL50150 (G50) G-050-000-10Volkswagen TL50150 (G50) G-050-000-20Volkswagen TL05100 (G51) G-051-100-A1Volkswagen TL52171 G-052-171-A2Volkswagen TL52176 G-052-176-A2Volkswagen TL52178 G-052-178-A2Volkswagen TL52512 G-052-512-A2Volkswagen TL52726 G-052-726-A2Volkswagen TL52911 G-052-911-A2Volkswagen TL55726 G-055-726-A2Volkswagen TL60726 G-060-726-A2Volkswagen TL70726 G-070-726-A2Volvo BOT 130Volvo BOT 130 MVolvo WSD-M2C200-C 1161 723Volvo WSD-M2C200-C 1161 724Volvo 1161 423

  • Gear Lubricants with BLU-Ester technology


    75W-90 Technician Series TDL-FS

    Application:* Axles Differentials Manual Transmissions (Synchronized) Manual Transmissions (Non-Synchronized)

    *Excluding API: GL-4 Applications

    Pour Point: -57C / -70F

    Recommended Applications:

    API GL-5API MT-1Military MIL-L-2105DMilitary MIL-PRF-2105ESAE J2360Acura HGO CA66928Acura HGO-III 08270-99903Acura HGO-III 08291-99914Acura HGO-III 08294-P9901-HEAC Delco 10-4016AC Delco 88900144AC Delco 88900145AC Delco 88900146AC Delco 88901970AC Delco 88900149AC Delco 88900150AC Delco 88900151AC Delco 88901969AC Delco 10-4016 88900401AC Delco 88900938AC Delco 88900939AC Delco 88900940AC Delco 89021669AC Delco 89021670AC Delco GM 9985290 89021671AC Delco GM 9985290 89021672AC Delco 89021675AC Delco 89021676AC Delco GM 9986115 89021677AC Delco GM 9986115 89021678AC Delco 89021797AC Delco 89021798AC Delco 89021991AC Delco 93429136AM General See: General MotorsArvin Meritor 0-76-DArvin Meritor 0-76-EArvin Meritor 0-76-JArvin Meritor 0-76-QArvin Meritor 0-76-PArvin Meritor 0-76-NAudi TL52145-X G-052-145-A1Audi TL52145-X G-052-145-A2Audi TL52145-Y G-052-145-A2Audi TL52145-Y G-052-145-S2BMW OSP 83 22 9 401 720BMW OSP 83 22 9 407 768BMW OSP 83 22 9 407 808BMW OSP 83 22 9 407 809BMW OSP 33 11 7 695 240BMW SAF-XOBuick See: General MotorsBurmah SAF-AG4Cadillac See: General MotorsCastrol SAF-AG4Castrol SAF-PDCastrol SAF-XACastrol SAF-XOChevrolet GM 9985036 Chevrolet GM 9985044 Chevrolet GM 9985055 Chevrolet GM 9985069 Chevrolet GM 9985082 Chevrolet GM 9985154 Chevrolet GM 9985182 12345977Chevrolet GM 9985182 10953482Chevrolet GM 9985275 Chevrolet GM 9985290 1052271

    Chevrolet GM 9985290 1052272Chevrolet GM 9985290 10950849Chevrolet GM 9985290 89021669Chevrolet GM 9985290 89021670Chevrolet GM 9985290 89021671Chevrolet GM 9985290 89021672Chevrolet GM 9985398 Chevrolet GM 9985658 Chevrolet 89021675Chevrolet 10953512Chevrolet GM 9986115 89021677Chevrolet GM 9986115 89021678Chevrolet GM 9986115 12378261Chevrolet GM 9986115 10953455Chevrolet 12345836Chrysler MB 235.0 05136033AAChrysler MS-5644 Chrysler MS-8985 68044567AAChrysler MS-9020 04874468Chrysler MS-9020 68003054ABChrysler MS-9763 05010320AAChrysler MS-9763 68003056AAChrysler 05102232AAChrysler 05103529EAChrysler 05103530EADAF API: GL-5DAF MIL-PRF-2105EDodge MB 235.0 05136033AADodge (Sprinter) MB 235.0 05136033AADodge (Sprinter) MB 235.0 001 989 28 03 10Dodge MS-5644 Dodge MS-8985 68044567AADodge MS-9020 04874468Dodge MS-9020 68003054ABDodge MS-9763 05010320AADodge MS-9763 68003056AADodge 05102232AADodge 05103529EADodge 05103530EAEaton MIL-PRF-2105EEaton Europe Ford ESW-M2C108-A Ford ESW-M2C119-C Ford NO52145VX00 Ford WSL-M2C191-A F1TZ-19580-AFord WSP-M2C197-A XY-80W90-QLFord WSP-M2C197-A XY-80W90-KLFord WSP-M2C201-A XY-75W90-TQLFord XY-75W90-GLSFord XY-75W90-QGTFord XY-75W90-DGTFord XY-75W90-5QGTFord XY-75W90-KFE1Ford XY-75W90-KFEHPFord XY-75W90-QFEFord XY-75W90-QFEHPGeneral Motors GM 9985036 General Motors GM 9985044 General Motors GM 9985055 General Motors GM 9985069 General Motors GM 9985082 General Motors GM 9985154 General Motors GM 9985182 12345977General Motors GM 9985182 10953482General Motors GM 9985275 General Motors GM 9985290 1052271General Motors GM 9985290 1052272General Motors GM 9985290 10950849General Motors GM 9985290 89021669General Motors GM 9985290 89021670General Motors GM 9985290 89021671General Motors GM 9985290 89021672General Motors GM 9985398 General Motors GM 9985658 General Motors 89021675General Motors 10953512General Motors GM 9986115 89021677General Motors GM 9986115 89021678General Motors GM 9986115 12378261General Motors GM 9986115 10953455

    General Motors 12345836Geo See: General MotorsGMC GM 9985036 GMC GM 9985044 GMC GM 9985055 GMC GM 9985069 GMC GM 9985082 GMC GM 9985154 GMC GM 9985182 12345977GMC GM 9985182 10953482GMC GM 9985275 GMC GM 9985290 1052271GMC GM 9985290 1052272GMC GM 9985290 10950849GMC GM 9985290 89021669GMC GM 9985290 89021670GMC GM 9985290 89021671GMC GM 9985290 89021672GMC GM 9985398 GMC GM 9985658 GMC 89021675GMC 10953512GMC GM 9986115 89021677GMC GM 9986115 89021678GMC GM 9986115 12378261GMC GM 9986115 10953455GMC 12345836Honda HGO CA66928Honda HGO-III 08270-99903Honda HGO-III 08291-99914Honda HGO-III 08294-P9901-HEHyundai Castrol SAF-XO Hyundai Shell Spirax ASX Hyundai Shell Spirax AX Hyundai Shell Spirax X Hyundai 00232-19037Hyundai 00232-19038Hyundai Gear Oil Multi 02200-00110Hyundai Gear Oil Multi 02200-00B10Infiniti KE907-99932Infiniti KLD33-80902Infiniti 999MP-DF200PIsuzu See: General MotorsJaguar Shell Spirax Super JLM 20255Jaguar Castrol SAF-XO CD2 3653Jeep MB 235.0 05136033AAJeep MS-5644 Jeep MS-8985 68044567AAJeep MS-9020 04874468Jeep MS-9020 68003054ABJeep MS-9763 05010320AAJeep MS-9763 68003056AAJeep 05102232AAJeep 05103529EAJeep 05103530EAKia Castrol SAF-XO Kia Shell Spirax ASX Kia Shell Spirax AX Kia Shell Spirax X Kia 00232-19037Kia 00232-19038Kia Gear Oil Multi 02200-00110Kia Gear Oil Multi 02200-00B10Land Rover Castrol EPX LR003156Land Rover Multi-Gear LRN32978Land Rover Texaco S5 LRN7590Land Rover Texaco S5 LRN7590DLand Rover Castrol SAF-XO LRN7591Land Rover Castrol SAF-XO TYK500010Lexus Gear Oil Super FF 08885-02106Lexus Diff Gear Oil 08885-81013Lexus Diff Gear Oil 08885-81016Lexus Diff Gear Oil LS 08885-81004Lexus Diff Gear Oil LT 08885-02506Lexus Diff Gear Oil LT 08885-81060Lexus Hypoid Gear Oil 08885-80306Lexus Hypoid Gear Oil 08885-80606Lexus Hypoid Gear Oil 08885-80932Lexus Hypoid Gear Oil 08885-80613Lexus Hypoid Gear Oil 08885-80616

  • BLUsynthetic.com


    Notes: Gear Lubricants

    Gear lubricants contain no Limited Slip Differential (LSD) additive, add if necessary, or see BLU Synthetic Gear Lubricants with LSD additive.

    Do not use in manual transmission or transaxles requiring API: GL-4 lubricant.

    BLU Technical Videos

    For more information please see our technical video at www.BLUsynthetic.com

    Lexus Hypoid Gear Oil 08885-81002Lexus Hypoid Gear Oil 08885-80931Lexus Gear Oil SX 08885-00503Lincoln ESW-M2C108-A Lincoln ESW-M2C119-C Lincoln NO52145VX00 Lincoln WSL-M2C191-A F1TZ-19580-ALincoln WSP-M2C197-A XY-80W90-QLLincoln WSP-M2C197-A XY-80W90-KLLincoln WSP-M2C201-A XY-75W90-TQLLincoln XY-75W90-GLSLincoln XY-75W90-QGTLincoln XY-75W90-DGTLincoln XY-75W90-5QGTLincoln XY-75W90-KFE1Lincoln XY-75W90-KFEHPLincoln XY-75W90-QFELincoln XY-75W90-QFEHPMack GO-JMAN M 3343 Type SMAN 341 Type E-3Mazda K020-W0-042CMazda 0000-77-5W90-QTMazda 0000-77-80W9-QTMercedes Benz 235.0 001 989 28 03 10Mercedes Benz 235.6Mercedes Benz 235.8 001 989 27 03 10Mercedes Benz 235.20 001 989 58 03 10Mercury ESW-M2C108-A Mercury ESW-M2C119-C Mercury NO52145VX00 Mercury WSL-M2C191-A F1TZ-19580-AMercury WSP-M2C197-A XY-80W90-QLMercury WSP-M2C197-A XY-80W90-KLMercury WSP-M2C201-A XY-75W90-TQLMercury XY-75W90-GLSMercury XY-75W90-QGT

    Mercury XY-75W90-DGTMercury XY-75W90-5QGTMercury XY-75W90-KFE1Mercury XY-75W90-KFEHPMercury XY-75W90-QFEMercury XY-75W90-QFEHPMitsubishi Diamond Gear A991ZC2X01Mitsubishi DQ Hypoid 3792401Mitsubishi DQ Hypoid 3792227Mitsubishi DQ Hypoid 3794401Mitsubishi DQ Hypoid 3794227Mitsubishi DQ Super Hypoid 3760401Mitsubishi DQ Super Hypoid 3760227Mitsubishi DQ Super Hypoid 3762401Mitsubishi DQ Super Hypoid 3762227Mitsubishi MS-9763 05100320AAInfiniti KE907-99932Infiniti KLD33-80902Infiniti 999MP-DF200PPontiac See: General MotorsPorsche SAF-AG4 000 043 205 30Saab See: General MotorsSaturn See: General MotorsScania STO 1:0Subaru Extra-S K0322-AA093Subaru Extra-S SOA635001Suzuki Super Gear Oil 99000-22910Suzuki Super Gear Oil 99000-22930Suzuki See: General MotorsToyota Gear Oil Super FF 08885-02106Toyota Diff Gear Oil 08885-81013Toyota Diff Gear Oil 08885-81016Toyota Diff Gear Oil LS 08885-81004Toyota Diff Gear Oil LT 08885-02506Toyota Diff Gear Oil LT 08885-81060Toyota Hypoid Gear Oil 08885-80306Toyota Hypoid Gear Oil 08885-80606

    Toyota Hypoid Gear Oil 08885-80932Toyota Hypoid Gear Oil 08885-80613Toyota Hypoid Gear Oil 08885-80616Toyota Hypoid Gear Oil 08885-81002Toyota Hypoid Gear Oil 08885-80931Toyota Gear Oil SX 08885-00503Volkswagen TL52145-X G-052-145-A1Volkswagen TL52145-X G-052-145-A2Volkswagen TL52145-Y G-052-145-A2Volkswagen TL52145-Y G-052-145-S2Volvo 97310 Volvo 97314(1273.14) 1161 620Volvo 1161 648Volvo 31259 380ZF TE-ML 02B 0681 000 411ZF TE-ML 02B 0681 000 412ZF TE-ML 05A 0681 000 411ZF TE-ML 05A 0681 000 412ZF TE-ML 05B ZF TE-ML 07A 0681 000 411ZF TE-ML 07A 0681 000 412ZF TE-ML 12B ZF TE-ML 12E 0681 000 411ZF TE-ML 12E 0681 000 412ZF TE-ML 16B 0681 000 411ZF TE-ML 16B 0681 000 412ZF TE-ML 16F ZF TE-ML 17B 0681 000 411ZF TE-ML 17B 0681 000 412ZF TE-ML 19B 0681 000 411ZF TE-ML 19B 0681 000 412ZF TE-ML 19C ZF TE-ML 21A 0681 000 411ZF TE-ML 21A 0681 000 412ZF TE-ML 21B

    75W-140 Technician Series HD-FS

    Application: Axles Differentials Manual Transmission

    Pour Point: -46C / -50F

    Recommended Applications:

    API GL-5API MT-1Military MIL-L-2105CMilitary MIL-L-2105DMilitary MIL-PRF-2105ESAE J2360AC Delco 89021524AC Delco 89021591AC Delco 89021799AM General GM 9985064 AM General GM 9985991 12346140AM General 89021524AM General 89021809Arvin Meritor 0-76-A Arvin Meritor 0-76-BArvin Meritor 0-76-LArvin Meritor 0-76-QArvin Meritor 0-76-MArvin Meritor 0-76-NCadillac GM 9985064 Cadillac GM 9985991 12346140Cadillac 89021524Cadillac 89021809Chevrolet GM 9985064 Chevrolet GM 9985991 12346140Chevrolet 89021524Chevrolet 89021809Chrysler MB 235.6 04874469Chrysler MS-5644

    Chrysler MS-8985 04874469Chrysler MS-8985 68003055ABChrysler 05103526EAChrysler 82200945Dodge MB 235.6 04874469Dodge MS-5644 Dodge MS-8985 04874469Dodge MS-8985 68003055ABDodge 05103526EADodge 82200945Ford ESW-M2C108-A Ford WSP-M2C192-A XY-75W140-QLGeneral Motors GM 9985064 General Motors GM 9985991 12346140General Motors 89021524General Motors 89021809GMC GM 9985064 GMC GM 9985991 12346140GMC 89021524GMC 89021809Hyundai Gear Oil Power 02200-00420Infiniti KE907-99931Infiniti 999MP-DF100PJaguar WSL-M2C192-A JLM 20771Jeep MB 235.6 04874469Jeep MS-5644 Jeep MS-8985 04874469Jeep MS-8985 68003055ABJeep 05103526EAJeep 82200945Kia Gear Oil Power 02200-00420Land Rover WSL-M2C192-A Lexus Diff Gear Oil 00289-75140Lexus MG Gear Oil 08885-09203Lincoln ESW-M2C108-A Lincoln WSP-M2C192-A XY-75W140-QLMack GO-JMazda 0000-77-W140-Q

    Mercury ESW-M2C108-A Mercury WSP-M2C192-A XY-75W140-QLMitsubishi MS-8985 04874469Nissan KE907-99931Nissan 999MP-DF100PPontiac GM 9985064 Pontiac GM 9985991 12346140Pontiac 89021524Pontiac 89021809Scania HP OilScania STO 1:0Suzuki See: General MotorsToyota Diff Gear Oil 00289-75140Toyota MG Gear Oil 08885-09203ZF TE-ML 05A ZF TE-ML 07A ZF TE-ML 12D ZF TE-ML 16D ZF TE-ML 21A

  • Gear Lubricants with BLU-Ester technology (with LSD additive)

    Notes: Gear Lubricants with LSD Additive

    Designed for clutch type Limited Slip Differentials. However, there may be instances when axle chatter occurs. If so, it is acceptable to add additional limited slip additive if necessary.

    Do not use in manual transmission or transaxle applications.

    BLU Technical Videos

    For more information please see our technical video at www.BLUsynthetic.com


    Nissan Diff Hypoid LSD KLD31-80904Pontiac GM 9986115 12378261Pontiac GM 9986115 10953455Pontiac GM 9986207 12378557Pontiac GM 9986207 88901362Pontiac GM 9986226 89021677Pontiac GM 9986226 89021678Pontiac 89021675Saab See: General MotorsSaturn See: General MotorsSubaru Extra LSD K0321-AA093Subaru Extra LSD K0324-AA093Subaru LSD Oil 90 LS K0305-Y0900Subaru Gear Oil LSD K0904-AA080Subaru Gear Oil LSD K0305-Y0900Suzuki Sport FFX8009 336100-0000Suzuki Sport FFX8009 336100-2800Toyota Hypoid Gear Oil 08885-00303Toyota Hypoid Gear Oil 08885-00305Toyota LSD Gear Oil 08885-81003Toyota LSD Gear Oil 08885-81004Toyota LSD Gear Oil 08885-81006Toyota LSD Gear Oil 08885-81633Toyota LSD Gear Oil 08885-81933Toyota LSD Gear Oil 08885-81050Toyota Diff Gear Oil LX 08885-02606Toyota Diff Gear Oil LX 08885-81070Volkswagen TL55145 G-055-145-A2Volvo 97311 (1273.11) 1161 619ZF TE-ML 16E ZF TE-ML 21C

    General Motors GM 9986226 89021677General Motors GM 9986226 89021678General Motors 89021675GMC GM 9986115 12378261GMC GM 9986115 10953455GMC GM 9986207 12378557GMC GM 9986207 88901362GMC GM 9986226 89021677GMC GM 9986226 89021678GMC 89021675Hyundai INFILREX 33 Hyundai LSD Oil GL-5 02100-00110Hyundai Spirax X Infiniti Diff Hypoid LSD KLD31-80902Infiniti Diff Hypoid LSD KLD31-80904Isuzu See: General Motors Jeep MS-8985 68044567AAJeep MS-8987 04874466Jeep MS-9020 04874468Jeep MS-9020 68003054ABJeep MS-9763 05010320AAJeep MS-9763 68003056AAKia INFILREX 33 Kia LSD Oil GL-5 02100-00110Kia Spirax X Lexus Hypoid Gear Oil 08885-00303Lexus Hypoid Gear Oil 08885-00305Lexus LSD Gear Oil 08885-81003Lexus LSD Gear Oil 08885-81004Lexus LSD Gear Oil 08885-81006Lexus LSD Gear Oil 08885-81633Lexus LSD Gear Oil 08885-81933Lexus LSD Gear Oil 08885-81050Lexus Diff Gear Oil LX 08885-02606Lexus Diff Gear Oil LX 08885-81070Lincoln DANA Model 50 XY-90-GLLincoln DANA Model 50 F1TZ-19580-ALincoln DANA Model 60 XY-90-GLLincoln DANA Model 60 XY-80W90-QLLincoln DANA Model 70 XY-75W90-QLSLincoln DANA Model 80 XY-75W90-QLSLincoln ES-PM-M2013 XY-75W90-QLSLincoln ESD-M2C104-A Lincoln ESD-M2C119-A Lincoln ESW-M2C118-A C8AZ-19B546-ALincoln ESW-M2C105-A XY-90-GLLincoln ESW-M2C108-A Lincoln ESW-M2C119-C Lincoln WSL-M2C191-C F1TZ-19580-ALincoln WSP-M2C197-A XY-80W90-QLLincoln WSP-M2C197-A XY-80W90-KLLincoln WSP-M2C201-A XY-75W90-TQLMack GO-J Mazda WSP-M2C197-A XY-80W90-QLMazda WSP-M2C201-A XY-75W90-TQLMazda 0000-77-W140-QTMercedes Benz 235.7 001 989 17 03 10Mercedes Benz 235.7 001 989 33 03 10Mercury DANA Model 50 XY-90-GLMercury DANA Model 50 F1TZ-19580-AMercury DANA Model 60 XY-90-GLMercury DANA Model 60 XY-80W90-QLMercury DANA Model 70 XY-75W90-QLSMercury DANA Model 80 XY-75W90-QLSMercury ES-PM-M2013 XY-75W90-QLSMercury ESD-M2C104-A Mercury ESD-M2C119-A Mercury ESW-M2C118-A C8AZ-19B546-AMercury ESW-M2C105-A XY-90-GLMercury ESW-M2C108-A Mercury ESW-M2C119-C Mercury WSL-M2C191-C F1TZ-19580-AMercury WSP-M2C197-A XY-80W90-QLMercury WSP-M2C197-A XY-80W90-KLMercury WSP-M2C201-A XY-75W90-TQLMitsubishi Dia Queen LSD 3775610Mitsubishi Dia Queen LSD 3775401Mitsubishi Dia Queen LSD 8149630EXMitsubishi Mobillube Syn LS X1200221Nissan Diff Hypoid LSD KLD31-80902

    75W-90 Technician Series LSD-FS

    Application: Axles Differentials Limited Slip Differentials (Clutch Type)

    Contains: Friction Modifier Additive for LSD

    Pour Point: -51C / -59F

    Recommended Applications:

    API GL-5API MT-1Military MIL-L-2105DMilitary MIL-PRF-2105ESAE J2360AC Delco LS90 89021802AM General GM 9986115 12378261AM General GM 9986115 10953455AM General GM 9986207 12378557AM General GM 9986207 88901362AM General GM 9986226 89021677AM General GM 9986226 89021678AM General 89021675Audi TL55145 G-055-145-A2Buick GM 9986115 12378261Buick GM 9986115 10953455Buick GM 9986207 12378557Buick GM 9986207 88901362Buick GM 9986226 89021677Buick GM 9986226 89021678Buick 89021675Cadillac GM 9986115 12378261Cadillac GM 9986115 10953455Cadillac GM 9986207 12378557Cadillac GM 9986207 88901362Cadillac GM 9986226 89021677Cadillac GM 9986226 89021678Cadillac 89021675Castrol SAF-XA Chevrolet GM 9986115 12378261Chevrolet GM 9986115 10953455Chevrolet GM 9986207 12378557Chevrolet GM 9986207 88901362Chevrolet GM 9986226 89021677Chevrolet GM 9986226 89021678Chevrolet 89021675Chrysler MS-8985 68044567AAChrysler MS-8987 04874466Chrysler MS-9020 04874468Chrysler MS-9020 68003054ABChrysler MS-9763 05010320AAChrysler MS-9763 68003056AADodge MS-8985 68044567AADodge MS-8987 04874466Dodge MS-9020 04874468Dodge MS-9020 68003054ABDodge MS-9763 05010320AADodge MS-9763 68003056AAFord DANA Model 50 XY-90-GLFord DANA Model 50 F1TZ-19580-AFord DANA Model 60 XY-90-GLFord DANA Model 60 XY-80W90-QLFord DANA Model 70 XY-75W90-QLSFord DANA Model 80 XY-75W90-QLSFord ES-PM-M2013 XY-75W90-QLSFord ESD-M2C104-A Ford ESD-M2C119-A Ford ESW-M2C118-A C8AZ-19B546-AFord ESW-M2C105-A XY-90-GLFord ESW-M2C108-A Ford ESW-M2C119-CFord WSL-M2C191-C F1TZ-19580-AFord WSP-M2C197-A XY-80W90-QLFord WSP-M2C197-A XY-80W90-KLFord WSP-M2C201-A XY-75W90-TQLGeneral Motors GM 9986115 12378261General Motors GM 9986115 10953455General Motors GM 9986207 12378557General Motors GM 9986207 88901362

  • BLUsynthetic.com

    Notes: Power Steering Fluid PSF

    Some Power Steering applications require the use of an Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF), please see BLU Synthetic ATF Technician Series MV-FS for applications requiring and ATF.

    Recommended for use only in Power Steering units.

    Power Steering Fluid PSF


    75W-140 Technician Series LSD-FS

    Application: Axles Differentials Limited Slip Differentials (Clutch Type)

    Contains: Friction Modifier Additive for LSD

    Pour Point: -51C / -59F

    Recommended Applications:

    API GL-5API MT-1Military MIL-L-2105DMilitary MIL-PRF-2105ESAE J2360AC Delco LS140 89021801BMW BMW LS BMW MSP/A 83 22 1 470 080BMW MSP/A 83 22 2 282 583BMW MSP/A 83 22 9 405 462BMW MSP/A 83 22 9 407 870BMW MSP/A 83 22 9 407 871BMW SAF-XJ (BMW LS)BMW SAF-XJ (MSP/A)BMW SAF-XLS (MSP/A)Cadillac GM 9985991 12346140Cadillac 89021524Cadillac 89021809Castrol SAF-XCastrol SAF-XACastrol SAF-XJCastrol SAF-XLSChevrolet GM 9985991 12346140Chevrolet 89021524Chevrolet 89021809Chrysler MS-8985 04874469Chrysler MS-8985 68003055ABDodge MS-8985 04874469Dodge MS-8985 68003055ABFord ESW-M2C108-A Ford WSL-M2C192-A XY-75W140-QLFord WSS-M2C940-AGeneral Motors GM 9985991 12346140General Motors 89021524General Motors 89021809GMC GM 9985991 12346140GMC 89021524GMC 89021809Hyundai SAF-XJJaguar WSL-M2C192-A JLM 20771Jeep MS-8985 04874469Jeep MS-8985 68003055ABKia SAF-XJLand Rover WSL-M2C192-A Lexus Diff Gear Oil 00289-75140Lexus TRD LSD Oil FR A0420-A0001Lincoln ESW-M2C108-A Lincoln WSL-M2C192-A XY-75W140-QLLincoln WSS-M2C940-AMazda 0000-77-W140-QTMercedes Benz 235.61 001 989 52 03Mercury ESW-M2C108-A Mercury WSL-M2C192-A XY-75W140-QLMercury WSS-M2C940-ANissan Gear Oil LSD 140 KLD31-14004Pontiac GM 9985991 12346140Pontiac 89021524Pontiac 89021809Toyota Diff Gear Oil 00289-75140Toyota TRD LSD Oil FR A0420-A0001ZF TE-ML 05DZF TE-ML 16GZF TE-ML 21D

    Infiniti PSF-II Jaguar WSS-M2C-195-A JLM 20772Jeep MB 236.3 000 989 88 03Jeep MB 345.0 05127381AAJeep MS-1872 04318055Jeep MS-5931 04006323Jeep MS-5931 04883077Jeep MS-5931 04318056Jeep MS-5931 05103524EAJeep MS-9602 05166226AAJeep MS-9602 05013457AAJeep MS-9602 05013458AAJeep MS-10838 05142893AAJeep MS-11665 05127381AAJeep MS-11665 68088485AAKia CHF 202 00232-19017Kia PSF-3 03100-00100Kia PSF-3 03100-00110Kia PSF-4 00232-06010Kia PSF-4 00232-19020Kia PSF-4 03100-00130Land Rover CHF 202 LRN00341Lincoln CHF 11SLincoln WSS-M2C-195-A Lincoln WSS-M2C-204-A Mercedes Benz 236.3 000 989 88 03Mercedes Benz 236.3 Q 1 46 0001Mercedes Benz 345.0 001 989 24 03Mercedes Benz 345.0 Q 1 32 0001Mercury CHF 11SMercury WSS-M2C-195-A Mercury WSS-M2C-204-A MINI CHF 7.1 81 22 1 468 879MINI CHF 7.1 81 22 9 407 549MINI CHF 11S 82 11 0 148 132MINI CHF 11S 82 11 1 468 041MINI CHF 11S 83 29 0 429 576Mitsubishi PS Fluid Mitsubishi Dia Queen PSF 4039645Mitsubishi Diamond SP Mitsubishi Diamond SP III Nissan PSF KE909-99931Nissan PSF KLF50-00004Nissan PSF 999MP-AG000PNissan PSF-II Opel CHF 202 B 040 2012Pentosin CHF 7.1 Pentosin CHF 11S Pentosin CHF 202 Porsche CHF 11S 000 043 203 33Porsche CHF 202 000 043 206 56Saab 30 09 800Saab CHF 11S 30 32 380Saab CHF 202 93 160 548Smart 236.3 000 989 88 03Smart 236.3 Q 1 46 0001Smart 345.0 001 989 24 03Smart 345.0 Q 1 32 0001Subaru K0209A0080Toyota PSF Type EH 008886-01206Volkswagen CHF 7.1 AOE 041 020 10Volkswagen CHF 7.1 G-002-000-A2Volkswagen CHF 11S G-002-012-A2Volkswagen CHF 202 G-004-000-M2Volkswagen CHF 202 G-004-000-M7Volkswagen CHF 202 G-004-000-M8Volkswagen TL 52146Volvo CHF 7.1 116 1317Volvo CHF 11S 116 1529Volvo WSS-M2C-204-A 116 1529

    PSF Technician Series MV-FS

    (Available Q1, 2013)

    Application: Power Steering

    Pour Point: -54C / -65F

    Recommended Applications: AC Delco 10-5030AC Delco 10-5031AC Delco 10953471AC Delco 10953484AC Delco CHF 11S 88901976AC Delco 89021182AC Delco 89021183AC Delco 89021185AC Delco 89021186Audi CHF 7.1 AOE 041 020 10Audi CHF 11S G-002-000-A2Audi CHF 11S G-002-012-A2Audi CHF 202 G-004-000-M2Audi CHF 202 G-004-000-M7Audi CHF 202 G-004-000-M8Audi TL 52146BMW CHF 7.1 81 22 1 468 879BMW CHF 7.1 81 22 9 407 549BMW CHF 11S 82 11 0 148 132BMW CHF 11S 82 11 1 468 041BMW CHF 11S 83 29 0 429 576Chevrolet 89021183Chevrolet 89021184Chevrolet 89021186Chevrolet GM 9985010 1050017Chevrolet GM 9985010 1052884Chevrolet GM 9985835 12345866Chevrolet GM 9985835 12345687Chrysler MB 236.3 000 989 88 03Chrysler MB 345.0 05127381AAChrysler MS-1872 04318055Chrysler MS-5931 04006323Chrysler MS-5931 04883077Chrysler MS-5931 04318056Chrysler MS-5931 05103524EAChrysler MS-9602 05166226AAChrysler MS-9602 05013457AAChrysler MS-9602 05013458AAChrysler MS-10838 05142893AAChrysler MS-11665 05127381AAChrysler MS-11665 68088485AADodge MB 236.3 000 989 88 03Dodge MB 345.0 05127381AADodge MS-1872 04318055Dodge MS-5931 04006323Dodge MS-5931 04883077Dodge MS-5931 04318056Dodge MS-5931 05103524EADodge MS-9602 05166226AADodge MS-9602 05013457AADodge MS-9602 05013458AADodge MS-10838 05142893AADodge MS-11665 05127381AADodge MS-11665 68088485AAFord CHF 11SFord WSS-M2C-195-A Ford WSS-M2C-204-A General Motors 89021183General Motors 89021184General Motors 89021186General Motors GM 9985010 1050017General Motors GM 9985010 1052884General Motors GM 9985835 12345866General Motors GM 9985835 12345687Hyundai CHF 202 00232-19017Hyundai PSF-3 03100-00100Hyundai PSF-3 03100-00110Hyundai PSF-4 00232-06010Hyundai PSF-4 00232-19020Hyundai PSF-4 03100-00130Infiniti PSF 999MP-AG000P

  • Lubricant & Fluid Dispensers

    The Professional Choice! Dispenser Specifications

    Drums 10 Liter Drums are made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) with UV and static

    inhibitor, and are designed to withstand the daily rigors of severe industrial environments. Each drum includes two blank white labels for identifying drum contents.

    Pour Lids Pour Lids are made from high-density polyethylene with nitrile o-rings. Pour

    Lids include a 1"(25.4 mm) twist-open nozzle, 1"(25.4 mm) quick-fill port, acces-sory port with 12"(12.7 mm) NPT female thread, light-switch style breather vent at thumb position and clear plastic handle covers that hold color-coding tags for easy product identification.

    Hand Pump Lids Hand Pump/Storage Lids include 1"(25.4 mm) quick-fill port and two

    accessory ports (one 12"(12.7 mm) NPT female thread and one 38"(10 mm) NPT female thread).

    Hand Pumps Piston-style hand pump includes a 4.8 feet (1.5 meter) hose and an L-shaped

    aluminum anti-drip end-piece with a 716"(11 mm) outside diameter and 516"(8 mm) inside diameter. Pump discharge rate is approximately 13-strokes per liter. The Hand Pump dispenser is ideal for dispensing fluids into hard-to-reach or awkward fill ports.

    Adhesive Pouches Clear, adhesive-backed, zip-top pouch designed for use with drums and are

    ideal for holding identification tags and important documentation such as Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS).

    Features & Benefits

    Prevent SpillsNot only are these dispensers made of rugged high-density polyethylene (HDPE) they also seal completely. These two features result in an industrial strength dispenser that is perfectly suited for keeping lubricants or fluids securely contained. From a safety perspective, this is the most important reason to use these industrial grade dispensers.

    Prevent Fluid ContaminationBecause these dispensers seal completely they are ideal for keeping dust, dirt, sand, water, and other component-damaging contaminants from mixing with lubricants or fluids. For this reason alone, anyone with a desire to prolong components life should strongly consider using these industrial grade dispensers.

    Promote a Cleaner, More Organized WorkplaceThese dispensers are not just ideal for keeping fluids clean but they are also perfect for maintaining a clean, well-organized workplace. Replacing rusty, open top containers with these well-labeled dispensing containers will have an immediate impact on the overall look and feel of the workplace. Not only will employees appreciate a cleaner environment, but customers will too.

    New School

    Old School

    Store lubricants & fluids safely

    Identify lubricants & fluids clearly

    Dispense lubricants & fluids quickly

    Messy dirty containers that clutter

    Stained and hard to read labels

    Leaky, rusty and worn-out



  • BLU Canada Limited

    Quality and Performance Guaranteed

    Lubricants & Fluids Limited Warranty

    Each BLU Synthetic Technician

    Series branded lubricant or fluid; is

    formulated, to meet or exceed

    Original Equipment Manufacturers

    (OEMs) performance specifications,

    as identified within the BLU Synthetic

    Product Application Guide. When

    selecting a BLU Synthetic Technician

    Series branded lubricant or fluid

    to match your OEMs required

    specification, BLU Canada Limited

    guarantees its performance so long

    as the lubricant or fluid; is used,

    in accordance with the OEMs usage

    recommendations and service/

    installation procedures.

    BLU Canada Limited assumes full

    responsibility for any component

    failure directly attributed to a correctly

    selected BLU Synthetic Technician

    Series branded lubricant. So long as

    the OEMs usage recommendations

    and service/installation procedures

    for the lubricant or fluid and

    component have been followed and

    documented in full.

    The BLU Canada Limited Lubricants

    & Fluid Warranty is confirmation of

    BLU Canada Limiteds commitment

    to high standards of product quality

    and customer satisfaction.

    This limited warranty applies to only BLU Synthetic Technicians Series branded lubricants and fluids, all other products produced and marketed under the BLU Synthetic brand do not qualify under this limited warranty. For complete warranty details, please contact your local BLU Synthetic representative.

    BLU-Ester technology

    BLU Website

    BLU Technical Videos

    BLU Bottle

    Some call it Bling.Others call it The Top-Up Solution.But we see the BLU Bottle as an Industry Game Changer.

    Environmental responsibility is a core value, and one goal is to reduce or eliminate plastic oil bottles. Ta da! the 1-Liter reusable aluminum BLU Bottle. Now your customers can easily carry top-up lubricants or fluids and return to you for refills.

    The BLU Bottle is cool in so many ways: It is 99.5% pure 1050B aluminum. It is extruded from a single piece of metal, making it seamless. It is recyclable, reusable, nontoxic and tough. The wide neck design makes for easy pouring and refilling. The black polypropylene screw cap includes a tamper-evident tear-off locking flange

    and an inner aluminum foil liner. Inside the cap is a low-density polyethylene plug with a pull-off ring. No leaks! The BLU Bottle is U.N. approved as single packaging. All your friends will want one.

    What will the BLU Bottle do for your service business? Contact your local authorized BLU Synthetic marketer/distributor to get your hands on one today!

    BLU-Ester technology represents unique synthetic lubricant and fluid formulations containing Ester base stock, which deliver outstanding performance in some of the most severe operating conditions. Esters are synthesized from relatively pure and simple starting materials to produce predetermined molecular structures designed specifically for high performance lubrication. In addition, the inherent polarity of esters improves their performance in lubrication by reducing volatility, increasing lubricity, providing cleaner operation, and making lubricants and fluids more biodegradable.

    These unique synthetic formulations offer a wide variety of benefits that both increase efficiency but also contain wear under the most severe operating conditions. In almost all areas of lubrication and performance, lubricants and fluids containing Ester based stock will outperform all other lubricant types.

    Located in BLU Synthetic Gear Lubricants



    The BLU Synthetic brand of lubricants & fluids is now supported by the launch of our new website. The website features complete and up to date product information, technical data and unique subscriptions to key information required to be successful in a complex and changing service industry.

    Within the BLU Synthetic website you will find a variety of BLU Technical Videos covering various lubricant and fluid technologies. These technical videos are created with the objective to inform you more about the engineering of finished lubricant and fluid technol-ogy as well as the features and benefits they provide end users. Watching these videos is the easiest way to become familiar with the most important functions of lubricant and fluid technology. We hope you enjoy what you see and ask that you check back in the future for new additions to this list of technical videos.


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    Brochure DisclaimerThe information contained herein is believed to be correct at the time of publication. No warranty, expressed or implied, is given concerning the accuracy of the information or suitability of the products. BLU Canada Limited reserves the right to modify and change its products and specifications without prior notice. As always, consult the owners manual to verify the proper fluid recommen-dation for any particular vehicle.

    Contact Information

    BLU Canada LimitedCalgary, Alberta, Canada



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