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2013 Forum Snowboards Catalog

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The full line of 2013 snowboards, bindings, boots, and softgoods from Forum for men and women.

Text of 2013 Forum Snowboards Catalog

  • The D

    ealer Catalog 2013FORUMSNOWBOARDS.COM


  • THE STATEMENT Year Twenty - Thirteen

    We Live ForumWe are different. We are a community. We share a point of view and a commitment to the one thing that makes us who we arefreestyle riding. We dont need a gold medal, overpriced product, or a season pass to have fun. We ride with our friends in backyards, in the streets, in the mountains, and wherever we can find snow. We make sacrifices to live this way because it feels like there is no other choice.

    This life isnt for everyone. When you are ready, we want you to join us.


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    Most companies try too hard to be all things to all people, struggling to create a lot of different products, messages and images that only serve to contradict each other.

    We are focused.

    Whether were riding an urban roof gap, a huge park jump, or a backcountry wedge, we have specific technologies that help riders push the boundaries of freestyle snowboarding, and thats all we do.

    This is Forum.



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    Park BoardsPAGES 10-18

    Forum TeamPAGES 04-05

    Freestyle BoardsPAGES 20-23

    YoungbloodsPAGES 06-07

    Urban BoardsPAGES 24-25

    Womens BoardsPAGES 26-30

    Key StoriesPAGES 08-09

    BindingsPAGES 34-43

    Line OverviewPAGES 76-78

    BootsPAGES 44-57

    SoftgoodsPAGES 58-67

    The HoneyPotPAGES 32-33

    Tech Deep DivePAGES 68-75

    WHAT WE DO Year Twenty - Thirteen

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    Jake Welch

    Peter Line Stevie Bell

    Andreas Wiig

    Pat Moore


    Nic Sauve


    Austen SweetinCameron Pierce

    Niko CioffiDaniel Ek

    Alek Oestreng


  • THE KEY STORIES Year Twenty - Thirteen

    BootsThe Progression Continues

    The progression continues for Forum Boots in both performance and design. Expanding Tweaker to have even more focused levels the all NEW Tweaker NexTreme on this years completely redesigned Forumula, and NEW Tweaker with POP featured exclusively on Team favorite 2013 Kicker Boot our boots are offering even more freestyle specific benefits across the line. Also new for 2013 the designers created a truly enhanced aesthetic throughout the line so that Forum is taking freestyle focused snowboard boots to new heights in both look and feel.


    GrandPops Another HoneyPot success gets brought into the line. From winning Good Wood to being the teams favorite, the pure pop and true sta-bility of GrandPops is giving a rebirth to camber style technologies. Youll find that POP from tip to tail, and extra POP under your feet for that extra ollie height youve been looking for.

    The HoneyPot

    The tech incubator, The HoneyPot, continues as it goes after creating a versatile freestyle board that says it all. Responsive, playful, and tons of POP is the name of the game for 2013.


    Good Vibes Womens Thats right, Good Vibes has made its way into our womens line. Now everyone gets to experience the natural board flex, increased board feel, and added damping that Good Vibes is all about. Youre welcome ladies.

    Key Stories

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    The Park Boards

    Year Twenty - Thirteen

    Key Park Benefits


    Crafted for progression, the 2013 Park Boards are the backbone of our line.

    From the all New HOLY MOLY II bringing the best park technologies into one board, to offering our award winning Youngblood in new smaller youth sizes, this collection offers unique benefits for all different levels of progression, whether you are looking to fine tune your bag of tricks or just starting to fill it up.

    Key Urban Features

    GrandPops:DoubleDog with Pop:ChillyDog with Pop:Car Bomb Carbon Booms: Booter Boosters:

    For Bigger, More Powerful Ollies.Double the Power, Now with Pop.

    The Forgiving Feel of Rocker with Added Pop.Increase Your Ollie Boost Where Critical Power is Generated.

    Additional Energy Return in the Nose and Tail.


    The Holy Moly II

    About This Board Technology Size (CM)

    Year Twenty - Thirteen

    When you set out to create the best park board ever and still make it affordable things can get tricky, and when you realize you did it, thats when your

    snowboarding will get extra tricky.

    This is exactly what happened as Team and engineers came together in The HoneyPot to create a board with true Ollie power last year and came out with the best all-around park board we have

    ever created. Featuring the insane combined POP of a GrandPops profile and Car Bomb Carbon Booms from last years Good Wood Award Winning From The HoneyPot and made some heavy upgrades. Adding our Really Light Core, Light Triax with

    Carbon, a Really Fast Base and Swingers club this is undeniably snowboardings NEWest best park board

    and hence deserves the name Holy Moly II.

    Once again The HoneyPot prevails! Youre welcome.

    The best just got betterway better!


    New GrandPopsTwin

    Really Light CoreLight Triax w/Carbon

    Really Fast BaseNew Car Bomb Carbon Booms

    Swingers Club

    152 155 158

    (Swapping Diecut Base)

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    The Destroyer DoubleDog

    About This Board Technology Size (CM)

    Year Twenty - Thirteen

    Tougher than tiger blood and deadlier than Dahmer, if killing it is wrong, the Destroyer DoubleDog with

    Pop doesnt want to be right.

    Newly added Car Bombs elevates ollies and takes your game to the next level. The NEW DoubleDog

    with Pop profile provides the power needed to stomp the burliest jumps, yet retains the same playful feeling and easy going control needed to butter

    around and pull out of serious rotations.

    Just watch your back, this board is under heavy surveillance.

    Double Homicide.


    New DoubleDog w/PopTwin

    GnarLELight Triax

    FormulaNew Car Bombs

    Swingers Club

    148 152 154/154W 156/156W 158/158W


    The Destroyer

    About This Board Technology Size (CM)

    Year Twenty - Thirteen

    If your business is blasting mammoth airs, ripping past flailers and pushing the limits every time you strap in, then you probably already know about the

    Destroyers criminal activity.

    You should also know that Pat Moore uses the power generated from the NEW Car Bombs to do exactly these things. And you most certainly know in order to experience this kind of authority you gotta get

    back on camber!

    Slay parks with cambered confidence.



    GnarLELight Triax

    Formula BaseNew Car Bombs Swingers Club

    152 154 156 158

    (Swapping Diecut Base) (Swapping Diecut Base)

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    The YoungBlood GrandPops

    About This Board Technology Size (CM)

    Year Twenty - Thirteen

    Featuring the talents of famed Toronto artist King Trash, the Youngblood GrandPops is designed to pimp harder than Buck Nasty on Thunderbird,

    make no mistake, the Youngblood GrandPops has it handled.

    A true twin, bred with borderline illegal game, the NEW GrandPops provides exaggerated ollie power thanks to the expanded flat zones, Swingers Club

    makes it fast and loose making this the Youngbloods favorite park board we have created yet.

    Packin Pop.


    New GrandPopsTwin GnarBiax

    New Formula Booter BoostersSwingers Club

    152 154 155W 156


    YoungBlood DoubleDog

    About This Board Technology Size (CM)

    Year Twenty - Thirteen

    With featured art from King Trash, The Youngblood DoubleDog is sure to raise a few eyebrows, if not melt

    them off.

    Built for those who write their own rules and make them known to all, the DoubleDog profile brings

    camber sections under each foot for added power and pop, while rocker between the feet and in the nose and tail makes the whole thing forgiving and damn fun. Toss in Booter Boosters to take your style to a

    higher, poppier level.

    Speak loud, ride hard, be heard. Like the artwork suggests, this season is destined to be a wild ride.

    Face Melting Fun.



    Gnar CoreBiax

    New FormulaBooter BoostersSwingers Club

    148/150W 156/159W


    152/155W 154/157W

    (Swapping Diecut Base)

    (Swapping Diecut Base)

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    The Scallywag

    About This Board Technology Size (CM)

    Year Twenty - Thirteen

    Get to know the most notorious bastard this side of Barnacle Bobs Cove he Scallywag.

    Thats right, heavy delinquency is in season and what better way to show your disrespect than by taking down as many victims as possible. Backhand boxes and belittle booters thanks to ChillyDog with Pop

    and Booter Boosters.

    Ride like youre hammered drunk and blow minds with your seemingly reckless skills.

    For the criminally inclined.


    ChillyDog with PopTwin


    FreeBaseBooter BoostersSwingers Club

    151 155 158


    The Deck

    About This Board Technology Size (CM)

    Year Twenty -