2014 e-ISuite CTSP Presentation 2014 e-ISuite CTSP Presentation

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Text of 2014 e-ISuite CTSP Presentation 2014 e-ISuite CTSP Presentation

  • 2014 e-ISuite CTSP Presentation

  • e-ISuite Enterprise and SiteData can be exchanged between Enterprise and Site via portable media device or internet connection if available

  • e-ISuite Incident Life Cycle

  • Differences between I-Suite and e-ISuitee-ISuite Site installed on Server onlye-ISuite Enterprise available with internet accessAbility to roster any resource type to any other resource typeData Steward role now performs ROSS Import and Financial ExportIAP forms generated based on the data entered and incorporate DHS formatImproved ROSS Import flowImproved Custom Reports process Ability for multiple cost records per dayImproved Cost Projections processChanges/improvements in many reportsThese and many more changes will be included in a separate document

  • e-ISuite AccessEnterprise User Accounts are set up through NAP and brought into e-ISuite by an Account Manager, who then assigns rolesSite User Accounts are established by the Account Manager during the initial set-up of the database (not associated with NAP) roles are assigned at that timeDifferences in roles in e-ISuite:Account Manager (similar to I-Suite DB Admin role)Data Steward (similar to I-Suite Data Admin role)Combined Check-in/DemobOther roles remain intact

  • NESS Application Portal (NAP)e-ISuite Enterprise is hosted at NITC in Kansas City, MONAP accounts are requested and created through the NAP webpageWhen e-ISuite is deployed, NAP accounts will be required to access EnterpriseInformation will be distributed when the application is deployed and NAP accounts are neededSite does not require NAP accounts bit a NAP account will be required to transition data to Enterprise

  • Field Testing and IMT InvolvementField Testing is scheduled to begin in MayIMTs will be contacted to arrange for arrival date of e-ISuite testerse-ISuite will be run parallel with I-Suite by the testersApproximately 3 5 testersTesters will need:Network accessWork spaceCamping SpaceLogistical needs such as meals and shower accessTesters will: Likely not be present for the duration of the incidentInvite IMT members to use e-ISuiteInvite and encourage feedback from the IMT membersAttempt to minimize impacts on the IMT

    If interested in participating in Field Testing, please contact Gina Bald at gbald@fs.fed.us

  • Updated e-ISuite ScheduleField testing - May through October 2014Train-the-Trainer sessions - October/November 2014Training to begin in geographic areas according to their needs after NovemberFull deployment of e-ISuite in November/December 2014I-Suite decommissioned in December 2015

  • Resources Available for HelpWebpage: http://iba.nwcg.gov/eISuite/eISuite.htmUser GuideInstructor ManualOn-line training modulesQuick Reference Cards (QRCs)NAP InformationOther documents and help as developedWithin-application Help

  • Coming AttractionsAfter the first release, other improvements will include:Glidepath functionalityTraining Specialist moduleSupplyInjury/IllnessData Warehouse access to generate reports to assist with upward reporting and other needsAnd more in future releases


  • Database AdminChange to the ROSS Import Process Download Steps have changedImport file will download in a .xls file formatAgency machines may have permission issues when trying to Download the import fileTip: To Download the File, hold the CTRL Key down when you click View Report until you get the Save as dialog boxAn updated Quick Reference Card (QRC) is available on the I-Suite WebpageI-Suite will support old and new import file typesWorking with the ROSS Contractor to make the report download process more intuitive

  • Version 14.01.00 Released January 28, 2014The primary focus of this release is to replace the collection of the Social Security Number (SSN) with the Employee Common Identifier (ECI) for casual (AD) employeesDO NOT install version 14.01.00 Update mid-incident if Social Security Numbers have been entered for Casual (AD) employees. Version control is critical for the transition from SSN to ECI.Insure ALL machines are running the same versionAny database from a previous I-Suite version that is currently attached or attached in the future will update to include the new ECI field.The following slides will address Version 14.01.00 module updates

  • TimeThe collection of the Social Security Number is replaced with the Employee Common Identifier (ECI) for casual (AD) employees. The ECI is a unique 10 digit number issued to casual employees from their agencys payment center during the annual or new casual hiring process.I-Suite ECI ChangesRemoves the collection of the Social Security Number (SSN) Adds new field to collect Employee Common Identifier (ECI)ECI will print on an original OF-288.Never enter the SSN in place of the ECIA link to the NWCG ECI letter is available on the I-Suite home page User Guide is updated with new ECI process.Identified and corrected error causing time postings to intermittently drop

  • IAPICS-204Incorrect formatting changes will no longer occur when using the insert/copy/paste optionSUPPLYItems Currently Issued Report No longer displays returned supply items.No longer displays consumable supply items.

  • Patch 14-1 Version 14.01.01Tentative Release April 1, 2014AD Rate UpdateTime ReportsReassigned resources will no longer display on the following Reports: Missing Days of PostingNo Postings Prior Full Release -Version 14.01.02 Tentative Release May 1, 2014Changes from Patch 14-1Reference Data UpdatesKind CodesHome Units

  • I-Suite 2014 and BeyondI-Suite is scheduled for decommission December 2015Supply Module will continue to be supported until decommissionContact Gina Bald if interested in using SupplyMinimal changes to application and support material

  • Demonstration of e-ISuite

    Can replace title with specific meeting information if desired name of geographic area; dates, etc. (e.g. Rocky Mountain Incident Management Team Meeting, April 8, 2014)*Enterprise internet requiredSite Internet optional*e-ISuite will capture all incident costs from initial response through Agency closeoutCritical initial response data is included in the transition file from EnterpriseIt is Critical that IMTs obtain the transition file from the Agency instead of just starting a new incident in SiteConsequences of not getting the transition file is that IA info will be overridden when Site is transitioned to EnterpriseMajor benefits include data mining, increased upward reporting capability and maintaining a complete history of an incident*Depending on time limitations, this slide can be reviewed briefly and the handout can provide additional information.*Separation of duties requires that users are given only the roles necessary to perform their duties. Multiple roles can be assigned. Privileged user accounts have access to assign/remove roles for user accounts. Non-privileged accounts cannot add or remove roles for any user account.*For IMT presentations, this slide can be reviewed briefly or left out, as the IMT will more than likely be using Site. Its included for presentations to groups other than IMTs. *Arrival date will be negotiated with the IMT for a time after the first 2-3 days of the IMT arrival on the incident.Testers will be government SMEs and software development contractor employeesWe dont expect to stay for the entire incident the Lead SME will evaluate and notify IMT of departure scheduleIMT members will be invited to use e-ISuite as their schedules permit*e-ISuite Project Team will conduct the T-t-T sessions with the expectation those attendees will train other users.Geographic Areas will schedule training sessions in coordination with the trainers.*A new e-ISuite webpage is being developed and will be available soon. This webpage address will either re-direct or contain a link to the new webpage.**Do e-ISuite Demo after the I-Suite update.**Recommend using Site instead of Enterprise for speed in navigation.*