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2014 world cup


<ul><li><p>y Ticket Resale = Guide to Ticket Purchase Contact Us International Frequently Asked Questions</p><p> Operation processed successfully!Thank you for your order. Below is your Ticket Application identification number. If contactingus please quote this number.</p><p>Request Number - 701581680</p><p> Previous requestsListed below are the requests for Ticket products that you have previously submitted. Onceconfirmed, Ticket requests cannot be amended. Tickets purchased in previous Sales Phaseswill be available for collection at one of the FIFA Ticket Collection locations, or delivery bycourier depending on the selection you have previously made. Please refer to the "TicketDelivery / Ticket Collection Summary" section to see details about how you will receive theseTicket. If one of your guests can no longer attend a match and you wish to transfer the Ticketor Ticketing product to another person, Click Show More details and select the guest youwish to transfer. to successfully transfer a guest you will need to select a reason for theguest transfer and confirm the details of the new Ticket Holder. NOTE: YOU CAN ONLYTRANSFER A GUEST TICKET TO ANOTHER GUEST WHO IS ELIGIBLE FOR THE SAME TICKET TYPE/ CATEGORY.</p><p>Request Number 701581680Creation Date 04/06 12:20:33</p><p>Request Status SuccessfulPayment Status Payment Successful</p><p>Click on a guest below to replace him/her. V </p><p>MasterCard (xxxx xxxx xxxx 4961) Request Amount $ 360.00Paid Amount $ 360.00</p><p>Show less details</p><p>4 x Match 38 - Greece v Cte d'Ivoire - Fortaleza / Category 3 $ 360.00</p><p>Guest(s)</p><p>Yetunde AyohOluwatimileyin AyohChristine Ayoh</p><p> Select ticket product(s)Please choose the Ticket Product you are interested in purchasing, the category and quantityfor each. NOTE: Ticket availability will change on a regular basis during the Last Minute SalesPhase if the Tickets you wish to purchase are not available now, please keep checking tosee if the Ticket products you wish to purchase become available at a later date. For moreinformation about the types of Ticket products or categories available, or to find out howmany Tickets you are permitted to apply for, please press + info and you will be directed toour Frequently Asked Questions. +Info</p><p>See Availability</p><p> Customer data / AddressesIn this section you should provide us with personal information about yourself and aboutyour guests who will accompany you to the match(es) you have requested. Once you havesubmitted a request, you cannot change the details of the Main Applicant, or your Guestsunless it is in accordance with the Transfer and Resale Policy. Details of the Transfer andResale Policy can be found by clicking "more Information" and you will be directed to ourFrequently Asked Questions. +Info</p><p> Ticket Delivery / Ticket Collection Summary</p><p> Contact Us</p><p> Requested products</p><p>No products requested in thecurrent session</p><p> Your registered guests</p><p> Add a guest</p><p>V To change a guest attending aMatch, or Match(es) in the case of aTST/VST Ticketing product, locatehim/her on the request list, click onhis/her name and follow theinstructions.</p><p>Yetunde Ayoh xChristine Ayoh x</p><p>Oluwatimileyin Ayoh x</p><p>TICKETING</p><p>Photos Videos Final Draw</p><p>News Ticket Information Prices and Matches Apply for tickets Legal Ticket Transfer / Resale Stadiums</p><p>News Qualifiers Organisation Destination Matches Trophy Tour Ticketing More </p><p>FIFA World Cup Tournaments World Match Centre FIFA Ranking</p><p>jayoh99STOREEN FR ES DE PT My GamesAssociationsNews Centre The Club About FIFA FIFA Ballon d'Or</p></li><li><p>Request Number 701581680</p><p>Venue</p><p>Rio de Janeiro</p><p>FIFA Ticket Collection Location</p><p>Casaro General Severiano</p><p>Collection Date</p><p>23 Jun 2014 (Monday)</p><p>Collection shift</p><p>15:00h</p><p>Ticket Collection Location address</p><p>Av. Venceslau Brs, n 72BotafogoCEP: 22290-040</p><p>Tickets purchased in previous Sales Phases will be available for collection at one of the FIFATicket Collection locations, or delivery by courier depending on the selection you havepreviously made. The method of Ticket Collection for previous Ticket purchases is detailedbelow. For any additional ticket purchases made between now and the end of thetournament, your Tickets will be available to collect from one of the FIFA Ticket Collectionlocations. Tickets must be collected from one of the FIFA Ticket Collection locations in theHost Cities of the 2014 FIFA World Cup.These are the only locations where Tickets will bemade available for collection. The addresses, opening dates and hours of each TicketCollection location are listed at www.fifa.com/tickets. Please inform yourself about thelocation of the FIFA Ticket Collection locations and plan to collect your Tickets as early aspossible. We strongly advise collecting your Tickets before the start of the competition.Tickets will not be available for collection at the stadium.</p><p>Delivery symbols legend</p><p> d Collection: Tickets must be collected from one of the FIFA Venue Ticketing Centres, or FIFATicket Collection locations in the Host Cities of the FIFA World Cup.... Read more +Info</p><p>4 x Match 38 - Greece v Cte d'Ivoire - Fortaleza / Category 3 d Collection</p><p> InformationIf a date is not available to select it is either due to the reason that the FIFA Ticket Collectionlocation is not open, or due to the reason that there are no more Ticket Collection Appointmentsavailable. If there are no appointments available, and the FIFA Ticket Collection location isopen,... Read more</p><p>Please collect your Tickets before 24 Jun 2014 (Tuesday)</p><p> Update Ticket Collection R</p><p>Remove saved appointment</p><p>FIFA World Cup Tournaments World Match Centre News Centre FIFA Ranking FIFA Ballon d'Or Classic Football The Club About FIFA</p><p>Copyright 1994 - 2013 FIFA. All rights reserved Terms of Service Privacy Policy Downloads FIFA.com on Mobile Contact FIFA</p></li></ul>