2015-2016 School Year A Focus on Student/Teacher Relationships

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BMS Budget Request

BMS Budget Request2015-2016 School YearA Focus on Student/Teacher RelationshipsOur Focus is Building a Strong Foundation for Student SuccessRelationships between Students and Teachers is a keySmaller class sizes allow for more opportunity for those relationshipsTeachers teaching one content allows for them to become experts in their content = greater opportunity for student successRequest for Additional Staffing2 additional core teachers per grade level ($306,000.00)Focus on reading and writing1 additional teacher for electivesNumber of positions lost since 2010 is 20 (Drop from 54 to 34)09-10 = 54; 516 students; 93/83 (SOL pass rate reading/math)10-11 = 53; 486 students; 90/7211-12 = 45; 492 students; 87/4712-13 = 38; 445 students; 59/4513-14 = 36; 430 students; 61/5714-15 = 34; 430 students;

Support for smaller class sizesResearch and what it says about smaller class sizesSmall class size and strategic implementation leads to student successThe more years spent in reduced classes, the longer lasting the benefits (Tennessees Project Star)Currently we have 27-31 students in a classMinority and low income students show significant gains when placed in smaller classes

Request for Allocation increase$21,000.00 (current Allocation)34 teachers (1 guidance counselor and 1 librarian total of 36) equals $583.33/person$39,840.00 requested (additional amount needed for the items below)In order to support learning and be able to order needed instructional supplies, tools and provide an effective learning environment this additional allocation is needed.Curricular and assessment resources and supportCalculators, headphones (for math)Support materials for social studies and writingMagazine subscriptions for Science and Social studies (reading across the contentNovels and e-books for readingCTE needs consumable materials not provided by Carl PerkinsTables for the cafeteria, classrooms and folding chairs for the gymTechnology needs: promethean pens, keypads, etc.

Capital Improvement NeedsLockers (3 options: repair only, repair and paint exterior or repair and paint exterior and interior)12,960.00 (*10,368.00)25,200.00 (*22,608.00)35,800.00 (*28,640.00

Capital Improvements ContinuedBackstop and Fencing at Baseball Field $4,100.00Parking LotGym Floor $65,000.00 to $100,000.00