2015 Seller's Guide

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The Coldwell Banker Kennon Parker Duncan & Davis Seller's Guide will help familiarize you with the process of selling your home. In addition, reviewing it prior to your appointment with your Realtor will help you become a much more informed Seller. It will also reduce the amount of your time needed on the appointment.

Text of 2015 Seller's Guide


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    Youll reap the

    benefits of our being

    a part of helping

    nearly 65,000 local

    families move since



    Is your family growing? Need more space? Time to downsize? Or have you taken a new job in a new city? Whatever the reason

    for moving, the prospect of putting your home on the market can seem a bit overwhelming, but it doesnt have to be. We can

    guide you through the process, tell you what to expect and offer helpful suggestions.

    National statistics and surveys reveal only 56% of home-sellers were very satisfied with

    the agent who helped them sell their home in 2014.

    You deserve, and will receive, nothing but the best from us. We have put together a

    state-of-the-art real estate practice with a team of top quality professionals who are

    available to service your real estate needs in every capacity required.

    Marketing expertise

    Coldwell Banker and Kennon Parker Duncan & Davis has a 100+ year tradition of

    marketing our homes. We have figured out the best way to expose a home to the

    marketplace so that you can position the home to sell in the time youve allotted.

    Pricing advice

    We will give you concrete advice and what our local market is saying regarding price.

    Our suggestion will be to position the home as the most competitive in the market.

    Together, we will determine the appropriate offering price for your home.

    Advice on preparing the home for sale

    We will give you suggestions on how to prepare your home so that it will show its best. In addition, well give you specific

    suggestions to improve the impression your house will make on buyers.

    Explaining the process

    Well explain the entire selling process so there wont be any surprises along the way. When we bring the purchase offers to

    you for your consideration, well explain them to you and include a Sellers Net Sheet (estimate of proceeds) so that youll have

    all the facts to make a wise decision.

    Simply stated, our mission is to get you where you need to beon time

    and with the most money possible in your pocket

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    Your Support Team

    Our Management Team

    Kelsey Kennon Broker/Owner 706-256-4275

    Dan Parker Broker/Owner 706-256-4120

    Doug Duncan Broker/Owner 706-256-4145

    Steve Davis Broker/Owner 706-256-1000

    Ed Grifenhagen Director of Sales & Development 706-256-4135

    Liberty Henderson Property Manager 706-256-4550

    Our Staff

    Todd Andrae IT Director 706-256-4308

    Chenise Peterson Listing/Sales Secretary 706-256-4105

    Melanie Mitchell Front Desk Coordinator 706-256-4322

    Jeanie Weekly Relocation Coordinator 706-256-4109

    Rossi Tidwell Marketing Manager 706-256-4034

    Pat Ratledge Agent Licensing 706-256-4122

    Erin Thames Staff Accountant 706-256-4312

    Mimi Fountain Accounting Asst. 706-221-4867

    Synovus Mortgage Staff

    Ashley Valentini Loan Originator 706-332-3220

    Kevin LeRoy Loan Originator 706-573-1474

    Haley Carpenter Loan Originator 706-527-9107

    Bonnie Claridy Loan Originator 706-649-5803

    Jeff Anderson Loan Originator 706-615-0599

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    MYTH #1

    Discount or Limited Service brokers can do an adequate job selling real estate.


    Promotional costs such as photographs; brochures; magazine and TV ads; MLS

    insertion fees; printing; direct mail; personally distributed newsletters; professional

    support staff; enhanced web services and fees; electronic marketing; signs; and

    more are paid for by a full-service, full-fee agent.

    Ask yourself:

    Will the discount broker offer a complete marketing campaign?

    Does the discount broker have a staff to personally attend to your specific needs?

    Does he/she have a proven track record of success, or is he/she using the discounted commission to win your business?

    Does he/she have the expertise to guide you through problems that will develop during the closing process?

    Will he/she make themselves available to you when you are in need?

    Will the discount broker be motivated during difficult times to go the extra mile for you, or will they move on to another

    deal that doesnt take so much of their time?

    Your home is an asset to a discount broker and makes their phone ring. If your home sells, they lose business. Why

    would they want to sell your home for a discounted fee when they can make more selling other properties?

    Remember that you only pay a brokerage fee if and when your property sells successfully. The supply of buyers through your

    home will be restricted if marketing is limited.

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    MYTH #2

    The KPDD team sells a lot of real estate. Perhaps they are too busy to pay attention

    to my listing.


    Just as superior restaurants are busy at dinner time and superior doctors have long

    patient lists, our success in marketing homes provides us with many more homes to

    sell. Like good restaurants and doctors, we have set up a top-flight team to assist

    with the routine details to free up agents to devote the time and attention required to

    sell your property successfully. We built our business one satisfied customer at a

    time. For you to be another satisfied customer who spreads the word about how well you were served is our goal.

    MYTH #3

    You should select the REALTOR who says they can get you the highest price.


    This is the oldest scam in real estate: Tell the seller what they want to hear, act excited, and compliment the home to get the

    listing. Then ask for a price reduction in a few daysor even a few weeks. Dont buy into that. Insist on a written, well-

    researched market analysis. Select your REALTOR based on character, trust, credentials and track record, and then use market

    data to decide on price.

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    KPDD Home Marketing Plan


    This means that we market your home 24 hours a day, seven days a week. What the consumer wants today is information

    quickly, easily, honestly, and without the traditional hassles. Successful marketing hinges on this exact concept and this is

    exactly what our 24-7 marketing plan offers.


    The traditional REALTOR guards information as secret and privileged. Ever tried to find out the information you want on an

    advertised home? Frustrating, isnt it?

    Our approach is different. Our 24-7 marketing plan is designed to offer the consumer all of the information they need easily and

    at their convenience without all the hassles.


    We pledge to you, as our client, to give you enough good information so that you can position your home correctly, against the

    competition, in the marketplace. Even in good real estate markets, the competition is tough. Our job is to get you where you

    need to be on time. We out-market all of the homes competing for your buyer and we are very good at it. Our proactive

    marketing campaign includes, but is not limited to, the following:


    We promote your home 24 HOURS A DAY to the entire real estate industry and the world through the local Multiple

    Listing Service and the internet. Thousands of people visit kpdk.com daily and e-mail us with requests for more

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    information regarding listings and local-area real estate. Our digital marketing also includes promotion of your property

    on ColdwellBanker.com, REALTOR.com (with an enhanced listing, i.e. more photos, video & expanded contact

    information), homes.com, realestate.msn.com, realestate.aol.com, frontdoor.com, excite.com, moving.com, trulia.com,

    zillow.com, googlebase.com, realestate.yahoo.com as well as many other selected sites. FYI-the list is ever-changing.

    Television is a very effective tool. When appropriate, we promote our listings on the Kennon Parker Duncan & Davis Home Show on television (WTVM-the local ABC affiliate).

    We will develop a feature sheet about your home for use in promoting your home to other agents

    We will send an electronic post card to all of the agents in the area

    24/7 Home Hotline (ask me about this)

    We will mail a Just Listed postcard to the homeowners in your neighborhood, as well as to our friends and family

    We will create & distribute a VisualTour of your home

    We will include your home in periodic newsletters

    We will canvas move-up neighborhoods

    Social media marketingyoutube, facebook, etc.

    When appropriate, we will hold an Agents Open House

    When appropriate, we will hold a public Open House & market it on o kpdk.com o coldwellbanker.com o realtor.com o trulia.com o zillow.com o facebook

    We will send an electronic post card to our friends, family, and clients.

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    Coldwell Banker Web Partnerships*

    *these are just a few of the hundreds of sites

    your home will appear on

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    ColdwellBanker KPDD

    KW Waddell Erickson S. Source Bradley

    Last twelve months market share on homes sold

    in Muscogee/Harris Counties

    Source Columbus Board of Realtors MLS

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    Pricing Principles

    The R