2016 Italy - bishdream 24/4/2016 (Sunday) Paris – Milan – Bologna citizenM Paris Charles de Gaulle

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  • 2016 Italy

    24/4/2016 (Sunday) Paris – Milan – Bologna

    citizenM Paris

    Charles de Gaulle


    Walk (270m) to Terminal 3 – Roissypole

    8:50am Milan (LIN) (dep) 7:20am (arr) 8:50am

    CDG – LIN (MYR442)

    9:45am Duomo di Milano A journey by bus from Linate airport to Milan city centre takes about 20 minutes. You will never wait for more than 20 minutes only a bus before it departs. (take bus No. 73)

    11:30am Milano Centrale FS

    From Duomo to Milano Centrale M3 (Metro, Line 3, yellow) 1€ (9min)

    12:35pm Milan  Bologna (9€, book earlier) Arrival: 14:38

    The journey from Milano Centrale to Bologna Centrale will take around 2 hours.

    2:40pm Bologna Le Stanze Del Carro Check in: 3pm

    (RM271 = €64) Free cancellation before 20 April 2016 (Bologna time) Address: Via Del Carro 11, 40126 Bologna, Italy Phone: +393737157621

    Bologna Airport (BLQ)  walk 650m  Aeroporto stop  Take aerobus BLQ towards Stazione Centrale  Mille (get off)  Walk about 1km


    Aerobus tickets can be purchased on board One way Aerobus ticket from/to Airport

    (also valid on all buses in the urban area up to 75 minutes) euro 6,00

    Aerobus departs every 11 minutes to and from the airport, travel time is 20 to 25 minutes Get to the hotel from Mille Mille  Head east on Via dei Mille toward Via Galliera (140m)  Turn right toward Via Augusto Righi (240m)  Turn left onto Via Augusto Righi (210m)  Turn right onto Via Guglielmo Oberdan (210m)  Turn left onto Piazza S. Martino (30m)  Turn right onto Piazzetta Marco Biagi (60m)  Turn right onto Via dell‟Inferno (70m)  Turn left onto Via del Carro  Le Stanze del Carro

    (Screenshot saved on iPad) From Bologna Centrale, Take bus I – 15 mins Walk (1.9km)

    Store our luggage in hotel first. What to do in Bologna? 1. Admire Piazza Maggiore at

    sunset and/or at night. 2. Be romantic in Piazza Santo

    Stefano 3. Wander the streets of

    the Quadrilatero (ancient Bologna food market)

    4. Eat all the Bolognese specialties! Tortellini, sage and butter tortelloni, tagliatelle al ragù, mortadella, crescentine with cold cuts and soft cheese like stracchino and squaquerone

    5. Visit the Archiginnasio, the first seat of the University of Bologna, the oldest university of the Western world

    6. Finish off the day with an aperitivo at one of the many bars of the city center. To do as the Bolognese do, order spritz, a drink made with Prosecco and Aperol

    Budget eats: http://www.theguardian.com/travel/2011/nov/22/10- best-budget-eats-bologna

    https://www.booking.com/hotel/fr/citizenm-paris-charles-de-gaulle.html?dksc=2&aid=304142&label=postbooking_confemail&et=UmFuZG9tSVYkc2RlIyh9YZpz5opxAaarG+6emf87Kk8Kydt0Q6dpDeYhHeEn9pWX0Eigz2nbok+6eyAGKLlLKh+g6GH8bJ6RwHnYyOpQWWChpeansUuC3wDt8aTWThz9zzCNLnmgXoPO+hdN73aW52z6d9jO6nXwEvIuI7L+VeAjpmhumoCQ5Vm+4UWALV11 https://www.booking.com/hotel/fr/citizenm-paris-charles-de-gaulle.html?dksc=2&aid=304142&label=postbooking_confemail&et=UmFuZG9tSVYkc2RlIyh9YZpz5opxAaarG+6emf87Kk8Kydt0Q6dpDeYhHeEn9pWX0Eigz2nbok+6eyAGKLlLKh+g6GH8bJ6RwHnYyOpQWWChpeansUuC3wDt8aTWThz9zzCNLnmgXoPO+hdN73aW52z6d9jO6nXwEvIuI7L+VeAjpmhumoCQ5Vm+4UWALV11 https://www.booking.com/hotel/fr/citizenm-paris-charles-de-gaulle.html?dksc=2&aid=304142&label=postbooking_confemail&et=UmFuZG9tSVYkc2RlIyh9YZpz5opxAaarG+6emf87Kk8Kydt0Q6dpDeYhHeEn9pWX0Eigz2nbok+6eyAGKLlLKh+g6GH8bJ6RwHnYyOpQWWChpeansUuC3wDt8aTWThz9zzCNLnmgXoPO+hdN73aW52z6d9jO6nXwEvIuI7L+VeAjpmhumoCQ5Vm+4UWALV11 http://bolognauncovered.com/2012/08/01/piazza-maggiore-the-heart-of-town/ http://bolognauncovered.com/2013/04/23/bologna-for-food-lovers/ http://bolognauncovered.com/2013/04/23/bologna-for-food-lovers/ http://bolognauncovered.com/2013/05/17/mortadella-pink-delight/ http://www.theguardian.com/travel/2011/nov/22/10-best-budget-eats-bologna http://www.theguardian.com/travel/2011/nov/22/10-best-budget-eats-bologna

  • Quadrilatero (ancient Bologna food market) – closed on Sunday

    25/4/2016 (Monday) Bologna – Venice (Festa di San Marco)

    7am Quadrilatero (ancient Bologna food market)

    Walking distance around 450m from hotel

    Market located in the Quadrilatero, between Piazza Maggiore and Piazza della Mercanzia, for the sale of food products, fruits and vegetables.

    9am Le Stanze Del Carro

    Le Stanze Del Carro  Bologna Centrale Walk: 1.5km (around 20 – 30mins) Be at Bologna Centrale around 9:30am Bologna Centrale  St Lucia Venice (departure 10:10 or 10:55 or 12:55) train

    – FRECCIARGENTO *I checked the train ticket 2 months in advance, and some selling €9)!*

    Check out Buy the train ticket online http://www.raileurope-asean.com/ www.trenitalia.com

    12:30pm Venice

    The train ride from Bologna to Venice takes 1 hour 25 minutes

    Beware of the pick pockets on board. Stay very alert.

    One of the highlights during the Feast of St Mark is the Regata di Traghetti, a boat race featuring gondoliers who compete while transporting passengers in their gondolas. St Mark’s Day is a local public holiday in Venice so many businesses and public offices are closed.

    Hotel Il Moro di Venezia RM838 (€198) refundable and manageable before 22 April 2016 (Venice time) – 250m from station – Free breakfast

    Walking distance – 250 m from Santa Lucia Railway Station

    Address: Lista di Spagna 152, Cannaregio, 30121 Venice, Italy Phone: +390410985730

    Check in Sunset at Venice in April: 8pm

    Ponte di Rialto/ Rialto Bridge

    From the train station or the Piazzale Roma, simply follow the signs to “Rialto” Take waterbus (No. 2) to Rialto stop, walk for 3 minutes

    Information about transport in Venice: For convenience, “vaporetto” is often used as a generic synonym for “water bus”, but technically there are three types of boat: 1. “Vaporetto” – flat-decked boat used on

    routes such as No.1 (Grand Canal) and No. 2

    2. “Motoscafo” – used for routes that go into the Lagoon

    3. „Motonave” – a larger vessel, sometimes with two decks, that is used for commuter service to locations such as the Lido, Punta Sabioni and Treporti

    Only use vaporetto. No taxi (motoscafo)!

    Rialto Food Market Small shops on the bridge * 运河边餐厅喜欢敲诈观光客,建议

    到巷内道地餐厅 ,可以吃到传统法料


    最能深入探索的方式是搭 Vaporetto

    (水上巴士) 到某一大站,在下船徒



    ACTV Tourist Travel Card, 效期內


    (€25 – 36 小时;€30 – 48 小时)。




    Palazzo Ducale Waterbus station take No.1/2 vaporetto – alight at San Marco station

    http://bolognauncovered.com/2013/04/23/bologna-for-food-lovers/ http://bolognauncovered.com/2013/04/23/bologna-for-food-lovers/ http://www.raileurope-asean.com/ http://www.trenitalia.com/

  • 杜卡雷皇宫 (€12)


    Ponte dei Sospiri

    叹息桥 从总督府下楼, 便直通叹息桥 (完


    外望。左侧是总督府, 右侧是当年威

    尼斯关押重犯的监狱。 死囚通过此



    26/4/2016 (Tuesday) Venice – Murano – Burano

    Murano 玻璃岛 (famous for glass production)

    From the Piazzale Roma or Ferrovia (the bus and railroad stations):

     Ride the Line 3 “Diretto Murano” boat, which takes 17 minutes to reach Murano Colonna from the railroad station. Stay on the boat if you‟d rather get off at Faro, Navagero, Museo, or Venier.

     The 4.1 waterbus, which is slower than the Line 3 with local stops along the way.

    OR The line 6 “Diretto Murano” boat service runs from the Piazzale Roma and the Venice railroad station to all of the ACTV stops on Murano. *can get off at Faro stop

    To get around: WALK! – walking along the many canals is part of the experience of Murano. The island is only about 1 mile across so it is small enough to explore by foot.

     Basilica dei Santa Maria e San Donato – known for its 12


    century Byzantine mosaic pavement, which is a 3lavour floor to Venice‟s Basilica di San Marco, and the mosaic dome in the apse of the Virgin Mary. It is said to house the bones of the dragon slain by Saint Donatus. The bell tower, like most bell towers, is separate from the Church.

     Chiesa di San Pietro Martire – Built in the 15

    th century and then

    reconstructed some years later after a fire. Inside are some art works, such as two canvasses by Bellini.

     Campo Santo Stefano – notable for its 19

    th Century clock tower.

    One of the most visited spots.

    1. Palazzo Da Mula – The summer residence of the Venetian patricians. The facade features large Gothic windows and Veneto- Byzantine patere and panels from the 12

    th and 13