2019 8th November Friday - DkIT & North East over Dublin Top 10 Industries for DkIT Grads 1 Health &

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  • Open Days

    Friday 8th Novem

    ber 2019

  • 1 DkIT Open Day 2019

    Got a few questions? Not a problem, we’ve got you sorted.

    Get Ahead on the Day

    Guidance Counsellors / Careers Teachers Meeting

    Muirhevna Building - Room M112-113 (Marked 9 on the campus map) Time: 11.00-12.45

    DkIT Admissions Enquiries

    Admissions Desk, stand 42, outside the Exhibition Centre

    Staff are on hand to help you with any queries in relation to the admission process - CAO applications, courses, entry requirements, points, offers, etc. If you have an interest in a particular course, or if you wish to receive information on any number of courses please provide your email address to the Admissions Desk and we’ll send you all the details. In particular, if you are from Northern Ireland, the Admissions Desk has details on entry requirements and what you need to gain entry to our courses. If you are studying A-Levels and / or BTEC’s or other qualifications, the Admissions Desk can answer all your enquires. Also, the Admissions Desk can help you with enquiries on fess and grants. SUSI will also be on hand to answer any questions in relation to grants, etc.

    SUSI Talks

    Muirhevna Building - Room M128 (Marked 9 on the campus map) or visit the Exhibition Hall, Stand 43 Times: 10.45, 12.15

    Take part in talks about student finance and grants.

    Registration and Welcome Talks

    Carroll’s Building - P1053, P1054, P1055 (Marked 12 on the campus map) Time: 10.00-12.00

    Not sure where to go? Come to our registration and welcome talks and learn all about DkIT’s campus, facilities, where to go and what to see.

    Student Course Talks

    Muirhevna Building - Room M124, M125, M126, M127 (Marked 9 on the campus map) Time: 10.00-13.30

    With a wide range of courses and disciplines these talks are held in order to give an overview on what DkIT can offer and point you in the right direction.

  • DkIT Open Day 2019 2

    CAO Information Morning DkIT will host an information session for students and families on Saturday 18th January 2020 (10am – 1pm) in advance of the CAO application deadline. Staff from our admissions team, student services, academic courses and student ambassadors will be on hand to answer any questions you may have about CAO and completing your application.

    Spring Open Day We will organise a Spring Open Day at our campus in advance of the CAO Change of Mind period on Wednesday 29th April 2020. The event is aimed at Transition Year, 5th Year and 6th Year students considering DkIT for their future.

    Digital Open Days We will host a series of Digital Open Days throughout the year where you can log on and explore DkIT via a series of interactive tours, videos and chat sessions to allow you to digitally discover DkIT. Digital Open Days are scheduled to take place: • Wednesday 20th –

    Friday 22nd November 2019 • Wednesday 6th –

    Friday 8 May 2020

    Regional Roadshows 2020 We will be organising a series of regional roadshows in the towns across our region to meet with you and your families. These events are the perfect opportunity to get hints & tips about the CAO process, meet with our lecturers & students and to get the information you need about DkIT courses of interest. • Armagh (Wednesday 12th February) • Drogheda (Wednesday 4th March) • North Dublin - Swords (Wednesday 11th

    March) • Navan (Wednesday 25th March) • Cavan (Wednesday 1st April) • Newry (Thursday 2nd April) • Monaghan (Wednesday 22nd April) • Dundalk (Wednesday 29th April) For information about locations and times, please visit dkit.ie/opendays

    Dates to Remember

  • 3 DkIT Open Day 2019

    Get Creative Check out all the activities put on by students and staff from our Creative Arts, Media and Music courses.

    TV Studio 10.00-13.00

    TV studio demonstration

    P1045 10.00-13.00

    Audio viual equipment demonstration for those interested in Creative Media programmes.

    P1087 and P1091 10.00-13.00

    Lab demonstrations for those interested in BA (Hons) Film and Television Production, BA Creative Media and BA (Hons) Creative Media

    Screening Room 10.00-13.00

    Screenings of films by students on BA (Hons) Film and Television Production

    Starbucks 11.00-13.00

    Music performances: choir, group performances and solo performances by students on BA (Hons) Music

    Recording Studio 10.00-13.00

    Studio demonstrations/tours with help of student guides (also in electronic production suite) for those interested in BA (Hons) Audio in Music Production and BA Audio in Music Production

    P1079 10.00-13.00

    Sound installation demonstrations

    10.00-13.30 Set Construction, painting and decorating by students on BA Theatre and Film Practice students

    Creative Media & Music

    In the Carroll’s Building (Marked 12 on campus map)

    In MacAnna Theatre (Marked 11 on campus map)

    Exhibition Centre

    Faulkner Hall (Marked 7 on the campus map) Time: 10.00-15.00

    Find out about all our courses and take the opportunity to talk to staff members and students on our wide range of courses.

    Visit DkIT Sport

    Main College Building (Marked 1 on the campus map) Times: 11.00, 11.40, 12.20, 13.00, 13.40

    Take a bus to our state-of-the-art sports facility (marked 16 on the campus map) and see what DkIT can offer a budding athlete.

  • DkIT Open Day 2019 4

    Leading Higher Education provider in the North Leinster- South Ulster Region – 90% of our graduates come from surrounding counties

    Get Hands-On Get to know our departments with tours and workshops.

    Discover Computing

    • Play computer games created by our students

    • Discover 3D printing, play with performance capture

    • Experience Augmented and Virtual Reality (VR)

    • Discover mobile development

    • Create an interactive webpage

    • Setup a network

    • Program a Raspberry Pi

    • Code a Micro:bit

    Carroll’s Building Rooms (Marked 12 on the campus map)

    P1111 / P1112

    P1119 / P112

    Winter Garden

    Nursing & Midwifery Clinical Skills Laboratories Tour

    (Muirhevna Building – Marked 9 on campus map)

    Tours of DkIT de Chastelain Library

    DkIT de Chastelain Library (Whitaker Building - Marked 1 on campus map)

    Program a robot (VEX Robotics)Tours of DkIT Library are available throughout the day – please visit the library stand to arrange your visit.

    Tours of Nursing & Midwifery Clinical Skills Laboratories are available throughout the day – please visit the Nursing and Midwifery stands to arrange your visit.

  • 5 DkIT Open Day 2019

    School of Business & Humanities

    School of Informatics & Creative Arts

    Department: • Business Studies • Management & Financial Studies • Humanities • Hospitality Studies

    Department: • Computing Science and Mathematics • Visual and Human-Centred Computing • Creative Arts, Media and Music

    Attend talks on the broad subject areas from the Institute’s four schools.

    Get Inspired

    Muirhevna Building - Room N125 (Marked 9 on the campus map) Times: 10.30, 11.15, 12.00, 12.45, 13.30

    School of Health & Science

    Department: • Nursing, Midwifery & Early Years • Life & Health Sciences • Agriculture, Food & Animal Health

    Muirhevna Building - Room N124 (Marked 9 on the campus map) Times: 10.15, 11.00, 11.45, 12.30, 13.15

    School of Engineering

    Department: • Electronic & Mechanical Engineering • Built Environment • Engineering Trades and Civil Engineering

    Muirhevna Building - Room N126 (Marked 9 on the campus map) Times: 10.15, 11.00, 11.45, 12.30, 13.15

    Muirhevna Building - Room N127 (Marked 9 on the campus map) Times: 10.30, 11.15, 12.00, 12.45, 13.30


    Sports and Societies With over 50 active Sports & Societies available to students in DkIT there is something for everyone. Look out for our Clubs/ Societies and SU activities during Open Day. Make sure to visit Stand 40 & 44 to be in for a chance to win some prizes.

  • 6

    Award Winning Teaching

    2018 DELTA award winner, winner of 2 Irish Education awards 2018,

    3 National Teaching Awards

    Easy to Commute

    20+ public transport links direct to DkIT each day

    Practical Learning

    2/3 of all our courses have work placement opportunities

    Affordable for Students

    54% cheaper to live in Dundalk & North East over Dublin

    Top 10 Industries for DkIT Grads

    1 Health & Medical 16%

    2 Banking & Financial Services 13%

    3 Marketing & Sales 12%

    4 Hospitality, Sport, Leisure & Tourism 11%

    5 ICT 8%

    6 Construction & Engineering 8%

    7 Community & Voluntary 7%

    8 Agriculture, Food & Environment 6%

    9 Science, Research & Development 5%

    10 Teaching & Education 4%

  • 7 DkIT Open Day 2019

    College Shop


    Student Services

    Main Entrance

    Student Union



    42 3 54 6




    SU & Sports & Socs

    Entertainment 20