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20th Century Street - · PDF file 20th Century Street Photography 49th Oklahoma International Exhibition of Photography Street photography has its roots in early 20th century Paris

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    Volume 70, Issue 9

    March 2014

    changing society are seen through

    the eyes of the masters. In Cartier

    Bresson‟s perfect compositions, in

    depictions of the city „s underbelly

    by Brassaii and Weegee, in the

    street children captured by Helen

    Levitt, and in the works by many

    more photographers, we witness the

    unfolding of the 20th Century. International Photography Hall of Fame

    (OCC Images page 5.)

    The club is conducting the 2014 Okla-

    homa International Exhibition of

    Photography. The judging will be Fri-

    day evening, March 14 and Saturday

    morning, March 15, at the church. Please mark your calendars and plan to

    attend, you will enjoy viewing work

    from around the world,.

    The competition includes the three

    projected image classes, Color Picto-

    rial, Nature and Photojournalism,

    check the February edition of the

    HypoCheck and the club's website for

    additional information.

    49th Oklahoma

    International Exhibition Of Photography

    Judging: March 14 & 15 Friday & Saturday

    Central Presbyterian Church,

    50th & May Ave.

    Friday: Set-up - 2:30 pm

    Reception - 7:00 pm

    Judging - 8:00 pm

    Saturday: Coffee - 7:30 am

    Judging - 8:00 am

    New Members and Guests 2

    Public Events of Interest 3, 7, 10

    Scores of 15, March Programs 3, 4

    Members Visit Midtown, GSCCC 5, 6

    Altered Reality, 23 GASO Circuit 7

    Competition Images 8 - 10

    Club & Meeting Information 11

    Inside this issue:

    We need your help!

    Exhibition Schedule Below

    20th Century Street


    49th Oklahoma International Exhibition

    of Photography

    Street photography has its roots in

    early 20th century Paris when

    Eugene Atget started documenting

    the city with a large format camera.

    By the 1920s, Paris was the artistic

    capital of the world and street pho-

    tography flourished. Artists, such

    as Cartier Bresson, André Kertesz

    and Brassaii, who were influenced

    by modernism and photojournalism

    and liberated by the advent of the

    small camera, took to the streets to

    document everyday life. American

    photographers, such as Berenice

    Abbott, Walker Evans and Helen

    Levitt lived in Paris during those

    years. They came back to be part of

    a loosely knit group of artists who

    documented American life and

    went on to influence a generation

    of street photographers.

    City streets, daily life and our Tight Pants

    Doug Finch, APSA

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    Dale Hamblin and Donna Baker;

    [email protected] living in OKC, vis-

    ited after finding the club online. They have

    broad photographic interests including por-

    traits, cats, nature and landscape, I strongly

    suspect you will find members with similar interests. Welcome,

    we are pleased you visited and encourage you to visit again.

    Jay Standefer; [email protected]

    from Yukon visited the club meeting after

    finding us searching the internet. Similar to

    many members, photography is his hobby.

    Welcome Jay, please come as often your

    time allows, everyone is welcome.

    February Guests

    Welcome New Members

    more attention, I had to set aside my aspiration to be a good


    About 4-5 years ago, I bought my first digital camera, a

    point and shoot, which is part of my collection. My second

    digital camera a Sony, point and shoot, 6mp, really "used

    and abused" this little camera. Wow, what a surprise I

    found in the wonderful world of digital photography. I have

    now moved to an array of advanced cameras, lenses, flash,

    lights, strobes, tripods; I collect it all, nothing goes.

    Photography for me is an expression - a memory - an ex-

    perience of what I see; I want to share the beauty of the

    world, I simply feel free. I am always trying to learn and

    improve without too much respect for the rules. I photo-

    graph flowers, buildings, old cars, a landscape, people, eve-

    rything is fun; I enjoy snapping what I find attractive and

    what provides enjoyment for me. I have not limited myself

    and continue to look further, learning more and sharing my


    I express my appreciation to the Oklahoma Camera Club

    and all my friends for the help and support in photography,

    as a hobby and beyond.

    I received my first camera, a Yashica MG1, Rangefinder

    from my father as a Christmas gift in 1983; I still have this

    camera in the original bag. I remember talking with father,

    "if in a roll of 36 exposures, 5 photos are good, you will be a

    good photographer." As time passed, my family required

    Hands of Time Fortunato

    Mercado - Diaz

    Vernon and Beth Hatley; Vernon presented the

    evening‟s instructional program HDR Basics, a

    subject of great interest for many members. We

    thank both of you for coming, you made our eve-

    ning special. Please stop by any time, we would

    enjoy having you visit.

    Mary Horn; [email protected] visited

    the club meeting after finding us on the inter-

    net. Mary lives in Oklahoma City and has

    photographic interests in portraiture, land-

    scapes and restoration. Thanks Mary, visit

    any time, you are always welcome.

    Kim Hood & Christian Bruggeman;

    Christian, from Bedford Camera &

    Video, presented the evening program

    Astrophotography and Beyond creating a

    high level of interest. With visiting and

    reviewing equipment, we finally turned the lights off and

    helped Christian find the door in the dark. Thanks Chris-

    tian, it is great having Bedford in town.

    Mary Hines; [email protected] , Mary lives

    in Edmond and was introduced to the club by Bob

    Bozarth. Mary has a broad interest in photography

    from nature to portraits, both mono and color. She

    also likes to photograph other types of artwork for

    the artist‟s portfolio. She is a retired RN, graduate

    of the Oklahoma School of Photography and completed a BFA in

    Photographic Arts at UCO. Welcome Mary, please visit anytime,

    you are always welcome.

    mailto:[email protected]

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    Scores of “15”

    Oklahoma City Museum of Art March 15 - June 1

    Oklahoma City Museum of Art to exhibit photos by

    Bret Weston and Ansel Adams

    Pines in Fog, Monterey, 1963

    In celebration of a recent gift from Christian Keesee of 150 photo-

    graphs by the noted American photographer Brett Weston, the

    Oklahoma City Museum of Art is organizing “Brett Weston:

    Land, Sea, and Sky, Recent Gifts from the Christian Keesee Col-

    lection” to be on view from March 15 to June 1. Brett Weston's

    "Pines in Fog, Monterey, 1963" was part of the Oklahoma City

    Museum of Art's 2008 exhibit "Brett Weston: Out of the Shadow.”

    In conjunction with “Brett Weston: Land, Sea, and Sky,” the mu-

    seum will open “Ansel Adams: An American Perspective.” Or-

    ganized by the Museum of Photographic Arts, San Diego; this ex-

    hibition will feature nearly 60 photographs by the iconic American

    photographer Ansel Adams. From Article by Brandy McDonnell.

    Bud on Ice

    Charles Taylor, APSA

    Color Prints A

    Warrior Dance, Seven Count,

    Randy Carr

    Color Prints A, PJ Prints

    Portland Head Light

    Wally Lee, APSA, PPSA

    Digital Monochrome

    Note: Please go to Competition Photos to view images.

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    I studied art in college and later after marriage. I