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25th IAPS IAPS 2016 booklet last.pdf · PDF file25th IAPS Meeting Santiago de Chile May 24 – 27, ... catalyst of TiO 2 and gold nanoparticles. Kinetic and intermediate

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Text of 25th IAPS IAPS 2016 booklet last.pdf · PDF file25th IAPS Meeting Santiago de Chile May...

  • 25th IAPS Meeting Santiago de Chile

    May 24 27, 2016

    Centro de Extensin Pontificia Universidad Catlica

    Alameda 390

    Sponsors and partnerships

    Conferencia realizada con el aporte de la Vicerrectora de

    Investigacin de la Pontificia Universidad Catlica de Chile

    RDECOM-Americas Office of Naval Research Global

  • May 24, 2016 (Tuesday) REGISTRATION

    Inauguration (14:50hrs): Malcolm Forbes

    Chairman: Carolina Aliaga

    PL1 Tito Scaiano: From the mole to the molecule: nanocatalysis, one molecule at a time O1 M. Therien: The Photophysics of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube-Chiral Semiconducting Polymer Superstructures O2 E. McLaurin: Photoluminescent Indium Phosphide Nanocrystals Without Shells as Donors in Small Molecule Systems O3 C. Bohne: Mechanistic Insights from Supramolecular Dynamic Studies on the Binding of Guests with Cucurbit[n]urils O4 L. Campos: Haggling Two Excitons for One Photon in Organic Electronics

  • May 25, 2016 (Wednesday)

    Chairman: Nathaniel Finney PL2 C. Turro: Targeting Cancer with Transition Metal Complexes: From Basic Science to Therapy O5 T. Moore: Helping nature regain control of the global carbon cycle O6 C. Borsarelli: Photoinduced Processes in Supramolecular Assemblies made with DNA Bio-inspired Polyelectrolytes O7 A. Marti: Metal Complexes Sensors for Protein Aggregation

    Chairman: Brbara Loeb PL3 G. Meyer: The Charge Transfer Chemistry of Iodide in Dye-Sensitized and Perovskite Solar Cells O8 P. Aramendia: Plasmonic effects on the photophysics studied at the single nanoparticle single molecule level O9 M. Wasielewski Enabling Singlet Fission by Controlling Intramolecular Charge Transfer

    O10 R. Schmehl: Micelles, Charge Separation and Kinetically Facile Photocatalysis : Viable Approach or Dead End?

    Chairman: Gonzalo Cosa PL4 A. Greer: Phase Separation of Reactive Oxygen Species: Singlet Oxygen Chemistry at Interfaces O11 D. Nicewicz: Acridinium Dyes as Photoredox Catalysts for New Organic Transformations O12 R. Santana Da Silva: Photoinduced oxidative DNA base damage in cancer cells induced by light irradiation of phthalocyanine ruthenium complex

    Chairman: Marcelo Gehlen O13 M. Gonzalez: Photoluminescent Multifunctional Nanomaterials as Imaging Sensors and Photosensitizers for Biological Uses. O14 E. Wolcan: Photosensitized generation of singlet oxygen from Re(I) complexes Ian Stanton, Edinburgh Instruments: Optimizing Sensitivity and Speed in Photoluminescence and Transient Absorption Spectroscopy

    Poster Session 1 P001 P050

    May 26, 2016 (Thursday)

    Chairman: Pedro Aramenda

    PL5 S. Nonell: Singlet oxygen photosensitisation in the nanobiotech era O15 M. Forbes: Singlet Oxygen Topology on the Nanoscale

    O16 B. Loeb: Design of Transition Metal Complexes for multipurpose applications O17 M. Gehlen: Styryl dye formation promoted by catalytic centers of piperazine bound to silica surface observed by single molecule fluorescence microscopy

    Chairman: Claudia Turro PL6 G. Cosa: Visualizing DNA-Based Nanostructures via Single Molecule Fluorescence O18 V. Kleiman: First Steps in Energy Transfer and the Role of Delocalization O19 J. McCusker: Vibronic Coherence as a Mechanistic Probe of Ultrafast Dynamics in Transition Metal-based Chromophores O20 A. Ostrowski: Controlling materials properties using the photochemistry of coordination complexes

    Chairman: Russell Schmehl PL7 M. Garcia-Garibay: Engineering Reactions in Crystalline Solids by Taking Advantage of Reactive Intermediates: From Molecular Information to Solid State Reactivity O21 A. Thomas: One-electron oxidation of thymidine photosensitized by pterin: mechanism and products characterization O22 R. Etchenique: Upconversion: the poor man's multiphoton optics

    Chairman: Alexis Aspe O23 N. Finney: On the Role of Pyramidal Inversion in Excited-State Deactivation of Aryl Sulfoxides: Surprises from Sulfoxide-based Fluorescent Chemosensors O24 A. Moore: Artificial Photosynthetic Constructs that Mimic the PCET Process Involving the Tyrz Redox Relay of PSII O25 E. Alarcon: Bio-polymer based tissue photo-bonding using rose Bengal: There is still something new under the sun

    Poster Session 2 P051 P101

  • May 27, 2016 (Friday)

    Chairman: Germn Gunther PL8 M. Baptista: Visible-light photosensitized oxidations in cells O26 J. Rack: Photophysics and Photochemistry of Ruthenium Sulfoxide Complexes O27 R. Weiss: Equilibrium Perturbations Between the Locally Excited State of Sterically Shielded Pyrenyl Molecules and Exciplex with Tertiary Aromatic Amine Quenchers O28 S. Sanchez: Laurdan GP and FLIM-phasor for studying the heterogeneity of erythrocytes membrane

    Chairman: Cornelia Bohne O29 P. Ford: Strategies for the photo-uncaging of small molecule bioregulators O30 V. Vullev: Photoinitiation of Charge Transfer in Bioinspired Molecular Electrets O31 C. Strassert: Finding and tuning sub- and intermolecular setscrews of phosphorescent Pt(II) complexes with the aid of scanning tunneling microscopy O32 T. Pritchett, RDECOM-America, ONRG. "My Research, Your Research: What I Do, and What We Can Do for You"

    Meet and Greet ACS Omega. C. Bohne Closing Remarks

    Poster Abstracts P001 Analysis of the Binding of Environmental Pollutants to Host

    Structures using Fluorescence Spectroscopy P002 CdTe quantum dots fluorescence quenching by ruthenium

    complexes. photophysical properties and evidences of energy transfer from fret mechanism

    P003 Chitosan functionalized with thioxanthone derivative as a photoinitiator in the synthesis of silver nanoparticles

    P004 Chitosan/montmorillonite nanocomposites films: preparation, characterization and Photo-oxidative degradation

    P005 Controlling microcrystallite growth and spectral shifts in perylene diimide derivatives

    P006 Degradation of dye by heterogeneous photocatalysis using hybrid catalyst of TiO2 and gold nanoparticles. Kinetic and intermediate products study

    P007 FRET studies between ruthenium phthalocyanine complexes and CdTe-MPA quantum dot: photochemistry, photobiology and theranostic properties

    P008 Heterogeneous photocatalysis to degrade a mixture of commercial pharmaceuticals from aqueous solutions

    P009 Improving the activity of hematite nanorods photoanodes for solar water splitting by controlling the film thickness

    P010 Inclusion of Naphthoxazole Derivatives in Cyclodextrins. Photophysical and Theoretical Studies.

    P011 Photodegradation of paracetamol: influence of the preparation method of ZnO catalyst and the use of suspended or immobilized form of TiO2 and ZnO semiconductors

    P012 Low cost study of the size dependent photocatalysis with AuNP ablated by Laser Drop Technique

    P013 Macromolecular oxidation in photodynamic antibacterial chemotherapy with nanoparticles

    P014 Modulated generation of ROS by modified TiO2-polyacrylamide film obtained by a novel photosynthetic approach.

    P015 Novel heteroleptic ruthenium caged compounds: synthesis, spectral properties and attachment to SiO2 nanoparticles

    P016 Photocatalytic degradation of catechol and caffeic acid using doped and undoped TiO2 synthetized by sol-gel method

    P017 Photophysical Characterization of Human Serum Albumin-CB[7] Biosupramolecular Assembly of Modified Toluidine Blue

  • P018 Photophysical Properties of CuxInS2 Quantum Dots with Cu-deficient Structures.

    P019 Reversible DisassemblyAssembly of Octa acid-Guest Capsule in Water Triggered by a Photochromic Process

    P020 Silicon Nanoparticles as Electron Acceptors in Biomimetic Dyads: Photophysics and Charge Separation Processes

    P021 Synthesis and characterization of conjugated polymers nanoparticles with potential application in the study of biological systems

    P022 Synthesis and photophysical properties of a novel biopolymeric photoinitiator based on chitosan and thioxanthone derivative

    P023 The influence of the drop size in olive-oil emulsions on the rate of quenching of pyrene with TEMPO-derived radicals of variable lipophilicity

    P024 Thermal Decay Kinetics of Photochromic Spiropyrans in Solution and in Nanocrystalline Suspensions

    P025 A New Furan-Naphthoxazole Dyad for Singlet Oxygen Detection in Biological Systems

    P026 Anaerobic UV-A irradiation of thymine nucleosides and nucleotides in the presence of pterin leads to the generation of fluorescent adducts

    P027 Association Studies AINES Anti-inflammatory COXIBs, to the human serum albumin (HSA) employing fluorescence measurements

    P028 Atmospheric photooxidation of diterbutil malonate P029 Biosisterism as a Strategy to Improve the Photophysical Efficiency

    of Phthalocyanines P030 Chemical and spectroscopic characterization of pterin-based

    fluorescent probes P031 Controlling Intramolecular [2+2] Photocycloaddition of Enones By

    Axial Chirality P032 Coordinated Electron Binding: Formation of Pyridinium Exceplexes. P033 Degradation mechanism of nucleotides photosensitized by pterin P034 Determination of Enantiomeric Excess in Amine Derivatives Via

    Molecular Self-Assemblies P035 Efficient Non-Linear Photoacoustic Contrast Agents Using

    Curcumin, BODIPY and Electron-Transfer Inspired Strategies P036 Experimental and theoretical study of eosin dyes photophysics P037 Free radical mediated oxidation of coumarin dyes in aqueous media P038 Intramolecular, Exciplex-Mediated, Proton-Coupled, Charge-

    Transfer Processes in N,N-dimethyl-3-(n-aryl)propan-1-ammonium Cations. Influence of Chromophore, Anion, Solvent Polarity, and Temperature.

    P039 Modification of the Fluorescence Properties of Enhanced Green Fluorescent Pr

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