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Eastern Trucking News, Issue 29, October 2010

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  • by KIM McWAtt

    For f ive s t ra ight months, economic indicators illustrate positive trends for the trucking industry even in a slow economy, according to transportation forecast-ers. Even with this positive outlook, todays economy continues to challenge even the strongest truck-ing companies. To help combat the economy blues, Navistar has pro-vided a solution for the truck and bus market. In February 2009, the com-pany launched its pri-vate label parts solution PRTSMRT - through the International and IC Bus dealership net-work.PRTSMRT is an all

    makes solution, backed by a one-year parts replace-ment warranty and built to International aftermarket quality standards. As Mi-chael Cancelliere, senior vice president and general manager for Navistar Parts in North America, stated, PRTSMRT provides Navistar a great oppor-tunity to support our cus-tomers during these chal-lenging economic times when many customers are cutting back and pinching pennies. With this new parts line, Navistar enters a segment of the parts business in which we pre-viously have not been involved. Its a necessity in todays environment to of-fer cost effective products customers can use to hold down their operating ex-penses without sacrificing quality.

    All PrODUct brANDS

    cOMPetItIvely PrIceD

    PRTSMRT offers a wide range of products including mirrors, HVAC products, belts, hoses, hy-draulic brake components, lighting, rotating electrics, seals, maintenance, and much more. Since the launch in 2009, and based on customer demand, new products have been regu-

    larly added to the line-up. PRTSMRT products are sourced through trusted suppliers and meet or ex-ceed industry standard test results. The PRTSMRT program to date has a warranty rate of less than 1%.PRTSMRT products

    are competitively priced, giving cus-tomers eco-nomic relief and reducing operating costs when they need it most. The prod-ucts in the line fit all makes, all models of t rucks and buses and a re appro-priate for the parts buyer who values quality and is searching for an alternative parts choice to maximize uptime. For an Owner-Operator, whose truck is their liveli-hood, maintaining it is a key component of keeping their busi-ness running.




    PrtSMrtOver the past

    18 months, d e a l e r -ships across the US, Canada, and Mex-ico have welcomed the PRTSMRT product line into their businesses. Trad-itionally offering premium products, International dealerships now have an opportunity to provide additional cost-effective solutions to their custom-ers, without sacrificing quality. Many locations are celebrating the new product line and have made PRTSMRT a focus during customer events, such as dealership grand openings, anniversaries, and training seminars.

    International dealerships

    have also been finding new areas of growth and opportunity through the PRTSMRT brand. Out-side Sales Representatives are establishing new rela-tionships with customers who would have other-wise been unable to afford traditional OE products offered at Internation-al dealerships. These

    tough economic times can be humbling, even for a salesperson, when you are used to selling only premium parts, said one Outside Sales Representa-tive. PRTSMRT gave us a chance to step out of the box and realize that there are great quality parts out there, for less. Ive met customers who could hardly upkeep their fleets before PRTSMRT, and now their business can keep on moving.

    According to Greg Baze, Bus Marketing Segment Manager for Navistar, the product lines available

    and the IC Bus dealers ability to understand the bus customer has allowed the PRTSMRT brand to grow in the bus market, as well. Baze notes that at IC Bus dealerships, Outside Sales Representatives are taking the parts straight to their customers and carrying them into bus

    garages all over their AORs. This approach has been well received and even practiced at trade shows. An Illinois-based IC Bus dealer has laid out PRTSMRT products at trade shows giving tech-nicians and directors a chance to touch and feel the quality of the parts. Top selling product lines for the bus market include brakes components, light-ing, wiper blades, belts, hoses, seals, and rotating electrics. Having been the customer myself for a long time, the PRTSMRT products are in line with

    whats important for a typical bus maintenance manager, says Baze.

    GettING MOre


    The PRTSMRT brand targets both current cus-tomers and also calls upon those who shy away from OEM products. A prime target market is the owners of off-warranty

    trucks and third or fourth owners. Navis-tar has been reaching

    end customers through vari-ous med ia such as print, radio, tele-vision, and the Internet a n d c o n -

    tinues to pro-mote through the

    International and IC Bus dealer net-work. Promotions for PRTSMRT

    p r o d u c t s are avai l -able through

    Navistars marketing and sales program on

    the myEDGE Virtual Parts Counter at


    C u s t o m -e r s c a n easily view PRTSMRT p r o d u c t s available at

    participating International and

    IC Bus dealerships on www.partsmartparts.com. The website features the entire product line and is updated regularly with new products. A down-loadable parts catalogue is available with images, part numbers, industry part numbers, and de-scriptions. The site is also e-commerce enabled; however parts purchases are available to U.S. cus-tomers only at this time.

    GIve US yOUr


    The Navistar PRTSMRT team is dedicated to grow-

    ing the brand and accom-modating customer needs. Requests for new products are always welcomed. The Navistar Product Teams work diligently with sup-pliers to ensure quality products that meet cus-tomer needs. Your feed-back is very important to the PRTSMRT team. Product questions and suggestions can be sent to partsmart@navistar.com.

    The PRTSMRT brand is well-synchronized with the state of the economy and has proven to be an added value to the bot-tom line of businesses across numerous indus-tries. PRTSMRT parts are competitively priced and are sourced through trusted suppliers that ad-here to industry standard testing. Backed by a one-year parts replacement warranty, customers now have an alternative choice with this all makes solu-tion to cure the economy blues.AbOUt NAvIStAr PArtS

    Navistar Parts, an oper-ating unit of Navistar, Inc. (NYSE: NAV), delivers the right part, at the right place, at the right time. With the largest dealer network in North Amer-ica, and extensive global locations, Navistar Parts supplies parts worldwide for International and IC Bus brand vehicles and MaxxForce brand diesel engines, as well as parts for all makes of medium- and heavy-duty trucks. With more than 700,000 parts, 10 global Parts Distribution Centers and 100 years of building a solid after-market parts supply chain, Navistar Parts keeps you up and running. Navis-tar Parts private labels include: International, Fleetrite, PRTSMRT and ReNEWed brands. Additional information on Navistar Parts can be found at www.navistar-parts.com.V

    4 OctOber 2010

    SPOtlIGht ON NAvIStAr PrtSMrt

    Navistars PRTSMRT Brand is Right on the MoneyDo you have the economy blues?

  • OctOber 2010 5

  • by MAreK KrASUSKI

    Trends in the auto parts industry tend to follow the motor vehicle industry. So its no surprise that with major shifts in the supply and de-mand of vehicles, there are similar upheavals in the auto parts sector. It used

    to be that North American Original Equipment Manu-facturers (OEMs) took the lions share of the auto parts industry. In the wake of consumer obsession for lower prices and competi-tion from offshore suppli-ers, market shar