3 easy ways to make money from home online

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  • 1. 3 Easy Ways to Make Money from Home Online There are a lot of great things about the internet social networks, online games, free apps, the list just goes on and on but one of the best things about the World Wide Web is its vast potential for earning the extra buck. Back in the day, when you wanted extra cash to supplement your regular paycheck, you needed to get a part time job like waiting tables or bartending. Though some of those jobs can be fun, it also means more time on your feet or talking to people which could be the last thing you want to do after youve already worked eight hours. With the internet, you can find easy ways to make money from home where youre more comfortable and you dont have to be dressed up. There are a lot of different ways that you can earn extra cash online, but there are some gigs that are more relaxed and wont add to the pressure that youre already getting from your day job. Weve listed the top three most popular ways of earning that extra buck without putting too much of a strain on your time and schedule. 1. Ebay A lot of people are making money on eBay because, as they say, one mans trash is another mans treasure. I know someone who found an old TLR camera in the attic and, without really knowing how much it was worth, just put it up on eBay, dust and all. After the bidding war ended, the guy ended up with an extra $700. Like all marketplaces, its all about supply and demand, but it does give you an oppor tunity to sell items without having to worry about maintaining an overhead fee or marketing. 2. Fiverr One of the newest easy ways to make money from home is Fiverr, an increasingly popular website where people offer all kinds of services for $5. There are a lot of really cool stuff there, from short videos to content editing to logo design. If you have a quirky talent that could potentially be useful to other people (like, say, in creating unique content for a website or a marketing campaign), you can offer your services in Fiverr. $5 may not sound like much but I know some people on Fiverr who have as much as 35 back orders for the services they were offering. It adds up! 3. Publish a Kindle eBook I know, I know; publishing a Kindle eBook doesnt sound easy at all! But despite the extra effort youll have to put in, self-publishing eBooks is actually a very lucrative way of earning money online that can become a passive source of income over time. Lets say you write an eBook on how to start an online campaign for a small business, about 10 000 words, that you work on an hour a day after work or on weekends. When you finally publish it, get a few reviews and your book will be in the market available for purchase forever (unless you decide to take it down). Amazon does get a cut of your earnings though but it can still get you a lot of extra cash. These are only some of the easy ways to make money from home. There are plenty of other opportunities available online that youre sure to discover once youve had a look around. If you want to hear from the experts or talk to other people who are
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