3 Revolutions

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  • 1. Three Revolutions The Glorious Revolution The American Revolution The French Revolution

2. The Glorious Revolution 3. What was the Glorious Revolution?

  • England 1689
  • How change came about
    • In 1653 parliament was dissolved became a military dictatorsip, people were unhappy
    • In 1660 the throne was restored (restoration)
    • Parliaments powers returned (no taxes without consent)
    • Habeas Corpus Act (right to a fair trial, mentioned in US constitution)

4. What was the affect of the Glorious Revolution?

  • Turning point in English constitutional history
  • Parliament limited monarchs power and control
  • England became a constitutional monarchy (powers of monarch are limited by constitution)


  • English bill of rights was created
  • Formal summary of the rights and libertiesof the people
  • Monarch was forbidden to make decisions without parliament approval

6. How did the American Revolution start?

  • -Britain believed American colonies should pay taxes in return for security
  • -Colonists believed no taxation without representation (Parliament was not representing colonists)
  • -Colonists also wanted to expand west

7. 8. What happened during the American Revolution?

  • Colonists fight started in 1775
  • Declaration of In dependence signed in 1776
  • In 1781 British armies surrendered
  • Loose confederation, afraid of strong government
  • Government was too weak, couldnt tax or make treaties

9. What happened after the American Revolution?

  • 1787 a group of leaders met in Philadelphia
  • Constitution was written
  • Model for new democracies around the world
  • Great debate over strong vs. weak government
  • Set up a representative government
  • Federal government was formed

10. How did the French Revolution begin?

  • -People were unhappy with monarchy
  • -Clergy and nobility had priveleges
  • -only commoners paid taxes
  • -Inspired by American revolution
  • -people were hungry and felt the king didnt care

11. 12.

  • Enlightenment caused people to rethink ideas
  • 1789- Louis raised taxes
  • Peasant uprising across country
  • Fought to win democratic freedom

13. What happened after the French Revolution?

  • National Assembly made needed changes
  • Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen was created
  • Strongly influenced by enlightenment and American Declaration of Independence


  • New Assembly not accepted by the king or aristocrats
  • Other European nations with absolute monarchies feared democracy
  • 1792- royal family imprisoned, radical legislature took charge
  • Reign of terror began-people killed for believing in revolution
  • 1799, Military leader, Napoleon Bonaparte took charge and created a dictatorship
  • Not until mid1800s that democracy developed in France

15. Reign of Terror film 16. Fr and Am rev comparison- film