#3 The ABC Murders - Tongue Twisted or Brain Twisted

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Sometimes learning English is murder, sometimes its as easy as ABC. This is both.


<ul><li><p>1 Assistant Smart: This house is surrounded. I am afraid I must notaskanyonetoleavetheroom.(Shestops)NoImustasknobody.(Shestops)no!(Shestops)Imust askeverybodyto(shestops)Imustnotaskanyonetoleavethero(shestops)Noonemust beaskedbymetoleavetheroom(shestops)ShallIleavetheroom?Understand?Theclass:Youdontwantanyonetoleavetheroom!Teacher:whynot?Assistant Smart: elementary, since the body was found in this room. And no one has left it, it is highly probable, in fact almost a complete certainty therefore that the murderer must be somebody in thisroom.Teacher:Whatbody?Assistant Smart: The murderer of this body is somebody in theroom, thistheroomwhichnobodymust leave ( She stops) Somebody who could be anybody relative to thiscaseisinthisroom,so nobody may leave with their body, leaving the body here in the roomwitheverybody...else.Inspector: Now, I do speak to intromoose dyself. I am sorry (she </p></li><li><p>stops) No, I do speak to allude to myself to you... eerrm, please allowmyintrotoloosemyself,Imeanavowmetopromiseyouwewillmeet(shestops)No,Iallowmetointroduceyou tomeexcusemadam!(she stops) Allow me to introduce myself. I must ask that no one leavetheroom(shestops).Allowmetointroducemyself.IaminspectorTiger</p><p>AssistantSmart:What?Where?(realisesthereisnotiger).AssistantSmart:Metiger,youJane.Grr!errr,Ibegyourpardon.</p><p>She speaks quite fast and since this part becomes almost a tonguetwister it is very important that you and your students are fullyawareofhersituation,soyoucanenjoyitbetter!We invite you to read this to your students and give them the opportunitytoperformthisinfrontoftheirmatesasfast(butaswellperformed,)astheycan!Perhaps I could share with you the case I solved,wheresevensilly sheet slitters were caught sillyly slitting sheets and accused of sellingblackmarketseashellsbytheseashore...Perhapsanothertime.</p><p>2 Ask your students to write her request in as many ways as possible!Thatmeans,letsuntwisther!</p><p>3Canyoutelluswhatarethedifferencesbetween:everyone/noone/nobody/anyone/everybody/someone/somebodyBadjokealert:WhydidnttheskeletongototheHalloweenparty?Becausehehadno bodytogowith.</p></li></ul>