3 Ways to Increase the Visibility of Your Blog Posts

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Blogging can be fun! Check out these three ways to get your content more views.


  • 3 Ways To Increase The Visibility Of Your Blog Posts

    by Brittany Shelley

    Producing and developing a blog is a great

    way for companies to not only gain more

    customers but also to express their brand and

    personality; however, creating a successful

    blog can be time consuming, and it takes

    time and patience to increase the number of


    There are different ways to help draw more

    eyes to your content and by using some of

    steps outlined below, businesses wanting to

    build a better blog presence can gain traction

    with their target market.

    1. Write for people first, then optimize

    your content. When writing any online content, it is important to make

    sure that you use a balanced approach between being appealing to the

    reader and properly optimizing content for the search engines.

    Search engines are constantly changing their algorithms, thus SEO

    should be an evolving process utilizing the most up-to-date information;

    however, the basics of optimizing blog posts for search engines revolves

    around developing keywords, Meta descriptions, and alt text for all


    2. Posting to social media is another way to get eyes on your blog

    posts. There are different dos and donts when it comes to posting on social media; however, at the very minimum, blog posts should be

    shared on networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.

  • The great thing about social media is that if people like your content

    they will share it on your behalf, boosting the possibility for your blog

    post to go viral.

    3. Another important point about blogging that should not be

    forgotten is to create exciting titles that engage readers. There is no

    getting away from the fact that people do still judge a book by its cover,

    and it is the same with online content. If the blog post title is not catchy

    or intriguing, people are not likely to read the rest of the post. Start with

    a working title; after a post is written, refer back to the headline and

    ensure that the title is still relevant.

    Blogging can be a great way to reach new audiences and engage with

    interesting people across your industry. By properly using SEO,

    engaging in social media and writing eye-catching titles, your blog posts

    are more likely to draw in visitors to your website that could possibly

    turn into leads.

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