3 Ways to Use Twitter

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  1. 1. 3 Ways to Use Twitter Twitter is considered by many in business to be both a blessing and a curse. It provides many opportunities for growing a business, but it can also take up a lot of time and money without resulting in any business growth. The way to successfully use Twitter is to create a plan before you begin Tweeting. If you have specific goals in mind and know exactly how you will use Twitter to build a better business, you are likely to have more success. Believe it or not, just 140 characters per day can have a major impact on your business. What are the three best ways to use Twitter? Connect with Clients and Potential Clients Twitter is a great tool for connecting with clients. Not only are you able to reach out and expose potential clients to your business, you can keep in touch with current clients. Turning a current client into a repeat or ongoing client sometimes takes a bit of effort. You need to stay fresh in their minds and remind them of why they need your services. Twitter is a convenient way to accomplish both of these goals. When a potential or current client sees your business in their Twitter feed on a regular basis (at least daily!), it keeps you in the forefront of their mind and makes you their go-to resource when they need the type of product or service you provide. Network with Others Twitter provides an excellent platform for networking with business associates. Professional networks are made up of a variety of members, including your competition, your clients and potential clients, and your group of resources. Networking with these people helps you rise to the top of your industry. Not only are you able to stay on top of what the competition is doing and keep in touch with your client base, you are able to make contacts you can use as resources down the road. If you are unable to provide a product or service to a client, your network of contacts likely has someone who can. You can also consider collaborations with members of your network that allow you to provide a greater array of offerings on your menu of products and services.
  2. 2. Provide Information Finally, Twitter makes it easy to share information. Sharing the most up-to-date information in your industry not only helps you, it helps your followers. You are spreading credible information about your industry and helping to educate your clients. You are also establishing credibility in your field, by showing you are on top of the latest developments. Even if you are simply Tweeting a link to an interesting story or piece of information, you establish a reputation for being a source of information. People respect that and it translates to growing your business. Twitter provides a simple tool for growing your business. It is fun and effective, and creating a Twitter marketing campaign is one of the most valuable efforts you can make for growing your business.