3 Ways You Can Get Your Customers to Write Reviews for Your Business

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3 Ways You Can Get Your
Customers to Write Reviews
for Your Business

Ask for them.

Made a customer or client happy is a great opportunity to ask for a review. Also, make good use of your mailing lists by sending requests for reviews. This can be done via telephone, email or snail mail, or you may even include a request for reviews (with links to review sites) on your business website.

Posting reviews is actually a very simple process. Direct customers to the sites you are registered with, and list step-by-step directions for publishing their reviews on those sites (with screen shots, if possible).

Make it easy.

Offer incentives.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with thanking a customer for a review by offering some kind of coupon or other

Here is a way to offer rewards

post an acknowledgement of that review (whether it was positive or negative), along with a thank you for your input and an offer to enjoy more of what your business has to offer with a complimentary coupon. Other customers who see that will be eager to jump on board by providing their own reviews.

Thank You

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