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  • 3G Mobile Phone/PDA Remote View Setup

    DVR Connection, Inc Discovery Series 3G Mobile PDA Remote View Setup by Mike Bijan Page 1

    To view the DVR Connection (DCI) Embedded DVR servers images using a Windows mobile phone, iPhone or a PDA, certain networking requirements must first be met. Although not necessary, it is highly recommended to establish and static IP address and the fastest Internet upload connection on the DVR site for the best possible viewing. The DVR networking must be configured for connecting to the Internet as well as being accessed remotely. If there is a router in the network circuit, then it must be configured for allowing access to the DVR from a remote location. NOTE: Please read and follow all instructions regarding the write protection utility included with the DVR in entirety, before changing any settings on the DCI DVR server. Failure to do so can cause failure in the operation of the DVR. To configure the DCI Embedded DVR networking environment for remote access via mobile devices, you need to obtain the router (if present) or the modem IP address by contacting the Internet Service Provider (ISP) or referring to the users manual for those devices. In this instruction guide we assume that the router is a Netgear router and it has an access IP address of

    Start Internet Explorer (IE) from any other computer on the LAN or the DVR desktop

    Type www.whatismyip.com in the address field and store the IP address shown

    Type the IP address into the address line and press enter

    Enter the login information for the router to access the configuration screen (In this example type admin for username and password for password)

    Search for the Port Forwarding section of the router (Picture 1 below shows the Netgear routers screen)

    Picture 1

    Enter the name DVR in the Name field under Add Custom Rules section

    Enter 5900 in the Start Port field

    Enter 5900 in the End Port field

    Enter 100 in the Local IP Address field

    Click on Add

    Exit the router configuration screen by closing Internet Explorer Now, access the Control User Access tab on the DCI Embedded DVR server through the Setup screen.


  • 3G Mobile Phone/PDA Remote View Setup

    DVR Connection, Inc Discovery Series 3G Mobile PDA Remote View Setup by Mike Bijan Page 2

    Click on Setup TCP/IP button

    Select Use the following IP address

    Enter the IP addresses in the fields as shown in picture 2

    Picture 2

    Click on OK (may take up to a minute before the screen is closed)

    Click on Save

    Click on Apply

    Press and hold Ctrl and press the F4 key on the keyboard to access the DVR utility menu

    Click on Runs

    Click on Ultra VNC

    Click on Close

    Follow the write protection instruction to write protect the DVR There are many free or licensed VNC Viewer applications (below are a list of some example download sites) available on the Internet for the type of mobile phone that you have. Access the internet on your phone and download VNC viewer from the Application- Store provided for your mobile phone. Follow the installation instructions from the application provider. Enter the following information in the appropriate fields:

    IP Address: this is the IP address that was saved earlier from www.whatismyipaddress.com Port: 5900 Password: dci6703

    Select the connect option from the application. You should see the DVR main camera display screen at this time. The following sites are examples of companies that support the viewer application. These companies are not affiliated with DVR Connection. Use these applications at your own risk. DVR Connection will not assume any responsibility for their use.

    Web Address Application

    http://dotnetvnc.sourceforge.net .Net VNC Viewer for Windows mobile devices

    http://www.freeutils.net/vnc2go Vnc2Go for Windows mobile devices

    http://www.apple.com Mocha VNC Lite for iPhone



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