4 Simple Ways To Get Over Your Need For Acceptance... And Get On With Your Life

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    4 Simple Ways To Get Over Your Need For Acceptance... And Get On WithYour LifeImagine what your life would be like if you could just be yourself, without thinking twice aboutwhat other people think of you! Here are four quick tips that will help you get over your needfor acceptance. Make these four things a part of your daily routine and you'll find that peoplewill judge you less and accept you more!1. See Yourself as a SuccessYou're probably familiar with that little voice inside your head that tells you you're never goodenough. Instead of letting that voice continuously judge what you didn't do right; focus on anactual moment in your life that makes you feel wonderful. This could be a moment at yourwedding, the birth of your first child or a great victory you achieved. Picture it as if you wereliving it all over again. Right before you think of this moment, say these words: "You knowwhat this (say the bad feeling you are having right then) reminds me of? It reminds me of thetime." Then remember or in essence "live out" your great moment. End the moment with thewords "That's what this reminds me of." This is exactly what Olympic athletes have done foryears to increase their physical performance. They see it first in their imagination and thenthey reach their goals. If you do the same, those days of being held back by your need foracceptance will be over!2. Restore Your Self ConfidenceThe second key to getting over your need for acceptance is self-confidence. Confidence isthe result of how you see yourself in your imagination. The way your nervous system makesyou feel is the direct result of what's going on in your imagination. That's why when someonedescribes a great meal; you begin to salivate even though there is no actual food in reality.To your nervous system, this 'food' is more real than actual food itself. Since that's the case,just think what would happen if you imagined yourself being successful and confident? Whenyou see confidence in your imagination, your nervous system "believes" you are confidentwhich changes the vibes you give off. People will treat you better because they can feel yoursuccess and want to be around it. Tell yourself that you're a success on a daily basis andyou'll not only start seeing yourself in a different light but you'll get over your need foracceptance...for good.3. Find A Career That Truly Fits "The Real You"This step may seem like it has no connection to the previous steps, but it goes hand in handwith getting over your need for acceptance. Since confidence is necessary to get over yourneed for acceptance, an easy way to build your confidence is to do what you truly weremeant to do in life.What are you passionate about? What have others told you you're good at? To learn exactlyhow find a career that fits you, there is no better book than What Color Is Your Parachute?By Nelson Bolles.Just go to: http://www.selfesteemsecrets4women.com/parachute.html to find it. Match yourtalents to your career and see your confidence begin to increase every day!

  • 4. What Makes YOU Happy?Most people are not sure what happiness really is. Many say that money would make themhappy. But it's not money at all. People don't want money! They want what money can BUY.They remember that buying new things makes them feel happy, but this is only one form ofhappiness. True happiness comes when you can make a difference in the life of anotherperson and realize how much it meant to them. Lending someone a helping hand not onlybrightens their day, but you'll be able to reap the effects of, if only for a brief moment, truehappiness.Now that you know how to get over your need for acceptance by focusing on a positivememory instead of the negative voice inside your head, you'll be able to give off the vibesthat ATTRACT people to YOU. Instead of wishing and hoping for approval, you now knowhow to get over your need for acceptance by giving people what they need; a confidentperson who not only looks for the good in them, but also shows them how to see it too.Larry Bilotta's FREE 7-day mini-course shows you how to quickly and easily eliminate yournegative thoughts, STOP dwelling on your problems and START feeling better aboutyourself. Just visit the Self Esteem Tips website.