40+ ways to use Twitter in a job search2

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How to use in your job search

Melissa C. Martin http://military2civilianemployment.com

40+ ways why #twitteristhebuzz

1. Job search advice- Tap into all of the resources on Twitter, from people of influence, subject matter experts, lists, hashtag discussions, Twitter chats, recruiters, and fellow job seekers. Share the wealth!2. Job search trends- Stay in the game! Job search tactics and strategies are changing faster than a speeding light! Example, Tweetresumes were not around officially just 2 years ago. 3. DONT Tweet privately if you want to reach employers; instead, show your personality.4. Links to YouTube- Either YOU as the job seeker post something distinctive to YouTube (ex: video resume) or click onto a YT link to access endless job search advice.5. Connect with influencers. If youre a beginner, start with 5 subject matter experts and follow them.6. Network- Obviously, Twitter is THE social media platform to network with people you dont know yet, as Australian Twitter guru Keith Keller would say.7. Chat with REAL people in REAL time8. Use hashtags (see my previous 5 secrets of using Twitter) to funnel down your discussions, tweets and communications.9. Create a 140 character social media resume to be unique to potential employers and communicate your brand. #smw140resume10. Create an online Twitter resume (twesume). Go to Chris Russells site www.careercloud.com for details.11. Branding. Use Twitter to help create your branding statement to network, interview and connect with SMEs. "HOW TO" Use Twitter To Market Your Brand http://tinyurl.com/Twitter4BizMP3 (MP3s12. Create a Vine video (7 seconds) and embed it into your Twitterresume.13. Provide a link to your blog to demonstrate your area of expertise.14. Find and engage with recruiters and hiring managers.15. Follow @glassdoor on Twitter to view company ratings from former company employees. .16. Start a Hire me campaign.17. Use Twitter to prepare for an interview. I have a killer interview secrets ebook on my web site, http://bit.ly/1kgSWX618. Watch my FREE Twitter webinar! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vwhlK-JrOL0 19. Send a power Tweet on Twylah, http://ow.ly/5o9UD20. Gary Loper (one of my followers): #TwitterTip #WhatToTweet ~ Share How-to videos21. Develop job search motivation from A-Z: http: ly/9f2tG22. Create an infographic resume 23. Spot hidden job leads to access the hidden job market.24. Use Twitter chats to promote your brand and interact with followers. One popular one is #jobhuntchat 25. Manage time and tweets through tools: www.BufferApp.com, www.HootSuite.com (has a dashboard) , www.Gremln.com (has a dashboard) and www.Tweriod.com 26. Demonstrate social proof of your accomplishments27. Follow @twittercritters The best way to search, share and save jobs on twitter. From the team @career_cloud28. Check the hashtag #interviewtips for the latest hiring trends29. Pay it forward by HELPING fellow job seekers 30. APPS on your smartphone: network, job search, research, apply for jobs (Jobs by CareerBuilder app) and snap a photo of your business card on CardMunch31 Search using keywords unique to your industry, and follow people with those words in their bio. Then tweet them, direct message them, let them know you are job hunting. As with any site, the more experts in your field you connect31. use sites like Twellow and TwitDir to find people in your field. 32. Give your Twitter account TCL- Tweet, like, comment33. Uncover connections to help your application be considered. Employers depend on the 3 Rs for hiring: referrals, recommendations and reputation.34. Experts at the Top online colleges.org have included new media and literacy and new media ecology among the top 10 most important skills youll need for the jobs in 2020.35. Invest in professional development. Listen to podcasts (i.e. Career Cloud), webinars (i.e. careerealism.com) and put them on your resume to show you are upgrading your knowledge in your chosen field or industry.36. Apply some weapons of influence in your Tweets: reciprocity (i.e. follow back a follower), be an authority in your field, be likeable by building trust with followers, and social proof of your accomplishments. Robert Cialdini wrote a book called Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion which sold more than 2 million copies worldwide. 37. Tweet that you are volunteering. More employers are asking in interviews if you are currently volunteering. It shows employers that you are upgrading yourself and giving back to the community.38. If changing careers or wishing to gain experience, Tweet that you are interested in an internship. 39. Tweet with more than one hashtag. Acc to Twitter Scientist, Dan Zarrella, Tweets with 1 or more #hashtags are 55% more likely to be ReTweeted than Tweets that don't.40. Follow the 80/20 rule 80 percent of your tweets should be your own curated content and 20 percent retweets. Tweeting your own curated information builds your thought leadership in certain topic areas and retweeting will allow you to easily engage with other Twitter users. 41. Instead of answering the question, What are you doing? answer the question, What has your attention?42. Use Twitter to create a portfolio before an interview. The average interview is 40 minutes. VISUAL is powerful.43. STILL not convinced that Twitter is the buzz and useless as a job search tool? Heres proof that Twitter gets traction globally and elicits instant response, http://bit.ly/1E3x3Zx

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