4/23/2015 MLA Game 1 Miguel Powers. 4/23/2015 MLA Game 2 Introduction MLA-Modern Language Association Guidelines for proper citation to avoid plagiarism

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<ul><li>Slide 1</li></ul> <p>4/23/2015 MLA Game 1 Miguel Powers Slide 2 4/23/2015 MLA Game 2 Introduction MLA-Modern Language Association Guidelines for proper citation to avoid plagiarism. Using proper in-text and end of text citation is one of the essential skills of college writing. Slide 3 4/23/2015 MLA Game 3 Altruism? Remember the fire and the teddy bear Slide 4 4/23/2015 MLA Game 4 Agenda Review Guidelines Discuss in-text and end of text citation Practice applying and recognizing MLA Guidelines Play MLA Game for extra credit Slide 5 4/23/2015 MLA Game 5 Overview Proper Citation ensures that you give credit where credit is due and that you fit into a community of writers. Text Cite d Page of End Works Citat ion Attrib utive tag Source Slide 6 4/23/2015 MLA Game 6 Vocabulary MLA Citation: Proper use of quotation marks and parenthetical information to indicate your use of another authors words or ideas (AKA paraphrase). In-Text Citation: Authors last name and page number in parenthesis at the end of the sentence End of Text Citation: Complete MLA entry on the Works Cited Page, arranged alphabetically by the authors last names. Attributive Tag: Your words that introduce the quotation (e. g. Miner says The fundamental belief). Slide 7 4/23/2015 MLA Game 7 MLA Citation: Two Parts A) In-text Citation 1) Authors Last Name 2) Page Number B) End of Text Citation 1) Authors Name (Last Name, First Name) 2) Title Information a) Title of Article b) Title of Source Book or Journal including editor (Ed.) Slide 8 4/23/2015 MLA Game 8 MLA Citation: Part A In-text Citation Authors Name Page Number Attributive Tag Example: Horace Miner claims that the fundamental belief underlying the whole system appears to be that the human body is ugly and has a tendency towards debility and disease (Miner 171). Slide 9 4/23/2015 MLA Game 9 MLA Citation: Part B End of Text Citation Authors last name, First name. Title of the article. Title of the source. Ed. Editors name. City of Publication: Publisher, Year of Publication. Inclusive page numbers. Example: Bambara, Toni, Cade. The Lesson. Reading and Writing with Purpose. Ed. Miguel Powers. New York: McGraw-Hill Primus, 2003. 12-19. Print. Slide 10 4/23/2015 MLA Game 10 In-text Citation Review Two parts Authors name Page number in parenthesis Attributive tag (a. t.) Example: While pretending to report about a primitive tribe called the Nacerima, Horace Miner describes the American culture as an example of the extremes to which humans can go (Miner 171). Slide 11 4/23/2015 MLA Game 11 Round One: In-text Citation 5) Barbara Mellix explains that using standard English to whites was our way of demonstrating that we knew their language and could use it. (Mellix 289) Incorrect: Period inside the quotation mark, not after the parenthetical citation Slide 12 4/23/2015 MLA Game 12 Round One: In-text Citation 15) I will have my serpent's tonguemy womans voice, my sexual voice, my poets voice, explains Anzaldua as she asserts her continued independence (125). Correct Slide 13 4/23/2015 MLA Game 13 Round Two: End of Text Citation Works Cited Carol Comfort. Breaking Boundaries. Print. Incorrect: Authors last name first and lacks publication information Slide 14 4/23/2015 MLA Game 14 Round Two: End of Text Citation Works Cited Carol Comfort. Breaking Boundaries. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall, 2000. Print. Incorrect: Authors last, name first. [Comfort, Carol.] Slide 15 4/23/2015 MLA Game 15 Round Two: End of Text Citation Works Cited Anzaldua, Gloria. How to Tame a Wild Tongue. Breaking Boundaries. Ed. Carol Comfort. Upper Saddle River, NJ: 2000. 119-130. Print. Lester, James. Writing Research Papers: A Complete Guide. 3 rd ed. New York Longman, 1999. Print. Rodriguez, Richard. Aria. Breaking Boundaries. Ed. Carol Comfort. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall, 2000. 299-308. Print. Shakespeare, William. A Midsummer Nights Dream. Ed. Linda Buckle and Paul Kelley. Cambridge: Cambridge UP, 1997. Print. [Correct: Alphabetical by authors last names] Slide 16 4/23/2015 MLA Game 16 Final Round Make a correct Work Cited entry for Horace Miners Body Ritual Among the Nacerima. Each team member writes a version on a separate piece of paper. Write one corrected version and all names on your final answer. Slide 17 Miner Citation Information Horace Miner. Annual Editions: Anthropology. 2000/2001. Body Ritual Among the Nacirema Editor Elvio Angeloni Dushkin/McGraw-Hill 2000 Sluice Dock, Conneticut 171-173. Medium Slide 18 4/23/2015 MLA Game 18 Final Round Works Cited Miner, Horace. Body Ritual Among the Nacirema. Annual Editions: Anthropology. 23 rd ed. Ed. Elvio Angeloni. Sluice Dock, CT: Dushkin/McGraw-Hill, 2000. 171- 173. Print. Slide 19 4/23/2015 MLA Game 19 Summary Quiz What are the two parts of MLA Citation? When should you use MLA Citation? What is the difference between quotation and paraphrase? How do you show the difference in your paper? What questions do you have? Slide 20 4/23/2015 MLA Game 20 Where to Get More Information Writing Handbooks such as: Maimon, Elaine P. and Janice H. Peritz. A Writers Resource: A Handbook for Writing and Research. Boston: McGraw-Hill, 2003. Print. Fullerton College Library Home Page Fullerton College Writing Center, Tutoring Center and your instructor. </p>