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NOTEFROMTHEPl:BUSHER This book ISpresented only as a means of preserving a untque aspect of thehentage of themar-tial arts.'either thepubhsher nor the author makes any representation, warranty, or guarantee that the techntques descnbed orillustratedInitwHIbe safeor effectiveInany self-defense Situ-ationor otherWise. ReadersmaybeInjuredIfthey apply ortrainInthetechntques illustrated. Tomlnlml : e thensk of Injury, nothing descnbed InthiSbook shouldbeundertakenwithout personaland expert InstruCtlonInaddmon, a phYSICianshouldbeconsuhed beforedeCiding whethertoattemptanyofthetechntquesdeSCribed.Federal,state,orlocallawmayprohibit theuseorthepossessionof any oftheweaponsdeSCribedor tllustratedInthiSbookpeclflc self-defenseresponses IllustratedInthesepagesmaynotbe justified Inanyparticular situation or apphcableunder federal , state, or locallawNeitherIhepublisher northeauthor makes any representation or warranty regarding the legality or appropriateness of an)' weapon or techmque mentioned InthISbook. Thenames of modernandcontemporary JapaneseappearIntheWesternorder,whHethose of hlstoncalftgures(pre-1868)arewnttenInthetradmonalorder: surnamepreceding given name. Forreference,thefollowingchan showsthoseperiods of JapanesehIstoryIhatwtllbemost relevant tothe dISCUSSIon. PERIODAME ara Helan Kamakura Muromachl anbokucho Sengoku Azuchl-Momoyama Edo MelJI Talsho Showa Heisel APPROXIMATEDATES(A.D.) 710-74 794- 1192 1192- 1333 1336-1573 1336-1392 1467-156 1573- 1600 1600-1868 1868-1912 1912-1926 1926-1989 1989-(Hlstonans donOtagreeonexactly whenIhevanous penods started andended, sothedates hstedare approxImate. Japanese writing oftenrefersaswelltonengo, or shorter penods named after each relgmng emperor. Some of these WIllbe Introduced where relevan!.) EdItedtn cooperauon with Musashl EdItorialLtd., andMatt Cotterill. DistributedintheUnitedtates byKodanshaAmenca, LLC,andintheUnitedKingdom and conttnental Europe by Kodansha Europe Ltd. PubhshedbyKodanshaInternattonalLtd.,17- 14Otowal -chome,Bunkyo-ku,Tokyo 112- 8652. Copynght 2008 by Masaakt Hatsum!. Translauon 2008 by Doug Wilson,Bruce Appleby, and CraIg Olson. Allrights reserved. Printed in Japan. IBN978-4-7700-3059- 7 LCC2008018074 fIrSt edttion, 2008 181716151413121110 09081514131211109876543 -$] ~ 1-~ ~ ~ CONTENTS ITRODCTION The True Meaning of Budo Taijutsu Happo Budo Taijutsu Awakening10 The Bible of Martial Artists12 Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu Today13 ICHAPTER1 Kihon Happo Gyokko-ryu Kihon Happo16 Training in the Kihon Happo16 Words fromTakamatsu Sensei on the Gyokko-ryu Kosshi Koppo jutsu and Koto-ryu20 KihonHappo gata21 Kosshi Sanpo22 ToriteKihon gataGoho27 ICHAPTER3 Gyokko-ryu Kosshi jutsu Kosshi Sanryaku46 Bushido and Kosshi jutsu48 Facingthe Opponent48 Joryaku49 Churyaku52 Geryaku54 Gyokko-ryu Kosshi jutsu66 J-;2 lff: Z ':1 Ijk. ~ ~ CHAPTER2 Sanshin no Kataand Ukemi gata Taihenjutsu The Essence of the Sanshin no Kata34 The Significance of Paying Respect tothe Mirror34 Sanshin noKata36 Ukemi gataTaihenjutsu42 Taihenkemi gata42 Taihenjutsu Muto-dori gata42 ICHAPTER4 Koto-ryu Koppo Jutsu From Great Swordsmen toClarifying the WayCharacters AreRead70 Koppo jutsu72 Shoden gata75 Koto-ryuKoppo jutsu Kuraidori76 Koppo82 Hekitogata88 Chuden gata92 Okuden gata94 Kaiden gata98 CHAPTER5 Togakure-ryu Ninpo Taijutsu Secrets ofinpo Taijutsu102 Attacking and Defending at Will104 Taijutsu andinja106 Taijutsuukemi gata108 Shinobi gaeshi gata108 Hiden gala109 CHAPTER7 Shinden Fudo-ryu Daken Taijutsu Shinden Fudo-ryuShizen Shigoku no Ichi14-+ Compassion Is Benevolence147 The Practice of Shinden Fudo-ryu148 Shinden Fudo-ryu no Kamae148 Sudden Change Will AlwaysPrevail149 Shinden Fudo-ryuDaken Taijutsu150 TennoKata(lkken hasso)154 ChinoKata(Hikenisshun)158 Shizen shigoku noKata162 Daken KirigamiDaiji85 Tewaza gata95 Torigatano Daiji98 COLUMS Budoka20 .Bufulkkan36.City Lights56 The Transmission of Martial Artists100 48HandsIIIMartialArtists143 Boccioni149 About MyParents209 APPEDIX- Originaljapanese Text210 CHAPTER6 Takagi Yoshin-ryu Jutaijutsu LifeTaijutsu114 Koteki Ryoda JuPpo Sesshono Jutsu116 Takagi Yoshin-ryu Jutaijutsu118 Omote gata124 Ura gata127 Eri jime gala128 Sabakigala130 TainoKala132 Muto-dorigata(Muto-doriJujiron)136 Daisho Sabakigala138 Shirabe gala141 Moguri gata142 CHAPTER8 Kukishin-ryuDaken Taijutsu Mysteriesof Kukishin-ryu168 Kukishin-ryuand BufuIkkan170 Wisdom of a Demon170 Kukishin-ryuDaken Taijulsu172 Takamalsu Sensei180 Using Weapons188 Kukishin-ryuHappo Biken noJulsu192 Shoden gala192 Chuden gata196 Sabaki gala199 Okuden201 ShirabeMoguri galaden204 fACINGPAGE:Platewith a picture of koppo JUtsu.The pictureshowsthe author throwinga Wildboar. DraWingbyTakamatsuSenseI. INTRODUCTION The True Meaning of Budo Taijutsu Happo Budo Taijutsu Awakening Bufu Taijutsu, whichemerged at the same time as theappearanceofhumankind,isameansof defense that was developed intuitively in orderto preservethe life of humankind. It isthe rhyme of naturalfi ghting,theteachingof departedsouls, thetransmissionofonlythosewhosurvived. Hearing this rhyme, throughout all the ages of this Earth- therhythmsoficeandwater,hotand cold-those that were able todeal wi th the vicissi-tudes of the times gave riseto the magnificent exis-tence of Budo Taij utsu which survives to this day. BudoTaijutsu,whi chisbynomeansexclu-sively Japanese, is like a bearwaki ngfroma long hibernation.Andnowhumanki ndisstartingto wakeup.ThereasonIdrawtheanalogyofthe hibernating bear is because regarding Taijutsu, the essenceoffi ghting,mankindhasbeensleeping and has forgottenthis essence.Martial fri ends, the alarm bellhas started ringing. Wake up from your slumber!Now, let's talk.I want to describe a picture of the nine tra-ditionsof BudoTaijutsuthatI inherited, whi chisliketheripple caused by the dorsal finof a dinosaur that suddenly appears, break-ing the scenery of the beautiful Loch Ness. Walter Peter said that all art is a form of music. If this istrue,we could saythattherearemarti alsongsinthe martial artsand the peoplethat performthese songsof BudoTaijutsurecordedinthe musicalscore(gosenpu; 1 i ~ % J )orfl ashesof enlightenment(go-senpu; tef l7!'l %J)are martial artists. Speaking of things that "one would want to see of a martial artist,"there is no doubt the painterOames 10 "Knowthatthe secretofTai j utsu is the foundationofpeace.If you learnthis, youcanwalk thepath oft he immovable heart ."(Toda ShinryukenMasamit su) Call igraphy by theauthor. Kumiuchibytheauthor. KumiuchitiyMagaraJurozaemonat theAnegaw a battle. THETRUEMEANI NGOFBUDOTAIj UTSUHAPPO1 1 McNeill) Whistler would answer, "Art is born by chance." By chance, Ihave just startedtopaint ascrollof theendlesscycleof birth, death,andrebirth.Unlikethegreat JapaneseartistYokoyama Taikan, whose surname conjures the image of a majestic view(tai-kan;:krm),mytaikan demonstratesmy great resolute-ness (taikan; :klt).This book is by no means the great Tsurezuregusa( "EssaysinIdleness")byYoshida Kenko, yet I will resolve to write it just the same, even though it be hard. Times long ago and the present time are connected without interruption. It really isthe Konjaku MOl1ogatari-lit erally,astoryofnowandtimesgoneby. Sometimes I look at myself asDon Quixote, laughing at a book of jests, writing the book of a playful demon. Readers, I would like you tohavethatmucheaseyourselves,and readingthisbookmany timesasasecretscrollof Budo,persevereandseethroughthe abstruseness (nankai;tothe wonders it contains (nankai;Let's also mention here that you should not just read the records of Budo and think you have completely understood it.Budo only has substance in a world of great dignity. The Bible of Martial Artists This book is the bible of martial artists; it is the scriptures of martial arts.In this book, the ideal and actual are joined, thingsthat would seemnot toexist haverealityandthingsthat areimpossible but which you desire to be are made feasible. ItissaidthattheWisdomSutras(HannyaShinkyo)arethe essence of Buddhism. However,the "han"(Ill!:)here isalsothe han of BugeiJuhappan (the eighteen basic military arts)and "ya" (;fi)is youth; therefore, I interpret "hannya" asthe training of young war-riors . There isalsothelogicof Budohidden withinthe Wisdom Sutras. In this way, the characters ofJapanese can bechanged and replaced. Don't think that only certain characters or certain thoughts are correct-as in Budoand asin life, it isimportant tobe able to use KyojitsuTenkanho(the interchange of truth andfalsehood). Through Budo Taijutsu, which has become likea World Heritage, the expression of the roots of the unconscious within ourselves, of a way of life:that is the purpose of this book. Through the techniques of Kosshi jutsu,Koppojutsu,NinpoTaijutsu, Jutaijutsu,Daken Taijutsu, and the unification of the nine traditions of Taijutsu, one can approach the essence ofBudo. The 32nd Grandmaster of the Togakure-ryu, TodaShinryuken Sensei , was the Head Teacher of the Koubusho (the school fortrain-12I NTRO DUCTI ON ABOVE:Uchine-spear-shaped shuriken(throwingblades). BELOW:Thebottom edgedisplaysa carvingof the family crestof the Tokugawashogun.Thecrestis calledMitsuba-aoi. ing of the shogun's retainers).However, after the assassination of Ii Naosuke (who wastheChief Minister of the shogun) , Shinryuken read the turbulence of the times and the coming destruction of the Tokugawa government and quit the Koubusho, opting forthe life of awanderer, spreadingtheteachingsof themartialarts.Budohas beentransmittedthroughthisabilitytoforeseetheessenceof things. Wehear the truth of Toda Shinryuken Sensei's martial song: "Know that the secret of Taijutsu is the foundation of peace.If you learn this, you can walk the path of the immovable heart. " Inthe teachings of the martial ways,there isthe phrase"Calm presence of mind,"and Sir William Osler, the doctor, has said, "For adoctorthemost important thingistoremaincalminallsitua-tions. "Starting with TokugawaIeyasu, knownas"theGeneral

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