498071 Cyber Security - 2/498071 Cyber ... (Check Point, Cisco ASA and Palo ... this will position will be focused on Firewall operation and maintenance (Check Point, ... Agency Interview Type:

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  • 4/12/2017 District of Columbia


    OCTO - Cyber Security FirewallEngineer


    District of Columbia

    EARCV1 : 4-Master

    OCTO - Cyber Security FirewallEngineer


    District of Columbia





    200 I Street SE, Washington, DC

    Either Webcam or In Person





    The Cyber Security Firewall Admin/Engineer will provide onsite and remote support toDistrict Enterprise Network Security Devices; focus on Firewall operation andmaintenance (Check Point, Cisco ASA and Palo Alto Networks)

    The Cyber Security Firewall Admin/Engineer will provide onsite and remote support toDistrict Enterprise Network Security Devices; this will position will be focused on Firewalloperation and maintenance (Check Point, Cisco ASA and Palo Alto Networks). This rolewill include new Firewall roll-out and will be expected that all candidates have the abilityand past experience in doing so. The Cyber Security Firewall Admin/Engineer willprovide support services to define security requirements, identify the appropriateconfiguration for each unique District environment, and perform tasks associated with the


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  • 4/12/2017 District of Columbia

    Required/Desired Skills

    day-to-day operations and maintenance on installed Enclave Boundary Defense systemsand applications, for District Distribution operation locations. The ideal candidate willhave one or more of the following secondary competencies: Network Access Controls(ForeScout), Proxy Systems (BlueCoat), Intrusion Detection Systems (SourceFire), WebApplication Firewalls (Imperva), DDoS protection (Arbor Networks Prevail APS). RequiredSkills Demonstrated experience with Check Point firewalls, deployment and operation Demonstrated experience with Cisco ASA firewalls, deployment and operations Demonstrated experience with Palo Alto appliances, deployment and operations Network and Application Firewall Packet Filtering technologies Virtual PrivateNetworking (VPNs) Technologies Expert knowledge in Information Security bestpractices Troubleshooting, Scanning & Analysis tools Qualifications Bachelor ofScience in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Information Technology, orequivalent data security and networking experience required Background check andcredit check will be required Specific Tasks Provide Tier-3 support for NOC personneltroubleshooting network issues. Analysis, design, configuration, implementation,documentation and operation of firewalls and other security controls. Manage systemdeployments, upgrades, ongoing maintenance and operations. Configuration andoperation of security device authentication, management & logging platforms Assist inrequirement gathering related to implementation of security infrastructure technologysolutions across enterprise and service provider networks. Provide advanced technicalsupport on network firewall management projects and related security infrastructure.Provide technical support to agencies and other IT personnel relating to securityimplementation, standards compliance, vulnerability reduction, and strategic securityplanning. Identify, troubleshoot, and resolve complex network connectivity issues as wellas advise on network security related issues. Provide occasional off-hours support forplanned maintenance work and unplanned support issues. May require on-site work at adata center during off-hours from time to time. Travel Requirements: No travelanticipated --------------------------------------------- CONTRACT JOB DESCRIPTIONResponsibilities: 1. Provides high-level architectural expertise to managers and technicalstaff. 2. Develops architectural products and deliverables for the enterprise andoperational business lines. 3. Develops strategy of system and the design infrastructurenecessary to support that strategy. 4. Advises on selection of technological purchaseswith regards to processing, data storage, data access, and applications development.Sets standards for the client/server relational database structure for the organization(Structured Query Language (SQL), Oracle, Sybase). 5. Advises of feasibility of potentialfuture projects to management. Minimum Education/Certification Requirements :Bachelors degree in Information Technology or related field or equivalent experience

    OCTO - 200 I Street, SE;Washington DC 20003

    OCTO - Office of the ChiefTechnology Officer

    Experience providing enterpriselevel Firewall operations andmaintenance support.

    Required 5 Years

    Network and Application FirewallPacket Filtering technologies

    Required 5 Years

    Demonstrated experience withCisco ASA firewalls, deploymentand operations

    Required 5 Years

    Prior experience personally rollingout and implementing new firewalls

    Required 2 Years

    Demonstrated experience withPalo Alto appliances, deploymentand operations

    Highly desired 5 Years

    Demonstrated experience withCheck Point firewalls, deployment

    Highly desired 5 Years

    Skill Required /Desired Amount of Experience

    Client Information

    Work Location: Cost Center:

    Required /Desired

  • 4/12/2017 District of Columbia

    and operation

    Experience with Gigamon NetworkVisibility solutions

    Highly desired 1 Years

    Troubleshooting, Scanning &Analysis tools

    Highly desired 5 Years

    Virtual Private Networking (VPNs)Technologies

    Nice to have 4 Years

    Bachelor of Science in ElectricalEngineering, Computer Science,Information Technology, orequivalent data security andnetworking experience require

    Required 4 Years

    16+ yrs as an Enterprise Architect Not Required

    16+ yrs building an IT systemroadmap

    Not Required

    16+ yrs systemdiagramming/modeling usingstructured modeling language likeUML

    Not Required

    Question 1 Absences greater than two weeks MUST be approved by CAI management in advance, and contactinformation must be provided to CAI so that the resource can be reached during his or her absence. TheClient has the right to dismiss the resource if he or she does not return to work by the agreed upon date.Do you accept this requirement?

    Question 2 Please list candidate's email address that will be used when submitting E-RTR.

    Question 3



    There are no reimbursable expenses. Do you accept this requirement?


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