5 easy ways to learn speaking English for beginners

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To learn speaking English is an important part of your career. There are many students asking me how to improve their speaking skill in English. With practice, you can learn to speak the English language very well. But I would like to share 5 easy ways to learn speaking English to give you some ideas to your learning.


  • How to learnEnglish

    5 easy ways to learnspeaking Englishfor beginners

    To learn speaking English is animportant part of your career. Thereare many students asking me how toimprove their speaking skill inEnglish. With practice, you can learnto speak the English language verywell. But I would like to share 5 easyways to learn speaking English to giveyou some ideas to your learning.

    1. Start with the Basic

    It is important that you learn Englishfrom the basic and you should try tounderstand it completely. Now thereare only few people who start withbeginner level. These words Hello,Hi, How are you are now very



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  • common in everyday Englishcommunication.

    Try to memorize the most commonverbs in English such as: be, have,do, say, get, make, go, know,take, and see. Only understandthese words could help you to join ina lot of basic communications.

    Learn the simple sentenceLearn the simple sentencestructure of English.structure of English.

    Subject + Verb + Object

    Subjects are I, you, we, they, he, she,it. Objects are me, you, us, them,him, her, it and other objects. So, itis easy to make the simple sentencesfor your speaking.

    For examples:

    I go to school.

    They sees the dog.

    He know us.

    We have dinner.

    Note: In English communication, it isimportant for you to speak in shortand simple sentence if you are notsure about the grammar of thecomplex sentences.

    2. Practice talking inEnglish.The conversations usually start with aquestions. When you have a goodbasic understand about the simplesentence structure, some verbs andvocabulary, you can start makingquestions.

    Wh/H questions are open questions.They are Where, When, What, Which,Why, Who and How.

    When to talk about a time

    Where to talk about a location

    What to talk about a thing

    Which to talk about a choice

    Why to talk about a reason

    Who to talk about a person

    How to talk about a manner

    Find a friend or a native English

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  • speaker and try to ask them thesequestions. For examples:

    What is your name?

    When is your birthday?

    Where are you going?

    Which color do you like?

    Why do you come here?

    Who do you like the most?

    How do you spell it?

    3. Learn BasicGrammar

    Start to learn all the basic of Englishtenses. Try to understand it andespecially the rule to form it.

    First you should learn the Presenttense, Present Continuous andPresent Perfect.

    I speakspeak English very well. (Present)

    Then you move to the Past. The pastis very similar to the Present Tenses.You only have to change the verbs inthe past tense. The structure of thesentence keep the same.

    I spoke spoke English very well. (Past)

    Finally, you learn the Future Tensewhich is the same way youunderstant the Past tense. You shouldchange the Verb in present to futuretense by adding will before theverbs.

    I will speakwill speak english very well.(Future)

    4. Make full Use ofYour ResourcesSpeak English with

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  • native speakersThe fastest way to learn speakingEnglish is to have an English friend topractice what you have studied. Tryto immitate the language, the accentand the expressions of the nativespeaker while you talk with them.

    You can also join an English class thathave a native teacher. They can helpyou to correct your pronunciationand the way you speak.

    Use the InternetThere are thousands of Video onYoutube. Those lessons are spokenby native speakers. You can followthe channels and start learningEnglish with them for free.

    Listen to music, watch TVand read books.Listening is very important. Althoughyou are learn to speak, you cannotignore the listen skills. By listening tothe podcasts and music or whateveryou have, you have to understandwhat you hear.

    Listen to the songs that you knowwell. Try to understand the meaningand the pronunciation. Yourvocabulary will naturally expand.

    5. Think in English

    Learn vocabulary in phrases, not onlythe single words (record not only thenew words you come across but alsoa sentence that is meaningful for you if you cant think of any use forexample Cambridge AdvancedLearners Dictionary and copy thesamples it gives).

    Try to read a passage in newspaper,and try not to translate them intoyour mother tongue but tounderstand them directly in English

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  • you might to have to read themseveral times, so dont worry!

    Try to talk to yourself in Englishfrom time to time for example,when its very cold think oh, its coldinstead of thinking of the phrase inyour mother tongue.

    Try an English dictionary (not abilingual dictionary).

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