5 (five) ways to get high page rank

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  1. 1. 5 (five) ways to get high page rankin this article we gonna show you how to get highly quality page rank just by somesome click work. With the largest list of : Gov, web 2.0, Edu and PR4 to PR9Websites, and DoFollow Blogs list.-(download link in the end of the article). Just what Backlink? Exactly whats all this buzz more than backlinks? Every SEO forum andweblog you stop by is constantly touting the ability and demand for backlinks theyhave to be considered a pretty problem! So what precisely is really a backlink?.Simply put, a back-link is a hyperlink upon an additional web site (exterior) leading tosome web page in your web site. For example, a hyperlink on this web page to somepage upon an additional website would be a backlink for your webpage. How can Backlinks Help us? Think of it like this: backlinks are human quotation. In this way, we chooseexactly what pages we, because web users, wish to display in the Search EngineResults Pages (SERPs) by linking to the content material we like. A webpage withincreased hyperlinks of the high quality than these will rank higher. The partregarding high quality is actually essential. Its not only about that has probably themost backlinks its regarding where those links are from. How do we get Back links?Now that we all know the significance of backlinks and why they affect ourratings how they do, we have to figure out how we are able to get some. A completeresponse to this question might take some hundreds of webpages, and then weregoing to have a broad view of some backlinking strategies to obtain a wise decision ofways to get high quality back links.Unfortunately, back-linking isnt as basic or easy because our overall healthprofessional example over. Youre not likely to be given a link from some effectiveexpert such as CNN or Apple just for making great content. Our techniques are goingto have to be a little more guerilla-esque. This particular isnt to say how the quality ofthe content material doesnt matter, its just the opposite. At the core of yourmarketing and backlinking technique should be great, quality content material.Welmost all presume you already realize how to make great content and get up withthe back-linking.
  2. 2. There are many different ways to get backlinks and each of the methods needstime to work, so here is 5 steps method that can help you to get more backlinks =hight PR (page rank) :The first stepcreate 2 unique article 500 plus words and spun articles with 70-90% Uniqueness(According TBS- the best spinner) then submit to 30 Different Web 2.0 PropertiesHigh PR Do-follow, post create with imagewith respect your niche, Google appreciateWeb 2.0 Qualities, each link Do-follow point to your site with anchor text keyword.Step twosubmit your site to 50 Do-follow Social Bookmaking Sites with High Page rank (PR),each link point to your site with title and description.Step threecreate 2 unique article 500 plus words and spun articles with 70-90% Uniqueness(According TBS) then submit to 10 High PR Do-follow Article Directory, each linkdo-follow point to your site with anchor text keyword.Step 4Write just 30 Blog commenting with Do-follow attribute on High PR 2 to PR 6 eachlink do-follow point to your site with anchor text.Now to the download part:In this file you will find : 50 Gov Websites + 700 PR4 PR9 Websites + 1000DoFollow Blogs + 2100 Edu Websites + 2000 web 2.0 websitesdownload from Mediafire : http://www.mediafire.com/?d0fsbx8hyat93d5Mirror Download : http://mirrorstack.com/n4vzcco2a7v5dont forget to visit my blog : http://ar-cookies.blogspot.com/