5 mysterious places around the world

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  • 5 Mysterious Places Around The World

    Prepared By AJMAL KHAN

  • Mysterious Holes In RussiaStart from the end of 1980sMostly appear in forestsIt just finishes with nothing

    Prepared By AJMAL KHAN

  • The Door TO HellSituated in UzbekistanFrom last 35 yearsLarge amount of poisonous gases

  • The Mouth Of HellPlace situated in CentraliaFire completely out of control in 1984Centralia is abandoned and ghostly area

  • Hill Of Crosses In LithuaniaContain more than 50,000 crossesStories of lucky guyTradition appear before christianity

  • Ghost Town Buried In The SandTown in southern NamibiaDue to Diamond fever people rushed into Namibia desertIn 1950s a new ghost town had been born

  • Mystery Creates Wonder And Wonder Is The Basis Of Mans Desire To Understand (Neil Armstrong)