5 sports to keep your kids engaged this summer

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  • 5 sports to keep your kids engaged

    As summer approaches, parents get busy finding the right activity to engage their kids with

    during holidays. A summer activity for kids not only entertains and engages them but also helps

    them develop many essential skills. One such way is to engage in sports as it provides natural

    and fun opportunities for kids to get regular exercise. To ensure success in keeping your children

    busy during summer vacation, try any of the five sports mentioned below:

    1. Swimming: Swimming is beneficial as a summer activity for kids of all ages. This activity involves a lot of exercise, fun and considerable amount of respite from the

    increasing heat during summer time. It also helps build endurance and muscle strength if

    done on a regular basis. For practicing this sport, you will need swimming costumes,

    swimming caps, goggles, and trunks and of course a clean swimming pool

    2. Soccer: An excellent form of exercise, it helps kids stay fit and instills in them a sense of discipline, teamwork, leadership and self-esteem that stick for life. You will require

    footballs, soccer shorts, shin guards and football boots to start with!

    3. Badminton: A high-speed game, Badminton can be easily picked up by kids of ages five and above. If played regularly, it improves eye-hand coordination and alertness thereby

    elevating the mood. Get hold of good badminton racquets, shuttle cocks, nets, badminton

    shoes, badminton apparel and get going!

    4. Tennis: Kids who start playing tennis from the age of four display a higher degree of academic performance and memory owing to the sports requirement of alertness and tactical thinking. For this sport, you need to buy good quality racquets, tennis balls, a pair

    of good tennis shoes and appropriate apparel (e.g. tennis shorts, tennis skirts )

    5. Trekking: Kids seem to love trekking trips! You can make it a family activity or enroll your child for a Camp organized by some Club that specializes in it. Trekking helps

    inculcate a love for nature in the kids and they also learn basic survival skills. You can

    start with getting caps, hats, trekking shoes, trekking shirts and trekking pants to

    beginand you might need backpacks and sleeping bags too.

    However, before signing the kids for a particular sport, the parents should consider a childs personality, whether the sport is of his choice and his developmental level!

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