5 ways to get a Free Bingo Bonus - Online Bingo

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5 ways to get a Free Bingo Bonus - Online Bingo


  • 5 Ways to Get a Free Bingo Bonus

    A free bingo bonus can go a long way towards helping a player claim that big

    jackpot or tournament prize theyve been dreaming of. Luckily, our website gives players lots of opportunities to claim incredible bonuses, while asking for

    very little, if anything, in return. Today we will talk about some of the ways in

    which YOU can get a bonus.


    You dont have an account at BingoHall yet? Then there is you opportunity to claim your first free bingo bonus! It only takes a few seconds to register and we

    reward you with a $25 FREE BONUS. You can use it to have fun with all the

    games in our lineup, including bingo, online slots, keno, video poker or pull



  • Depositing on BingoHall can bring you an incredible free bingo bonus. For

    example, if you deposit $100 on any given Monday, you will be able to play

    with your money along with a 400% bonus on the house! The more you deposit,

    the more you get in return. Also keep in mind that we offer an astounding

    2015% bonus for your first three deposits on our website.

    Refer a friend

    If you refer a friend and that friend makes a deposit, you will receive another

    amazing free bingo bonus. You will receive 25% from the amount the referred

    friend deposits. Not only that, but you will also get a hefty amount of stars for

    your VIP level (a higher VIP level brings our members countless advantages).

    Note that this particular type of bonus can be redeemed for a period of 120 days

    from the referred registration.

    Play chat games

    Engaging in chat games represents another easy way of obtaining a free bingo

    bonus. While you play online bingo, you will notice that the Chat Host or

    Moderator will start various chat games. Participating and winning can bring

    you bingo bucks (bonus money), which can be used to win cash. This is one of

    the most fun things you can do to get bonuses at BingoHall. Never miss an

    opportunity to play a chat game!

    Keep an eye on your email

    If you want to receive a free bingo bonus almost every day, make sure you keep

    an eye on your email account. We will send you emails regularly. Open them,

  • click on the links we provide and you will receive bonus money with which you

    can play any of our games.

    Dont skip the terms and conditions

    We know that I agree with the terms and conditions is one of the biggest lies on the internet. Nobody has the time to read them, right? Well, if you want to

    know more about all the types of bonuses you can receive, make the time! At

    BingoHall, we reward you with bonus money or stars for almost anything,

    including adding a picture to your profile.

    If you want to play amazing games, get a free bingo bonus and win lots of cash,

    visit BingoHall today!