5 ways to get more out of your mobile messaging program

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<ul><li> 1. 5 Ways to Get More Out of Your Mobile Messaging ProgramJULY 3, 2012 BY MOGREETOne of the most exciting elements of a mobile message (SMS/MMS) marketing program is getting theresults. Whether your eager to see click-throughs sending traffic to your website, a user sharing your messageacross the web, or a mobile coupon being redeemed by thousands; mobile marketing provides instant, impactfulresults that inevitably turns the most stoic marketer into a ROI addict.But what happens once your program begins to slow down?Once growth rates move from 1000% to just a mere 70% or even lower. How so you give your mobilemessaging marketing program a boost?First, it is key to understand, mobile message marketing is NOT a short-term marketing tactic. The biggestmistake many brands make is forgetting that mobile message marketing is a long-term customer engagementtool. Much like email marketing, mobile message marketing takes time to build a subscriber list, it requires datato understand which offers and aesthetic format resonates with core audiences. It also takes an agile marketingprogram to make improvements to maximize results quickly and it takes a strong strategy to drive a brands mostengaged fans to take desired actions that align to the overall marketing goal.So what do you do when your program results begin to taper?The first thing to do is examine your current program and the data you have. What content and offers are drivingthe highest action from your subscribers? Is there a particular day or time range that drives the mostresponses? If you have a campaign that has had enough time to show accurate and valid data, it will be able tellyou what is working and from there, provides the guidance needed to adjust your plan accordingly. After all, thereal beauty of mobile marketing is that brands can easily change out copy and creative within a matter ofminutes.Here are 5 ways to start getting higher results in your mobile marketing program:1. Always be promoting!The most successful way to support a mobile messaging marketing program is to promote the keyword and shortcode as much as possible. Mogreets creative services team recommend promoting your message marketingprogram across all earned, owned and paid properties include the text to short code in paid advertising, on allsocial and web properties, on air TV spots, email signatures, receipts and more. The more opt-ins you get, thehigher the ultimate ROI.2. Be Valuable!Once you understand what your customer values, create a series of offers based on this information to drive themost opt-ins and redemptions, with as few opt-outs as possible. For some clients, this is a discount code sent atGET STARTED WITH YOUR MOBILE PROGRAM, CONTACT US AT INFO@MOGREET.COM 1 </li> <li> 2. a time of day when the customer is most likely to engage. For other clients, sharing behind the scenes contentbridges the gap between the brand and the fan.3. Be interactive!Mobile message marketing is a two-way platform. You can create fully interactive programs that allow them toengage directly with you and your brand. Try trivia questions to drive interactions or ask fans and customers tosend in photos of themselves and your product. Customers expect and enjoy being involved with yourbrand. Providing a campaign that allows your customers to be a part of your marketing program will strengthenyour customers loyalty, driving a deeper connection with your customers, ultimately driving sales and return oninvestment.4. Empower fans with social sharing!One of the best ways to increase visibility of your program and additional opt-ins is to empower your recipients toshare your offer across their social platforms. Mogreets Social Poster feature generates links to your choice ofsocial networks to include in every MMS message sent. Its an easy and smart way to create even moreawareness amongst more consumers.5. Run, test, repeat!Try a variety of offers to see which one produces the highest ROI. In fact, with Mogreets list segmentation toolsyou can even test various types of content (A/B testing) in one blast, giving you an near-instant snapshot ofwhich message and offer receives the greatest number of participants.It is important to remember that mobile message marketing databases and results dont happenovernight. Marketers must first understand their audience and when they are most likely to want to engage withtheir brand or products. Focus on a strategy to drive opt-ins as well as meet marketing goals, but be flexible ifthe results are not what you expect. Always be prepared to re-evaluate the type of content you share based oneach campaigns data, after all the more tailored your program is, the more likely you are to see higherparticipation, less opt-outs and overall mobile marketing success.What tactics or techniques are you using to expand your mobile messaging program?GET STARTED WITH YOUR MOBILE PROGRAM, CONTACT US AT INFO@MOGREET.COM 2 </li> </ul>