5 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Museum in 2013

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<p>5 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Museum in 2013</p> <p>5 Ways to Increase Foot Traffic to Your Museum in 2013Presentation by:</p> <p>Maximize your message. Elevate your cultural voice.#1: Get the Word Out!How will people find out about your museum? You have to tell them! There are so many ways to spread the word; use what works best for you.</p> <p>Brochures</p> <p>Rack Cards</p> <p>Flyers</p> <p>E-blasts</p> <p>Local Media OutletsFacebook </p> <p>Twitter </p> <p>Instagram</p> <p>Pinterest </p> <p>YouTubeLocal Media OutletsCommunity PartnersDid you know that nearly 50% of Americans have smart phones? MissionKey Communications shows its clients how to reach their audiences where they are. (Source: Pew Internet &amp; American Life Project.)</p> <p>#2: Let Your Community See You</p> <p>The best way to build relationships is in person. Let your community know that your museum cares about them. Make sure your executive director is visible at community meetings and gatherings, even if he/she is not asked to give a keynote address. Visibility is key.MissionKey Communications works with its clients to position their executive directors and senior staff to demonstrate their involvement with the community.3#3: Host an Evening EventPhoto by zole4/Courtesy FreeDigitalPhotos.net </p> <p>Make it easy for visitors to come in after work! Host an evening hours event with light appetizers and allow guests to tour the galleries, mix and mingle.MissionKey Communications recently conducted public relations and community outreach for an after-hours museum event with live music and spoken word performances that was one of our clients signature events in 2012.#4: Make Non-Members JealousWhat benefits do you offer your members? Free admission? VIP Events? Behind the scenes tours with the curator? Lunch with the executive director?Showcase what you do. Make those on the outside eager to get involved!</p> <p>Photo Courtesy theroxyonsunset.com MissionKey Communications works with clients to develop and showcase their exclusive members-only offerings in a compelling way that encourages others to join.5#5: Get Young People Excited</p> <p>Teens and young adults are one of your museums most important audiences. If they enjoy their museum experience, they will share with their friends, family and the world (thanks social media!). These are your next generation of donors.</p> <p>Create interactive spaces where young people can gather, learn, take pictures, Tweet, etc.Photo by Ambro/Courtesy FreeDigitalPhotos.net Did you know that 74% of millennial donors (ages 20-35) said they would share a nonprofits cool events on Facebook? MissionKey Communications works with clients to engage young audiences. (Source: The Millennial Impact Report 2012)6Need Help to Implement These Steps? </p> <p>Contact us:</p> <p>@missionkeycomm#MuseumPRSamantha McCoyFounder &amp; PresidentMissionKey Communications, LLC443.574.4138info@missionkeycommunications.com</p>