5 Ways to Teach Your Kids about God

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5 Ways to Teach Your Kids about God


  • 5 Rules to Help You Teach Your Children about God

    The most important thing that you can teach your children is about God. The 5 Rules below are

    essential to making sure your children learn about God.

    Rule 1 - Be a Godly example. Let your children get to know Gods love and truth through your love

    and truth. Let them see you live the words that you are trying to teach them. Be an example of

    someone who is honest, loving, positive, and heaven focused. Let them see you go to The Lord in

    prayer and supplication. Let them see you pray without ceasing and have faith in the Lord through

    all circumstances.

    Rule 2 Read the Bible with your children. Talk about what you read and use what you have read

    to be a guide as you go through life. When your children have a problem, ask them what the Bible

    would say about what they are going through.

    Rule 3 Pray. Pray with your children and pray for your children. Have them pray about what they

    are thankful for and for any concerns that are on their mind.

    Rule 4 Choose wisely. Choose your church, your school, your clubs, and friends wisely. These

    things are going to have an enormous influence on your children so make sure you choose things

    that are going to reinforce what you believe.

    Rule 5 Value people. Volunteer your time together, donate used items, talk about news events,

    and always have them thinking about how their actions affect other people in both a negative and

    positive ways. Show them that all people have value and God loves them so we too should love