5 Wonderful Chic Weddings Farm Ideas

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Chic weddings farm is a wonderful concept. Here are some useful and wonderful tips that help you lot. Reach us: http://broussardfarm.com/. Call us at: 409-893-3408.

Text of 5 Wonderful Chic Weddings Farm Ideas

  • 15 Wonderful Chic Weddings Farm


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    Coziness is the other name of farm weddings. It is overwhelming to see two

    happy people smile and kiss and taking the vow for staying with each other

    forever. The bride in her luxurious wedding dress looks ravishing and to

    complete the beauty and grace of her there comes the smart suited groom.

    Chic weddings farm are in growing demands ever since it has

    earned a prestigious place among theme weddings. Here are some useful and

    wonderful tips that you can follow to make your chic wedding come into life.

  • http://broussardfarm.com/


    Best way to use re-purposed furniture:

    Using re-purposed furniture is like having the

    old wine in a new bottle. It has gotten its own

    charm. You can decorate your chic weddings

    farm with re-purposed furniture pieces. Old

    cabinet for instance can be used as a functional

    escort card display. Small table and chairs can

    be used to make a romantic setting for the

    couple. You can as well rent old furniture if you

    so wish.

    Functional works of art as must-haves:

    Create your escort card drinking jars from the regular

    old mason jars. This can be used as drinking glasses

    for the guests for that night, and it will also provide

    them with sitting cues. For names place a chalkboard

    lid on the top of the jars. This is a very vital part while

    you are arranging the seats alphabetically according

    to the table numbers.

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    Mason jars and wooden boxes:

    Try something different for your flower and candle decoration with old wooden

    boxes and mason jars. Search the yard sales for these old items and luckily if

    you get plenty of them then nothing can be better than that. Repurpose these

    boxes and jars into vases to keep scented candles, wild flower bouquets etc.

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    Tables and chairs need subtle


    In order to get that chic look in the sitting

    arrangements too, ribbon attached chairs

    can be used in chic weddings farm. The

    brides table should be filled with lots of items, and it also needs to have a nice

    appearance. Make table runners with lace

    trim on the edges. Vintage doilies can be

    added to the ball jars. These jars are used

    by the bridesmaids. They hold the

    bouquets and line up at the head reception

    table. Make the bride and grooms chair special by adding ribbons on them.

    Ribbons can be used to decorate head

    table as well.

  • http://broussardfarm.com/


    Add dash of hues everywhere:

    Candy buffet can be used for traditional wedding favor.

    One more thing can be done here instead of placing the

    favor basket at a persons seat. A candy buffet can be organized so that the guests can fill their treat bags with

    favorites. The bright colors of candy will surely make the

    whole buffet very colorful. Match the color of your

    candies with your selected palette. You can use rock

    candy or pink lady candy for this purpose.

  • http://broussardfarm.com/


    From buffet, chairs and table to the

    guest book sign, you can get ample of

    ideas and choices to decorate the

    chic weddings farm. Make

    experiment and create unique styled

    jar lids, candy bar labels, table

    numbers and custom chalkboard in

    order to give your wedding ceremony

    a stylized appearance.

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