50 Robots to Draw and Paint

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    50 ROBOTSto Draw and Pai nt


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    50 ROBOTSto Draw and Paint

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  • Joints and Movement 30





    Miiitary Attachments


    Bits and Widgets

    At tachments and



    Inspiration 8

    Drawing and Research 10

    Working Traditionally 12

    Working Digitally 14

    Artistic Rendering 16

    Rendering Materia/s 18

    The Whole Pracess 22

    Deveioplng Your Ideas 26

    art di rector: Moiro Clinchpubl isher: Poul Corsloke

    Conc~. designe50 ROBOTS TO DRAW ANO PAI NTCopyright @ 2oo6QUARTO PUBlISHINGPLC

    9876543 21


    Iext copyrigh t () 2006 Quorlo Publishmg pkImoges copyright @ 2006 Quorto Publishing pk , un less c therwise sto ted(see poge 128 )Oesign ond layout copyr ight @ 2006 Quorto Publishing pie

    ISBN 981245-)466

    Monufoctured by u ooerscr Grophics PTE u c. SingaporePTinled by Stor Standard IndustrieS PTE l td, Singopore

    Firn published 2006 by Quorto Publishing pie

    AlI rights reserved. No port of this publication moy be reproduced. storedin o rel rieval system or I ronsmitted in ony form or by ony mec ns.etectronlc or mecbcorcct, photocopying. recording. or otherwise. w it hou tth e permission of the copyright holder.

    Published jn 2006 by:Page One Publishing P nve te Limite

  • ROBOT FOUNDRY 38 Medved Production Type 62 Martia!Quefler 100Basic robots ~o TA5-21 Needle 6~ Encyclical PUfger 102

    Emule ~2 M24 Hausen 66 Orbital Delegate 10~

    Adiuvo ~3 Organie General-Use So/dier 68 BountyHunter 5HK300 106

    Mankeybat ~~ Hephaestus' Anvif 70 Samurai Guard 108

    PAH558 ~5 MKI: Maln Battle Walker 72 Assistant robots 110

    Prototype Haver Robot ~6 Subhunter 7~ Ad/uvo Mark IV 112

    Fattybot ~7 Elektrogrod 76 Karakuri 11~

    Manta ~8 Urban robots 78 The Golem 116

    Mifitary lncursion Robot ~9 Nanobot 80 Witch Puppet 118

    Predator 50 Poaory-tme Worker 82 Gentleman Gardener 120

    Wheel-E 51 Indutex Urban-Renewal Bot 8~ Oomestic Angel 122

    Greenbat 52 519 5yr/nge 5a/nt 86 Marine Explorer Robot 12~

    Setuine! 53 Grunter 88

    Dod/ 5~ Nakatom/ C1erk 90 Index 126

    Brainbot 55 OffWorld Trader 92 Credits 128

    Military robots 56 Law & arder robots 9~

    Brass uon 58 5teel Lotus Tank Caimer 96

    Panzerfluch Ausf G 60 The Exterminator 98



  • Ench robot ls brcken downtnto primitive shcpes. soyou con eosuy see thebcslc construct lon andrecrecte lt yourself,

    Step-by-step descriptionof the draw ing andpainting process.

    - _.- --1::::::;:=- :z::::=_ )"- _--- -'.. --- -


    ---- - -"-'---,,--.'---

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    '----===-i;;,~"'-._-".. .---

    ,,- ' ,:::., ~::=..~

    ... Nuts & BoltsThrs secnon cxoroms coosuucnonand how to ccnceptuonze andtender ceoetc robot ports,Jt offersan overvtew of elementsyou mcy wlsh to developspecmccny for your own robots.ond u cnsccsses everything fromjoint ero nmb construcnon toprops ond tocts.





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    -.. ......-.. ......- :h::':::::-..... -......-.. I............,- - ....._ -........_ '00 _"" "'--""--'.-',-..." ...._-".....__ ..__ "~9"'_

    -_....s . ' _ ...

    ........ The Robot FoundryThe eore of the bcok. thrs port describes ond demonstrateshow to drow ond point SO robots. Thc text ond vsuols guideyou through the robots ca trsuc constructlon, explolningdifferent pointsolong the woy. vou'll be told whot tbe robot ts.where ond when it exists. ene whot It does.

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    _.-- -..'--"- -_._--~-~"_.~--_._-.....-_._._-


    _. . R _

    _._~-.---~-~ .....-.__._---_..-.-..__._..~-,-

    ..... " ...,



    ----...--_.._.-.,-_.__.- ~-"--

    Sketcnpods~Sketcbpcd poges introducesubsecnons in the 'Robotsoundry' tsee below). See howmustrctors oeveco Ideosondget them onto puper.


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    _ .eatpoo.comall ort site wit h 011 ocli...e ond sIUlled fOfum of ort istswww.cgtalk.comon-li ne forum Ior the computer groph iU Indust'y

    www.cgchannel.comonlofM' mogolJfW 01c~~ glllptlles gnd ~fte:hwww.sijun.coma" in\pi,;ng fOfum of art'~h di

  • 1N S P11~ATIU N

    InternetAs long os you are prepored todo sorne thorough secrctunq.the Internet can be a qreotsource for robots.

    BooksOneof the the bestscurcesfor conceptual mspucncn.reading books iso funtcsncway to exercrse your mental-veoonzctton musces.

    DocumentarlesWant te oeveiop a tonk robot?You snouid probably hove orcokal sorne documentariesfeaturing existlng tcnks befareyou try to create your ownverseo from scratch.

    ZoologyTake msprrotton from soeousts:occpt toe efficient ene compieevoiutoncry structures found Inroture ter use In your robots.

    CinemaWith the potenttcl to be the mostinspiring cnd engrossing of 011media.cinema should oot be ovencoked

    "." '"'i, ' 1'11 liII,li !II'.!lw-..=

    Graphlc novelsA gold mine of extremely original robotreference ero inspirctlon, graphlc novels. aswell as Manga, tend to be exceouonoywej-versoo in rcoonc art.

    ,~ ..~-'


    l)D RAIAIING AND ReSeARCHC1assical art schools once st ressed to pupils that one of the

    best ways to learn to make ort is t o study pre-existing artoI t's

    0150 true that simple, repetitive pract ice can reap great results.

    Life drawing is one of the prime staples of art education.

    Although the drawing of nud e figures may seem to be

    somewhat disconnected from the production of robotic art, it is

    a necessity. You will need to understand th e three-dimension al

    form and its interactlon with the environment in arder to gain

    a mastery of rendering st ruct ure in 011 klnds of arto

    Maintaln a consistent portfolio of current ortwork at 011

    t imes. Aim to replace yo ur least favourite pieces an d 'clean

    house' occasionally to continually improve your portfolio.

    Reseorch and explore new oreas; constantly bombord yourself

    with inspiration from unlikely places. You never know when

    inspiration will st rike.

    RE5EARCHThe most out landish designs alwaysrequlre a beevcbte grounding inreality. This basic believability add ssupport t o the weird and wonderfu l,and research is a necessity in sclencecton, Proper resecrch methods helpan ar tis t to form a more we-develcpedvisual vocabulary and to creote animage lrbrcry from whkh he or she candraw in the future.

    The InternetEasily the most st rea mlined andefficient resource. often one can flndalmost im mediately more than oneneeds. An organized couectton ofbookmarks that grows over t ime canbecome a personalized library that t heartist revisits with fa miliarity.Applications available for download orpurchase can allow the c rttst to scvewhole galleries and webpages an dthen to customize them as a uniquedata bank fcr reference.

    One of the best tools for visualresecrch ts the imoge secrch engine.Always mcke sure to go throu gh the

    A simple ) 0 mcx:kupmight even be helpful toset up os reference forshoding ond poslng. orfor ttM! persptlve inth e final ortwork.

    ) 0 modell ing can oidyou in the hobit ofthinking of the wholeform of your designs.

    'rhe )0 model will olwayslose sorne of the Hvellnessof t he or iginol dro.wlng.

    .t:~ Tryto ensureo. .:-_... , ....._~deqree of mterestdespite tll is Ioss'r-__~

    I Jj ~ ..~~-

    DetailsThe concept sketch shouldotwaysconteo os muchexplcrcnoo cnd detc ospossible. Thrs will help the~",'modeUer while sculpung.


    Ir the robot yau're designing is ntended{or repeated ese, then it's probably agood idea lo lay down sorne baslerotations ro cene- understand usstructure. These ratarions wmgive you aTererence to tootc back ro when workingon the robot , ensuring tha( visualconsistency s mointained. TheY'11a/sogel you accustomed ro the robot {romseveral angles ond ecve you with a so/idmental impression and undefs~anding otthe robot fOf {uWrf:' work. Rotarions arehelp(uf tor animotion and 9roup proj ectWOfk: they ef(eaively expkun ro theanimaror, O( ro orhers working on theprojec!. ho w the robot mo ves and whichoans of the robot can mif! ortransformo



  • cdvcnced imag e search opnon. Set t heimage size t o 'medium ' or ' Iorge'. Thiswill ensure that the results ore usobleas visual reference.

    -11's usuoliy o good idea to be overtyspeclc in the seorch field ot f irst ondthen to generolize if more result s areneeded. Try mony di fferent variants ifresult s are peor.

    _Using +. - and H" modifiers can helpnarrow down the secrch (see thesecrch eng ine FAQ or t ips sectjon).Sccn through t he thumbnailspresented until somet hing catchesyour eye.

    - Chc nces are t hat w hen yo u find agreat rncqe. t he page tt's from willcontain more of what you 're look ingfor. so don't fo rget to look around ifthere 's more t o see. It's great to f indimages using the search engine, butfi nding a whole website that cddressesyour research goals ts what you realiywant . The srte m ight also hove asecuon of links t o other, similar srtes.

    Libraries/bookstoresA good, image-heavy boo k cangive an crtst immediote cccessto a number of high-resolution imag es.A few good books, as applicabl ereference, are t ru ly involuable to onartist 's work. Alt hough t he tosk offinding exoctly what one needs canbe both tedious and expensve. t hepayoff is olways wort h t he hunt.When a good reference book sfound