54th QM Base Depot

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t;'re a.cco1i'::Li.,lt''r::r'f o' i:-rtiic;.'bin' j"r' Cetr;if

l,lri:. tar.Jrr lnfor.'iation i,,r:-' ;roceiLr-res cI1i'-r,d b;' :"cquest, ir tlc to

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of the POt canDs. 'r

P&gg-rrEuThe 5/'th Ql.{Base Depot r.ras designated as the administrative for two Qlt Groups and for several Q$ Battalions tine and their headquarters


attaehed conpanieg

and detachnents.

Because of the short information

Depot q-I72 bad been established, coneerr.ljJlg the identityr locationt

complte and accurate strength and nission

vas lacking

qf attaehed units.

tr'igures reflecting

the prsotlo3- en.-

pl,oyed i.n each division

and branch of the d,epot and the personnel not anail

rrhlr: fot'llrttt'nssiflt-'rint tlic : , l . r o . . r c:,r c t s f rnti

v r . r F ' .n o b i , b t : r i n A . b l . r , r . i \ s r \ r t s l l l . t .


1 1 1 ' ,l r t r s r , n r i t io 1 '

f i , - ; u r ( : s , . i t . l , t i . r si ; ' i p o s s i b l r . of divi sions rnd brnnchos, of

t'ttr th;,'i)ctpot..corqrl.rnC(;r .ri:l,l t o r n . . l c oi n i c ; l l . i ; : , . : n t or to dcci.sione frrtur4l of' cx-


a l " i t l .c i r i . : f s

conccrni.ng thc nost le,bor rceuiro:rer1ts. e,ttached u,nitg rnii trc:nc I'/ di if icult .





in thc; abs.rncc of thc ygl1clr:rin; of

such l)crsorrlr..el cln'i:a, ndninistration to lriS;h,-:r hon'd'lunrtcrs'yx'rs radc


SOInIT IOi'l . l'ron inforr:rotion gaincd frorn dcpot divicion r.l1d Stren;th lcport" directo:"s and br:.nch chiofs.r..a att-

.'rD^.ily'Ltisnosition r.ohod units" retlincd

was d.cvisccl for

supnission by all


Section 'I of thc rc;port coiitainc'i' a breal:dorm o.f n1l pcrsonnol. ovorhct.d, in hoepital, strtus' on DS, en;gr.gcdin indepe4cicnt opcretions, S.:ction II consistcd of r breakdown . Scotion

as unii

or in Someothcr non-dper,ltionaL of all fff depot gct.ivitics

as carrie:rl or by depot divisions unit strcn;';h, with

and brnnchcs.:

was used to indicatc

assi6ned anC attaohcC stren6th

shom: sep.rratcly.

Thcse report with


rcproCuccd by rninrrcogr:.ph end .listrito subrrit them drily to.the_ Q\{ vrcrc rei jurisQ.ic-

buted to;'111 :ittLchod units Battalicn quired.to tion to rdich


they wero s.tto.shcd. r;port c.rch unlt

From this for

data,r Q1{ Battalions tpdqr,the

preparc e consolidrted listing


alL pcrsonncl

of thc tlattsli.on,


nnd striLing 6f ell

consoLidqto.d, then


Tho ?}{ Group ctr.rrgod with


atts,chcd units,

co:npletcd a consolid.atod roFort


tirc st^,tus of nl1 pcrsonneL'nttachod. r*ncl grouir. subnlttcd This

to tho 54th Qit Easo Dcpot by co;epe,uy, cctacirr':rcnt, bsrttalion, : consoLj.date 4 > .


DIVISTOI\I IIJ,C,OPS Thr.: adninist::ation iincl Battalions. vities, trocp :nd operatiorr of attach,., units r':;-Ls ciclc4atcd to riroups acti-

At lJtah Beach, the

536tb Qfa Grotrp';.'as in oi suppI",

chirrgc of troop rccreation,

and did an exceLlent inspcctions, e tine, etc.

job alon'; the lincs


The 5/r9Lh Qli Grc-,un';.us also the mission

assiqrred to thc

5,{.th Qli Basc of POt,r

Dcpot for stockadcs' :"hikU. iJ(U U.:14LrrI

and 1-,?sgivcn

of commanciend adr"inistration

at Iions, Be,lgiurrr, the troopC


condrrcted by the 85th

IJpon arrival tailion

a.t Antr"'erp, the 54th QtriB:se Depot tool' over the 578th Ql,{Batat Antr.'erp since JeLnuary I9/u5, 'rhere it lhe 5?8th Qlf tsa.tta1ion, lrith had been\:1

uhicl-r had been stationed attachcd troops.


Lt Colonel Ednard planning, superr

IT.P" Bond as the Chief of Troops, provided vising, and.eoordinating thc opcration,

the cornn:,',nd agency for adninisirati-on,


and supply of

attacheC units;

provldeC for tirc s11'"1y and protection LF units,

of the depot arca and fire fighting, inte:

equipment, i-nc1u-C:-:-ig C.epot gu:rds, na1 seeurity, and intelligcnce; service

fj,re prcvention,

pcrforlncd supply functions for

for attached units'

mai-ntaincd special tation rior.


atfuiclrcd troops and arranged transporrcd.eploynent to the Zone of fnte':b

for troops to Ports of Emba.rkation for

Scrvices rvere broken dor",nas fo1']o',ls : (i) S-1 Braneh Aeted as clearing menorancis for attachcd attacbed units for incividuaL rior" unlts; housc for adninistrativc processed. all reports ordcrs, directives, and

frorn highcr

head,quarters to

and frorr units

to higher headquartcrs;

erranged transportation :,:,

personnel being trrnsferred for

or redcployed. to the Zsne of fnte-

, :' the Dcpot Q-189 Victony Vegeta.lle, ..1,,, ,, , .,. .,, Garf,enr and although crops rc:rc not as abundant, as first anticiltatodr,tqOope ,,,gf1i,,. This brancb r:ras also rcsponsiblc


dicl bqnifi'tr i;ith

frcsir so;;1,-,

y, g,'trrbJ.,.:;. ()lptiii.n ,Jr1L,r..ij Jill.s li. 1 19/u.5ur'til rcpliiccrl

r,.ll'rij fj-1


irr citri;'gl ol this

br"rnclr frorr 28' iitrj

thc nidrl.l*.: of liugust, hirri.

::ircn hi, '..'astr'&n:;fc,rr.d (2) S-2 Sranch

iltrd Captuin G. liruizunga

This bra"ncir vas r(;sDolsib1i., for firr fi;ht.incr irc'bj-vitiws :rr.ci fi-rc ',ras also prcvcntion. rcsponsi-blc


sc,crri+,;y, int ce r,F-..---,-..

of cach iJD i::in5ir,'1,: ]undl.cd

rin actionthc

i t ) - . - : . ; r , L ; 1 1i - r t i n i i , i

cach ciry -rnd sholing

bclr:g siripi:ur-lby raJ-l .::-::d 1;hos; irc.i:r;' sirippcri by truck.'uUiiOnS, ,;:iC -r' j,:1:O1)i ,,.O!-ld :.fiS;, ,r:.' S:-n:ril C'r,l ;-tS n-oiJCItiLt-')r, a,:,r. "Llr; i,..:s;toi.lEi'oi.l"it:,ro!.' i;'. ' bill'";.'oi neti-Dn Lil "'::s

Shortngcs, substibCCe;nC

.-l'lci nS t f,-Sr-rlt it

S i: .Il rtivi sion,

*,,o cliccj< Lhc ave.ilat'his infofof

r;i-' coi,L,.o1:ii'l-,i;;: bc shi':,.-,;,rl .r..,rinst th.: DD iis,:1f. to ob'u.:-ili.r.l -j-'i'oir l,ir,- colr,oi--L;i tiivision oi.:: rnvolv-c'. night fofcc,

Tirc ciiccking as d-l rupofts

r.r1;orts n;ccssi'ir';,:c]. thr: nijn'L;n:.nce c.int.:r

v;tr''i sr-r-bl'liit;,-d i"o Ll:; rn;ssig.; Ofl'rii r-portrs

to b.


on a midrright


sub:r,'iitcd to h:-rlii':r ]-rr"-,ti,'r".r''fcrs includcd s"i,oek -!tl.'.:;.s R:port, c;:ii;r

thc Dai-ly Dcpot utah


r;r,cord of convo;r Loading,


ij-sfr':'lct ?hcri,

lttu-p lli:ilor"t,, PO'Ii'i L;tbor


,rirr.l.Lh,-. 1tr, ,1t17 liaj-1 lil ,i-:;)1r:r)l-,s;. l-c[icr'.1,r ]lriridl-crj lrrl iir,o-

'i,,',,.j'a :tis.nlr ot,li:I'

nigi:,-:Ll-.,r.it,jous Irrcl inc;icl'.nt,'J & D Division. Thc t,rtal

ciiFSJCl fhror-rgl'r thc.5 ni,tulys4!.\.4p.


rcpr.rrl,s vrAsi approi{i--

1r3r)0 r)ur nloi'lth.) , r n r . u vg v/ ,r - - 1 ' : r 1 m o n t h s q v\ i,li"l;n 1,lt: ,i'Iol; of ..'rr.r,'l iuHlJl"-Lr\.s


; < ' J nr*r ^ \ / i- v

: 1 . , c( l, :- :yn o t ! vulr?


1,-as;'.prcssing on(.,r. Thr: onli'a1'ailablc hur.vJr,t,he problc:l oJ'clturn;,;1c i'.'.lsfron th,: bcLchcs, :'tld tl'is';,'p-s unprcdicial:lc. suff-Lciont cir,:rn::5c','ns to bc consti.ntly alcrt


Thc orlr, -::trJt supply Lo eJly naterial in out

to firid

of fl::',rey l-oc.:iions tli;'-; caul-ci bc used for tiiis . SEC0llDPIr'rgI- L'10i;S.IlELGfLrI,,i j0n 19 Jiuiuar';r L9L5t thl Q-L72. Thc Z6Zna Q.! Br,ttalion QII Croup to closc out Q-173.


itasc Dcpot ccasc.J.opcrations 5l+th c31i r,'.,as lcft to cloec'out

at Depot


Q-172, end Lhe 5351h thc dcp,rrturc of thc

I'{ovenrnt orCers dircctcd

to 5l+* on 19 Januar;. 3:91+5, rcport .

to Depot Q-l-80, Rci:rs, Francc. as a dcpot vririle in Rci:ns, but training and for vihatcver assis-

?he 5l+th oji'i Eas.: Dcpot did not function atl,achcd 'Lo Q-180 for idditional-


tancc thc pcrsonncl advancc party lcft of setting

coulci rcnde:' at thet ti-'rlc. for l:onsr Bclgi**;i, r;porting

o.l 28 january L)L1,$,an to Q-185-E for thc purposc Cfuicf of of ilrc