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6 1 0 Rain Tree Trail Lafayette , LA 7 0 5 0 7 www ... · Dcn. Bryan Istre, Dcn. Michael McKee, Dcn. David Menard, and Dcn. Kyle Polozola The Diocese of Lafayette also ordained three

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Text of 6 1 0 Rain Tree Trail Lafayette , LA 7 0 5 0 7 www ... · Dcn. Bryan Istre, Dcn. Michael McKee,...

  • OFFICE HOURS Monday–Thursday 8:30AM –12:00PM 12:30 –3:30PM MASS SCHEDULE Saturday (anticipated) 4:00PM Sunday 8:00AM, 11:00AM, 6:00PM Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 7:00AM Wednesday 5:30PM

    Confessions: Mon, Tues, Thur, Fri—6:30-6:45AM Wednesday—5:00-5:15PM Saturday—3:15—3:45PM and By appointment Children’s Church is held at 10:15AM mass. Children 4 years old up to first communion are invited to participate in their own celebration of the Liturgy of the Word. Simply bring children to the baptistry 10 minutes before mass.

    BAPTISM Registration during the early stages of pregnancy for the Baptism course is strongly recommended.

    CONFIRMATION All students, including those in Catholic schools, are to register in August of their junior year of high school. Call the office for registration requirements.

    FIRST PENANCE AND FIRST COMMUNION All children, including those in Catholic schools, should be registered at the beginning of their second grade year in order to participate in the sacramental preparation.

    RELIGIOUS EDUCATION • First through tenth graders meet on Tuesday evenings, October-April. • Vacation Bible School, for children ages 4-10, is held for one week each

    summer. • Confirmation students must complete 24 hours of high school religious

    education prior to their junior year. • Adults wishing to learn more about their Catholic faith, including those

    wishing to become members of the Catholic Church, should call the office to speak with Gerrie Baumbouree.

    SACRAMENT OF MARRIAGE The church can be reserved only after meeting with the priest to begin mar-riage preparation for the couple. It is recommended that an appointment be made at least one (1) year in advance of the anticipated date of the wedding. Marriage preparation requirements, policies and guidelines are reviewed and must be completed prior to any marriage in the church. COMMUNION FOR THE HOMEBOUND Please call the office to speak with Diane Triche.

    PARISH STAFF Rev. David Hebert, Pastor Deacon Nelson Schexnayder, Deacon Deacon Ronald Chauvin, Deacon Linda Souther Secretary Gerrie Baumbouree Director of Religious Education / Safe Environment Marc Conque 4:15 & 8:15 Music Minister Michael Grado 10:15 Choir Director Francis LeBlanc 6:15 Music Minister Elmary Francis Bulletin Editor & Bookkeeper Diane Triche Welcome & Visitation Minister

    Pentecost Sunday May 31, 2020

    6 1 0 Rain Tree Trail Lafayette , LA 7 0 5 0 7 Office : (3 3 7) 2 3 5-1 4 8 3 Fax: (3 3 7) 2 3 5 -9 6 4 5

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    Monday, June 1 7:00AM Andrea Mercado

    Tuesday, June 2 7:00AM Jim & Doris Ritter (WA)

    Wednesday, June 3 5:30PM Alvin "Papi" Guidry; M/M George Arceneaux; M/M Ivan Fontenot; Steve Arceneaux; Lou Ella Arceneaux; M/M Ferdie Arceneaux; Lawrence Thibodeaux; Paul Earl Arceneaux; Jane Bourgeois; Gayle Begnaud

    Thursday, June 4 7:00AM No Mass Intentions Friday, June 5 7:00AM Jules (BD) & Irma Broussard & fly

    Saturday, June 6 4:00PM Velma Gudet; Letelle Ritter; Jules & Mathilde Broussard & Fly.;Hayes Boudreaux; Agnes, John & Rena Lemaire; Keith Lemaire; Alozia Benoit; Lee & Jane Hebert; Curley J. Hebert(AD); Elson Broussard; Willard Lasseigne; Delores Gresko (BD); Diana Zeringue; Joe Gresko; Joseph E. Valentour Jr; M/M Joseph E. Valentour Sr; Kristan Fauntleroy; Roy, Cora & Paul Gauthier; Fred & Roy Souther; Laura Delahoussaye; Julie Himel; Troy Savoie; Leola Manuel; Abner Manuel; Daryl Himel (BD); Patricia B. Rees; Peter Piazza; Joyce Miller; Pearl Olivier; Wilbert Lavergne & Fly; Joyce Lavergne; Antoine & Julia Vincent; Dudley & Juanita Hebert; Herbertt & Eunice Palombo; Pat, Flaman & Jean Palombo; M/M Edais Hebert; Winnan Hebert; Lorita Mouton (BD); Darrel J. Boudreaux; Rhonda Foreman (BD); Chip Romero (BD); Mike Foreman; Gayle Begnaud

    Sunday, June 7 Mass for the people B=Birthday, WA=Wedding Anniv., AD=Anniv. of Death

    Mass Inten ons



    4 5


    7:00 First Friday Mass

    8:00 First Saturday Mass

    3:15PM Confession

    2019 FINANCIAL TAX REPORT Those in need of a copy of their 2019 financial report may request it by calling the office at (337) 235-1483. Please allow 2 or 3 days for it to be prepared.


    First Friday & First Saturday

    Devotions Resume

    3:15PM Confession

    Sacred Heart of Jesus Friday, June 5


    Blessed Virgin Mary Saturday, June 6


    7:00 Mon., Tues., Thurs. & Fri. 5:30 Wednesday 4:00 Saturday 8:00 , 11:00 , 6:00 Sunday

  • PASTOR’S CORNER May 30 – 31, 2020

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    My Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus, As we continue to persevere during these trying and challenging times, we trust that God is with us and will get us through to a brighter tomorrow. The Diocese of Lafayette ordained three Transitional Deacons and eight Permanent Deacons on Saturday, May 23, 2020 at 10:00 . The Rite of Ordination to the Order of Deacons took place at the Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist in Lafayette. While the Ordination was closed to the public due to the coronavirus, let us keep these men in our prayers as they seek to serve the Lord and our diocese. The following men were ordained as Permanent Deacons which means they will be assigned to one of our church parishes in the diocese. Let us keep the following men in our prayer: Dcn. Albert Alexander, Dcn. Richard Castañeda, Dcn. Adam Conque, Dcn. Shawn Gautreaux,

    Dcn. Bryan Istre, Dcn. Michael McKee, Dcn. David Menard, and Dcn. Kyle Polozola

    The Diocese of Lafayette also ordained three men as Transitional Deacons. Following their ordination to the Diaconate, will undergo their final year of education and training before their expected and anticipated ordination to the Holy Priesthood in 2021. Please keep the following men in your prayers as they discern their final year before ordination to the priesthood:

    Rev. Mr. Connor Poirrier, Rev. Mr. Seth Lemaire, and Rev. Mr. Casey Dugas

    On Saturday, June 6, 2020, the Diocese of Lafayette will ordain two men to the Sacred Order of the Priesthood. The ordination will take place at the Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist in Lafayette. At this time, the ordination is closed to the public due to the coronavirus. Let us keep these two men in our prayers as they prepare to undertake the awesome responsibility of serving our diocese as good and holy priest. The following men will be ordained to the priesthood:

    Rev. Mr. John Joseph (Bourque), CJC and Rev. Mr. Andrew Killeen

    Amidst the circumstances that we find ourselves in, our world in, God continues to be with us by calling men to serve His people. They are a sign of His love for us that we are able to continue to pray Mass, to receive Holy Communion, to receive the sacraments and to gather in His Son’s Name as a community of faith in remembrance of what He has done for us.

  • The Sacrament of First Communion is scheduled for Saturday, June 20, 2020 at 11:00 in the church. Due to the Coronavirus only parents and the children making their First Holy Communion are allowed to attend. At the time of this writing and sending the bulletin off for printing there are no changes in the practices that we are currently doing. If there are any updates, we will do our very best to get the word out to you. Let us continue to be thankful that once again we are able to celebrate Mass together. Blessings and Peace to all of you, Fr. David

    Annual “Hit the Road with Hospice of Acadiana” Raffle

    Hospice of Acadiana, Acadiana’s ONLY non-profit hospice, is holding its Annual “Hit the Road with Hospice” Raffle. Your $20 ticket purchase gives you a chance to win a car, travel camper or trip and will help us provide excellent care for our patients and their families, care for the indigent and those in need, and offer services such as FREE individual and group Grief Counseling, Mission Moments and much more. To learn more about our services, or to purchase a ticket, please call 337-232-1234 or visit



    Wisdom, Understanding, Counsel, Knowledge, Fortitude, Piety,

    Fear of the Lord

    Memorial of the Blessed Virgin Mary,

    Mother of the Church (June 1)



    SUCCESSFUL FOOD DRIVE! Words fail to convey our gratitude and appreciation to everyone for an exceptionally successful food drive!! Your generous outpouring of dry foods and goods, supports outreach in our area which eases the burdens of the men, women, and children experiencing hunger and homelessness in our beloved Acadiana. Your gracious response helped us deliver 2,708 lbs., over one ton of food, to Second Harvest Food Bank during the COVID-19 crisis. This organization, whose mission is to end hunger, distributes daily shipments to food pantries in Acadiana, including St. Joseph Diner. The staff at the warehouse who received our St. Elizabeth Ann Seton donation expressed the following comments:

    We are so amazed, grateful and appreciative for your donation! It’s unbelievable!

    We have food drives that are collected over a month’s time and don’t get half this much!

    Y’all must have some Godly people at your church!

    We are so thankful for your participation in this magnificent effort! We would especially like to thank Breaux’s Mart for their donation of the paper bags! We are so grateful to TMIY (That Man is You) volunteers who annually handle pick-up and delivery of our food drive collection. We extend heartfelt thanks to Jon Citron who coordinates the delivery. Mother Teresa of Calcutta said, “I used to pray that God would feed the hungry, or do this or that, but now I pray that he will guide me to do whatever I'm supposed to do, what I can do.” May the Lord, our God, bless us in all that we undertake for His praise, honor and glory.


    Students, and most adults recalling their school days, are familiar with the phrase “compare and contrast” that shows up from time to time on tests. Today we hear two different accounts of the giving of the Holy Spirit to the Church. Let’s contrast, then compare. Luke’s account from Acts is filled with arresting details: the mighty wind from heaven, the tongues of flame, the miracle of different languages. John’s account seems timid: fearful disciples, the wounded Christ, the expelling of breath from his risen body, not from the sky. Our literal, modern minds wonder which way it happened; our noisy culture probably makes us prefer the former. But if we compare the two, we find that the dazzling richness of the Spirit fills both accounts, for it is the very breath of the risen Christ, ascended to the sky in Luke, that appears to his disciples in John and sends his followers forth to carry on his mission of forgiving sin and proclaiming the mighty acts of God. _____________________________________________


    Liturgy: Work of the Spirit

    The Spirit of God who hovered over the waters at the dawn of creation—the Holy Spirit who descended upon the disciples at Pentecost in ever-changing forms in the sound of a mighty wind or tongues of flame—hovers also over our celebration of the liturgy, giving it life, making it real. It is the Spirit of God who draws us, gathering us together, Sunday after Sunday. It is the Spirit of God who called loudly to the inspired writers of the scriptures and who continues to whisper to us, revealing ever-new facets of God’s word, granting insight just when we need it. It is by the Spirit’s power that, when Christ’s words are uttered by the priest, the bread and wine become the Body and Blood of Christ. And it is surely the Spirit who inspires us—that is, breathes in us—when, sent forth from the assembly, we seek ways to serve our brothers and sisters, to allow the gospel to come to life in the world. Come, Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of your faithful, and kindle in them the fire of your love.

    -Corinna Laughlin, @ Copyright, J. S. Paluch Co.


    O God, Master of this passing world, hear the

    humble voices of your children. The Sea of Galilee obeyed your order and returned to its former quietude. You are still the Master of land and sea. We live in the shadow of a danger over which we have no control. The Gulf, like a provoked and angry giant, can awaken from its seeming lethargy, overstep its conventional boundaries, invade our land and spread chaos and disaster.

    During this hurricane season we turn to you, O Loving Father. Spare us from past tragedies whose memories are still so vivid and whose wounds seem to refuse to heal with the passing of time. 0 Virgin, Star of the Sea, Our Beloved Mother, we ask you to plead with your Son in our behalf, so that spared from the calamities common to this area and animated with a true spirit of gratitude, we will walk in the footsteps of your Divine Son to reach heavenly Jerusalem where a storm-less eternity awaits us.


    Offering $9,981.00 Building Fund 899.00 Other Donations 230.00 Total: $11,110.00

    WEEKLY DONATION May 17, 2020


    All are encouraged to pray for the priests who work in the Diocese of Lafayette each day. Every day there is a specific intention for one of our priests for special consideration; the specific intentions this week are:

    ∗Monday, June 1st - Pope Francis ∗Tuesday, June 2nd - Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI ∗Wednesday, June 3td - Bishop J. Douglas Deshotel ∗Thursday, June 4th - Bishop Emeritus Michael Jarrell ∗Friday, June 5th - Rev. A. Gayle Nunez ∗Saturday, June 6th - Rev. Godwin Nzeh, CMF ∗Sunday, June 7th - Rev. Anselm Ofodum ∗ Prayer: Eternal Father, we lift up to you these and all the priests of the world. Sanctify them. Heal and guide them. Mold them into the likeness of your Son Jesus, the Eternal High Priest. May their lives be pleasing to you. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.


    ∗ Monday, June 1st - Dcn. Kyle Faber ∗ Tuesday, June 2nd - Dcn. Gary Gaudin ∗ Wednesday, June 3rd - Dcn. Perry Guidry ∗ Thursday, June 4th - Dcn. Russell Hayes ∗ Friday, June 5th - Dcn. Marcel Hebert ∗ Saturday, June 6th - Dcn. Mitch Hebert ∗ Sunday, June 7th - Dcn. Randy Hyde

    Prayer Calendars for Seminarians will resume after the months of June and July

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