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6 - 13 AUGUST 2016 MR - Variety Australia · PDF file and live life to the fullest. Simply put, we help kids be kids. S A A V A R I E T Y B S H 2 0 1 6 ... Australia who are sick,

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Text of 6 - 13 AUGUST 2016 MR - Variety Australia · PDF file and live life to the fullest. Simply...

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    6 - 13 AUGUST 2016

    Variety helps children in need to overcome whatever obstacles they face and live life to the fullest. Simply put, we help kids be kids.



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  • 'Before having his surgery John would have to sit under a tree every lunchtime by himself. Now he can run around with all his friends - he is never left out!'

    Lilly, John’s sister

    Chairman’s Message In my first year as Bash Chairman of the 2015 event, I have never been more proud of a group of people to raise an outstanding $2.33 million net, a South Australian record, in such a tough market. Another rewarding experience and perhaps my personal highlight, was seeing all those involved creating the excitement and the comradery, along with the willingness to embrace the ‘Variety Family’ with such passion and for this I sincerely thank you. To say thank you to the Bashers for their fundraising efforts and to their supporters

    does not seem enough, but I know they are all driven by the same cause; supporting the children in South Australia who are sick, disadvantaged and have special needs. We had 12 grants presented on the 2015 Bash which was great for all to see the work of Variety. Variety touches families and communities from the city to most remote locations in South Australia and that is what we can be really proud of. Thank you to the officials, doctors and mobile workshop crews who work extremely hard to make this a seamless and enjoyable event for the Bashers. Many entrants have commented that their dedication to Variety is based around the fact that they can enter this event knowing they are supported and looked after. I would also like to acknowledge the continued support of BAG 1 and BAG 2 (our semi-trailers). Peter Cochrane’s years of work, both financially and on the event, is appreciated by everyone. Integral to the success of every event is our sponsors. I particularly want to express my thanks and gratitude to our Platinum Sponsor, Tim Adams Wines / Mr Mick. Tim and Pam not only support us financially but are sensational Bash entrants with Team TAA. A huge thank you goes to our Gold Sponsors: Advance Robes, Beach Energy, Codan, Kennards Hire, Cochrane’s, Toyota Australia, Vili’s, Ramsey Bros., Odyssey Carpets and Seeley International. Welcome to our newest Gold Sponsor, MGA Whittles. They have been supporting Variety by supplying OV16 (one of the aircraft) and have generously increased their support for the 2016 Bash. We have the makings of an excellent Bash in 2016 - Port Lincoln to Clare or ‘Great Whites (sharks) to Great Whites (wine)’. The formula of planning shorter days and later starts, providing more flexibility, along with good country, good tracks and good fun, will be taken to another level this year with a two night break mid Bash. Most Bashers have indicated their commitment to continuing again in 2016, so if there is anything I can do to help in any way just call Chairman Rambo. To those who are thinking of joining the Bash for the first time (our Bash Virgins) I can recommend Variety’s flagship event – ‘Variety Bash ya gotta do it.’ We are in this event together and together we can do anything! We look forward to your involvement in the SA Variety Bash, whether you are an entrant, a supporter of a Bash car or an event sponsor, together we will make 2016 another great event. Brenton ‘Rambo’ Ramsey, 2016 SA Variety Bash Chairman



    .M ICK

    Sponsor’s Message Pam and I are delighted to continue our Platinum sponsorship of the SA Variety Bash; a partnership that started in 2012, and one that we value highly. Tim Adams Wines, Mr Mick’s Cellar Door and Kitchen are all part of our family-owned and operated winery located in the beautiful Clare Valley. Our long-standing commitment to Variety has seen many cases of ‘Variety Cleanskin’ wines sold through cellar door and mail order, raising funds for kids and their families in need. Over the years we have been enthusiastic participants in the 4WD and Bash events, the Variety Vintage Wine Auction Luncheon and welcomed the opportunity to serve on the Board. All the team of TAA (Tim Adams Airlines) thoroughly enjoyed the thrill of ‘flying’ the 2015 Bash and cannot wait for the Pt Lincoln Bash to touch down in Clare in 2016. The plans for 2016 are well underway, with new staff members and the very welcome return of Head Hostie Pam, who will come out of retirement for a comeback tour. We look forward to creating some more entertainment along next year’s track. Our ongoing involvement with Variety has had a tremendously positive impact, not only on our business but also on us personally, all the while giving back to children in need. We highly recommend Variety to companies who are considering sponsorship or alignment with a charity, it is a wonderful family and it is an honour to be a part of Variety SA and the SA Variety Bash. Pam and I would like to thank every participant for coming on board in 2016, wish you all the best in your fundraising efforts and look forward to catching up at one of the many events throughout the year. Tim Adams and Pam Goldsack, Tim Adams Wines

  • 'Having a new fence and gate has created a safe place for Gypsy to learn and play'.

    Karen, Gypsy’s mother

    The Variety Bash The Variety Bash was created in 1985 by adventurer Dick Smith, when he took a group of friends for a drive he called ‘The Bourke to Burketown Bash’. The Bash is generally an eight day drive in the country with your mates. It is NOT a race or rally, it is a madcap event designed to put the fun into fundraising. Vehicles must be in standard condition and shall be models constructed prior to December 1980 with run on models to 1987 (refer to the Events Manager and Bash Chairman). The drivers and crews, however, are anything but standard issue with most Bashers taking the one major rule - don’t take it seriously and have fun! The Bash is the entrant’s reward for a year spent fundraising for the children of SA who really need it. The Bash today has not changed from its original concept. It began in SA in 1989 and has seen Bashers travel through much of our beautiful country during this time.

    2015 Bash The 27th anniversary of the SA Variety Bash ‘500 Tracks to Loxton’ left from Victoria Park on Saturday 8 August and after eight days and a total of 2,496 kms travelling through some amazing private property and scenic Bash tracks, the contingent arrived in Loxton to a huge welcome from the locals, before a celebration dinner on the riverbank. There were many highlights for the 329 SA entrants in 103 vehicles. From the grants along the track, the entertainment, the seafood fun stop and Bash Can Dance competition, but the announcement in Loxton that the 2015 SA Variety Bash had broken the record for a second year in a row raising an astonishing $2.33 million net for our children in need was the biggest highlight of them all! Over the past 27 years the SA Variety Bash has raised in excess of $34 million (net).

    2016 Bash GREAT WHITES to Great Whites 2016 celebrates the 28th anniversary of the SA Bash, departing from Port Lincoln on Saturday 6 August and finishing eight days later on 13 August in Clare. On this year’s event, the entrants will be taken on numerous interesting tracks and through many private properties seeing parts of our state that many people would never have the opportunity to experience. During the event there are various trophies awarded to encourage fundraising, fun themes, fun for the kids and overall fun…  the ultimate winners of the Bash are the children in need.

    It’s a week today since returning from the trip of a lifetime, otherwise known as the Variety Bash, and we think it’s fair to say that the whole experience over the last year has touched us in a very deep and meaningful way. The Bash was an incredible experience. It felt like we had run away from home and joined the circus, and along the way met the most amazing people ever. We meandered along some very rough and dusty tracks that aren’t normally accessible to the public to see some incredible and spectacular sights. While this in itself was enough to love, it is only a small insight into what this year has been for us. What started out as a whimsical idea to support a children’s charity through Variety turned out to be a serious effort by ourselves and so many people along the way. Too many to personally thank but indeed some that must be mentioned, including three incredible colleagues who supported us but never took the journey. To our close friends and our incredible clients who provided the most generous support through monetary donations, sponsorships or purchasing tickets for events or buying wares we auctioned or sold, makes us personally so proud to have had what we can only describe as a life altering experience and we are now advocates of this event. Being able to meet and see some of the recipients of this charity was very humbling. I know first-hand that this charity runs on passion, fuelled by a tribe of people who are so generous that we actually can make positive changes in significant ways to disadvantaged children and their families. This year’s total is a staggering $2.33 million (net) an all-time record. The actual Bash - well that’s just a magical mystery as to how it all happens. We are in total awe of what has to be the greatest show of all, with all the clever, masterfully planned and executed behind-the-scenes stuff that bring this event to life but you never see, so we can’t explain it, you just have to do it! We can only say that we are all so prou

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