6 Thoughts about innovation

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2013 GLOBAL EXPO BOTSWANA . 6 Thoughts about innovation. 1. The creative process. pop psychology. Anterior superior temporal gyrus. FMRI EEG. Denotation vs. Connotation. Marjorie & Marsha. Raichle. Daydreaming. Bhattacharya. Gamma wave rhythm. asleep. Focus and creativity. 2. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


6 Thoughts about innovation

6 Thoughts about innovation 2013 GLOBAL EXPO BOTSWANA 1

The creative process

Anterior superior temporal gyrusFMRI EEGDenotation vs. Connotationpop psychologyMarjorie & MarshaElectroencephalography(EEG) is the recording ofelectricalactivity along thescalp. EEG measures voltage fluctuations resulting from ionic current flows within theneuronsof thebrain.[1]In clinical contexts, EEG refers to the recording of the brain's spontaneous electrical activity over a short period of time, usually 2040 minutes, as recorded from multipleelectrodesplaced on thescalp. Diagnostic applications generally focus on the spectral contentof EEG, that is, the type ofneural oscillationsthat can be observed in EEG signals

The Nine MusesThe NineMuseswere Greek goddesses who ruled over the arts and sciences and offered inspiration in those subjects. They were the daughters of Zeus, lord of all gods, andMnemosyne, who represented memory. Memory was important for the Muses because in ancient times, when there were no books, poets had to carry their work in their memories.

Calliopewas the muse of epic poetry.Cliowas the muse of history.Eratowas the muse of love poetry.Euterpewas the muse of music.Melpomenewas the muse of tragedy.Polyhymniawas the muse of sacred poetry.Terpsichorewas the muse of dance.Thaliawas the muse of comedy.Uraniawas the muse of astronomy.


BhattacharyaRaichleGamma wave rhythm asleepFocus and creativityDaydreaming

Bhattacharya - steady alpha waves from RH build up 8 secs before find answer No alpha don't get hintsBest thinking 1/2 asleep Good soon after waking - Disorganized brainNot increased focus for creativity - Our age wrongly worships attention

Marcus Raichle Washington U Between tests in brain scanner - time out No drop in brain activity, - tremendous amount -> Day dreaming Firing across parts that don't work closely together

Jonathan Schooler - pioneer on insight Daydreamers significantly higher creativity Maintain awareness enough to catch good ideas Drunk won't notice answers Walks regularly - no agenda

BlueSome more creative? Blue backgrounds

Just do it Dan Weiden The slogan was coined in 1988 at an ad agency meeting. The founder of advertising agencyWieden+Kennedy,Dan Wiedencredits the inspiration for his "Just Do It" Nike slogan toGary Gilmores last words.[2] Died January 17, 1977(aged36) Draper, Utah, USA Charge(s)Armed robbery(3 counts) Assault(2 counts) Murder(2 counts) Penalty Execution by firing squad42

Simplification as innovationEmpathizeHotel evacuationCleveland HospitalIDEO anthropologicalUndercover BossTouch PointsApplicationsWarranties CorrespondenceCall centre scriptsContacts ProposalsInstructionsInvoice




Revolutions in innovation


Innovation market place

Huge R&D costSecrecy Many false startsPatentsLengthy testing Alpheus Bingham VP Eli Lily '90's Research startDrug devel model unpredictableSecretiveLaunched Innocentive Hardest problems - monetary reward No risk - problems too hard Answers poured in Spun off from Eli P&G, GE 40% solved in 6 months Some daysProblem solved by tech expertise On edges of itPolymer with unique & perplexing chem props 5 solutions! Studied carbohydrates in Sweden Small agribusiness Retired aerospace engineer Vet Transdermal drug delivery systems specialist Can't find this group in any co

Ruth Handler - Barbara13Sharing of servicesRedistribution of goods Collaborative lifestylesCollaborative consumptionCritical massIdling capacityA belief in the idea of commonsTrust between strangersRequirements


Spreading an innovation

Please dont tell

Social currencyTriggers


Practical ValueStories6

Grounds for optimism