6 Tips to Help You Create Your Next Employee Referral Program

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Weve been thinking about employee referral programs a lot lately. This year, we released The Newton Gravity App, an employee referral application thats social, mobile and engaging. The app is fully integrated into Newtons popular applicant tracking system and we offer it to employers using Newton at no additional charge. Employers create referral programs to recognize and reward employees that take an active part in the hiring process. Gravity makes it easy for every employee to share jobs, vouch for the applicants they know and receive incentives for being a team player.


<ul><li> 1. 6 TIPS TO HELP YOU CREATE AN EMPLOYEE REFERRAL PROGRAM SIMPLIFIED SOCIAL MOBILE GAMIFIED Is your referral program really easy to participate in? Keep it simple. Sharing jobs needs to be dead simple. Avoid complex rules or a lengthy registration process. Mobile matters more now than ever before. Your employee referral program must be accessible to employees wherever they spend their time. People enjoy measuring progress and results. Adding an element of gamification like a leaderboard to your employee referral program will encourage on-going participation. To be truly useful and to have any chance of widespread user adoption, an employee referral program must be fully integrated with your applicant tracking system. Avoid information silos that create problems for reporting and capturing feedback. Employees have never been more connected. Enabling your employees to broadcast jobs to social and professional networks easily creates a low-cost way to reach potential job seekers quickly and affordably. Allow employees to easily vouch for applicants. Creating a feedback loop reduces risks and encourages valuable collaboration. It also builds trust and confidence in the program by giving users control. COLLABORATIVE INTEGRATED Interested in creating a successful employee referral program of your own? Contact Newton, makers of applicant tracking software that includes The Gravity App, an integrated, mobile, social, gamified employee referral tool. www.newtonsoftware.com </li> </ul>