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  • 1. A convention of most bandwebsites is that the frontpage has a news page, whichis what the audience tend togo onto first. It is a easy wayfor the audience to find outwhat the band is doing whenand where. Arctic Monkeysuses this technique althoughtheir website is of one basicand simplistic but they use adifferent approach by notincluding many images whichvaries from those of otherbands. The website stillthough appears to lookimpressive through its clarityand labeled bold pages.

2. The websites use of color is very minimal,through the use of a light cream/yellow. Thetypography for the band name is bold yet funas it sways to the side and increases in size.The text is informal when labelinginformation to attract to the youngergeneration rather than the older. Thistechnique appeals and catches the audienceseye line. 3. Various band websites include a imagepage from private photo shoots to tourimages. This is a common convention forthe audience to see and even at timesdownload these images for use as ascreensaver or desktop background. Itmakes the website seem moreprofessional and adds a more personaltouch to the website itself. A example ofthis technique was one from Kasabianswebsite: 4. Kasabians website uses a hugevariety of images and a themecolor of red and black to suggestits more young adult appeal. Thelayout is sophisticated and verypresentable, it provides a lesscrowded layout. The text is veryformal yet it is shown in aslightly edgy way throughsplashed paint and the darkcolors of red and black. The logoof the band is shown on the frontpage of the website and it movesclockwise round which makes itseem unique. 5. Another convention a bands website incorporatesis a Tour Dates page where their target audiencecan be informed about the location of a concertthey are performing at or gig. The website alsoincorporates tour bookings to allow people to booka ticket for a certain tour, this is a easy way forpeople to book but also the band can see howmany people have booked to see their fanfollowing. This technique makes the website andband look genuine, exclusive and inimitable. 6. The main convention of any bandswebsite is to allow people to seeand hear their latest music formthe latest to oldest music albums.This technique allows theiraudience to listen to their musicfor free but even give the bandreviews on their music andlisteners can even follow them ona social networking site. This extraallows the band and the viewers tosee how many viewers there arefollowing the band at that momentin time.