67 Ramsbottom United v Sutton Coldfield Town

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67 Ramsbottom United v Sutton Coldfield Town Matchday Programme


  • 05.09.15

    Sutton Coldfield Main Programme_Standard Programme 03/09/2015 08:49 Page 1

  • Good afternoon everyone, and welcometo the Harry Williams Riverside Stadiumfor this afternoons game against SuttonColdfield, this is the very first encounterbetween our two clubs. Id like to extend awarm Rammy welcome to our match offi-cials as well as the players, managementand officials of Sutton Coldfield - I hopeyou enjoy your visit today, and have a safejourney home.The last couple of games in particular

    have been really disappointing for all ofus, and I consider them to be a step in thewrong direction. We have quite firm ideasof how wed like to see the team play, andweve been working towards achievingthem, but our lack of belief and some realnaivety in our defendeng have been themain issues, and this is where we aim toimprove most over the next week or two.Injuries have added enormous pressure

    on top of everything else, with our defencedecimated. Without a solid defence anyteam will struggle, but to lose Dawson,Rother, Pugh, Jones, and now Meaney inthe middle has been a real disaster. KyleHarrop has valiantly stepped in to give usa bit of experience in there, but hes by nomeans a centre-half.The good news on the injury front is that

    we hope to have four of those five playersback available for todays game, whichshould give us a real boost. Alex Meaney picked up a severe dead

    leg in the game at Workington, and thesecan be quite nasty. Were hoping hell beavailable today, but wont know for sureuntil the last minute. Alex has been aninspiration for us in the midfield, and itll bevery difficult if we have to manage withouthim.Id like to commend the supporters once

    again for their understanding over the lastfew weeks. Its easy to support a teamwhich is winning every week, and just as

    easy to shout abuse at a team that are los-ing, but it takes real commitment to findthe strength to encourage a team which isstruggling to find its form, or which is notquite up to the job at hand. A number ofplayers apologised to the fans for our per-formance at Workington, and no-one feelsthe disappointment more than them, so tohave your support means a hell of a lot.There will be a change of results over thenext few games, I have no doubt aboutthat, and we will finally get this seasonkick-started.After a lot of thought weve decided to

    get out and bring in some new signings.We have identified a few very weak areasover the last couple of matches, and aftertrying one or two things weve decided thatwe just dont have the strength that weneed in this squad. The paperwork is inthe process of being signed as I write this,so fingers crossed there should be 2-3new names appearing on todaysteamsheet. This, coupled with the otherlads return from injury, will hopefully trans-form our fortunes.Id like to say one final word about Grant

    Spencer, whos been a Rammy player fora good few years, putting in over 140 per-formances for the club. This season hesbeen struggling with a long-term injurywhich has seriously affected his ability totrain and therefore his fitness. Hell be thefirst to admit that hes been not doing jus-tice to himself and to the Rammy faithful,and so has decided to take a break. Onhis day Spenno is an incredible playerwho can create chances and goals out ofnothing, so Id like to take this chance tothank him for the time hes spent atRammy and wish him well for the future.Enjoy todays game, please get behind

    the lads, and fingers crossed we canfinally get this season turned around. jo

    n ro



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  • Welcome to the Harry WilliamsRiverside Stadium for this afternoonsgame, and a warm welcome to ourmatch officials, and, of course, ourvisitors, Sutton Coldfield Town.This is yet another first meeting of

    our clubs. We seem to have experi-enced such occasions many timesover the last two years, so from ourperspective, moving up the leagueshas certainly seen us travel much fur-ther and meet many new friendswithin the football fraternity.Sutton Coldfield are no exception,

    and I hope they enjoy their visit toEast Lancashire officials, player,management and supporters andreturn back to the midlands with fondmemories (That does not include thescore-line of course!)The experience we have enjoyed

    as a club over the last two seasonsvery much reflects all that is goodabout non-league football. No matterwhere we travel, we always seem toreturn with a feeling of gratitude to ourhosts for the warm welcomes wereceive. That is particularly pleasingwhen, for many of these hosts, theyhave never met us before.In the NWCFL days, and to a cer-

    tain extent in Evo-Stik North, it wasthe usual merry-go-round of trips tofamiliar grounds. Occasionally thepersonnel may have changed, but wewent to many places expecting to seefamiliar figures who we had grown toknow over the years.Going up to new territories had us

    all wondering whether the cama-raderie would be the same, and Imdelighted to report that it is.I may not have the opportunity to

    travel to many away games, butthose I can manage have always leftme with a welcoming feeling. Those

    Ive missedhave, by allaccounts, lookedafter our party inthe usual man-ner, whichmerely empha-sises the beautyof non-leaguefootball.

    In my earlyyears of watch-ing football, theonly games Iever went towere FootballLeague. Being aBury seasonticket holder, inmy youth I fol-lowed theShakers all overthe country. Oneof my first jobswas as a salesrep, going allover the BritishIsles. Youd beamazed howmany towns andcities I used to visit just as Bury hap-pened to be playing an away gamethere! Indeed, in those days, awaytravel did not seem to be quite soprevalent, and Ill swear I was theonly Bury fan in the kop at Birming-ham City when we won 1-0. I doremember someone punching mefrom behind that night, and me, ratherfoolishly turning round and threaten-ing to smash whoever had done it.Rather worrying to turn to see thou-sands of eyes staring down at onerather stupid lone supporter, but I gotaway with it!I also saw them win 4-2 at Fulham,to

    ny c




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  • and there was just me and two otherBury fans in the ground.But its a totally different experience

    at professional level. I still go down toGigg when I get the chance, but ingeneral at this level, parking is diffi-cult, fans are jostled in and out ofstadia, and theres a lack of connec-tion with the club other than during agame.

    Whereas at one time if I had aloose Saturday afternoon or Tuesdayevening, Id scour the FootballLeague fixtures for a game. Now Inever bother. A non-league match is much more

    appealing, and its amazing howmany times I roll up for a game as aneutral and find someone there that Iknow.Thats the beauty of football at this

    level. My young grandson was mas-cot against Frickley, and as a result, anumber of people turned up to seehim and experience non-league foot-ball for the first time. It may not havebeen a classic, but each and everyone of them commented howmuch they had enjoyed theafternoon.Case proven!

    Robbo scoring on just one of manyrainy away days at Flixton on the

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  • Tell us about Monday's game atWorkington, and talk us through the goals please.For me it was a very bad day at theoffice and a very frustrating 90 min-uets. Each goal was poor on our partand each goal could have beenavoided.

    We're struggling with injuries now, ontop of everything else. Do you knowwhat happened to Alex Meaney, andhow far off Dawson and Jones are from fitness?Alex Meany suffered a really baddead leg but his knee has swollen upso were not sure how long he willtake getting back. Andy and Callumshouldnt be too far off, but at themoment I'm not sure how theyredoing.

    How are the players feeling? Stillmanaging to remain positive?I know I always stay positive and canalways get mentally ready. I can't talkfor all the lads but they will get theright team talk from the managementand from me, and its up to them oncethey cross the white line.

    We like Workington's lovely oldground. Is it a good place to play? Do you get a go in the big bath after-wards?I was saying on the way to the gamethat I love the old grounds and this isone of my favorites, maybe along withHalesowen. And nope, they areshowers now. That being said I don'tthink any of the lads would have gotin with me anyway.

    I know that you, and a few other play-ers, apologised to the fans forMonday's performance. What did yousay to them?I thought it was up to me as captain tosay sorry to the great fans who travelto watch us when we put on a per-formance like that. So I know I had tosay sorry - it just seemed to me likethe right the thing to do.

    It seems that Grant Spencer haswandered off from the club again. Did he speak to you before leaving?He did and as before I'll continue totalk to him once he's gone as he is avery good friend of mine. He madethe decision and I understand whyhe's gone.


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  • What kind of thingsare the squadworking on at train-ing at the moment?Wayne is workinghard with thewhole team so thatwe all know our jobson the pitch. We have ayoung squad so heworks hard to get themthe experience theyneed to take into games.

    There was some criti-cism of the short cornerson Monday, but with a rela-tively short squad is there muchpoint banging it in onto the heads of their big centre-halves?When perfected they will be very dif-ficult to defend against. From akeepers point a view a direct crossinto the box is much easier to dealwith than a cross from a littledeeper.

    Where do we go from here?To our next game and fingerscrossed our first 3 points.

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  • todaysopposition

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  • toda

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    1879The FootballClub associ-ated withSutton Cold-field formed.

    After finishing in 6th place and missingout on the final play-off spot the previousyear, the Royals were hoping the 2014/15Division One South season would bringthem better luck.They started the campaign with three

    wins in their first four league matches andcarried their unbeaten league start throughSeptember with a further five wins to leavethem amongst the early front runners atthe top. The Royals spirits were slightlydampened with an FA Cup First QualifyingRound exit away to Halesowen Town.

    October brought a first defeat in theleague, when they lost 1-0 on their travelsat Coalville Town. This was followed upwith two further draws, before they gottheir revenge on Coalville beating them 2-0 at home. The Central Ground faithfulsaw an unbeaten home league start cometo an end at the close of 2014, when visi-tors Tividale came away with a 3-1 win.

    The new year started with a victoryagainst tenants Romulus FC, but Sutton

    Coldfields form started to dip by the end ofJanuary as they suffered four defeats inseven games. With only two games playedin March, due to a number of postpone-ments, they seemed to move into a highergear as they went on a five gameunbeaten run winning four and drawingone.With a fourth place finish in the bag they

    had finally managed to earn themselves aPlay-Off place. A tricky Semi-Final waswon 3-1 away at Newcastle Town, a teamwho had finished a place above them inthe league. Division One South runners-upLeek Town awaited the Royals in the final,but a tremendous 2-0 away win with goalsfrom Darren Taylor and Dan OCallaghanwon them promotion to the Evo-Stik Pre-mier Division.The 2015/16 season has so far been a

    struggle for Sutton Coldfield as they adaptto the higher level of football. To date theRoyals have managed two draws and twolosses in their opening four league games.

    1920The clubmoved totheir presenthome theCentralGround inColes Lane.

    1940Joined theWalsall Sen-ior Leagueand won thechampionshipin their sec-ond season,dropping only7 points.

    1979Won the Mid-landCombinationin successiveseasons.

    1981Moved to theWest MidlandsLeague; wonthe champi-onship andthe LeagueCup in theirfirst season.Reached 1stRound of theFA Cup.

    1983Becamemembers ofthe SouthernLeague andwere pro-moted to thePremier Divi-sion in theirfirst season.

    Sutton Coldfield Main Programme_Standard Programme 03/09/2015 08:49 Page 12

  • 1984Relegatedback to thesecond tierof the South-ern League.

    1993Againreached the1st RoundProper of theFA Cup losing 2-1away atBolton Wan-derers.

    1999Won the DrMartensLeague Cup.

    2005Reached the3rd Round ofthe FA Trophywhere theylost to More-cambe.

    2011Moved to theEvo-StikNorthernPremierLeague Division OneSouth.

    2011Won BirminghamSenior Cupfor first time.

    2015Promoted tothe NorthernPremier Division afterwinning theDivision OneSouth Play-Offs.

    The Metropolitan County of the WestMidlands was formed in 1974 makingSutton Coldfield part of Birmingham.

    In 1528 King Henry VIII gave the townthe right to be known as The Royal townof Sutton Coldfield hence the clubs nick-name The Royals.

    Their home Central Ground has a 3Gplaying surface.

    A report in 2007 by Mouseprice.complaced two of the towns streets amongstthe 20 most expensive in the country.

    Up until last season the club hadmissed out on the play-off positions byone place 5 times out of the last 6 sea-sons.

    Sutton Coldfield is mentioned inShakespeares play Henry IV Part 1, Act4, Scene 2.

    They share their ground with Romu-lus FC who play in the Northern PremierLeague Division One South.

    Former Aston Villa owner Doug Ellisand actor Sir Roger Moore have residedin the town.

    Other notable residents past andpresent include actor Dennis Waterman,engineer and inventor John Wyatt andJames and Oliver Phelps who played theWeasley twins in the Harry Potter flms. The club was named Sutton Town

    from the second world war until 1964. did




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    chNeil Tooth (Manager)Previous Clubs; Rushall Olympic,Sandwell Borough, AtherstoneUnited, Blackheath FC, RossingtonMain, Retford United & ChasetownFC.The former Retford United coachstepped up from assistant managerto take t...