7 Ways to Beef Up Your Home Security

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http://scorpionwindowfilm.com/safetysecurity/ | These days you can never be too careful. Luckily, improving your home security is now easier than ever with these 7 tips for a safer home life.


  • In an age where home invasions and

    theft remain among top concerns

    across residential communities

    nationwide, theres never been a better

    time to step up your security game.

    Not to mention, it

    could also save the

    most valuable thing

    of all: your life.

    While it may seem like a hassle in

    terms of the time and money it takes to

    upgrade your home security, taking the

    proper precautions could potentially

    save you from a painful headache later

    down the road.

    Here, we explore some easy and

    attainable ways to ensure your peace

    of mind.

  • Adding a surveillance system to

    your front door wont break the

    bank if you do it yourself. All you

    need are 3 things to get started:

    A computer

    A wireless webcam

    Surveillance software

    Tacking on a webcam to your front

    door will allow you to monitor any

    unusual activity while also

    providing necessary evidence

    required by police. Best of all,

    these easy-to-install technologies

    are incredibly affordable.

  • Sometimes all it takes is the sound of a vicious bark on

    the other side of the door to scare away potential

    intruders. Dogs are also highly sensitive to strange

    noises and general feelings of unease, making them

    more susceptible to catch suspicious activity before

    you even know its taking place. Theyre loyal too,

    ensuring extra protection in the face of a dangerous


    Not only will you benefit from the security a dog can

    bring, but youll also have a loving companion that

    will surely change your life for the better.

  • Just how much do you trust that

    neighbor you left your alarm code with

    while away on vacation? OK, it doesnt

    pay to be paranoid, but the truth of the

    matter is that sometimes people arent

    always what they seem. Even if your

    neighbor is trustworthy, all it takes is

    one brief mention of the code for a

    questionable eavesdropper to take

    advantage of the situation.

    Change your code frequently, and steer

    away from using obvious codes that

    could easily be connected to you.

    Codes to avoid include:

    Your birthdate

    Telephone number

    Zip code

    Address number

    Consecutive numbers

  • A little home improvement can go a

    long way. Protecting your windows

    with security film has a number of

    big advantages:

    An added layer of privacy

    Protection from shattered

    glass caused by vandalism,

    break-ins, and disasters

    Increased home value and


    Improved energy-efficiency

  • Just moved into a new place? Change the

    locks! While the chances of a former

    resident sneaking into your home are

    probably slim, it can and does happen.

    The same goes for losing your key. If the

    key is found by somebody else, your

    chances for a break-in automatically


    Upgrade any doors lacking in security with

    an extra deadbolt to decrease a burglars

    ability to pick the lock. Be sure to also lock

    all doors and windows in those sometimes

    more forgettable areas, including:

    Garage doors

    Screen doors

    Balcony doors

    Basement windows

  • Saving on energy is a major concern for

    money-saving homeowners, but it never

    hurts to leave on a couple energy-

    efficient lamps near the windows to give

    the illusion that someone is at home

    (even when youre not).

    Take your lights to the next level by

    investing in outdoor motion sensor lights

    and decorative solar lights around the

    landscaping to thwart off any late night

    lurkers who rely on the darkness of night

    to spy on your property.

  • Protect your family heirlooms, expensive

    jewelry, and other valuable items in a safe.

    Locking up personal documents can also

    help you avoid the nightmare of stolen

    checkbooks and identity theft. They dont call

    it a safe for nothing!

    There are a variety of safes available to suit

    your security preferences; however, the

    general rule of thumb is to buy something

    larger than what you would typically consider

    in order to accommodate extra inventory as it

    comes along. For extra security, keep your

    safe hidden in an area thats out of plain view

    so its less easily detectable.

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